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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was a happy woman Wada, may Allah subhanaw taala make us from amongst those who benefit from what we hear a lot. I mean, going back to your 13 Shama was zero Holcomb, which her OB in Awali won't be that your soul, whether you express what it is you're trying to express publicly, it's open or it is private or you kept it to yourself. Surely Allah subhanaw taala is aware of all of the contents of the heart, all of your thoughts, all of your feelings, all of your emotions, Allah subhanaw taala created you and therefore he knows everything about you. This address. This idea, of course, is for believers and also for

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disbelievers. For the believer. There's a reminder here for us there is a reminder here and this is an admonition a moment a lot from Allah subhanaw taala a strong reminder for the heart, that while you're living in this world, you should always remember that there is nothing that is hidden from Allah subhanho wa Taala your innermost secrets your innermost thoughts are not hidden from Allah, they are known to him. And for the disbeliever here the address is a warning. So the Quran is bedsheet on one, zero, and the Prophet sallallahu cynomolgus. You don't want to deal. So there's glad tidings and there are warnings. The warning here is for the one who rejects the afterlife, the

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one who ignores the one who is heedless. They think they can do whatever they want, and they become or they live upon this fear lessness of God, but in reality, nothing will go unnoticed by Allah. Nothing is unseen by him in nowhere and even without a salute. He knows the innermost things that no other human being knows about. And then here's where we want to Inshallah, focus on one of the most beautiful verses of Surah unlock one of the most beautiful verses in terms of reflecting on a name of Allah. So one of the most beautiful verses in terms of reflecting on a name of Allah. This means a verse that often times we recite what I mean by beauty we recite and we don't recognize enough

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it's beauty. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to encompass us with His mercy and allow us to see things properly and to hear properly and to think properly to feel properly to live properly along with earning a a 14 Allah Ya Allah mon follow up on Oahu a lovely from Hobby How could he not know? Meaning it know who it will be? That is so he knows what's in your heart and every heart? Allah Ya Allah woman Holika How could he not know when he is a lovely hobby? Well, who are lovely people here he is the most subtle, the all aware and what's extremely beautiful here we frequently overlook this. First we want to emphasize Allah Allah woman Holika Holika here who has created as well as

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whom he has created Allah subhanaw taala created us therefore he knows everything about us. He knows what's in our hearts in the Herati movie that is rude. He knows everything you intend everything you thought of every thought that crossed your mind every good and all the bad. May Allah protect us and purify our thoughts. And Jana woman Hala power who will luckily for me a lovely, this is the name of Allah we want to focus on now cello. And luckily, it has so many connotations. And luckily it is subtle. Allah works in ways that sometimes we don't even realize and it's all around us and within us as well. A lot believe is from Allah subhanaw. Taala is names of beauty and grace. And this is

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one of the names that feeds the souls and it it nourishes the souls cultivates the souls, the soul of the one who recognizes the one who has height in reception of Allah and Allah has power, Allah's compassion, Allah's guidance, Allah has many blessings upon us, the name of Allah, Allah leaf coming from the trilateral verb. Lab of this means to be undetectable or to be very subtle, and lovely if is one of the Divine Names of Allah subhanaw taala that reflects his subtle nature in two respects, amongst others, number one, the extensive knowledge of Allah Subhana Allah that Allah is fully aware of the most hidden secrets and the most elusive intricacies. So number one, again, his extensive

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knowledge Allah knows all things. The second thing we reflect on with regards to the name and love of is Allah subhanaw taala has delicate

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ability or capacity or power or methodology in dispensing mercy Rama to all of his creation, delivering to them His kindness in the most gentle,

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undetectable ways and this is all around us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us run social structure recognize this more we have a lot to say about the name of Allah and leave and this is the main thing we will be covering inshallah until we start for it's a lot invalid. Allah's name a lot leave in the Quran is usually paired with a hobby, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah wa who will luckily for him hobby and luckily the most subtle and and hobby of the acquainted with all things the one who has knowledge of everything. Let's think about what this means and how we live upon this everyday. First

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This pairing of these two names and the pairing of the names of Allah Subhana. Allah in the Quran should cause us to study why to ask critical questions. So we see a name of Allah, we should think, how does this apply to this verse? And why is it in this verse? When you see two names of Allah paired up frequently with one another, you should investigate study that I've seen, ask questions, look online, ask someone have knowledge. Why are these two names together? The pairing here is a very profound catalyst for generating love and all of Allah subhanaw taala and the believers heart it awakens the heart when you realize why they are connected. The pairing of these two names a lot,

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leave and hobby, the most subtle, the All Knowing lead to a lifetime of reflections and a lifestyle of implementation of submission, humility, recognition of reality as it is that Allah subhanaw taala gives us through this reflection through tougher code entered abode. He gives us an armor a shield, against forgetting the many people who thought they knew the help we needed, and sometimes people who tried to help us or impose their help upon us and it wasn't even the help that we actually could benefit from. But Allah knows about our struggles and our pains and he helps us in ways we don't even recognize even those anxieties and insecurities and vulnerabilities that are whispering or

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murmuring deep within the chambers of your heart. Allah subhanho wa Taala a lot leave is fully aware of them even when we cannot express them or understand them or properly. Think of them. Think of the aid the help of Allah subhanaw taala a lovely Eve when it comes to our guidance. Think of the Name of Allah subhanaw taala, who sometimes Kindles for us a lamp in the distance to help us see through the fall in a dark moment in life in a dark time, or allow our eyes to fall upon a certain line a certain text a certain quote, or a dream that we needed to see or a verse that we needed to hear from the Quran, or a simple realization that swooped in for the rescue in a time of need. Other

