Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya – I love the Messenger #28

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the legalization of Islam and the use of the Qibla in holy month praying. The movement used social media and television to promote their message, including a national tour featuring featuring the Kaaba. The goal was to change people's views on Islam and push them to accept it. The segment highlights the importance of authentic authentication and body of knowledge in finding true information, as well as the need to be treated properly by guests at the Sun airport. The importance of bringing out the image of an ideal society and family is emphasized.
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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala William beaver mousseline Muhammad Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa Salatu was Salam to Steven cathedra and cathedra. From Nova just as

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the we come to the one of the most significant signposts

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in the car also relies on

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the changing of the Qibla from Master laksa, which was north towards the Kaaba, which was south.

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This happened in the 18th year of

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of the Salah. And

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as you know, as we all know Salah is obligatory, it is a pillar of Islam and the five Solas are unique to Islam.

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And this is something which is forbidden the Muslim, a Muslim who deliberately leaves Allah has left Islam

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if somebody leaves a lot and he was making make it up us by mistake if it happens and so on, then the salah will be must be made up but deliberately leaving it whatever we the reason is haram in Islam, Salah that is left deliberately cannot be made up and a person if we deliberately leaves even one salah the ruling of Rasulillah Salam and the Sahaba and all the drama is that the person has left Islam

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it's allowed miraj Salah was not obligated. Although Muslims prayed they prayed

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usually used to break two o'clock in the morning and two at night.

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Also they used to play in the 100 in the night, too, and more.

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And the last one that I mentioned is also the Muslim Muslim, but

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prescribed obligatory five daily Salawat

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happened only after the Islamic Mirage

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and so I met I'd happened roughly about a year or year and a half before Rasul Allah Solomon's migration to Medina

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so this

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Jerusalem or much of the Luxor really was the was the Qibla and sorrows or salah the Sahaba used to pray facing mercy the Luxor now when they were when he used to pray in the in Makkah, the way they prayed and the direction they prayed in, even though they were facing much of the Luxa the Kaaba was in in between them and vice versa. So this was how the prayer was and thanks to the physical location of

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of vodka and kava in it and metal boxes of course.

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My love it almost

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they're also realized that I sell them

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they continue to pay to face the same Qibla even when they went to Medina, we have the story of cabin Malecon Delano, when he talked about the battle Lacava when the people from came from Medina, the leader decided to pray on his own towards Makkah.

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The others objected. They said the wrestlers wrestle in praise towards Jerusalem. So are you praying to God Mkhize or No, I feel better. When I pray towards Mecca, I think that is what we should do. When they reach Rasulullah sallallahu in

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in mineral and vitamin battle

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for the buyer.

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They asked him, they told him this is what our leader was doing. And he says he asked the leader why he's the leader said this is the reason I was doing it. I was honest and said there is no need to change it because we have we have been praying towards by the lobbyists and you should have done that you should not have changed. So this is how it was and it was you know, now when they came to Medina they

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it was also they realized that it will also the Qibla of the Jews in Medina. And

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so that's what they did nowadays to pray towards much of the Luxor.

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The changing of the Himalayan are about 18 months.

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I think I said 18 years. It's not 18 years it's 18 months after the

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migration 18 months after an average person came to Medina

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loss of identity with the Quran

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because the desire always was to pray toward the Kaaba. And if you see also what happened was, as I mentioned before, in Makkah, when they were praying towards Busey, the Luxa, the cover was in between. So you are from the direction is the cover first and then

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but in Medina, now Mozilla, the opposite direction Mozilla was not, and cover was out. So they actually had their backwards the camera so to speak, before the event they'll bring towards Mozilla. And this is something that Russel Wallace did not really like to do. And he wanted to pray towards the Kaaba. And he would frequently look up

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to the heavens, you know, as if asking Allah subhanaw taala

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and telling him that I'm doing this but you know, ideally, I would like to do like to be praying for the Kaaba. So what 18 months after he went to Medina,

