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In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah here abila alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Rasool de Nabeel Karim. All praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala, our Creator who gave us today. All praise and thanks are due to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Who gave you joints this morning that rested on a bed, but were able to support your bodyweight when you woke up. We praise Allah, for the muscles in our face that allow us to smile. We praise Allah for speakers and scholars who have the ability to illuminate our hearts. And we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala because you were patient to listen to us. And we praise Allah subhanho wa

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Taala that we have guests that we have open minded people willing to break the shackles, willing to break through the obstacles of what would bring a world to peace. So not only do I extend Peace and mercy from our Creator, onto all of them, all of us in the room. But I pray that this gathering is able to collect itself one more time, and it will gather under the shade and under the throne of our Creator so that we can turn to him and say, We made it.

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And we pray that our praise of Allah subhanho wa Taala our praise of a single creator joins us. It doesn't break us. Because the last two speakers reminded us consistently and very well. That it wasn't just about Moses, Ra Salatu was Salam and the message that he brought. It wasn't solely that Jesus. Adi Salatu was Salam and his virgin birth were a miracle. It wasn't solely these parts, but it was part of the longer trilogy of this speech, and the legacy of prophethood. So along with this, I'd like you to kind of keep a mind frame of a young man I met in Florida. I asked him, Why did you convert? You know, it's a tough time. It's not the easiest time to find the character of Mohammed

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, I said, it's not really easy. It's not the best time. He said, when I was not following one religion, one path I was a heavy gambler. So I said that converted you. He goes, No, it's the odds that converted me. And I said, but what do you mean? He said, Look, 10,000 years of prophethood had one message from Adam from New Holly Salam from Moses from musala salat wa salam from Jesus and the 600 years in between Jesus Rizal is Allah and Muhammad Rasool Allah, there were no prophets, but they all had one message. He said, You know what, I'm going to roll the dice that 10,000 years of prophethood is correct. And everyone else's idea of what

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we should do, how we should dress how we should live. I'm going to let it roll on the dice. And I said, this makes sense. I said, but what about the character of Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I have about 11 minutes. And I looked and I found so many stories. So what I will try to do is very, and understand for those in this room who are about to pray for her who pray and who attribute themselves to follow the deen of Islam. How many times do we praise Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he helped me out here after a done during the tashahhud after the Shahada, the whole section of gurus is to praise boom, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam. So with that, let's start to ask ourselves because quite frankly, when attacking Sharia or attacking Muslims or terrorism, you can't really go to the Quran. It's impeccable, right? You can select one or two eyes and as brother Noman pointed out, if you come with a negative lens, you will get plenty of negative things. But if you realize that cannot be attacked, what is it today that is attacked most Muhammad? You know what he did? You know, he married so many Do you know how he acted? So let us start and take this journey together? And let's try to take a few steps. Where does our Creator remind us about him? For I will give you one quick premise to answer everyone who

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has a negative thought about the marriages of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about his actions. I'll give you this much. The people of his time 1400 years ago didn't do anything less than trying to kill him. But did his people say you're a bad cat? You have bad character? Not at all. Help me out here. We live in to catch a predator dateline world. Right right for him.

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We live there but you're going to question the character of Muhammad Rasool Allah and His marriages, and who he married at what age his own enemies couldn't. So please a bit. Let's leave it at that.

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So now we take a step forward and say, but we don't need to defend his character we need to stand by his character. So we turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala, who reminds us throughout the Quran, Alma husen, that we have not sent there was not a prophet that was sent down Mohammed rasuna, la isla de la, except for a mercy to mankind. But Allah subhanho wa Taala also reminds us that this is not a Muslim prophet. This is not a prophet for people who call themselves Muslims only, but he is a prophet of character gafa linas but she wrote one of the law that he was enough for all of mankind in his character in the way he worked, in the way he stood. So let us take four examples. The first

