Curious What Does Islam Say About the Dangers of Distraction

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During this past Eid, I was on my phone for 11 hours. I think that's like the entire day a very sure there's the digital Eid greetings. But other than that it was just a distraction. It brought little joy. I don't want to squander my life in distraction. So my curious question today is, What are the dangers of distraction? What is Islam teach us? First, we all agree that most distractions are hurting us. For example, some parents are distracted by their devices as their children are trying to get their attention. Deep sleep that we're not getting because we're staring all night of those phones with zombie eyes. The unending anxiety brought by act now or miss out sales messages.

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Distracted driving can literally kill.

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Distraction in Arabic is Lao, LAO, diversion, amusement distraction. If there was a huge billboard on this topic, I would put this verse and have Omote Kathal competition and worldly increase distracts you. In this verse, Allah speaks about distraction, and tells us a major cause for it. At Tech Catherine, one Arabic word full of meaning. It means the competition to collect more and more than the other person. more followers on social media more money in our bank accounts more more. The Quran often connects the word loud distraction with another word, lie in amusement. Of course, there is time to take rest, have fun and amuse ourselves. But we can allow our lives to be only the

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pursuit of distraction and live amusements, distracting us from what from death and building our home in the hereafter had does Otomo remark on until you visit the graveyards. So what to do? Let's start with three things. One find amusement in something beneficial like Bash doing fight pattern dances in the masjid in front of the prophets that a lot is that I'm trying martial arts or book reading or exercise or so much more. To compete with others in good compete in Quran and remembering Allah and calling others to Allah in giving charity and so much more.

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Three, take your time and Salah sometimes slowing down feels like you're doing something wrong wasting time. But no, you are right where Allah wants you to be. This inhemeter Sharif, my job for you is to see you succeed at the highest level.

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