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The transcript is a jumbled mix of popular and deeper discussions about Islam, with Iran being the foundation of the knee and the deen of the knee if people are satisfied with them. Islam is a religion that is based on content and not looking at those who have more than one. The importance of learning everything and not choosing and choosing to do things is emphasized. The conversation is difficult to follow, but it appears to be a discussion about medicine and "back to the future" in theENT. The video is posted on YouTube and has been shared on ALive Academy YouTube channel.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he some Lala Holly are seldom won't be shortly Sunday was silly Emily law but that Emily Sani of all holy so the Hanukkah lie in Milena Ilana lantana in Mecca and Tala Lima Hakima. The respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam everywhere does that law high enough for being consistent with us on this blessed day of Ramadan watching with us in sha Allah, Allah wherever you are that longtime for joining and this is another episode of lifestyle. The intention is to bring the practices of the early generations to bring the practices of the prophets Allah Allah Salam

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concepts and beautiful teachings that unfortunately, is less practiced it is nonetheless still practice but we wanted to collectively chala bring it into our life. This is the main intention behind this program. So we are broadcasting from all the way from Australia Hungary Allah on various Facebook pages, while Ibrahim page live Dean connect Institut Karachi and connect Institute global and looking forward in the lake Allah to see more people watching the episodes and sharing so that we can also share the Word together in sha Allah today as the episode has been titled our rule of law or contentment, another manner in fact, many of the scholars have

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described and written really large volumes on the concept called a river or contentment. And in fact, they said this is one of the acts of worship, but it's not a ritualistic physical act of worship, but rather Hartley Hartley act of worship, so this is something occurred deep inside one's heart, continuing to be happy and satisfied with what Allah subhanaw taala had given us, first and foremost Alhamdulillah, for the Nana, for the blessings that Allah subhanaw taala has bestowed upon us. We have to acknowledge the neon the blessings, the favors that Allah has given us. Subhan Allah and the best of all, is the blessing of Islam. Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, blood Amin, who

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blessed us with the greatest favor of all time, and that is the great favor of Islam, the greatest favor of Eman Alhamdulillah, that Allah has granted us yet another opportunity to observe Ramadan Al Hamdulillah, that Allah subhanaw taala granted us the ability to stand throughout the nights of Ramadan and thoroughly and clear Malay Alhamdulillah always due to Allah Who granted us the namah the ability to recite and to read and to communicate with ALLAH subhanaw taala through his words through the Quran, Amenia blasphemy, my brothers and sisters in Islam, no one wanted to be sad in life. No one wanted to be sad. In fact, human beings at large, are addicted to something called mood

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alteration. When we when we experience sadness, we want it to be happy. When we experience anger, we want it to be calm. When we experience what is known as negative emotion. We want it to alter that to something we think or we assume to be positive. My brothers and sisters in STEM I said that many times, but it's worth the repetition. There is no such thing as negative emotions. Allah Subhana Allah created the set of emotions for you to feel them. So anger, sadness, whatever else that you think is negative is not actually negative, is something that you need to experience at one point in life. How could you be happy hearing about the passing of your loved ones? How can that be possible?

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So rather than be happy, we say that be content even if the situation is a bit negative. So we are all we are all entitled to the internal experiences called emotions, We're all entitled to that. But we have to accompany to accompany them by what is pleasing to Allah subhanahu wa so no doubt about it, that everyone is addicted to altering their mood when they are sad. So once you are sad, what do you want? You want to be happy? My brothers and sisters it's done. Today's episode is an invitation to instead of making a goal in life to be happy, rather make a decision, a conscious choice, to be content to be satisfied to be pleased with whatever Allah subhanaw taala decided upon you, even if

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it may appear to you as something that

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Your Subhanallah lobby, even if it appears to be something, that's why the prophets, Allah, Allah and sell them, you know, many, many times we look around us. And we see people having this and having that having these cars, these homes, these clothing, these mobile phones, whatever positions that other people have on hands, we wanted to have them, we have that, I have a wish, you know, they have more money, and that's why they are enjoying life, but I don't. But if I have the means I would, I would have loved to have what they have Subhanallah one of the things that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us, and we wanted to bring back into our lives. Insha Allah is that content,

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heart with whatever you already have, instead of looking out and looking to other people and what they possess. And that's why the Prophet SAW said what, look at those who have less than you, instead of looking and do not look at those who have more than you. Why, because it will make you grateful, it will make you appreciating the blessings that Allah had already gives you it will make you appreciative of what Allah subhanaw taala has already given you. But when you look at those who have more

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fortunes than you, then you will be depressed. You will feel down about everything that you already have Subhanallah and no matter how much you have, the more you look at those who have more than you, you will want to have more than what you already have. And then not only that, but you will become discontent despondent, you become depressed with what you have.