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example that we know it's surah Zab. This is in the Quran. It's iron number 21. When Allah subhanho wa Taala starts the premise and he tells us Longford, in Canada, calm feel also holy law. He was on toon Hanson and definitely, certainly and love God adds so much emphasis, the Rasool the Prophet, the messenger, who didn't come for himself, he was the perfect example. And he was the example in what in being a messenger No, he was the example in how to be a father, and how he came to his family members and said to them, the best amongst the people is the one who is good to his family, and I am the best to my family. So the first example we have is as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam the Prophet peace be upon him, his character was real. He was he had human interaction, so much. So when there was an incident, where we know about his softness, a woman every morning, he would get up in Makkah, so mark is very hard. He would get up in Makkah, and this woman would rush, I mean, this takes effort. You have to give it to people who have hatred, they have a lot of dedication. So this woman used to rush to the marketplace, and she would buy the intestinal, the intestines and the stomach and even the bowels of sheep and goat, and she would keep them together and she would wait because Muhammad Rasool Allah, the prophet of Allah, a peaceful kind person who

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was once asked, take a pause, what do you know of Jesus? What do you know of ERISA? And he said, What do you all know? I am his brother, for in these 600 years after Jesus, who was the next Prophet, Muhammad Rasul Allah, so this woman she used to carry these, these wastes, and every time the Prophet peace be upon him, salallahu alayhi wa sallam would walk by, she would throw these items on him. And every day she continued to do this, and he would wipe off himself till one day, this is multiple days, till One day, he did not hear from her and the Arabic is impeccable. So there was no filth on him that day, he kind of weighed, you know, when you, you know, those slow motion videos

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where the balloon smashes into the guy's face, and he kinda like freezes. He knows it's coming. The profits are low. It was tell him looked and said, What happened? he inquired about this lady came to her doorstep, not and said, Hey, what's up, old lady? He didn't. He didn't say, where's the you know, where's the intestinal tract? Now? who's sick now? No, he turned her and said, I haven't heard from you today. I didn't hear from you today. My clothes are still clean.

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This is character but this is character of someone who's not proud. Who is not honored by themselves. But realize I have a job. I have to serve mankind. But this was one example. Who can give us the best example and my time fleets. So if you get the chance, look this up for me. It's a hadith in Bukhari. Sahih Bukhari is a book of compilations of what the prophet peace be upon him said, and all of these things have been authenticated. It's like the most advanced game of telephone in the world, is remember telephone right? It's just like that. So upon this, in the books of Buhari, narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah said, So what kind of

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narration is this? And for those of you who are visiting, there are certain narrations where the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam would speak and it would be his own words, but there would be occasions where he would turn to his companions, and he would say follow law. A law says, or it is said by the Creator, and who better to describe the characteristics of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam other than Allah.

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subhanho wa Taala, who loved him the most? So in the books of Bukhari, Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is narrated through the mouth of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah says, Yeah, you know, every Oh my messenger, oh, my prophet

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in certain that indeed we have sent you down, we have sent you down, share he don't want more Bashir on one at zero, we have sent you down not only as a messenger but as a witness to mankind as a giver of glad tidings that if I take care of my neighbor, if I take care of my family, if I take care of my children, if I smile when the guy says, Hey, bin Laden's cousin, and I say, oh, okay, and I smile, and I respond, and when why is that half of a human jaw hidden and when the ignorance say to us, I was coming out of the hotel, when they say to us, we respond as he would respond with glad tidings, one of the law, and some of us we don't go so well with good news. So some of us, we go

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well, with warning. A lot of doctors say, you know, if you lose weight, you'll get healthier. And sometimes we eat well, but a lot of times they say, if you don't eat well, you'll die. Then we all of a sudden, things start to pick up a little bit. So the Prophet peace be upon him was real. He was applicable. So he was a witness. He was a giver of glad tidings. He was a warner and war heroes that mean and he was the guardian of the illiterate, the unlettered Think about it, friends 1400 years ago, we're smack in the middle of 120 degrees Makkah, right, you've got Rome behind me, you've got Persian Persia beneath me two superpowers. Which of these two superpowers came to take over Arabia?