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times Allah subhanaw taala a lovely if the more subtle establishes for us invisible guidelines, rails along our path to keep us from swerving to keep us from doing the wrong thing we don't recognize at times how many of these subtle reminders come to us in everyday life. A Fearless scholar who reminds us of an unpopular opinion or truth, a friend who refuses to allow us to succumb to our demons. A critic that on Earth is our unrecognized flaws. They point out something in you that others did not point out, but in reality, it is a flaw that needs to be rectified or fixed. Or maybe a hiccup in our piety and obstacle in the path that deflates our sense of Kibera, our sense of

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pride, may Allah protect us. Other times, Allah subhanho wa Taala causes the greatest gifts to come to us sometimes in the smallest packages, things that we don't realize, fortunes that we would never imagine can carry us the length of the journey of life. Allah subhanho wa Taala a lot leaf is the one who guides us and the one who keeps us guided with support systems and often times these support systems are disguised as struggles or as hardships because we interpret them as difficulties. At face value, we may see our inability to improve or grow or become stronger. While in reality, our memories are being forged to help us cherish the path, the straight path that Allah Subhana Allah

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blessed us with. And this is a gift to us from Allah, and lovely if we recognize in many different facets of our studies, for example, in modern medical research, our ability to reflect on all of our vulnerabilities or physical or anatomical vulnerabilities. And there are so many examples like this an exclusive opportunity when you study the natural sciences when you try when you study, any kind of science in general, to realize the extent to which Allah a lot leaf actively protects us physically, in every millisecond and every single millisecond of breathing and existing in a dunya. And there are some examples of this. There's a beautiful example that was compiled, but she hasn't

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haven't seen now we may Allah reward him. Humans have approximately 10 billion capillaries in their bodies, and each of these micro vessels must be guarded constantly against clogging. Another example of how subtle the sustainment of the body is, there are nearly 120 million neurons in the human retina, and each rod must be maintained to be a functional photo receptor. Number three in the last example, there are an estimated 100 trillion bacterial cells in the human microbiome and keeping the fine balance that allows for robust immunity and not cancer is unending work it's constant. This is part of many other examples of an

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The meticulous Grace of Allah Allah believe in action. We are living this all the time. Now someone might ask okay the Name of Allah, Allah thief, so many beautiful reflections, how can we live by it? How can we act upon it? What are some things we can do? Starting today? These are practical things so that we are truly servants of a lovely for the most solemn. Number one is to have receptiveness to the Divine Messages around you the signs of Allah all around you. So due to the certainty that the knowledge and the gentleness of Allah, Allah believe permeates every atom in this universe that accompanies every moment, that believer leaves with a heightened sensitivity to Allah and his

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science, his messages. How many of these signs do we see on a daily basis do we reflect on when we see with our physical eyes we see what do we see with a capital S. So a person here will see that scientists may be correct in the in that the scenes of nature may uplift our spirits. So you're experiencing nature, there are studies showing that this will uplift you mentally. But the believer, the servant, the slave of Allah belief will see through that as well beyond that, there's a little more it was ALLAH who beautified the universe with stars, what apart is a Jana Sama, dunya Bhima sabe as we mentioned, in Surah, Allah adorned it and decorated it with stars and breezes and

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sunrises and sunsets, a subtlety and kindness we often take for granted May Allah forgive us. They see the servants of a lovely if that rain does indeed follow the patterns of the watercycle. But they see beyond that as well. You see beyond that a sign and upon it another sign and beyond it another sign. It was Allah subhanaw taala who started it, it was a lot who powered it. It was a lot who redirected the clouds every time and who recreates every raindrop for her servants whose well being he cherishes and in lands in which they did not expect rain and has been Malecon the long run the companion he reported that during one of the rainfalls, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam uncovered some part of his body or in his head, so that the rain would touch it. And then he said, so long it was, it has recently come from its Lord meaning Allah subhanaw taala sentence this is from Allah subhanho wa taala. So they see that it was, for example, a strong urge to drink water. So that will come that awakened them up at night, you woke up and you looked around and you thought to yourself, I woke up because I was thirsty and you drank water. But the servants of a lot leaf will see beyond that as well. But it was Allah subhanaw taala who wished for you to rise and stand before him. So we spent moments here we spent this opportunity with an intimate conversation

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with Allah subhanaw taala on the prayer rug or prayer mat before you return to your bed feeling was privileged that Allah chose to cause you to be awakened that night, the servants of a lovely if number two have unbreakable optimism, the servants of a lovely find that as their knowledge of Allah increases, the vault on their negative thoughts is gradually welded shut. So the more you think of Allah, and luckily, the one who is subtle, who is gentle to you and subtle to you through his means and through his methods, His mercy affects you in ways sometimes you don't even reflect on. So you have a high insensitivity to the Divine Messages. That was number one. Number two, you have

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unbreakable optimism. And that's something you control in your heart that is disconnected from your physical state. Someone could lose everything physically in this world and still have unbreakable optimism and some people have everything physically that they need and they are not satisfied and they are pessimistic and they are depressed. And I mean here a certain type of depression because of a void in terms of connecting with Allah that type of depression. Number three, the servants of a lot leave have a gentle demeanor. In contrast to human beings, human relationships which sometimes are high make and and sometimes they are unfulfilling, sometimes people have problems in the way

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they deal with others or they lose their ability to be soft. So they become harsh people in life, the believer in terms of their acquaintance with Allah subhanaw taala has their spirit and their their reality, moist and and cultivated and nourished. And this allows them to have a magnificent exalted moral character in dealing with other people. So the believer feels, for example, obliged to be a source of Rama to other people, a source of gentleness, and not only in light of their treatment of them, but in proportion to the recognition of Allah, Allah leaves gentleness towards them, it was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who, who basically brought us to this in terms of our

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attention in terms of our lifestyles. Allah subhanaw taala is gentle and he loves seeing gentleness, Allah Subhana Allah is gentle and he loves seeing gentles, may Allah subhanaw taala make us from amongst the people who are truly slaves of a loved leaf. And finally number four and the last point here is that servants of

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lobbies are undeterred by fears. Nothing can be as empowering, as knowing that your guardian the one who protects you day and night in every moment is a lovely if the one who knows all of your deepest fears, even your loved ones might not know about the one who knows about your deepest insecurities, your deepest private thoughts, your deepest desires. Allah subhanho wa Taala a lovely if who knows about all of your anxieties, he is the one who can protect you and guard you and render everything as harmless as a summer breeze. Allah subhanho wa Taala the one who says couldn't fire Khun B and it is He is the one who caused the flames and the fire surrounding Ibrahim Ali salon to become cool.