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And if that's the case, Allah will take what you have and will never give you what you want it so Pamela alim, that's why the prophets Allah Allah SLM said, Men Gannett, a dunya, humble that if you're if this dunya is your major concern,

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if this dunya is your major concern, what will happen Jah Allah, Allah who fought Cara who by 90, Allah subhanho wa Taala will place poverty in between your eyes meaning Wherever you look, you will not be satisfied. You will feel like you have nothing poverty will be placed in front right in front of your very eyes. So wherever you you look upon every direction you look, you will feel like you don't have what you deserve. Subhanallah Amin but on the opposite at Waffle rock, Allah He shouldn't be the only the, the continuation of this hadith not only that Allah will place poverty in between your your very eyes, that you will be looking at it every direction, but Allah subhanaw taala will

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dis organize your affairs, you will not be able to achieve anything things will be really disorganized in your in your life, while me it being a duniya in Kibera, and nothing will come to you from this dunya except that which Allah has already destined, so whether you are sad, despondent, angry of Allah subhanaw taala whatever the case may be, you will never be given anything other than what Allah already had destined for you. On the other side, the flip coin of that hadith masala Tabarrok Allah Omen Kana de la hora

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woman cannula snotty Hum hum the end whosoever the hereafter has become his major concern. So you're working here to achieve a greater reward in the on the Day of Judgment. Jah Allah who we now feel call me. Allah will make His richness in his heart that's contentment now, that's the contentment that we're talking about. Even in the middle of disasters around you, you will feel peaceful inside you will feel like cool. Yeah, in Alachua in LA Rajon, you will feel like Hamdulillah I know that Allah subhanaw taala had done whatever he has done for a reason. That's contentment. Wha Jana Allahu Xiang, Xiang Liu. And Allah will gather your affairs together in an organized manner, what that will

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do near where he are all him and the entire world will come to him. The entire dunya whatever desires you have, whatever things that you have asked Allah for, in the past will come to you or we're here on him or unwillingly meaning ALLAH will lead you by force, even if the dunya itself doesn't want to come to you. So panel line AMI, Subhan, Allah and Ami. So this is what we wanted to bring to our life my brothers and sisters don't ever make happiness, your goal rather make a conscious decision, a conscious choice to be content and to be happy with whatever Allah subhanho wa Taala and distant for you.

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And that's why like one aspect of the contentment hour all told us that one aspect of it is to be happy and satisfied and contented with Allah subhanaw taala so you were born in this country?

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You're in that country, you look dark or you look fair. You look you have possession of that type or that type, whatever the case may be, whatever Allah subhanaw taala plays you must be pleased with him. That's why it's piling on him. We say what are the two below him but I accept, I I am pleased with Allah as my as my Lord. And I'm pleased with Islam as my Deen as my way of life that governs my life. And I am pleased with Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, as my prophet and messenger when you are pleased and content with Allah with Islam with Muhammad salallahu Salam Subhan Allah Allah in the process, I've said what the Katanga event the person who is pleased with Allah Aziz wrong and Islam

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as his religion, and Muhammad SAW Selim as his prophet, he had tasted the true sweetness of faith, dar Katama. Even the real taste of Eman will be tasted by those people who accept Allah as the as the Lord and Muhammad as the Prophet and of course, Islam as our deen or the to be lair have been or will we'll Islami dienen are we Mohammed in Salalah has suddenly been my brothers and sisters. We are talking here about the foundations of the deen.

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These three aspects of our religion is actually the foundation it's called also the deen. These are the three things that we will be questioned about in the grains.