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Nobody. Why? They were a bunch of crazy Arabs. It is literally the Persians wrote in there in the old. This is just a barren dead land. So a prophet was sent a mercy was sent not too educated BS in education, right? Not a BS or ms or a PhD. But he was sent as a guardian for the unlettered and he himself was unable to read. And he came to this place where the Romans wrote about the Arabs, that these barbarians will kill themselves off because their wars last forever. But she don't want to do it. Ah, Allah den says, under AB de la su li, what is the character of rasulillah? I summarize it in this word, you are my slave. You are my messenger, who is domeier. Allah. So do I need to speak

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about his character? Do I need to say a word about someone. And so the last one, one of his companions, a young boy said, I never saw his face. When he when he wasn't smiling. Whenever I looked, he smiled, and Daddy, or a Sudhi, that you are my messenger, you are my slave, you are my messenger and just underline the word why, some may do can Moto G, I have named you moto kill the one who has trust, or the one who trusts. Now we know the Prophet peace be upon him had many names too, I will highlight that Mohammed, but one name that Allah subhanho wa Taala. God Himself called the character of a suit of law, the one who trusts and those of you who know the example know that,

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can you imagine if I walked in, you know, when you get out of the pool, and your feet are a little wet? And you get that

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sound? Right? Can you imagine this with this soaking of your blood? I have just come from ba if the messenger peace be upon him, went to a valley, and he asked the people, I am not asking. I'm not asking for money. I'm not asking for authority. I'm asking you to accept this message. We don't want dominance. We don't want to control and they pelted him. They rejected him. They told him to his face, you want character. They told him to his face, even if you were a prophet, couldn't God have picked someone else? And he took this message and he left. But he was the one who placed his trust. He came out of the city, he fell into a small orchard he raised his hands and said, Allah, I have

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done everything that a man can do. I have done what I can. This is the character not of a proud boastful person. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and I named you some may Touka. And moto was the one who trusts and now of his character, Lisa Byfuglien, voila, what Eve he was not a person who was harsh, nor was he is a person who was hard hearted. Once Anasazi, a loved one was walking with the Prophet peace be upon him. Keep in mind friends, let's put yourself in Washington, DC, Obama sitting somewhere on the

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White House lawn right? So ns throw the alarm on says I was sitting with the Prophet peace be upon him. And I was sitting and embedded when came from behind the Prophet. A Bedouin came, someone came from out of the city to see this, who is the leader, I need something from him. Sisters, you know when your job has that the sequence is at the end. It has like a thick border. Sometimes it has a thick border it the these over closer, we're firm not drawn that thicker, thicker binding. So the man came this better one came in. This is for everyone in the room. I don't care what you believe in. If we could do this for each other, our character would be unbelievable. Our character would go

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so beyond someone cut me off. So I flipped him the bird. It would go so much further. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he sat he was sitting in the cloak was wrapped around him. The man came from behind him and snatched his cloak, so much so that unnecessarily a loved one. He said, I saw that under the neck of the Prophet peace be upon him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the end The end of the clock had made a mark for him. Just give me a second. Give me a second. If I came up behind you said a uncle. You'd be like hot pepper.

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Right? You would turn around and said,

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Yeah, what's up? But besides this mark on his neck, the Prophet did not turn and say what did not say a, but he did the prophetic character.

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He turned facing the person who just abused him, leaving us the one who saw the mark and said, What can I do? He said Mohammed give me some of the wealth that you've been given. The guy pulled he dishonored he dismembered? Remember, the clock is not what we do. It's not a fashion accessory. During the time of the Prophet and the outcomes of the time so long, it was seldom, it was a sign of honor, a cloak that that you know, we were the lids, the hats. You ever go up to a guy with the flat hat and bend it? Yes, that would be awesome. Unless if you're from Boston, then they always bend.

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So these were signs of honor. But he turned to him and said, Give the man what he needs laser before when

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he had no not a harshness in him for himself. Nor did he have

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He was not hard hearted. Sisters, I turned to you on this because you are my family. Do we not kind of hold on to things a little bit longer. That much that many years ago this happened she did this too much middle tea in the salon. Have we not done this that we've held on to something with an aunt or an uncle. We have done this. And when we carry these things in our hearts, we don't emulate any character by wearing this hat and growing a beard solely by wearing a hijab solely. I don't emulate characters of profits. Because in one minute I'm supposed to try to write down two words for me

