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Inamdar Lillah wa salatu salam ala shuffelin via while it was heavy human wallet on my bed

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my dear brothers and sisters

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we all know the hadith of

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Katara de la hora, which is the first half decent save Akari where he ordered from Nabi Salah salem said in the Malama Lavinia

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welcome Allah Allah He salatu salam, that the

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reward of the deed is based on its intention.

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I want to remind myself, I knew that the purpose of their Hadees and Mr. Salim is not to forward them

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to your entire mailing list every morning, but to look at them and see how we can implement them in our lives. The teachings came to be obeyed, the teachings came to be implemented, they did not just come to be passed on as word of mouth from person to person,

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no matter how useful that might be. I'm not saying it is not useful. But definitely if it remains that the level of passing on and does not go down to the level of implementing then it is certainly not useful. So what can we learn from this hadith of in the Malama? Lavinia it's that the reward of the deed is based on its intention.

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I asked myself, I asked you to think of the situation.

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Take I'm not even talking about something which is obviously wrong. So we don't go there. The Muslim does not deliberately disobey Allah. Let us be very clear about this. There is no need for me to give examples of haram there is no need for me to give examples of something which is clearly the disobedience of Allah. Because a Muslim does not deliberately disobey Allah, if there is any disobedience in our lives and there is, it is always and should always be the result of forgetfulness, or lack of knowledge, or something like that, not because we consciously choose to disobey Allah subhanho wa taala, who not because we consciously choose to break the Sunnah of

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Muhammad Rasul allah sallallahu sallam, the people who deliberately do that the people who deliberately disobey Allah, they know that something is wrong. They know that something is haram, they know that something is prohibited, yet they still do it. These people are playing with fire, quite literally, they're playing with fire. And I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend that they stop doing this playing these games. So we're not talking about that we're talking about things which are not haram.

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But things which also do not have a reward associated with them. Take for example,

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going window shopping, right? There was a well, I'm not buying anything, it is not haram. I'm just spending some time in the mall. I'm spending just spending some time in the market walking around seeing things.

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But when you say spending some time, what does it mean? It means that you're spending a resource which is non renewable, which is a clock which is ticking backwards. And this resource is non renewable resource, you're spending it doing something which

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was not a sale, but which also you will know and I know will not give you any reward

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window shopping by itself, maybe MOBA, maybe something which has no benefit and no harm, but definitely it does. It has no benefit. So therefore Now should I be doing that or not?

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So the thing to do with this in Albania, is to ask yourself this question and say, Why am I doing what I'm setting out to do? Consciously ask this question, sit for a few minutes, reflect, get an answer that you are satisfied with? And then go and do it or not do it. Take the Hadith the man was going

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from one village to another. And Allah subhanaw taala sent an angel to meet him. The angel met the man in the in a human form and asked this man, he has to wear a wig. The man said, I'm going to such such a place. The angel said why are you going there? So he said, I went, I'm going there to meet so and so. The angel said, Are you doing that? Is it is it for some work? Is it because you lent him some money? You're taking it back? Are you willing to ask him for something for some favor for some money loan? The man said no, no, no, nothing, none of those things. He is a he's a brother, he is a Muslim brother. I'm just going to just go to meet him.

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The angel then revealed him his real identity and he said that I am an angel I will send by Allah subhanaw taala to give you glad tidings and the good news for you. The Bashara for you is that Allah subhanaw taala forgive you your sins and He will forgive the sins of the other man who you are going to meet. Only to renew your

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ties of friendship as a Muslim, one Muslim to another. Now,

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does that intention, the fact that the man was just going there to meet his Muslim brother to renew his ties to just to hang out with him just to, you know,

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just to just to be with him? Does the fact that he is doing this now with the intention of pleasing Allah does it reduce his pleasure in that action, on the contrary, it will actually increase the pleasure and the action, because the man is now doing this action. And he also knows that not only is he going to have fun with his brother, but he will be rewarded for that by Allah subhanaw taala, by his sins being forgiven, and the sins of the other person also being forgiven, number one, number two, think about what does it do to the DA Look, man, Allah, the dialogue with Allah subhanaw taala that both of them have, because now the action is for the pleasure of Allah. So constantly now Allah

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subhanaw taala is part of their consciousness that they are aware that I'm doing this for Allah. So now when he goes to meet his brother, in the process of this hanging out if there is an option, and if a shutdown is always there with us, if shatta and gives them an option of doing something in the name of having fun, which is the disobedience of Allah, will they do it? Most likely, most likely, because they are meeting to please Allah? How can you meet to please Allah and then do something with displeases Allah. So it enhances their pleasure, it gives them reward, and it enhances their dialogue with Allah subhanaw taala. The action remains the same, I just went from this place to that

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place to meet my brother, I picked up the phone and call my brother and say salaam algo, how are you haven't seen you for a long time.