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I looked around and I reviewed some of the ads and some of the Bukhara overlaminate on the redeem, card Nara the condyloma Watseka is he Falana? Well, Leon lega table atan darba for onely. Wedge Hakka shuttle on the Masjid Al haram. Well, hey, Zuma, Quinton for one Lu. Would you welcome shutaura We're in the Lavina O'Toole keytab lair Ala Moana Anna, who will have come here Rob beam from Allah who will be of our feeling I'm Tara Amaya Malone. Allah said Verily, We have seen the turning of your Mohamed Salah sallins face towards the Heaven. Surely we shall turn you to a Qibla which is the directional prayer that will please you. So turn your face in the direction of the

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Masjid Al haram in Makkah, which is the color

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and then Allah's right, that is it, and whosoever of your people turn your faces in prayer in that direction. So this is the general general order being given to him and to whoever your people are. Allah said turn your faces in prayer in that direction and who and where wheresoever you people are turn your faces in that direction. And this is a global command wherever you are in the world turn towards the cover when you pray. Certainly the people who are given the scriptures that are the Jews and Christians know well that you're turning towards the kava towards the National Cup and Maca is the truth from the rub. And Allah subhanaw taala is not unaware of what they do. So Allah subhanaw

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taala is mentioning this

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very clearly as far as the change of direction of the

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Qibla is concerned and Allah is saying this is what you should do, turn your your self towards the direction of the,

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of the Qibla of the Kaaba, because this is what and Allah Allah is saying very clearly that you are Allah has done this because you wanted this to be done. And Allah has seen the way you have been looking at,

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you know, at the

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looking toward the heavens,

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asking us apparently asking for this change to be that. This also shows the beautiful position of rasool Allah Azza Salem, where Allah subhanaw taala

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did these things to please in I think about this for Allah subhanaw taala direction or anything is not important Elijah Allah if you're when you're even our era is not important, but it is really our evolved as for ourselves. And when I was giving this honor, this Mikado source SLM, this is because of his love for his for his messenger or his heavy hammer seller. Now this

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this Kumar came during the Arthur Salah and Surah Surah Salam was praying

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when this ayat was revealed, so they were praying us are facing Mozilla, TSA, when this ad was revealed, and also as an asylum

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turned white, he was praying he turned without hesitation, accurately facing the Kaaba. Obviously, there was no compass and no scientific instruments and so on, to check exactly the direction and he just, he just turned and further I said, this is disabled in the second year or second

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year of migration 18 months after he migrated to Medina

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and most historian the duty to the middle of the month of Shabbat so this happened and it was then that from then onwards, the Muslims they prayed towards

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towards Makkah,

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that also as a result

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I was praying in a particular Masjid where this happened. So he's praying this way and then he moved and he came this way that people are turned

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and that Masjid is called budgeter Latane

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Masjid off to cableless

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I don't know why anybody want to call it magical Qiblah tiny but it is to, to is that is attained has many tablets anyway, in this case it is talkable This is in Medina, this is a few kilometers from the from the muscle

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from from

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Mozilla number of a sheriff. And it's one of the oldest masajid in the world and it has uniquely to minerals on opposite sides, one in the direction of the Luxor and the other one is in the direction of maca

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novellas and I was obviously very pleased with this journey. He didn't like to ask Allah Subhana Allah directly for it. But I must monitor of course knows what's in the heart and Allah subhanaw taala made that. And as you can see from the

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from the IRA advisor, and in the the ayat after that we did not make the Qibla which we used to face, except that we might make evident, who would follow the messenger from who would turn back on his heels and indeed it is difficult except for those who Allah has guided. The Muslims, of course, probably change the direction

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in the Salah, towards the Kaaba. And that became the Qibla from then onward for all Muslims, the Medina, the Jews in Medina, they reacted differently to the thing. They started instigating a campaign of criticism. And they said that

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the change of Qibla is what deprived them from accepting Islam. They had not accepted Islam even before that for 18 months, when they when the Qibla was in the direction of Jerusalem. But you know, people make Eskew excuse, Allah has left it open for everybody. You want to accept Islam accept Islam, they no need to make any excuse. You don't want to accept Islam, no problem don't accept as

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they used to.

