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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala said

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I will let you know Armando. He said

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the island Oh Allah deliver taqwa what are the Allahu Allah is the one or the one.

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And so what am I that lecture How does it help each other? In bill what taqwa

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there is the highest level of purity, the highest level of taqwa the highest level of

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closeness to Allah subhanaw taala.

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So, unless rather than help each other

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in the river taqwa

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while tavano highlight is the new one or the one and do not help each other in sin and do not help each other in rebellion against Allah.

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Now, very important for us to understand, here,

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the point is not being made to say do not commit sin

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or do things of taqwa. Yeah, what is being said is do not even help somebody in sin and do and do help somebody in topo. So, obviously, it means that personally you will do things which are correct and personally, that we will do things which are things of taqwa and things which which help us to reach close to Allah subhanaw taala. But very important for us to understand is the company we keep

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the whole point of this ayah is the company we keep, whose company we do keep, what are the kinds of activities that you take part in what are the kinds of things that you help each other in now, help us improve in two ways one help is direct help you are you are giving money to somebody or you are standing with somebody in physically or you are supporting the other form of help is not physical, but what we know as moral support. So, if somebody is doing the activity, and you are participating in the activity, that is moral support to that particular activity. So even if you are just there physically present, it's a moral support to that activity. Now, that is the reason why it is very

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important for us to pick and choose where we will go and what activities we will support. The reason is that in many cases in some other areas of the Quran is otava, and so on, and as well as very specific is that do not sit with people who make fun of your religion. And if you sit with them, then you are with them.

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Right in other places, in some other ayah and in another place with regard to making fun of the religion making fun of Marisa masala is sunan and so on. Unless Raja said that you had got governed by the man whom you have left Islam after you had become Muslims, Allah has given a fatwa of over

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judgment of COVID on the man who made fun of Islam, fun of Allah one of the promises of a lot of fun of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam are fond of this owner of Bahama Salah.

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Now sometimes we think this is one thing, it's not just one thing, it's a very, very, very serious matter. It's a matter of which takes you clean out of Islam.

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Clear Islam. Now point is you weren't there. I was not doing it. I did not say it fair enough. You did not say it but what is the outcome and that's the reason I'm saying that those are my law and Weiland is a valid one unless they do not help in that matter. So if there is an activity going on, if there is a function going on or if there is a gathering where people of this nature are there and that is the kind of thing they speak then it is very important for us to keep clear of that.

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ideally speaking you should stop it. If you cannot stop it in some cases we cannot serve it's not in our power to stop it. Don't go near that place. Do not go near that place do not go near a place where shirk is being committed. Do not go near a place where Allah subhanho wa Taala has

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come are being broken

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many places you find there is some party happening or there is some you know in a wedding or something and you know all sorts of crap is happening was you know some

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song and dance is happening or some alcohol is being now if you are there you might say that I did not you know I didn't drink and I was not singing and I'm sure you're not doing that but you were there and you're being there becomes the lead for other people.

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And I've seen this I've actually seen this happening in so many cases where people can identify

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who we know as somebody who is naturally for the common man who does you know he does work I have noticed was I must be correct.

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Nathan Lane.

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Now because you are going there you are supporting some

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thing which is even similarly, it is very important for us to support good activities. Angela Thomas Vilas car or some buddies doing some good work or something is happening, some charity is happening is happening, very important for us to go there be there, be there morally present physically present for the same reason, because people are who these are the people who have gathered it, even if, for example, you might say, Well, you know, so and so's like say what I've heard this before. Even if you have heard it a million times, go once more, not, don't go for hearing you go there, because you are you want to be counted among the people who are taking count of who are sitting in a

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marvel of the vicar of Allah Subhana Allah

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that is very, very important for us to keep this in mind and pick and choose the company that we keep, who are the people we are with, who are the people who are seen with Who are the people who

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we are known to be with

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immediate voiceover Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan gatos, our is a novela, Rockies Canada, that is the point. So it says right now, that was a person whose friend, like that person, who is known as a friend of *gy was a good person under law, very good. But the thing is, is I gave and he takes the name of somebody who is known to be you know, then we have to think about what kind of friends do I have. So it's very important for us to keep in mind, the company that we keep, because it is

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I agree that you know, you might be of such amazing character that you change the other person and Angela, may Allah make this possible for us. But for most of us, the opposite happens. So we lose our image, even if you don't change even if you don't lose human existence, that will Angela, we will not become very good or Kufa. But you know, inside you if you just see in your own heart, you find there is a it pulls you down, you know you at the end of that gathering, you are depressed Do you feel somehow so I've lost something I was sitting here What did I do I spent one hour whereas if you're sitting in a in a motherless have the rigor of Allah subhanaw taala is the opposite your

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human feel strong you will go to film school of energy. So these things are to be kept in mind. So we are invited Allah I remind myself I knew that let us always pick and choose because Allah is there to help those who and help each other in their water. And he said well as our know and do not help each other. In the opposite of that in inculcating of sin. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make it easy for us to be aware of him and to follow the Sunnah of Mohammed Salah donousa Salah, and to help us to stay away from all that is the disobedience of understand oh that was Allah Allah Allah Allah will carry while he is radical