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Who is Iran? Who is your Lord Allah is my wrong WHO IS WHO What is your religion? Islam is a religion who is this man who who was sent to you who was you know sent to teach you that religion Mohamed Salah Salem is the man these are the foundations of the knee if you if you're not satisfied with them, you have actually demolished the entire being May Allah subhana Mata Allah protect us all. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us another aspect of the river of the contentment, that in Islam is to be content with Allah subhanaw taala and his cover the cover of Allah Subhan Allah and now this is one of the pillars of Eman to believe in the other Heidi or Sheree the good of it, and

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what may appear to you as evil because cover Allah Kulu higher the color of Allah, everything of it. Everything of it, whatever you may proceed is good. Sometimes we don't know the wisdom behind things that Allah subhanaw taala excute But the rule is the color of Allah, all of it from A to Z from the day you were born to the day you will meet him back again in sha Allah to Allah, everything he had destined upon you is absolutely good. That's why the Prophet SAW Samson in not either me Jessa Mina will Bella that the the higher the difficult the test, the harder the test, the higher the reward. So if Allah subhanaw taala is testing you through his destinies other in any manner.

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The more you demonstrate contentment and patience, the more you will be elevated in the reward. That's why the process of Siddhartha very angry morning, what a an amazing affair the believer is always is always had is always you know, demonstrating and displaying in a cool Umbra who could flow higher indeed all these affairs for him is absolutely good is absolutely beautiful. When you are afflicted with calamities you are patient and it is good for you. And when you are receiving good news you are thankful and grateful and it is too good for you Subhanallah mom and dad does not happen for anyone except the believers. So these qualities, patients when when you are tested,

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contentment when you are tested, when you are tried by Allah subhanaw taala and gratefulness when you are rewarded in this dunya these are the two qualities of the believers gratefulness and contentment patience and perseverance. Subhanallah Ami. Another thing regarding a riddle is to fully accept the Sharia of Allah subhanaw taala to fully accept what Allah has revealed in the Quran, what Allah has revealed through the prophets of Allah is to be content with what Allah subhanaw taala had given you. The entire religion of ours my brothers and sisters in Islam is revolved around our with our submission contentment with what Allah subhana wa Tada had given us. That's why I must send the

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are you are loving the whole office say mica while Tammy Oh hook Lottie che shine it on all you believe. enter into Islam wholeheartedly. Don't pick and choose and do not follow the footsteps of shaitan Zopa

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Allah in another beautiful. In fact, it's a very scary a. Allah subhanaw taala begins by making an oath fellow of Bic Allah, you know, by your Lord, they are not believers, they are not truly believers. How dare you hacky muka female shell Java by now until the make you Oh Muhammad the judge between whatever they have different over. So when there are any dispute, they must make your Muhammad the final judge. Well, I urge you do Fiemme foresee him Harada Midmark alright. So, and after that they do not find any discomfort in their hearts about what you have judged the meta way. So whatever you judge, you know, whatever you came up with as a judgment, they should never feel any

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discomfort in their heart, about your judgment. Why use a limo to sleep and on top of that, they must do so with complete submission. With complete submission, no jokes about it. This is something very serious, Allah is taking an oath upon him by himself saying that they are not believers. They are not a they are not true believers complete believers until they make you Oh Muhammad, the final judge in whatever they have different over. So when you know that something is halal, and something is haram,

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from the Quran, and from the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW Selim, you must immediately surrender to these judgments, my brothers and sisters and stuff. Don't ever debate that which is already made halal. Don't ever debate that which was already established as haram.

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Once you start to put in your own opinions, Islam is not based on your opinion, my brothers and sisters now, Islam is not about I believe, I think I feel, I guess Islam is based on true authentic knowledge. Accept that, and this is part of your contentment. And when you do that, when you go through the process of complete contentment and submission to Allah subhanaw taala, while also find all the Buka total law, Allah will give you much more than what you have thought until you are fully satisfied, fully contented, contented. So you, you content with your content with Allah subhanaw taala, Allah will make you please, with whatever he had provided him. I mean, he, may Allah make us

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among those people. You know, it's something you have to think about it this way, Allah is our Creator, the most knowledgeable, and I mean, the most wise, Al Hakim, then why why should you argue about anything that he had destined upon you? If you go to a doctor, and the doctor told you take this medicine, it will make you better take it three times after these meals or every six hours or every 12 hours. We never argued with the doctors because we trust them that they are people of knowledge. They have studied for many, many years to you know medications and and surgeries and whatnot, why to save lives. So we surrender we go to the surgery room. What do we do? Do we argue