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is last and hulak. So manners versus nature, okay, manners versus nature. I need you to know the difference between the two because profits, all three. They had nature, their nature was mannered. We have to learn to be that mannered. We are not hard hearted we should not be hard hearted nor harsh with the people while our Sahaba and Phil swacch. nor was he the kind of person who went into the marketplace and yelled and screamed who was rambunctious someone who was slightly agitating or irritating. He was humble. He was composed. He was just like his brothers. He was just like his brother and he was soft spoken when he spoke but you could hear what he said. And it is narrated and

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I have to take my soapbox here for a second in a double mo for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is narrated that when he recited for an the companion said we could hear every health every letter, we could hear every word he didn't muffle when he spoke to his wives. On the contrary, when he spoke to his wives narrated eyeshadow, the Allahu Allah anha that when he spoke in the house, he was always joking with us. He was always laughing or making something exciting for us to think about and this is something that you need to contrary to what we do today. We're loving and smiling to you people but when we get home

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it's not the same our character is up here should be down here should be here.

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He had character he did not go into the marketplaces and scream while yet the third will be set up at the same

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and this one character if you can take it try young people guys we're gonna have basketball tournament tonight. When someone says something to you. It is said that he did not return evil with evil

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When the intestines were thrown on him, call you Salama. He wiped them off, and he had mercy. We turn if we can turn to each other when someone does evil to us, what did Jesus teach us? What are the teachings that we had already that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to solidify, to seal not to innovate not to change, but to seal. He did this while Akiyama while fear. When people did evil to him, he overlooked and he said, Maybe he doesn't understand. Maybe she doesn't know. Maybe they'll find out later and he forgave. But then well, a year could be long. And when Allah subhanaw taala says, while a year could be Allahu taala Hector up maybe he'll millet, millet, el

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agua, that God would not cause his death until the crooked, crooked people had been straightened, or until he had straighten the crooked people be en la ilaha illAllah be a coup La ilaha illAllah people who were crooked in their mentality that we are better we are going to make people change. He said no. Listen to the statement. He would not have passed his character. Why didn't God make him live forever? So because his character was flawless? Why not? Because he taught us a sentence. And those of you who attribute yourself to this sentence, let me close on this. See with me, La Ilaha

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open your mouth a little bit La Ilaha

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in LA LA

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and his character, he didn't see himself

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that there is no other creator sustainer judge there is no other giver of life than God and eat your heart out Jay Z whether there is no church in the wild or not. What is God to a non believer he's the one who gave him the brain to not believe.

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tweet that.

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For those of you who are missing the couplets of today, one of the couplets of today it was said there's no church in the wild. So we don't need God in our society. Not homie don't play that.

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Well, you have to be her. Are you nan romea. And he is the one this statement but remember, we didn't say Mohammed Rasulullah. Why does it say Mohammed Rasulullah. It is the lens mohammadu. rasulillah is the lens through which we see La ilaha illAllah La Ilaha.

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It's the lens through which we see it. So that lens when you look through it, the blind will see, the deaf will hear and the covered heart of anger and the covered heart of breeding hatred in America and overseas. It will be cleansed by a lens, that seeing the statement that God is One can only be understood through the perfection and strength of Moses to the love and compassion of Sati Salaam of Jesus. And through the completion and perfection of the characters of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. I asked you for one thing, please keep this as the this is your guide for the rest of the convention. Every time you hear something about a prophet or that you could

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benefit mankind with turn and say you know what that was like the strength of Musa that was like the compassion of Jesus. And that was like the character of Mohammed rasulillah. I would like to end with one word. Can everyone say a word for me? What's the name of the Prophet that I'm doing that I am covering? What's his name? Say it again. Please. Okay, we ain't Oklahoma. So let's get this right. pucker your lips and say Moo.

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I'm going to go off on my little emotional bit here for a second when you pucker when you say move. What are your lips doing?

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You're kissing for when you saw him when you saw his face. When you meet him and you drink from the gopher in sha Allah, you will say Muhammad Rasulullah and you will kiss and we will be amongst his oma. So when we drink from the author, Allah subhanho wa Taala will give us the opportunity to see those hands. So say it properly, not Muhammad. But mu

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Mohammed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Friday's the best day to make guru to praise and send peace and blessings on the Prophet peace be upon him do that much. I mean exactly.