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That will then was Salama cool and safe for profitable Hema and he's the one who allowed the the the sea to split for Musa salaam, the one who brought Musa is and back to his mother, Allah subhanaw taala, who brought Yusuf Ali said back to his father is the one who can bring you out of every situation and protect you against every harm, even if it looks physically and in a worldly sense like it may be harmful. Allah allegedly can get you through that. So you become undeterred by any kind of worldly fear. When we learn the name of Allah Latif and we practice it properly the servant of a lot leave becomes

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encompassed by this name and living upon his name and taking in this name and seeing the signs of Allah and everything. Identifying all the manifestations of Allah, Allah belief in the past and anticipating the Name of Allah, Allah believe in the present and in the future. So you're invoking the name of Allah subhanaw taala you're using it at times, you're allowing your tears to come down and wash away the sadnesses of the heart and the rest of the heart and the hardening of the heart by thinking about the name of Allah, Allah believe Oh Allah, you are a lovely if we implore you, Oh Allah, a lovely if the most subtle, and hobby are the one who knows all things to direct our steps

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every time the road splits, and to guide us through every darkness that blankets us, and to make us a source of guidance for others and to soothe us through our difficulties and our pain and to mend our hearts and to allow us to live upon this with tranquility, to die upon this with tranquility and to be resurrected in a place of safety and security. Allama mean, we ask a lot, we ask Allah subhanaw taala luckily to guide us and protect us alone. I mean, again, the four points to be a servant of a lovely youth number one receptiveness to Divine Messages. Number two, unbreakable optimism number three a gentle demeanor and number four undeterred by worldly fears, we ask Allah to

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forgive us a lot. murmee So verse 15 onwards, we continue we mentioned the name of Allah subhanaw taala a lot leave we want to continue with examples of that 15 who Allah the genre like Malala luda, he is the one who smoothed out the earth for you, Feng Shui and QBR so move about freely in its regions what could only recently and eat from the provisions that Allah has provided for you. What you lay in Nashua, and to Him is everyone's return everyone's resurrection, what you the insured is all people. Now I want us to focus on a few words here, who will let the John alicona value that the word the new will, in this higher quality is a means submissive, that the earth is submissive for

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you. When the word the new word is used for an animal, it means that it is not insolent it is not rejecting that someone is writing it or controlling it. Who Elijah Lachman or the Lulu allow me the earth submissive for you. He smoothed it out for you and made it proper for you. He made it function for you, it's humbling itself for you, meaning for human beings to live, to sustain themselves to move about to have offspring to have many generations thereafter. Firm shoes so walk, explore, travel, go ahead and explore move about in its regions. Fee monarchy via the word mannequin, the plural of mankind, which means shoulder here, meaning the shoulder of an animal. And the interesting

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thing to keep in mind both of these were the legal and makeup or mannequin here, referring to something that sometimes was used for animals by the other. This is how they understood these words. Normally, this is not the part of the animal, which someone would sit on the writer. Usually their backs or their necks are also involved in the writing not just not primarily their shoulders, but an animal offers usually its shoulder to the rider as a sign of how obedient it is as a means of submissiveness. So Allah subhanaw taala say, Allah has made the earth submissive for you or human beings. So walk on his shoulders, walk freely, Allah has made the structure of the earth such that

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it is not like let's say lava or it is not all water meaning there is place for you to also have land it is not all mud. You

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is not all a swamp, it is not all slime, there are places on earth you can function and move about. Because if the Earth were in any of these states, it would not have been possible for us to live upon it to live in it, Allah Subhana Allah made it so that we would live upon this earth. Nor is the earth made like hard Rock's everywhere in anywhere, such that it would have been very difficult to move about or difficult to live anywhere on Earth. Allah subhanho made it also possible for us to be able to have crops, otherwise we would not have basically benefits through planting things and through food and agriculture, wells and rivers would not have or could not have been dubbed if the

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earth was different, it would not have been possible to dig trenches into the ground to lay the foundations of huge buildings today skyscrapers as well. With such well balanced infrastructure, a loss of habitat grants us the Tranquility, and the ability to have buildings to stand on to sit in to utilize for people to function, and for us to walk about and explore this earth and avoid basically slipping. So there are places where we can function. Now I want us to keep in mind the following point. Allah Subhana Allah is the One who created this. And we know this and the surah is reminding people of this Allah's power, Allah's blessings, Allah subtle knowledge of all things in

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the way he blesses His creation in ways they don't reflect on how many people live on this earth. The earth that Allah created for them, to worship Him to submit to Him and they are ignoring Allah subhanaw taala signs, they are turning away from the Creator, they are turning away from all of these blessings, they are not grateful to Allah, the Creator, the Earth has not become submissive for us and subdued for us of our own accord, we did not allow it to become subdued, we did not create the earth, and we did not cause the earth we subdued for human beings. And the provisions, the ability to have food and agriculture did not simply become available by nothing and from

