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Taimiyyah Zubair
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And we gave musar lesson and the scripture after we had destroyed the former generations has enlightenment for the people and guidance and mercy that they might be reminded and you will profit. We're not on the western side of the mound, when we reveal to Musashi Salaam the command and you are not among the witnesses to that, but we produced many generations after Moosa and prolonged was their duration. But and you are not a resident among the people of Medina. reciting to them our verses, but we were senders meaning of this message to you, we told you about this incident. And you are not at the side of the mound, when we called Moosa, but were sent as a mercy from your Lord to

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warn the people to whom no warner had come before you that they might be reminded. Basically what is being said is that he had assumed a lot satellites. No, you didn't see all of this happen. What is mentioned of the story of musasa you weren't there, you weren't an eyewitness, you didn't see it? You didn't read it in any book because the prophets of Allah Himself was unlettered, you didn't hear about it from anybody because the story was unknown to the Arabs. And you couldn't have guessed it, you couldn't have made it up. So how is it that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is reciting the story in such detail? How? Because this has come from Allah subhanaw taala? And if not, that a disaster

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should strike them for what their hands put forth of sins. And they would say, Our Lord, why did you not send us a messenger? So we could have followed your verses and been among the believers? Meaning right now the truth is evident. They don't accept it still say, and instead they say that you are fabricator, you're a liar. But on the Day of Judgment, they will say, oh, Allah, why didn't you send a warner to us? Well, the Warner has come. But when the truth came to them from us, they said, Why was he not given like that which was given to Moosa. So now on hearing these stories, what do the people say? Instead of believing in the prophets of Allah, Islam, they would say, Well, if Musa had

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a stick, and he had the glowing hand, how come you haven't been given such miracles? The prophets of Allah said them, he was not given these kind of miracles. Allah subhanaw taala says, Did they not disbelieve in that which was given to Musab before? musar lesson and brought the miracles but it found in his people believe? Did they believe on seeing the miracles? No. They said, they are but two works of magic supporting each other. And indeed, we are in both disbelievers. Say, then bring the scripture from Allah which is more guiding than either of them that I may follow it if you should be truthful. But if they do not respond to you, then know that they only follow their own

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desires, and who is more straight than one who follows his desire without guidance from Allah. Indeed, Allah does not guide the wrongdoing, people. And we have repeatedly conveyed that the Quran that they might be reminded those to whom we gave the scripture before it, they are believers in it. And when it is recited to them, they say, we have believed in it. Indeed, it is the truth from our Lord. Indeed, we were even before it Muslims submitting to Allah, those will be given their award twice, because when a person who believes in one of the previous scriptures, the thought or the in gene, so a Jew or a Christian, when he accepts Islam, then what happens his reward is double, for

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what they patiently endured, and because they avert evil, through good, and from what We have provided them they spend, and when they hear ill speech, they turn away from it and say, for us are our deeds and for you or your deeds, peace be upon you who do not seek the ignorant. It is said that a group of people came from Russia, they were Christians. And when they met the prophets, Allah laws and they embraced Islam and the machine, harass them a lot. So this is how those people reacted, how when they heard ill speech, they turned away from it. And they said for us, or our deeds for you, where your deeds Mind your own business PSP on you, we do not seek the ignorance meaning we have not

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come to fight here, there is no need to fight. And this is something so beautiful that we learned from here, that sometimes you're doing it or something right, and people don't let you do it in peace. They keep asking you, they keep harassing you. So in that situation, should you get angry? Is there any point in getting angry? No. Because they're not really seeking the truth if they were seeking the truth, and they would have a decent good, calm discussion with you. Right? And if they're not having a common discussion with you, that means that they've got some other problem against you. So there is no need to argue with them. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said part of the

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part of the perfection of a person's Islam is his leaving that which does not concern him. So just overlook these things, ignore them. Indeed, you do not guide whom you like. But Allah guides whom He wills and he is most knowing of the rightly guided

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This is something so frightening. Only Allah guide

