Mirza Yawar Baig – The first priority #1

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of "connection with Islam" and "verbal" elements of Islam is highlighted, along with the need to be aware of what comes before and after "has been there" elements. The "has been on there" elements are also discussed, emphasizing the importance of trusting in Islam's "has been there" and "has been on there" elements. The segment concludes with a discussion of the third largest religion in the world, Islam, followed by commercialism, and eventually becoming a major source of religion. The importance of learning to break out of falsehoods and trust in Allah's is also discussed.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara philam via Eva mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala Alihi, wa Sahbihi, wa salam, the Sleeman, Kathira and cathedra from above. So the point where I want to begin is at the beginning,

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which is

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100 Allah for all of us,

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we entered Islam.

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So it's not only a question of who became a revert to Islam, all of us enter Islam, we either entered Islam consciously after studying Islam and so on as reverts. Or we entered Islam unconsciously because we were born hamdulillah in a Muslim home. And then we learned Islam as we grew up.

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And then some some of us went to Sunday school and some teachers taught them and then the teacher now looks at the child and says, What did I do wrong? But that's a different thing.

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So the point I'm making is that she was my student in Sunday school, can you believe that?

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I don't know. What did I do? Mashallah. Such a wonderful person. Believe me, I have nothing with that. That's the one who's responsible.

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So my point is, where do we begin as people who have entered into Islam irrespective of how we came in?

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And that's why I said I want to begin at the beginning and the beginning is

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our dialogue with Allah.

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Dialogue means connection,

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our dialogue with Allah in Arabic visit our look, my Allah, our dialogue with Allah, our connection with Allah subhanaw taala.

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This is the beginning, this is the beginning of every single one of us, no matter how many years we have been Muslims, it begins in the at the beginning and the beginning is the connection with Allah.

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Now, what is my delille? What is my proof? These are some words that you will hear all the time because in delille, and so on, because this is a religion of evidence. This is a religion of the unit of the law. It is not based on hearsay, it is not a bunch of Legends is not mythology. It is not you know, stories from my grandfather, your grandfather, this is

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evidence from the Creator, Allah subhanho wa taala. himself.

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The evidence of what I'm saying which is that we begin with the connection with Allah is the evidence in the Quran, where Allah subhanahu Dannah himself defined, who is a movement who is a believer.

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And Allah Samantha has said is one of the Laval

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how the villa human or shaitan regime Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim enamel moved me know when a lady in either zucchero Allah Who would you let Kulu whom were either to Leota li Maya to that home Imana wa ala of be him yet our cologne,

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Allah subhanaw taala describe three things, three qualities, two qualities and the third one is an outcome of the two.

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The first thing that Allah subhanho that has said is only those are the believers who went the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala when this dhikr of Allah subhanaw taala with the mention of Allah subhanho data when the sign owners of Hana Rotella comes before them in any way whether they see it whether they hear it whether they experience it, whichever way when the sign of Allah liquor or like before them, their hearts respond.

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What do you let Kulu their hearts shiver with the glory and majesty and all of Allah subhanahu Danijela

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so the first condition of a believer first condition of anybody who calls him servers that were Muslim is Ask your heart. What happens to my heart when the name of Allah subhanaw taala come before me.

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It doesn't matter whether you become a Muslim yesterday or you are a Muslim for the last 500 years you're still a Muslim, the same condition applies. Because remember, who is this is coming to

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who are the first recipients of desire the first recipient of this is Rasul Allah is the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He is the first recipient of the eye and the people with him. The Sahaba revoir Allahu Allah image Wayne and the vision was an absurd

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sight will koroni currently eject the

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Last generation is my generation, that best generation is being told.

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is being given the criteria and the standard to say,

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when the name of Allah is mentioned before you what happens to your heart?

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So what about us?

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And then the second condition, were either too late I lay him to the tomb Iman, when the Ayat of Allah when the kalam of Allah when the Quran Allah Karim is recited before them, that Iman increases

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once again, a condition of the heart

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so what was we do?

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Ask yourself what happens to my heart? When I when I hear the word Allah?

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When do you hear the word Allah?

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No, when do you hear the word Allah?

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You don't know you're silent. Are you being polite? When do you hear the word Hola?

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Me one other Absolutely.

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Just like Hola. Please give her chocolate.

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That right?

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In the salah. How does the salah begin with what?

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Allah Akbar?

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Allahu Akbar. Didyma to say that is for that is the record, even if you don't raise your hands, right? Some people just come for Salah. Do this. What do you do? Do you drove away someplace? Whenever you say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar to say Allahu Akbar, the first Allahu Akbar is what enters you into salah. We raise the hand hunger is so not as good also, but even if somebody forgets to do that doesn't matter. But if you forget to say Allah Akbar, Salah is not very does not is Allah

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Allah Akbar.

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So, you're testing enough, right? I'm going to say Allahu Akbar, see what happens? You go inside, once I go inside. The problem is today, we have become so out of touch with ourselves spiritually.

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That if I say go inside, see what's happening in your heart? This is like words.

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Do you know what I'm saying? I brought myself Do you even know what I'm saying? Well, ah, well hopefully I do.

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Right? I'm not blaming you I'm this is the society we are in. Supposing you are swimming somebody you are zooming in, you know, in the Okavango Delta

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why you would want to swim in the water that I remember because we're so used to being there and I tell you there are lots of very big crux who are very angry in this water

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that's the that's the truth. Right? And if you don't want to to understand what to do there you're going to become crap food

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same way

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we are living in an environment I was being the other day a diver

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universities here so I say to them Islam is the third largest religion in the world

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so this is what even third we thought is the second largest This is the third largest

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so is it which is the largest religion as it commercialism.

