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Bismillah al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Shara field MBA were mousseline. Muhammad Rasul Allah is a Milani, you and it was similar to Stephen Catherine cathedra. Home Nevada my brothers and sisters, we are on the battle of HUD, the forage we're now in flight.

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One of the DAR where the standard bearers of the coloration I was

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was so infuriated with them he

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he said to them, you were in charge of our banner and other men will only fight for their flags. So either you hold the banner up or hand it over to us, and we will relieve you of the responsibility.

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The one of the dads were furious because their honor had been challenged. And they said Tomorrow you will see how we behave in the process several of them and died one after the other, holding up the banner. Finally, one of the receiving slaves handed up until both his arm was severed and he then said Have I done my duty before he felt

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the courage were clearly losing the battle and started and I started

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to flee.

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The battleground Allah subhanaw taala mentioned this. And Allah says Allah God sadaqa como la who is the who is her Sona homies and he had the is for Shinto Medina as a tomb Phil Emery wa say to me and by the Morocco motto Hambone Minko may read the dunya woman coma you read Will Hera from sarafa Qumran home, li li, li EVO Talia, calm. One call the alpha and kumbolo lu Feng Lin Allah meaning.

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Allah's right that I said and ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala did indeed fulfill his promise to you and you were killing your enemy. With this provision, until the moment you lost your courage, and fell to disputing about the odor and disobeyed after his jello gelato. Allah subhanaw taala showed you the beauty booty which you love. Among you are some that desire this world and some that desire the hereafter. Then He, Allah is talking about himself and then he made you flee from them flee from your enemy, that he might test you, for surely he forgave you. And Allah is most vicious to the believers. The Muslims, as I said, we're winning. And when the courage fled, it looked like the

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battle was over. So the Muslim soldiers got into the capital operation started collecting booty.

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There was great rejoicing, and claims of beauty of victory. The archers on the Hill, who I mentioned in the last,

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last lecture, the artist on the Hill, who Rasulillah as a silhouette plays there. For just such an eventuality with clear into instructions not to abandon their post no matter what happened until they had a direct order from him. they disobeyed as well as

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when they saw their other brothers soldiers, the Muslims gathering booty, they wanted to go down and join them. Their leader Abdullah Rivera reminded them of the orders of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, but 40 Out of the 50 mutinied and left

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the claim was that the order of resources applied during the battle. And not when the battle was over.

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The leader reminded them that a soulless, had stated clearly that they must not leave their posts no matter what happened

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until they were ordered to come down.

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But they used the faulty logic

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of saying it applies only now not later, and so on to leave their post.

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Because they were afraid

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that they would have lost their booty if they remained at their post.

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So the real intention was to collect the booty, whereas they, you know, disputed and they tried to

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pretend that they were still obeying processes element that they had not actually disobeyed Him, but that the order no longer apply. Now, let's pause for a bit and reflect on the reasons why in today's world why we disobey Roswell Cecil

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because some people say oh, you know that is a sunnah. Yeah, but it doesn't apply today. Today. This is a modern world. 21st century. That was seventh century and so on.

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So, now one of the most common reasons is because we feel that it doesn't apply to us today in these modern times, we will be feel that the orders of the Rosary Sahra do not apply to us today, because we are living in a different time, but see the disastrous effects of disobeying Rasul licenser.

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Now having been weary, and you can imagine, it could have been

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they were the leaders have the courage, they were the cavalry leaders have the courage, and they were hiding, they were hiding behind or hug with a detachment of cavalry. The only thing that kept them from attacking the Muslims was the presence of the archers on the hillock, well, as soon as I had placed them, because as I explained you there was the mountain of hot and there was this hillock, and there's a little narrow valley between them. So anyone on the hillock commanded the valley. And if they were on the hillock, and they had the high ground, and they were archers, then nothing would pass in through that way, without the archers shooting it up.

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Now, and this narrow valley was the only way

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that any enemy could come from behind the army of the Muslims.

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So any troops trying to pass through the valley

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would have been massacred by the archers. And that's the reason why this was, had placed the archers on this valley, the hardware, obviously was not going to take that risk with his troops. And so he and Nick river.