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with the doctors do we suggest anything? Do we comment though? Why would you argue with the Master of the Day of Judgment Allah created you and I my brothers and sisters in Islam

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in Alladhina Amman plan usaully had Would you go home how you ruled Berea those who believe fully believe in Allah subhanaw taala and his power and do righteous deeds, those are the best of all mankind does our own mind our being Jannatul adenine, tangerine tattle and ha Holly Dena fee halberda arrived the Allah Allah know what are the one the area states that those who believe and do righteous deeds those are the best of mankind? What will be the rewards with Allah subhanaw taala Jana Tron gardens in in Eden, tangerine, tequila and har be rivers will be running flowing beneath these Denat Subhanallah Holly Dena fee however, they will abide in those Jeanette in those gardens

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for ever for all the Allah Allahu Allah is pleased with them and they too are pleased with Allah subhanaw taala Why is or why all of that their Lika for for who what qualities these people had delicate human Hoshyar but because they fear the Lord, they feared that day they fear this punishment. They fear the grave, they fear death valley Kelemen Hashirama they fear Allah so much that's why they surrender to everything that he had destined upon them and add on a day of judgment a law and show them that he is too pleased with him. Yeah a year to have enough so moto in a je la vie Kia or via to model dia for the holy fear I bad

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You're the Holy Trinity. May Allah make us among those people who will hear these words from Allah directly in sha Allah, or good soul,

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or tranquil soul, or God or a biggie or or Vietnam or they come back to your Lord, return back to your Lord, Lord, Allah they attend, come with complete contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, more than a year and you look now so pleasing to everyone. You are looking pleasing to everyone. So you're not only pleased with what Allah has given you at the end, you are to looking so pleasing to everyone for the holy fear in the enter with my slaves, my righteous slaves were the holy Jannetty and into my garden into my agenda. May Allah subhanaw taala make us among those people I mean are blinding the prophets Allah Allah and Salim said and we'll end with this in sha Allah among Paul out

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here Hina is my little endian whosoever said after he hear them and so once that is finished, whoever said the following words la era, a shadow Hola Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola, Shani kala Wanda Mohammed Robidoux or su probably to be like Robin are really slimy Dina. But we will have another Rasulullah love warfare Allahu Mata cardamom in them. Whoever said after he the Muslim Chateau La ilaha illallah I've been witness that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah subhanaw taala was the WHO Lashley killer he's alone is you know he owns the kingdom there is no partner whatsoever to him one no Mohammed Abdullah who are a solo and Mohamed Salah Salem is his

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slave and messenger ready to be lined up and I am pleased with my with Allah as my Lord as my Arab warble Islam Medina and with Islam as my religion or the Mohammed in Libya or Sula and with Mohammed Salah Lauria Selim, a prophet and a messenger what will happen to him every time you hear that then

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warfare Allah who matter them and in them be all your sins will be forgiving. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, ask yourself today Am I satisfied with who I am? Am I pleased with what Allah has given me? Am I pleased with where Allah subhanaw taala had placed me? Am I pleased with my wife? Am I pleased with my husband? Am I pleased with my children? Am I pleased with my income? Am I pleased with my color with my appearance? Am I pleased with whatever Allah subhanaw taala has disturbed me with if you are not returned back to Allah and repentance except Allah subhanaw taala is destiny. accept Islam as your only way of life purely sincerely for his sake, accept Muhammad as the ultimate

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guide in this dunya in sha Allah to Allah and things will be better and things will be absolutely pleasing to you in sha Allah until you meet Allah subhana wa Tala al mela foul now Allah whatever known in lemon at Allah, the Alban saline on that day when there is no one will avail you no one will help you except when you come to Allah with pure heart I mean, I mean just Aquila Hara my brothers and sisters in Islam it was lovely having you once again. This is episode nine contentment or without looking forward to seeing you again tomorrow in sha Allah with another concept that we wanted to bring to our life in sha Allah to make it our lifestyle until we meet Allah subhana wa

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