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nothing. Allah subhana arranged it by his wisdom, by His power, by His mercy subhanho wa taala, so that our lives can become possible here, and splendid, and all across the globe, and we can have peace if you work towards that, and have the peace of mind that we have what we need. And this has become like a vast table spread. It has all these different foods on it, all these different options on it, so that we are given the sustenance that we need. Allah Yaga woman Hala for one lovely for me, another reminder of the previous Earth, how could I not know what is deep within your hearts when he is the one who created all things? I mean, of course, Allah knows. Allah is the one who did

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such and such Allah shahada is the one who created the earth for you made it submissive for you. So go ahead, enjoy it. Enjoy what Allah has prepared for you, but only while you are pleasing Him. If you want to disobey Allah do not do so on the earth that he created, do not do so any land that he owns, do not do so with provisions that he facilitated on this earth, meaning there is nowhere to run there is nowhere to hide from the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala the next verse, however, will remind and warn both believers and disbelievers but especially the disbelievers it will warn people about divine punishment, even when you're living on this earth that Allah subhanaw taala has

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prepared. I mean too many semi aerc Furby como la Nova either here termo and verse 17. I'm into Memphis, am I your salon equal? hacia? Versatile, I'm gonna keep at it. Do you feel so secure? Do you feel so safe? That he who holds authority above the seven heavens will not cause the earth to swallow you up? As it starts to shake violently? Are you sure that you're safe from that? Who's going to protect you from that? Or do you feel secure and safe? That the one who holds authority above the seven heavens will not unleash upon you a storm of stones? Only then will you know how serious the warning of allies This is a warning to those and a threat to those who disbelieve this,

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first of all, does not mean that Allah lives in the heavens. Because we say first of all, remember this laser chemically ha. There is nothing like Allah subhanho wa Taala when Allah mentions anything about himself in terms of attributes, so Allah is merciful, how was he merciful in terms of the concept itself? We don't we don't ever compare a lot to his creation. We don't ever make a lot similar to his creation in terms of his description. We affirm what Allah has affirmed about himself without asking the question of how when Allah says, yeah, do Allah the Hand of Allah we don't think how we affirm that Allah says Allah has a hand we don't think how we don't think of details. We

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don't know any details beyond that. laser can be cliche. When Allah says He smiled when he says he's angry, a lot of Allah, the anger of Allah subhanaw taala. can we possibly know what that's like? No, so we say laser can be cliche, but we also cannot ignore and reinterpret the attributes that Allah is affirming for himself. So when Allah says he is doing something or has an ad

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Tribute or laughs or in one Hadith smiles, we cannot deny that and say no, this is a symbolic, Allah affirmed it for himself. But we can say we don't know how laser can be cliche. So never make Allah similar to his creation in terms of the description. This is something that we have to keep in mind when we describe Allah. Now Allah says, into Memphis, semi, literally this would mean are you secure that the one who is in the heavens, this is the literal translation. And we said here, the one who holds authority above the seven heavens, why? When we think of the human being naturally, naturally the human being, when they think of God, when they're in times of need, when they call upon God,

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they're not looking down. They're not calling down into the earth, they're calling up to the heavens, they're calling up, their prayers are going up the soul when you die and goes up, everything is going up in terms of goodness, we don't think of things going down in terms of asking Allah subhanaw taala we humble ourselves to Allah and we know that the DUA is raised. So when we turn to Allah, generally the believer turns to Allah and thinks up, there's not thinking down. Does this mean that we are thinking of a specific place where Allah subhanaw taala is and we understand what this place is, like? The only thing that we can say is that Allah subhanaw taala is above the

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seven heavens, Allah subhanaw taala and the Throne of Allah above the seven heavens and I know this is a matter of theology, but it's important that we mentioned it in one of the famous Hadith.

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Reported in Sudan Aveda would a person came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam with a slave girl that he wanted to free? And he said he had also like, basically I want to free her the Prophet size. I'm asked her a question where is Allah and she pointed upwards, heavenward with her finger. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked her who am I? So she first pointed towards the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And then she pointed upwards once again, meaning you have come from Allah subhanaw taala and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, set her free she is a believer meaning she she has proper Eman. She understands things properly. And this is also found in more problematic and Sahih

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Muslim, or more on the long run once was speaking about one of the women of Medina and he said She is the lady whose complaint was heard above the seven heavens about fonarow, the long run, and this is referring to certain Mujaddid. So she's the lady whose complaint was heard above the seven heavens, this is how the Sahaba understood it. So when we say I mean to manifest Sama, he who is in the heavens, we don't, we are not saying that we are placing a loss of heart on somewhere very specific. Rather we are affirming what Allah is affirming. This is how Allah subhanho is describing himself, and in the Quran in many other places. So we affirm what Allah has affirmed. Now the point

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here in these ayat is that there's a warning, and the believer pays attention to the warning as well. The warning is passed on to others to your very survival on this earth. And everything on this earth is dependent upon Allah subhanaw taala has mercy. So to the human being who is arrogant, you are not simply strutting about on this earth by your own power, by your own means by your own accord, you did not bring everything to this earth, you are under obligation only to Allah's protection for each moment of your life that you are passing here. Otherwise, Allah subhanaw taala the one who controls the heavens and the earth at any moment can cause such an earthquake in this

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world to occur that may make this very person who was living and walking about arrogantly it may make that same earth their grave instead of the cradle than it is. Or he may cause a windstorm to come and blow apart and remove all apart and raise down all the towns and settlements to the ground. Allah is in power. This is a reminder of the warning from Allah subhanaw taala. This was a warning given through the prophet saw Salem and the Quran to the disbelievers of Mecca, to the effect that if you do not refrain from what you're doing, you're going to be dealing with the power of God, meaning you're wanting to see something else that you don't want to see you want to be experiencing

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some kind of punishment even in this life.