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So they claim that you know, the data source or Salam should should adopt should become a zoo instead of calling on the dues to accept Islam. So the new this campaign also idea was to sow dissent among the Muslims to say that here was

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salam he was already praying in the direction of the Luxa What was the need to change and so on.

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For us Muslims, the Kaaba is the oldest Masjid in the world, it was great. It was constructed by primary salah.

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it was the it was a place of the volunteers for the people who are not idolaters. And also for the Arabs, it was, you know, in their, in their land, in the holy city. And so Allah subhanaw taala gave that to the Muslims, it also became a unique identity of the Muslim just like the other, which is unique in terms of how we call the prayer, just like the Salah, which is unique in how we worship Allah subhanaw taala different from the prayer of anybody else. And this was a test also for the true Muslims to see who believed also Elijah Salah and

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to separate them from the hypocrites. So this is a

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you know, it was a something that I was wanting to tell her did. And of course Allah knows the reasons, but it seemed to be multiple reasons why Allah subhanaw taala chose to do this thing. Inshallah. This is also one of the tests as I told you, it's no test that came to the Muslims. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to save us from all these tests.

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after the change of the pillar towards the Kaaba.

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They built a shed in in the on the side of the orchestra in Missoula. No, you should if it was called the sofa.

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If there was Kalani, and I'm delighted said he says a sofa with a shaded place behind the mercy the number wheat which was prepared for strangers or foreigners who came into Islam, or came to Medina and they had neither any family or wealth. Now, whatever the man who was one of the Osama so far,

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he said, Yes, I was so far out of the guests of Islam.

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They are the ones who have no family or wealth, to vote to fall back on.

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Himself did have

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somewhere when he made he did, but he chose to devote his time to study Islam and sto so he stayed with me as I was so far.

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No matter the Lanois, I was also one of them. He also had well he was the son of a katana Delano, but he also chose to stay

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in with sofa in order to learn because so far became like the central learning also that there was a proximity or

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proximity to resources or seldom proximity to budget and especially. So it was a very is very, very special place. I would

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have said also, that some people say how is it that Ebola and aerates more Hadith, while the Mahajan and unsolved don't,

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he said The fact is that my brothers from the mahadji rune were busy in business.

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While I will follow Rasul Allah on an empty stomach, so I was present when they were absent, and I will remember when they will forget the answer are busy with their farms when I was a white, I was a poor man, and I will remember what they wouldn't or they couldn't.

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So this is you know, how he became the person who was communicated and narrated the most number of Hadith in Islam. He devoted his life

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completely to study, he said, split the night into three parts. One part I would sleep another I would pray, and the third part I will review, as he would recall, and he would memorize the Hadith that I had heard during the day. So very important for us to

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remember this, because this is one of the finest evidences and proofs to say that they are Hadith to show that the Hadees were collected and preserved during the life of rasool Allah Azza submits himself, and the allegation that this was done 100 years later and 200 years later is a lie.

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For them many other such incidents as a holiday, this is not the

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place for me to give you that evidence. But these anytime anyone tells you that they had these were collected by Mercury and others, unrelated to our late 20s data. This shows that the person is either ignorant or personal trying to do to create mischief.

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By so sowing doubts about a hadith there are these were collected by the Sahaba like Buddha or the Allahu kabhi Malik and others in the lifetime of Rasulullah. Saw Selim. they memorize them, they wrote them down, they used to repeat them to Rasul Allah is on a Salah and and tell him jasola Salam, this is what you said, is that correct? He would confirm and they would write it down and they would confirm it to the extent that a person once asked one of the one of the scribes of a hadith and they were over 40 of them which they will who have been recorded and of course, there are many more.

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So one of them AstroSolar Salah meter era so Allah salAllahu Salam, sometimes you are angry and you say something in anger should we record and keep that also Rasul Allah sallam said, by the one in whose hand is the life of Muhammad Salah Salem, this tongue and he held his tongue like this, he said, this tongue is in the control of Allah subhanaw taala. So say whatever write down and record whatever I say, because I this is protected my war by speech and what is protected. So Hamdulillah we have

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in the Hadees also salam, we have without exact without without any doubt, and I'm not exaggerating, I'm not saying this purely as a Muslim out of my key that out of my love and respect for my deen and seeing this also from a completely objective perspective, that there is no body of knowledge that is so authentically preserved with all

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historical evidence towards this truthfulness. As the body of a hadith of Rasul Allah he's sent it as a

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as a as a motivator, best way to say it.