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Now, point is that when we do these things, when we do anything with this clarity of purpose with this intention, it gives us value added benefits. And the biggest value add benefit of that the absolutely the most significant, the most massive one is that we get the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. So now when I go to a mall, I go here and there I'm wondering around spending time, hour, two hours, three hours, whatever it is, what am I asked myself? Why am I doing that, right? Now, you might say, well, I'm going to the mall to see, I'm a fashion designer, I'm going to see what fashions that are so I get some ideas. 500 Very good. So when you go to the mall, go with that

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intention, and make seeker of Allah subhanaw taala constantly Mexico of Allah subhanaw taala so that you do not lose the connection with Allah, when you are in that place in that marketplace,

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then it's fine. But what happens to most of us when most of us go into the marketplace, we forget Allah subhanho wa Taala we get engrossed in whatever is happening in that marketplace. We have forgotten Allah subhanaw taala I'm not, I'm not even talking about those people who forget Allah subhanaw taala to the extent that they don't forget the Salah, which might come in the way and then they don't pray, and then they come back home and they say, Oh, my God, I forgot my salah. Well, I'm gonna make a call. Now, I'm not talking about all that. And I am talking about just going there and forgetting Allah subhanaw taala, which is what happens to most of us when we go into the marketplace

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when we go into, you know, wherever we go. Now, key thing is, therefore to ask yourself, Why am I doing what I'm doing? And then the next question is that if what is the reward that I will get for doing this thing? And why must we be focused on the reward, because we are using a non renewable resource, which is our time. Our time is our life my brothers and sisters, you really want to know the meaning of time you really want to know the value of time, then imagine yourself in the situation completely.

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situation which is absolute fantasy is not going to happen to any of us, but it's useful to imagine, which is that I am lying. I'm about to die. I'm about to die and Malakal mode comes to me and says, I am willing to give you back all the time that you spend walking around in malls,

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doing this and that watching football, watching cricket and so on. I'm willing to give you that gives you give that time back to you. What will you pay me for it?

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At the moment of our deaths? What are we willing to pay? What would we be willing to pay? Believe me, believe me, we will be willing to pay every single thing that we ever owned and possessed. But at that time, that's not going to happen. This is a fantasy. I'm saying fantasize because it will keep you on the right track. Take the same thing and apply this again to for example, one of the major major major

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attacks time wasters, frankly you asked me that most of us indulge in and that is watching sports. watching sports is the most useless thing in the world that one can do

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unless you are a professional player. And you are watching a game with the idea of implementing some of the moves that the players made in that game in your own game. Other than that, and that that applies to maybe point 000 1% of the population. For all of us. We

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watch the game because we get some thrill out of seeing somebody kick a ball into a goal. I mean, it's seriously ask yourself this question. So therefore, my question is, play football, don't watch football, play cricket, don't watch cricket, play hockey, don't watch hockey and so on and so forth. Right?

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Quite apart from the fact that when the games have not been taken to a level where, whether we like it or not, we when you're watching a football game, when you're watching

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cricket game, and so on, in the intervals you have you see those monkeys dancing. And so this is haram, clearly, you see

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the actual objectifying of women, you see the actual sexist nature of Western thinking, you see how women are being objectified and being degraded, and paraded for the pleasure of men. You're watching that and this is, right. As far as tennis is concerned, men's tennis, fine women's tennis is between you and me, it is almost as bad as some kind of soft porn because the way they position the cameras and so on and so forth. You know, how the shot is being taken how the ball is being hit, is the last item on their agenda, they position those cameras for other reasons. Now, I don't want to, I don't think I need to describe any of these things. I don't need to explain any of these things. I'm sure

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they're absolutely clear to all of you. My point is what happens to you and me, when we are sitting in Washington.

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Believe me, every one of those things has an effect on our heart, make no mistake, just like breathing polluted air, breathing, polluted air, if fills up our lungs with pollution, just like smoking fills up our lungs with carbon. Similarly, watching haram fills up our heart with haram fills up our heart with carbon fills up our heart, and shields our heart from the knower of Allah subhanahu dalle. And that's what we're doing in the name of what you can get. Right? So play the game is good for your health go run around on the field. But watching the game is a complete a total waste of time, complete and total waste of time. So now you know this, what are you going to do? If

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you go and watch another game, it means that either you are a professional football player who's watching the game for learning, or

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you are one of those who who has a year on the left side of the head, and another one on the right side of the head and completely empty space between the two. So that whatever enters from the right goes out to the left and there is no effect on your life. And then when you start before Allah subhanaw taala you've got this whole hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of wasted time that you got nothing out of the potential of what this could have earned you believe me will make us cry tears of blood. Do not fall into this trap. As I told you, we're not even talking about haram, we are talking about doing things which are neither bad nor good. They are neutral, meaning that

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they are a waste. And in order to do those things, we use the only thing which we have which is our time, our time is our life, non renewable resource, not going to come back. And that's the power of this heavy tsunami SallAllahu Sallam in normal Arma Lavinia, think before you do the deed, ask yourself, Why am I doing this deed? Ask yourself, what will I get from doing this deed? And third question is ask yourself, what will I get from not doing this deed? Because we know the Hadees when we started Salam when he said that if a man intends to do or when a woman intends to do something which is wrong, and then changes the intention, Allah subhanaw taala will give him one hasard just

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for changing that intention. So we intended to watch this football match and I said no, no, no, no, I now have second thoughts on this. I'm not going to watch that in sha Allah, Allah Mustafa, we expect from Allah subhanaw taala that he will give us a good deed just for changing that intention. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us to open our eyes to the reality of our lives and to give us lives which are beneficial for us in the dunya Welaka. It is a beauty of this religion, that anything you do, which is genuinely good for the dunya, which is genuinely good for the people is genuinely good for you in this world is automatically good for us in the ACA, science and technology

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research, good clean politics with integrity, reading and writing, all kinds of literary activity, all kinds of commercial activity, all kinds of social activity, every single thing, which is genuinely beneficial for the people is also beneficial automatically for the actor of the Muslim who engages in that activity. The whole world is wide open, whole world is wide open, pick and choose those things which will cause you to have great benefit in this dunya and great Ben

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In the afternoon sha Allah was Allah Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah He was abused main rabbit the girl