Will you make the 10 days of Dhul Hijjah the best days in your life?

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When the reseller mom wanted to sell him he said in the hadith of a yummy dunya a year when I show that the best days on Earth, the best days in the world are the 10 days of Malaysia. You know each and every single one of us has these that are the best days in his life. Maybe it was the day you got married that was the best day in your life. Or the day you became a father you the you became a mother the day you graduated the day you earned a higher position at work, whatever it is, everyone has a best day had a motto a yummy dinner, change your attitude the best days in your life are supposed to be these days. Because of what goodness you do in them. of borrow a year we do not have

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any the features that you're going to pray during these days are the best features you'll pray during the entirety and know that you're going to read during these 10 days is the best and you're going to read during the entirety and the first thing you're going to fast is going to be the best trusting except the fasting of Ramadan because that's the obligatory fasting, with dry you're going to make is going to be the best

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out of the entire eat.