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As a bonus from this preservation of Hadees game what came to be known as the elbow region, ill will result or even a small result, the knowledge of the names of the people or knowledge of the people these this refer to those people who narrated a hadith. So each of them like

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for example, each of them was investigated and this is not just this hour, this is all down the line.

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This habit of course, all of them are considered to be what is called FISA, which is that they are truthful and

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and their, their testimony is worthy of being taken. But after this hour all the people who came on read the Hadith, they were investigated, and their biographies, including details like,

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who this person was his father, who was Where was he born, what was his religion, his tribe, his family, and so on. And then how was he perceived, or how was he seen in society was in order to have a good memory or a bad memory, was he a person who was respected was the person who ever told a lie, was he a person who kept his trust and so on are all kinds of details like this, pointing to the man or the woman and their character. And there were many I had these which the the health of the Hadith of the hadith is dependent on the authentic the authentic, authentic authentication of the narrator. And some of these are degraded or other downgraded because the person narrating had a fault in his

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or her himself or herself, in one way or the other. So this is a huge body of knowledge that simply does not exist in any other culture or tradition, which Alhamdulillah thanks to the preservation of our hadith of resources exists in Islam.

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There is a beautiful book by both the cute bunny the other Gatto called authority of the Sunnah, authority of the Sunnah. I will Inshallah, put that in the description of this, of this video.

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That is a book worth reading. It's a small book, but beautifully researched, beautifully written, and it is well worth reading. And that is the best refutation of those who claim that they had these are not sound and they are these should be discarded. Anyone who discards an entire body of bodies, the entire body of these as being unsound is has left Islam as simple as that. There's no doubt about this. Anyone who describes discards or does or denies or refuses, refuses to accept a

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saya these are Hadees, which is

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which is authentic and authenticated. This person is committing a very major sin which is bordering on conflict, so please don't fall into this trap. To come back to their cyber sofa they used to live by the socket that Rosaura Sam used to send to them.

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And he would send all sorts from the incentives of gifts that he received from people from time to time. All those he would give to the US I was so far

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they were the guests of Islam. They were the guests of Rasul Allah,

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He would also encourage the Sahaba especially the wealthy Saba to take the sample so far to their homes and to feed them and he said whoever resources himself, whoever has food for two should take should take a third and whereas food for three should take a fourth

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he said this, he said the food for to vote for one either for to the food for two is enough or four and the vote for war is enough for eight. So this is

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has always been a

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part of Islam from the beginning, it is part of our culture, to feed people to be hospitable to people to invite people home, you know to take care of people do the grunt work and this also, as Hava said earlier, there are no for example would would get very upset and very worried. And once he came through his asylum, and he said you know is Allah displeased with me? So I said Why are you saying that? He said because I haven't had a guest for the last few days. Nobody has come to me. Imagine this. Today we find guests to be a pain and that's also because we have complicated our own lives. Yes. If you want to get your you have to you feel you have to redo your whole house. Right

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and you have to kind of you know, cook these massive meals of wonderful things. To complicate your lives however a guest comes it's a big pain and you don't want you don't want guests but

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a guest comes eats his own risk. And he

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he he gets your

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sins forgiven. He comes the eat is all risk and your sins are forgiven by law smarter, simplified, a guest is coming.

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Let him eat what you eat. You know he will be in your house in whatever state your house is. hamdulillah Muslims are supposed to be clean and neat and you know, decent

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People told us your house will obviously not look like a disaster area. So it's a good idea also to therefore keeper, keep house which is neat and clean. But don't complicate your own life and thereby deprive yourself of the blessings of having guests in your house. This is a very important thing, the guest is coming. He's eating his own risk and your sins are being forgiven. What's your allergy to having your sins being forgiven? Is there a problem with that exists if your sins are forgiven, invite people feed people this is this is the way of winning the

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pleasure of Allah Samantha of curing the anger of Allah Samantha, the very first advice that he gave to people Medina when he reached Medina was he said, spirits are there to greet people spread salaam, then he said feed people.