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And then Allah subhanaw Dallas's as these people basically have rejected and are rejecting the truth, what are called cannibalism, and commonly him phokeethra Can anarchy, and certainly those before them, they disbelieved as well. How severe then was my response? When you see a reminder or hear a reminder, or see someone's story or someone's social media post or you hear about nations of the past, and someone did something wrong, someone did something arrogant, someone rejected sign after sign someone experienced a harsh consequence of their own action, their own decision, reflect on it. We don't only reflect on history in terms of the positive things. We reflect on the mistakes

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of people so that we don't repeat these mistakes and mistakes here is a very small word, because for someone to reject all the Signs of God and to basically wage war against God as many people think they are doing today. They are going to experience these consequences because of their own actions. Okay, if I can earn a kid how was my risk?

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And then as well, this is a reminder to study the past and to study other people's lives and to avoid making the mistakes that other people are making. This is why 1/3 of the Quran approximately, is filled with stories, stories of past nations past people. Look at the story of Musa Ali salaam, the most referenced story in the Quran, the story of Adam Addison and the creation of Adam the story of the bliss and how he was commanded to prostrate and he did not, and he became arrogant about StackOverflow Academy caffeine became a disbeliever. Look at the stories and learn lessons for yourself. The best thing you can do for yourself is to take the speech of Allah subhanaw taala that

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he blessed you with, to study to see, to recite, to understand to implement, and to practice it in a way that is very meaningful on a daily basis. And then Allah subhanaw taala brings our attention to something we overlook all the time and as someone who used to fly almost every weekend, I used to travel by flight almost every weekend. This is something that I reflected on often a number and it I will Amuro airplane Do they not see the birds above them fold calm sofort in my opinion, they are spreading and closing their wings magam Seco Hoonah Illa Rama, only Allah the Lord of mercy, He is the One who holds them up. He's the one who allows this to happen. In the hobby coalition embassy,

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he watches over everything. That bird that you see one of millions of birds does so as it flies with the protection of Allah subhanaw taala are human. And it is He Who gives the form to that bird and the structure by which you have the ability to fly by which it can fly and operate as such. He is the one who gave that bird it's fit for its natural disposition, how to fly. He is the one who blessed the bee with what it should be doing to bring sustenance to the hive to the colony so that human beings can have honey and other types of agriculture and crops. What Oh, her rabuka Elan, Allah gave that be the ability to do so.

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And we look at many different animals and we find that the Mercy of Allah the subtle Mercy of Allah is found in just the way that they live. The way they know things, it's ingrained in them, just as within us, there is something that is ingrained a priori knowledge. This is the knowledge of natural disposition. We already knew this. When we were born, we did not have to learn this, that there is a Creator and in times of need people turn to God in times of need people turn to Allah, and that the believer recognizes this fitrah can be clouded and corrupted and covered and we want to uncover it. And the way to uncover it is to feed it to feed it its natural source is the source of what it is,

00:32:36--> 00:33:02

which is Allah Subhana Allah speech. The Quran clarifies resuscitate cleans the fitrah one of the interesting observations, not just about birds with their ability to fly and the protection that alone gives them is all other animals as well. For those of you who have pets go ahead and chat I'm very curious anybody here have any pets anybody who was in the class go ahead and mentioned this in the chat inshallah. Those of you who have pets

00:33:03--> 00:33:10

and want to ask a question I think many people have pets will reflect on as well and Sharla give us what what kind of pet you have in what's your your pet's name and chelmer

00:33:11--> 00:33:14

A cat will get three cats Masha Allah.

00:33:16--> 00:33:29

Cat names Loteria cat names. Taco, oh my god. So every time you you call your cat's name, you have to think of tacos as well. Birds, Milo Zola, cat, someone have a cat just named cat.

00:33:30--> 00:33:32

Are you just telling us you have a cat Hamdulillah

00:33:33--> 00:33:50

I want us to think about. So I've mentioned I guess the example of the cat, which here seems to be the most common pet. So hello. We got a pet earlier this year, a cat. And this kitten was I believe, eight weeks old, or nine weeks old when we got her

00:33:52--> 00:34:27

on her own, as some of you have seen with your own pets have Hanlon, when she was introduced to the outside world, for example, or she saw bird for the first time. Or she saw other animals there is within them instinctively, even if they were not raised outdoors and have no experience whatsoever within their natural disposition. As animals, Allah created them this way. They know what to do they know what they are like. And of course they learned from experience as well. But there are some things that you can see in your pets that are ingrained within them. And you can see this even when they are born when they are very young, certain things that they do, even if they have no

00:34:27--> 00:34:59

experience. So we introduce her to the outside world. What do we noticed? She's sneaking around she's very low to the ground. She's calling birds with this really weird chirping sound that's like a fake chirp so that the bird will get confused and maybe come closer, trying to deceive them. Where does this come from? Subhanallah when we think of our pets as one example of many and the example that Allah subhanaw taala is giving us may Allah bless you all. Thank you for answering that question. May Allah bless your cats as well. When you think of this example of the bird that flies and it has the protection of Allah. If Allah did not will

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

It would not be possible for birds to fly, it would not be possible for them to operate. And this would cause them to fall and a loss of hunters power is constantly in motion is constantly at play. Allah yes created the natural laws, but loss of hazard controls the natural laws, and if he wished that bird would not flying, and the reason I think of this often and I mentioned this before, it's one of the verses that would come to mind for me, when I used to fly long distances, especially international flights over the ocean, when you realize your hands as are your affairs are in the hands of a loss of hotel, your your control, it's no longer yours and it never was yours to begin

