What Do You Need to Know Before Getting Married – Islamic Perspective

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Why are you getting letters?

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Of ask people? They look at me as I'm coming from the wound.

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Doctor, hey, this is what I just asked, Why do I get mad? And they look at me they notice something beyond what's the commonest answers

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to the complete?

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I feel it's most common.

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I would have children

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everyone's getting

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and my answer blank to the point.

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That sounds horrible.

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And the next question, I asked her in my office, and the woman doesn't have children. While

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she looks at me, I think I came to the wrong position. And I just want to know,

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what is the number one answer?

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They take care of me when I get older.

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And my answer is, is good luck.

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Time has changed. There's not only people change time circumstances, number one, you need to get ready for the future.

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And you can claim what you want.

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But let's look at it. Number one.

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You need to get smarter because you don't want to meet a law as single

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or the Sahaba says

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because it's the sunnah

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of our SWAT install to sell

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on a variety of answers that you've released. Whosoever, China women for my son, it's not fun. I want to get married. Because I want to have children that properly take care of me nomina older because that was that was what we saw for Samsung has always been wondering if you added to the one who gives children and the one who is nice and loving, feeling loved and equal. In a woman you're wealthy I'm not gonna be boastful about your numbers.

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Having said that, and that's easy case.

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come to Him you will choose

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and he will say yes, so he will tell you who you are.

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Communist scenario totally unknown. Please tell me I hear this all the time

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to proposals coming to you as a woman what your daughter.

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Okay, two proposals.

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One is very well established in dunya.

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And this one

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he doesn't crave

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the other one is not yet established in this area. Watching friends

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would you normally be

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you're gonna say they want to be established and hear this all the time.

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You know what he's gonna pay

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for tuition?

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And you'll say no to that person. What can that person also change?

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And doing a one gives you more? Yes or no?

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That tells you what's the priority? Number one question for yourself is why? The most important question for the husband to do

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is to choose a hadith of our Swan it's our first look at his Deen religion as relationship with Allah. And that's not only and look at his mother's in our job mentally moving Gina who will who if key to her proposal, Ariana, have these two qualities religion and manners. Pay attention to this religion. And Daniel's the man has come up, you will always have to infer.

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If you're not it is not I had this. You Office Hours these days and I have this form a woman

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came to ask me, Should I ask for the horse?

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And I said, How long have you been London? She said five or six cities? I said what is the issue?

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He's a man who has expressed his feelings. I don't hear common words.

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And I said did you know this from the beginning? She says yes.

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And as is no kind words or that is

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not pleasant words. Let's put it this way. There's two different things. You said no, no, no. Just no kind words.

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No, how do you feel? And what can I go for you?

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And I says the other thing is this is degrading. She says no.

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Did you know this before? She says yes. You said yes.

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Here's changed. People don't change

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you come to the G

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don't compromise don't compromise

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anybody for your

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it's a loss transaction

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you use

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his D is good. Then you look at the next thing is his character is his character is something you like you love you can live with it. People are different.

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People are different, but don't get louder. Only because everybody else was giving them you know what will happen? I don't know about England. But I know what the States more than 50% of the ravages on any Muslim marriages and they got

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the horse

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so make sure when you are getting married, the marriage is an act of worship. Remember what we said in the process, act of worship.

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And it is keep asking Allah to send you the person that pleases Him.