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Second one Christianity third Islam

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first biggest boss

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fastest spreading religion not Islam, commercialism.

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And I was in here what was the one of the big temples this year? It's called your mom.

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We are engrossed and completely submerged. In this commercial culture.

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You have to be aware of it. And you have to learn how to break out of it. Otherwise you will never get in touch with Allah subhanaw taala believe me.

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So, connection. So now when I say go in, do you understand what's going you should know? So work on that. If I tell you what's in your pocket, word your pocket you know how to do that. But if I say go into your

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to do that, you want to close your eyes close your eyes.

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Is listen to the sound.

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See what happens to that does anything I would do doesn't matter if nothing is happening to heart this is this is information. This is diagnostics

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Hello, last month I said

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a lot

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What happened to that?

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Second condition? Why is that too late la Maya to Bousada to me when when the Ayat of Allah recited before them again in the heart that Eman in Jesus.

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What is a sign of EMA increasing? Tell me.

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Tell me one sec.

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What is the sign that Ema is strong or becoming stronger? Anybody that your faith is stronger, worse one sign?

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How will you know the My point is if I'm saying to you that listening to the Quran your Eman should increase? Right? And all of us say we agree yes.

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What does that mean?

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You're obedient. Okay. What is

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I'm grateful,

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never seen before you become grateful for things that Allah gave you you never saw before. So the sense of obedience, a sense of thankfulness and gratitude

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to our call, trust in Allah subhanaw taala. So what happens to any fears and anxieties and depression and stuff in your heart when you have to code

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goes away, right?

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What happens if you turn on the lights in a dark room?

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darkness goes away.

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And that's why Allah said

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called Jaya al hubco WADA Cal bottle in Alberta Canada hookah Allah said the haka has come and the Battle of God the truth has come and falsehood has disappeared it is the nature of falsehood to disappear

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darkness has no existence of its own darkness is the name given to the absence of light

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right darkness is the name given to the absence of light the condition which happens when there is no light is called darkness.

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I can't tell you bring me some darkness I get deliveries of light. If I'm sitting in a dark room

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I can tell you bring me some light you can do that right

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but I'm sitting now in a mosque mashallah beautiful all it is nice evening Can you give me some darkness please?

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How do you bring that what is that there's

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no such thing.

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There's no falsehood. falsehood is the name given to the absence of truth.

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Darkness is the name given to the absence of light and that's

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the truth has come and fall to the desert in El Bartylla ganadora

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that is the nature of darkness that when light comes it goes away. So if there is darkness if you are seeing darkness, it means that there is no light turn on the lights

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What do you say if you enter a dark room? Dude Have You Ever Have you ever in your life heard somebody say remove the darkness

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Have you seen it think of it think about it. Has anybody ever said this thing removed the darkness?

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No. Why? Because you know there's no such thing as a turn all the lights we hear this all gonna turn on the lights

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turn on the light blue is removed darkness.

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So why do you say remove Remove falsehood

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makes no sense. Bring the truth.

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Terada light

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falter goes away that's the nature of falsehood will disappear when that happens.

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So when the Ayat of Allah are recited before us, Dr. Seuss go away.

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Okay, so I'm gonna reset some things for you.

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Again, go into your heart. See what happens.

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I was

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on energy Bismillah Rahim. Allah Allah

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will call you learn, although say that oh, no. No, my

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mother lady a shower. Oh, easily. Yeah.

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one what I what I wish

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was here Colosi Oh SIRVA

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What do

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I do now? The

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Allahu Akbar Allah Akbar.

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Allahu Akbar

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WHO Hola Hola. Hola. Hola

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Hola Hola. Hola. Hola.

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El Malecon those whose main role

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so Han Allah, usually on one law one

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he always says

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Behold on fish summer

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Oh Allah as the likely this will.

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Rahim Allah O Allah or love solid Lamia Lido I love you let the weather vehicle for one I heard

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you know all these I attract the first Atul goosy.

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So, those are 255

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the second set is the last Ayato Serrato hucha

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and the last one, so, the live class right so, look up the meanings.

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Question is what happened to the heart

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a lot of others said, Where is

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peace of mind? Where does tranquility lie?

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Where is the absence of fear? What must I do? It's not in Prozac.

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It's not in antidepressant drugs.

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What is it?

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Allah busy Karela he that my interval Kulu

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Allah said Verily in the zikr of Allah, in the mention of Allah, the glorification of Allah in the tanks given to Allah lies peace of mind.

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Lies tranquility of the heart

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lies the absence of fear Tawakkol three conditions hotma shiver with the glory and majesty of Allah number two, Ema increases with the vicar of Allah with the delight of the Quran. And the third third one Voila, rob him yet avocado is a result of these two happening the result of a heart which is responsive, a result of art which

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answers the call

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our code our code is complete and total trust in Allah subhanho.

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complete trust, there is no there is no gap for any doubt.

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So in conclusion, what I want to say as far as Tawakkol is concerned Tawakkol is the reward. It is the the

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hassle it is the extract it is the it is what you get when you have Taqwa.

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Allah subhanaw taala grants you this level of trust in himself, which completely drives out every other

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thing from the heart, except the glory and majesty of Allah subhanaw taala was Allah Allah Allah? Allah Allah He was with me

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