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And of course, those days, these were before Islam, I'm saying I belong because they don't accept Islam.

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They waited, they were waiting, hoping for an opportunity where the Muslim archers relaxed or left or something like this. Now, I don't think they would even have imagined that this could have happened because the very fact that as soon as nslm had placed arches on the hillock was evidence that as soon as SLM was fully aware of and he

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was fully cognizant of the kind of risk that

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this that this implied that the archers on the hill,

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you know, that there will be a risk of attack from behind. And so he had placed the archers on the hill. So they knew that this is something this is a very smart military move. And so obviously, it will not fail, but to their great delight.

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That highly unlikely dream actually came true. And as soon as they saw the archers

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leave their post, the courage cavalry

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charged to the

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to the valley and

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outflank them, and attacked the Muslims from the rear.

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For infantry to be attacked from the rear by cavalry is the worst nightmare. Because the cavalry we just simply slaughtered introduced no way that infantry soldiers were on foot can fight against cavalry, modern cavalry, especially when they're attacked from the back. To add to that, what happened was the colonists who were fleeing were running away with a Muslim chasing them, when they saw their own cavalry attacking the Muslims from behind their turn. And they attacked the Western from the front of the Muslims, God savage got caught between two enemy forces with predictable results. So despite some of them fighting very, very bravely, they started to lose ground and they

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were being killed. Some ran away, and only 12 Muslims are left around as well, as has now heard illustrates how victory and defeat are both tests, and how one can so easily and quickly turn into the other despite our actions.

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At last, the enemy broke through two resources. And one of the soldiers he threw a rock at us was in Salem, which hit him in the face. And

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he was mildly concussed and he felt the rock split his lips, broke his front teeth, slashed his face, and the force was so tremendous that his helmet was crushed into his head.

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Now he almost lost conscious he was going to cast he didn't completely lose consciousness, but you almost did. They'll have no idea of Ella Han who was a big powerful

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Man, he picked up a sauce and Sullivan carried him up onto the mountain err

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on the side, and they sheltered in a crevasse which, which had helped them and

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took them took him out of sight of the enemy.

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He was bleeding profusely from the boys, first of all, the moon was serious. And secondly, facial and head wounds tend to bleed more because there are more blood vessels in this part of the body. And so he was bleeding profusely, foggy mother Delana, washed his wounds and then earlier vellano poured water, he carried water in his seat and he poured water, but the water only increased the flow of blood so far developed, Alana then burnt a piece of sack and she put that on the wound to stop the blood. And the

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and the blood stopped. And imagine what kind of toughness there is that you know, these are the kinds of treatments that used to work.

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The injury to is had to offer source SLM, which is suffered in this battle over others I mentioned today, people think that probably this resulted in a hairline fracture of the skull, which was the means of entry of virus

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leading to what was possibly cerebral bulges, which used to give him severe migraines. In the years closer to his passing away, he would have very, very severe migraines he would tie a cloth, you know very tight round his round his head and forehead, and you will be in severe pain.

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Now when the police realized that the Muslims were now on the mountainside and they couldn't get at them, the fighting stopped. I was yet came to the side of the mountain below and he called out and he said his Bahama arrives seldom is awoken alive or alive for the Elana

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when he didn't get many did not get any rest for months, he was very happy. And he called out his people he said they have all been killed. Now sitting around couldn't stand it. So he called out and said the three men you asked about are alive.

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So I was okay battles go in cycles. And then he said you will see some bodies have been mutilated.

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I did not order that. But it doesn't bother me. So it has come some kind of bravado but you also want to distance himself from this very terrible and despicable practice of mutilating bodies, and some bodies are very severely mentally. So he

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he this is what he called out. He said somebody's Rutilated I did not order that but it doesn't bother me. Then I was raised some slogans to his gods, as soon as I told the Sahaba to respond with a loss of praise. And so they

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called out a lot of buttons on there are lots rather than I mentioned this and he said is to say is to Sedona wallet Aluna Allah I have the word Rasulo he has a low common fee or Morocco for ASABE icon, mutton. Millie kala Hassan or

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taco, Wallah. I saw that Allah will kaboom Viva Dharma Lu, and last marathon. He said and remember, when you run away and climb the mountain without even casting aside glance at anyone and the messenger mamas, Allah is Allah was behind you, calling you back.