00:35:38--> 00:36:15

with. You thought you were in control when you're on the ground. And you remember that you have less control in in environments like a plane in which Allah subhanaw taala is in full control. If Allah wills you would not stay in there that plane would not fly. And I know the verses referring to birds here, but this is a contemplation we take from that, that Allah subhanaw that allows things to occur as they occur. And this reminds people who ignore Allah subhanaw taala that, especially here at the disbelievers of of Mecca, they are reminded that Allah subhanaw taala wished he could punish any nation in ways they would not expect. And there's no power in the world that would stop him. There's

00:36:15--> 00:36:51

no fighting force of any army that can allow these birds to remain open for law removes gravity, for example, Mangum secret, law. This is one of the ways you see and experience Allah's mercy in everyday life, the way you operate, the way you live, the fact that there is gravity, the fact you can walk on this earth, the fact that you can function on this earth. All of this is from Allah, a lot of the more subtle, and then Allah subhana brings about the reminder and the threat here. So verse 20, and verse 21. And manha, the lady who are junior laconian Surah coming up Lachman, Erica, if you know that you love your world. And I want to think about those two, these two verses

00:36:51--> 00:37:32

together. What powerless force can help you if the Lord of Mercy does not truly the disbelievers are diluted, another translation is, who is there besides a lot who can come to your rescue as an army? Who is there who can provide for you if Allah withholds His provision? Rather, these people are persisting but let you fear Oh, two were wonderful. They are persisting in their arrogance and the rejection of the truth. Now I have a critical thinking question here, verse 20, in particular, and then wants to I want people to answer this Inshallah, how can we take this verse or any of these last two, three verses in sha Allah and put them into practice? Because sometimes when we study

00:37:32--> 00:38:00

Tafseer, when we come upon verses of warnings to disbelievers, or warning to those who ignore reality as it is or have not found the truth, sometimes Muslims think okay, this verse doesn't really apply to me because of hamdullah I practice I believe ALLAH is in control, I submit to Allah, how can we take these verses and put them into practice? But here's some creative answers and this is a critical thinking question. Let's hear some creative answers and show them how to take this verse and put it into practice.

00:38:15--> 00:38:16

To FC in a way the critical thinking,

00:38:18--> 00:39:00

now you will SQL No, man you never will be conditioning will see it Allah seeing all things. A man her the lady who are jundo la commune Soto, community owner of man, it will cut off you know that you love your own world. What powerless force can help you? If the Lord of Mercy does not truly the disbelievers are deluded, can anyone give us a basically a response to this critical thinking question? How do you take this verse and put it into practice? So, um, I think I understand the question, I believe, like Galen, people buy those necklaces with eyes on them, or they follow horoscopes, or anything like that any outside source for protection, or gems or stones, stuff like

00:39:00--> 00:39:06

that, you know, is really not going to protect you. Like the gem is just a rock,

00:39:07--> 00:39:15

a pretty rock, but it's just a rock, and only Allah can protect you and control everything. Like the previous is before that.

00:39:16--> 00:39:58

I can't remember it. But basically, if everybody was trying to hurt you, nobody can stop. Like a lot. If although if it's your time to go, nobody can stop it, you know? Excellent. So one of the practical reflections is on how human beings live every day in terms of feeling protected. Some people believe in superstitions. Some people believe in objects having power from God. And some people think these are conduits or facilitators of God's protection, such as the famous example in many Muslim majority countries of the blue eye. These things have no protection whatsoever. In fact, it could be very problematic for some people's belief systems, in terms of believing that this thing

00:39:58--> 00:39:59

can actually protect you

00:40:00--> 00:40:34

Allah subhanaw taala is in control. We do not rely upon these objects, right? We don't believe that these things carry any power La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah there is no will or power or mighty except with Allah Subhana Allah through Allah subhanho wa Taala he's the one who allows constantly the natural laws to operate. He is the one who allows constantly the birds to fly when they fly. He's the one who allows you to live and walk every time you get out of bed every time you walk. He is the one who allows you when you sit down on the ground to be able to stand up once again, all of that is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala any other reflections

00:40:41--> 00:41:19

manha the linear resume in second response, the lead up to a wonderful who can provide for you if he Allah withholds his provisions if Allah subhanaw taala decides that human beings for the next 100 years will not have any provisions on Earth, who else is going to provide for you? This is a reminder for people that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who blesses them. So Allah Subhan is the one who controls this world. Allah subhanaw taala the same one who gave you these provisions on Earth is the one who told you to submit to him, the one who told you to worship you should want to worship Allah Subhana Allah out of love anyway. May Allah Subhana Allah forgive us and guide us

00:41:19--> 00:41:20

along with me

00:41:22--> 00:41:57

to reflections, one private one public the first, not sure if this applies, but holding closely to the daily ethical to give us the opportunity to ask lots of hands on it for his protection as a blessings excellent answer, as Karasawa if you are truly believing that Allah is in control, be regular in your thicket and dua, you're addicted your supplication, your remembrance of Allah a thorough summer morning supplications you include in the mystery la isla de la your literal madness me you shape for only one purpose for summer was Similarly, Allah is in control of all things. I see the sunlight in the Name of Allah, the One who controls all things. And we asked a lot from how to

00:41:57--> 00:42:33

protect us from all harm day and night. This is one way to live upon that remembering that with daily practice, excellent answer. Another answer here. In today's age, these verses speak directly to dictators, no matter their wealth and power, they are just as human and everything can be stripped away, just like previous example in the Quran like that an excellent answer to that mafia. This is a reminder, and I will say two things. First, it's a reminder that is direct to dictators, people in power anywhere, people in authority, who abuse their authority, and violate the rights of people and violate the rights of others and also violate the rights of Allah by not allowing people