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And then he said stand in the night and pray while people are sleeping. And Allah subhanaw taala will make your bath agenda easy.

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So spread Salah feed people and pray that these are the three keys to success and as well as Islam is the one mentioned that and advise us to do that.

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Let me tell SLM is to give procedures to the salvos over even over his own family. One day say the agency does

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not say that the fundamentals are there. One day, she said to southern ally or Villano.

00:26:33 --> 00:26:46

That, you know she was she was very tired, she had a lot of things to do. So she said it would be good if I have some help. So they had just received a Surah Surah. Saddam had received a bunch of

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prisoners of war from one of the from one of the battles. So she said to set an ally of the Law No, go and ask him to give one of those people to us. So they can have some help with the house. Now, so as a result of also knew

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about her suffering and difficulty, and

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say the ally also knew but when said an ally, asked

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Salam he said by Allah, I will not give you while as I was so far hungry, because they have no money, and I have no money to spend on them. So I'm going to free the slaves and spend that money for them. So this is the

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this is the position of the Sabbath so far, on an average the handle so far as they were called, or as I was, they were about 70 or so on an average, they will live full time in so far, they will do what work they could, but they will full time students so that there wasn't too much money. They didn't have to spend money at any time. They would collect date seeds and crush them and sell that to them or feed NASA news to send new Muslims to the AnnaSophia. To for them to teach the Quran. These people would keep these new Muslims they would feed them and keep them as their own family and teach them Islam.

00:28:09 --> 00:28:10

This is one of the

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one of the big deficiency areas. Today when a person accepts Islam. Everybody welcomes them as they watch Allah watch Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, what are we? And you everyone hugs that person kisses that person. Sometimes we will also give them summary. And that's it after that. We completely lose track. We don't follow up on them, we don't see. Are they learning and Islam? Are they practicing Islam? What are they doing? To the extent that many of the new Muslims have complained that when they accept Islam, obviously, most of the time, they get rejected by their own family. So now this person had a family, they were with people, suddenly now they are even if

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they're not homeless, there's this certainly cut off from their family. So they're friendless. They're like your team, you know, they're like orphans.

00:29:02 --> 00:29:39

And nobody takes them in. Now, again, I'm not talking about physically taking anybody I'm talking about companionship, meeting, bringing, you know, bringing them home, maybe giving them a meal or something. Helping them to learn teach, taking care of new Muslims is a very, very important element, which we seem to have lost somewhere. And we have material needs, they have. It's not only it's not only, you know, theology theology, not to not only just use the word Islam and so on and so on. One of the big things is marriage. Now, this person who

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came into Islam, he obviously cannot marry non Muslims. But Muslims don't want to give their daughters to those people. They don't want to give their sons to those those women because they think that you know, there's a new Muslim,

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you know, lineage and this and that and whatnot. Now, this whole issue is something which is so serious and is so

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important for us to get out of this, this is a very, very

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bad thing and depress very badly.

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The so these people, they get stuck with this, and many people,

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they leave Islam in America, I don't know how far this

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information is true. But I saw somewhere that the number of people who enter Islam in America is equal to the number of people who leave Islam. So it's almost like equal they come in No, it's like a revolving door you come into here well today, and one of the biggest reasons for that is the way that new Muslims are treated. I mean, they are mostly ignored and left. In many cases.

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Men marry

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non Muslim women, they become, they become Muslim and then they are ill treated in the home. This these are all very shameful things. I strongly, strongly, strongly advise you of myself, let us stay far away from this because this is a way of incurring the anger of Allah subhanaw taala we don't need that, believe me. So we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to live by the Sunnah of Rasulullah sunnah and to

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create this beautiful model of an ideal society an ideal family and ideal Korea companionship that was also presented to the world. It's for us to really have that and to to bring that out into the into the public so that people see that not by talking about it, but by demonstrating it or some of the Hannah Anna will carry while Ali he was going to go

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