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There, did Allah

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give you one distressed after another by way of record, to teach you not to grieve for that which has escaped you nor for that which has befallen you, and Allah is well aware of what you do, and loss rather than also said in the Lavina Dhawan lowincome, Yeoman Takata Gemini in namaste Lahoma shaitan will be by the maca, Cebu, while Akkad Allahu Anhu in Allah have a full on Haleem Allah said those of you who turned back on the day the two hosts met that is the battle of our heart. It was shaytan who caused them to backslide, meaning run away from the back from the battlefield because of some sins that they had earned. But Allah indeed has forgiven them. Surely, Allah is oft forgiving,

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and Most Forbearing this also shows us the very very, very important thing which we tend to forget that sins.

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Sins are

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a means of weakening the person. So it's very important for us to understand and make sure

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Over the stairway from all sins.

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The important thing also lessons from this, which we learn is about the time and place of death

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and that this is fixed.

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Nobody can avert it, nobody can bring it forward. Nobody can change it. If Allah has written for me that I am trying a particular place and this will happen, there is nothing that anybody can do to change that. Or to prevent that. The man African tried to spread the word that is the Muslims hadn't gone to HUD, they will not have right. But Allah subhanaw taala said that

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Allah live in the Quran saying that a person's time and place of death is fixed, and that this person will go to that place at that appointed time, irrespective of whatever else he may believe. Last fall in Umbra Kula holy Lehi, your phone if he unforeseen Mala you do not check your colonna loci that I mean every share you map 14 Aha Hoonah por la hometown fee will the beauty come lovers all three high quality Riley he will got to know either mother gi him. Well you have the Allahu Murphy of Kosovo Rahim. Voluma Hasaan IV Apollo we go.

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Allah's rather call in Alhambra, Kulu holy lay your phone IV and Lucy Milea you do not wreck Yahoo Luna no Karna Meenal Emery che Omar Patil Na Hoona call no quantum fee we would equal level as a lady Rena cootie Riley he will cut Lulu Madonna your him when he ever daddy Allahu Murphy's will do Rico, while you ma his mafia colo vehicle will love where I leave him with that is sudo Allah subhanaw taala said which means he'll Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam

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indeed, the affair belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala wholly and completely. They hide within themselves, what they are not revealed to you saying that

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if we had anything to do with this affair, none of us would have been killed here. Say, even if you had remained in your homes, those for whom that was decreed would certainly have gone forth to the place of their death. So that Allah subhanaw taala, my test what is in your breasts in your hearts, and to the VA haste, which is that which was in your hearts, the sins, and Allah is all know of what is in your hearts.

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It's very, very important to understand this because many times people get into all kinds of emotional and psychological spins, and

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they suffer and is Oh, if only this hadn't happened in the healing that hadn't happened. If only we had gone to this hospital, that hospital, this doctor, that doctor, if only the person had been driving, this kind of car, that kind of crap, all of these kinds of stuff happen. Now obviously, we are not saying don't take medicine, we're not saying don't, don't drive carefully and so on. But

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understand one thing very clearly that if something has been written in terms of all of our deaths, where we allow that it didn't for us that way we will go and the way Allah wrote for us we will die. All this of course also depends on our deeds and actions and so on. And last mantra, we ask Allah for heart you have in fact, that we should be given a death which is will higher with our fear

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of death on the man with the man death, with the complete and total trust and the result and

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the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala Inshallah, that took place on Saturday in the middle of Shaohua. On Sunday, the 16th of Shaohua, a solar cell service center announcer,