00:42:33--> 00:43:15

to practice the religion or know about the religion. All of this is included. So a DIRECT address any warning to those who have authority do not abuse that authority, led by Allah subhanaw taala to comment. Number two, is a reminder for us that these dictators and these tyrants, and their armies are not truly in control. Oftentimes, we want to address these tyrants, these dictators, they are disobeying Allah, they are causing so much facade, they are causing so much corruption, they are killing innocent Muslims. And as well we remember, as Muslims, they are not truly in control. They are not truly in control. Power is with Allah subhanaw taala. And if we lived upon a quality

00:43:15--> 00:43:53

practice of submission to Allah, the One who controls all things, the one who says couldn't fire cool, no one who controls the armies, the one who controls all lands, the one who controls all provisions, the one who controls the animals and all the natural laws. It's not about the quantity what about the quality of submitting to Allah, and this is why in the time of the prophets, Allah I send them an army of 313 could overtake an army of 1000. An army of 20,000, as harden worried was leading this army could overtake an army of 200,000 It's not about your military might start about your wealth, or your GDP or anything else. It's about submission to Allah subhanho wa taala. And as

00:43:53--> 00:44:06

an ummah, we have to work on our quality, not just the quantity, it's not about these armies not about the provisions, Allah subhanaw taala will take care of that and give you blessings in what you have any last reflections before we move on to that Muslim for these three reflections?

00:44:09--> 00:44:10

I would say

00:44:12--> 00:44:25

your your provision or your music where you get your music from, some people will get it from hell means and some people will get it from haram means means. Thinking that you know,

00:44:27--> 00:44:39

the Allah forgetting that Allah will Rezac I mean he if if he cuts your softness, then no matter what you do, your your your softness is at that point. Excellent. Is

00:44:40--> 00:44:46

that a coffee? Sometimes people don't realize and of course Muslims as well. Allah subhanaw taala is

00:44:47--> 00:45:00

and he allows you to pursue in this life with your free will to avenues two options one that is permissible and one that is prohibited. If you choose a prohibited path, you are not going to gain more than

00:45:00--> 00:45:37

is then you would have had through a permissible path. And a lot of people don't realize this, people become impatient or tempted by wealth, or tempted by something that looks like a shortcut something. It's fast. Rather than being patient seeking Allah's blessings, doing such and such. So they seek out something of this world and they end up selling what part of their belief in a large part of their who would want to give up a share that is eternal, for something that is limited, what kind of sane person, what kind of wise person would give up something eternal a share of that, for something that is temporary? May Allah Subhana Allah allow us to see things properly and guidance

00:45:37--> 00:46:18

and forgive us. This list is kept in this world. One example I don't believe that the story is necessarily authentic. But the lesson behind it is authentic. That it was reported that it it'll be a long one again, the story may not be authentic. But I'm showing this for the sake of the lesson. Went to the masjid, and with his servant stopped, they went inside. Before they went inside, they asked the man outdoors to hold on to the camel or to watch it. And when they came back out, the man was gone. The camel was still there, but the man was gone. And the saddles in the rains for the camel were stolen, they were gone as well. And earlier on the lawn supposedly had to deal hands with

00:46:18--> 00:46:55

him. He told his servant to go to the marketplace to the suit and buy basically new saddles and come back. When he came back. He said I found the same saddles that you have meaning your saddle was in the marketplace, somebody had sold it. The man had stolen it, the man that was waiting outside of Moscow was going to be paid actually, maybe he didn't realize this. He stole it. He went to the marketplace. He sold it for two deer hunts and added all the Aloha and said how impatient man is had he waited, he would have earned the same risk through halal meat. Now, again, I don't believe this story is authentic. But we see this all the time we hear of stories all the time where people want

00:46:55--> 00:47:37

to pursue an avenue, a pathway, a business model that has a lot of prohibitions in it, dealing with interests dealing with something prohibited dealing with something faulty, and then they abandon it for the sake of Allah and Allah blesses them in ways they could not have imagined. I'll give you an example from a masjid here in Michigan. Years back, there was a brother who used to regularly conference a lot in Asia, at the masjid I was leading at in Farmington Hills. And he basically had a question. This is very common after slot Russia. He said I'm being offered a a basically being poached, I'm being offered a job at another company. That's much more lucrative than my current pay.

00:47:38--> 00:48:16

It's much more lucrative, and it will help me in so many ways to pay for my children's college, to wishing to take care of the house, we have a house we have to pay off and I have so many debts. So he said basically, I really need this job. They're offering I believe they were offering maybe 1.5 times the salary he was earning. So if he was already earning, I believe, let's say $100,000. They were offering $150,000. So he's very tempted. What's the problem? He said, They want me to program to create a software that calculates interest amongst other things. This is for a financial institution. So he asked, Is this permissible? Is that I have a feeling you're gonna say it's not

00:48:16--> 00:48:51

but I really this is a big decision, I really need this, I really need this job. Like, is there any way this may be permissible for me? I said, I know this is not permissible. I'm almost certain of it. However, I will ask a number of others who are also dealing with Islamic finance. And I'll let you know what three four or five different people St. John, but I told my inclination, like I know this is not permissible like to calculate and facilitate the contract. It's a contract that he's facilitating through software of interest is prohibited. Now we know this from many a hadith and many studies regarding interest. Anyways, I came back to him the next day, and I informed him what I

00:48:51--> 00:49:25

had heard from many scholars who also said in many of my teachers, clearly this is prohibited, not a single one of them said it would be permissible. And I gave him the full context of his case. When I relayed this to him, he's Alhamdulillah. He said today, I thought about it some more. And I said, You know what, if it's haram, I'm going to abandon it, I'm going to leave it even though it's tempting, and I know Allah will give me something better. He's been very happy and Hamdulillah he, you know, we parted ways and he left the machine. This was the second day I shot Wallahi, less than a week later. Less than a week later, he comes up to me and salata, Nisha, and he's beaming is I

00:49:25--> 00:49:59

have to share with you an update. So what happened? They said my company found out the another company tried to poach me and they found out I don't know how I don't know the details. They found out there's some leak some information. They found out that the other company offered me such and such 1.5 times what I was earning. They said my company sent your way overdue for a raise and you are you are more loyal to our company than some of our executives. So they gave him a raise that almost doubled his salary in terms of the benefits he said, Well loi This is because I abandoned something prohibited

00:50:00--> 00:50:35

For the sake of Allah, Allah replaced it with something better. Sometimes it takes years to see that and you may never really see it directly this obviously, because Allah is a lovely, he's subtle in the way he gives you things that way you are dealt different things in life. He said this was one of the times in his life and he was maybe in his 50s that he saw this very clearly abandoning something and Allah replacing it less than a week later, upgrading and promoting his job, and Hamdulillah that this was the thing that came to him because he said the job that I'm doing and hundreds, you know, he explained what it was. It's all permissible. He's a software engineer. So this is one example of

00:50:35--> 00:51:07

many. When you seek ALLAH subhanaw taala is pleasure in all things, Allah, Allah Aviv will take care of you in ways you cannot imagine. But stick true to those principles. Now, here, Allah subhanaw taala is reminding us of His power, so that we are reflecting on a daily basis. Every time you lift your arm every time you go to type something. Every time you get on social media, you're about to send that annoying text or post something really inappropriate. Remember, Allah gave you the ability to do that. Every Breath You Take when you wake up when you're about to go to sleep and the breaths you take while you're sleeping, and Allah sustains you while you're asleep. And that's why you see

00:51:07--> 00:51:49

me speak Allahumma Mutasa, Allah Allah He was the one who controls every beat of the heart, every breath you take. So when we think of Allah subhanaw taala and His power and His blessings upon us, we cannot afford to turn anywhere else. The wise person cannot look for help for happiness, for stability, for power, for control for living anywhere else, except By Allah's grace. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless us and forgive us for shortcomings. And this brings us to the next point. And the final verse for tonight Inshallah, verse number 22 FM am Shimokita banana what g the MAMC so we and Allah so often will study. So verse 22. And we will again stop with this verse insha, Allah who

00:51:49--> 00:52:27

asked me for some of your reflections, so be ready in sha Allah, Allah Subhana Allah is telling the prophets why Selim reminding those who are on the prophets, Eliza, who is more rightly guided, who is better in terms of status and right, the one who crawls face down or the one who walks upright on the straight path. Now, we have here a hadith for some context, because some people read this area every night and I urge you to resort and work every night. And they say, What is this referring to? The Companions asked the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam, when he explained this to them, or the day of judgment, the disbelievers will be on their faces. They said, how will the

00:52:27--> 00:53:06

disbelievers walk on their faces on the Day of Resurrection, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam responded, Allah subhanaw taala is the one who made them walk on their feet, Allah subhanaw taala, the one who made them walk on their feet, is he not powerful enough to make them walk on their faces and their hands, we need to make this happen on the day of judgment. And so the following is 22 is the one that depicts that is this person who's on their face on the Day of Judgment, or the better than the one who was on the straight path. Now, this can remind us of two things, the situation on the day of judgment, and the situation in this life. Who is better, the one who is rightly guided,

00:53:06--> 00:53:23

or the one who's misguided, the one who is following a path of goodness or the one who is on a path of evil, evil as defined by Allah subhanaw taala. So the one obviously on the right path here is referring to the believer, the one who has their face on the ground. According to some of our students, some scholars have tipsy.

00:53:24--> 00:54:03

They said This also reminds them of the animal, the cattle that is turned down on the ground in terms of its head, and it's following this truck. And there is no clarity about the track. Sometimes it's eating here, sometimes it's eating there, there is no clarity for this thing. And this is cattle. This is something that is not going to be tested and questioned on the Day of Resurrection, like the human being will be. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us clarity. There is a question here of morality, that as human beings, we should not be okay with the thoughts of someone receiving injustice, being on the receiving end of injustice, and then dying and not getting anything after

00:54:03--> 00:54:43

that. This does not fit well or suit our federal. It doesn't work, that we think naturally, that no, this is not fair for someone who is evil, to be given an end result like the one who was good, or the one who was oppressed, who is really better. Your fitrah will speak louder here than any philosophy in this world, your fitrah your natural disposition that God created you upon if it's still clear and pure, that it recognizes that good and evil are not the same. justice and injustice are not the same. There must be justice after death. There must be compensation after that leaving a lifetime of virtue and goodness as defined by God, to submit to God, that's the greatest virtue

00:54:43--> 00:54:59

that's the greatest thing you can do to avoid sherek to avoid disbelief, and then to all other things that Allah commanded. That is a path that is worthy of taking every other path is a path of darkness. Go to that and one path, a nude, you know lumati, Illinois

00:55:00--> 00:55:32

As the Lord mentioned throughout the Quran, so who is more rightly guided? May Allah forgive us for all of our sins and increases in goodness? May Allah Subhana Allah guide us and guide others through us. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us from all of our hardships and relieve us of all of our hardships and protect us in this world in agreement on the Day of Resurrection. And may Allah Subhana Allah allow us to be together united as Muslims upon the truth in this world, united and fearless in this world of worldly things, and strong for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala any source of relief and victory for Muslims and the oppressed all around the world. And may Allah

00:55:32--> 00:55:57

subhanaw taala rectify our situations and alleviate this pandemic from our midst and remove this pandemic from our myths and allow us to recognize the blessings that God has given us the blessings that we take for granted. May Allah make us servants of a lovely if the most subtle and allow us to reflect on all of his signs the night Allahumma Amin or sunny La Romana Nabina Muhammad while early he was so happy he urged me