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called out that they should take up their arms and pursue the enemy. And there was a rumor that I was a fan was regrouping and was receiving reinforcements. And so the one afternoon spread the rumor that it will be in in advisable to go out to fight. As long as I said Ohio insisted on going out. If this act says that by doing that he wanted to demonstrate the strength of the Muslims in their steadfastness and persistence and courage as he displayed his own in his accent the hodza from the hammer. Both the Muslims and non Muslims were the allies of Rasulullah Salah and used to bring him information Alaba

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At one of those Koza one of the members was a mushrik. He was not Muslim at that time. He told us on his way past al Hamad Al Asad, which is one of the places where nations in the past he said Mohamed Salah, we are deeply sorry, at what happened to your men and we ask Allah to protect you and them, He then left and went to meet I was a Fiat Biller, who was planning to return to fight as a seller. And he said to them,

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we have destroyed

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two offices yet

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said to the to his people, he said, We have destroyed the best of Bahamas, ourselves companions and severely damaged them. So that is go back and finish the job and completely uproot them. When I was a very hands on Avid, he asked him, How are things behind you? Because he came from that space. So Marva said, Mohamed Salah has come out with his men seeking you in a force the Lake of which you have never seen, they are truly enraged towards you, he has been joined by those who stayed behind when you did battle with him. And these men have so much regret

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at what they did, which is,

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which is that they didn't vote in battle in the first place that they want to.

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They want to

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clear themselves of this. And the anger they have towards you is something that Lego which I've never seen before. So it was when I asked him so what do you suggest, mama said, I don't see you will be able to leave before you see the four rocks of the cavalry which period before you see them, meaning that they are coming very fast. So I was against them, but we are planning to attack them and destroy them once and for all. I will say I really advise you against that. I swear that I was so affected by what I saw, that I composed some poetry, some verses for the occasion there is a famous with design, they control the language, the command of the language, that was music, that

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just like this, we say fill body which is just extempore they will compose lines upon lines of poetry. And mama did that. And he recited these lines of poetry and describing the army of processes all of it completely imaginary when he did that. He did that so effectively, that I was against people heard him and that they were totally demoralized and they return to Makkah and thus the battle was averted. So if you look at it in modern terms, this is the power of propaganda. This is the power of

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of speech, which itself becomes a weapon. In such times it was revealed I had about demography telling the Muslims not to go out and fight unless rather Levinas dejavu rely Eva was only mean by Dima Asaba Homer Levine Arsenal Minam what taco I don't know the and Medina Cora no one knows when a nurse called Gemma Hola, como doc showhome for that the homie man Oh call her husband Allah when they went to a kill. Fun kinda move in Arma team in a live or for the live lamium says home so on. What about oh Ridwan Allah he will love Oh Lou fugly. Now the in Nevada Valley commercial data No, you have people only who file at home California in contoh minute, let's say those who answered the

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call of Allah and messenger Salah Salem, after being molded when he called them back to the battle they came. For those of whom, who did good deeds and feared Allah subhanaw taala it is a great reward. Those believers unto whom the people the hypocrites, said Verily the people the pagans have gathered against you a great army, therefore fear them, but it only increased them in faith and they said Allah alone is sufficient for us, and He is the best Disposer of affairs for us. So they returned with grace and bounty from Allah, no harm,

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touched them and they followed the good pleasure of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And Allah is the Owner of Great Bounty, it is only the data that suggests to you

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the fear of is earlier there is a fear of the believers who

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will believe them. Believe me, the believers have had that

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sort of just believers. So do not fear them but fear me if you are true believers. Now, this is a wonderful

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lesson that we learn from the history

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of the Battle of odd, which, as we know, is one of the most important battles. In the, in the theater that we learn, one of the most important battles is the battle.

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It's very important for us to learn, understand and learn this year, and to reflect on it, think about it, and say, what is it that I am?

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That I'm learning from this? And what can I do differently? Because for all of us, it's a question of

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the whole point of,

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of working off of reading, the Syrah is to practice it, a lot of our data,

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you know, the two ways of

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two ways of,

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of guiding.

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One way is to give somebody

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the direction, verbal directions, or give them a map, and leave them to read that map. The second way is to give them a map, and then to send somebody who knows the way

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and who knows, obviously, that person doesn't even need the maps in the US. He knows the map already. And that person guide. Now this is what Allah's rhetoric did, he gave us the map, which is operando page, and then he sent us a guide, which is a supervisor seller, with a specific instruction and a specific duty to guide us to him geladeira.

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So, obviously, if we want to be guided, if we want to regenda then the sensible thing is to follow the guidance of sources.

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There is no guidance better than the guidance of the Prophet alayhi salam.

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The key thing is, is this what we want for ourselves, obviously, and certainly I want this for myself and I sincerely hope that you also want this for yourself, which is guidance to Jen. It is no secret it is no mystery.

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It is something which a lot of grants us he has given us, unless rattler sent us His Nabhi he sent us His messenger Muhammad salah, because Allah subhanaw taala wants to guide us and take us to Jannah

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Allah, Allah does not misguide people, Allah does not. You know,

00:27:35--> 00:27:44

they sometimes we make this wrong translation, where Allah guides cannot be misguided who Allah misguides cannot be guided or misguide Allah subhanaw taala.

00:27:45--> 00:27:55

Sent guidance, He sent guidance in the form of his guitar, he sent guidance in the form of his underlings around the messengers of the prophets. From day one from either Melissa I'm downwards.

00:27:57--> 00:28:13

The people who get misguided other people who refuse to be who refused to read the maps refused, which is the GitHub of others, who refused to follow the messages online itself. These are the people who misguide themselves. And

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in some cases, they also made others because

00:28:19--> 00:28:21

chaton you know, help them by giving them

00:28:23--> 00:28:38

a good voice or giving them clever arguments, which they use in order to misguide other people. So the important thing for us to do is not to misguide ourselves and not to get misguided by those who

00:28:39--> 00:28:42

try to misguide you, for their own reasons.

00:28:44--> 00:28:50

Follow the Kitab of Allah and follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah Salam and you cannot possibly go wrong.

00:28:51--> 00:28:53

Anytime there's a doubt,

00:28:54--> 00:28:55

ask somebody who knows.

00:28:57--> 00:28:59

God was called who does not fear anyone other than asking

00:29:00--> 00:29:11

without a deal without a proof, there is nothing in everything we do, we do because there isn't evidence, there is a proof and there's a way of doing it. We have been taught that

00:29:13--> 00:29:15

this is the path of safety.

00:29:16--> 00:29:31

Using your own logic and reasoning and so on. Is the handler good until we reach a text where there is a nurse where the text where there is the Kitab of Allah and either the Quran

00:29:33--> 00:29:40

or Hadith, and Sunnah. We must suspend our own logic and reasoning. That is the logical thing to do.

00:29:41--> 00:29:51

Because a thing has to appeal to logic the logical thing is to follow a guidance which is superior to your own. Right think about this

00:29:52--> 00:29:56

in our lives, what do we do if I become sick?

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

mela save y'all from sickness. If

00:30:00--> 00:30:45

I become sick, I can read English I can do several languages, I have access to information on the internet I have access to information and books and so on. So, and if I try to self diagnose and set a try to kill myself, what will you say? You will say this is wrong, you should not do that, go to a doctor, because the doctor is the expert in that and listen to the doctor. So, in our lives, we give precedence to the opinion of an expert, because that expert has spent his whole life he's spent his or his he's been, you know, decades studying something and becoming an expert in that. So if you just pick up something from here and that you watch a YouTube video or something on the internet,

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say don't don't do that yourself because you will harm yourself.

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But in the in the dean, we seem to do something else. So think about this in the case of the deen Allah subhanaw taala, who is a bigger expert in Allah, Allah subhanaw taala centers the truth which is his Kitab who is a bigger and better guide and also also salam. Allah subhanaw taala sent his best guide and about that guide Allah's writers ever mind the who and the lava in our view, you have, he does not speak of his own volition. He only says what he has been taught, he has been told to say.

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Now if you want to leave that and you want to run away somewhere and say, you know my logic and my thinking and my these are my that you're destroying yourself.

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And this is a lesson that we learn from. Inshallah, in the next lecture, we'll talk about some more some of the heritability while it was IVF main route to go