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whom He wills? And who is it that Allah guides the person who wants to be guided? Because the truth could be evident before person. But if he doesn't want to accept it, it's not going to be forced down his throat. Will it be? It shouldn't be? Like, for example, if a child is refusing to eat, is it fair to force feed the child? Is it? No, you can't do that. You shouldn't do that. Likewise, if the truth is obvious, someone doesn't want to accept it, should it be forced down their throat? No, it's not. So only a lot of guides and who is it that Allah guides the one who wants to be guided? Basically, the message is that guidance is not in your hand in our hands. We learned this I was

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revealed about

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the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, whom the Prophet sallallahu Sallam really, really wanted that he should believe. He tried so much, but he did not believe this was something very painful for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam so much so that we learn at that at the conquest of Makkah. So many years later, when the prophets of Allah Islam came to Makkah, right for the conquest. And in the hundreds of people who came to him given by one of the people was a buco, half of the father of Abu Bakar on the lower end, and a vocal hava, he embraced Islam then, right, he came to give back to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his beard was white and the prophets of Allah

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said when he saw him coming, he said, that why didn't you call me I would have come to you a smile, although on her, she brought a book kochava to the prophets that allows him to give bear and when Abu hanifa his hand was in the hands of the Prophet salallahu Abu Bakar at the lower end who wept, he wept. Why is he crying? He said, I wish this was the hand of Abu Talib.

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Abu Bakr, his own father is accepting Islam. And he's wishing at that time that it was the hand of Abu Talib, because he knew the pain that was in the heart of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam knowing that his uncle obatala had not embraced a snap. Allah says in Nicoletta demon.

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If you did not want guidance, no matter how badly you want guidance for him, you can't guide him, you cannot force it down his throat.

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And I will tell him died in the state of shit. Refusing to believe

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and they say, if we were to follow the guidance with you, we will be swept from our land. Allah says have we not established for them a safe sanctuary, to which are brought the fruits of all things as provision from us, but most of them do not know. Many times people have hesitation in accepting Islam, or in taking Islam seriously in following Islam. But then this and this will happen and such and such will happen. Otherwise comforting His servants that look at what Allah has already given to you. Can he not give you more? Your provision comes from Allah. And how many a city have we destroyed that was insolent in its way of living?

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And those are their dwellings which have not inhabited after them except briefly. And it is We Who are the inheritors meaning so many people who preferred the benefits of this life. Right, what happened to them finished. So make your decision wisely. And never would your Lord have destroyed the cities until he had sent to their mother, a messenger reciting to them our verses meaning a central town mother of a reverse to Central town from where the message would spread. And we would not destroy the cities except while their people were wrongdoers. While my ot two men che in from a towel higher to dounia was enough to have one hour in the law what I will call a fella therapy

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alone, and whatever thing you people have been given, it is only for the enjoyment of worldly life and its adornment and what is with Allah is better and more lasting. So will you not use reason? Will you not use reason? what you have in this world is temporary, how long will you hold on to? How long will you neglect a loss? Right? How long will you compromise on your religion for the sake of this dunya this dunya is for some time, aim for the reward that Allah promises you that is everlasting. That is much better, then is he whom we have promised a good promise which he will obtain? Can he be like he for whom we provided enjoyment of worldly life, but then he is on the Day

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of Resurrection among those presented for punishment in *. Huge difference one person enjoys in this life but in the Hereafter is only punishment and the other person he believes in Allah. And for that, yes, he has to make some sacrifices, but then the hereafter he's got eternal joy. There's a huge difference between these two people. And Warren of the day he will call them and say were my partners which are used to claim those upon whom the word will have come into effect will say Our Lord, these are the ones we lead to error. We lead them to error just as we were in error. We declare our dissociation from them to you. They did not use to worship

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And it will be said invoke your partners and they will invoke them, but they will not respond to them. And they will see the punishment if only they had followed guidance and mentioned the day he will call them and say, What did you answer the messengers? How did you respond to the prophets? Allah will ask people on the Day of Judgment, but the information will be an apparent to them that day, so they will not be able to ask one another meeting on that day you can't figure out the answers. If a person has not lived his life in obedience to Allah He cannot figure out answers on that day. But as for one, who had repented, believed and then righteousness, it is promised by

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Allah, that he will be among the successful and your Lord creates what He wills and chooses not for them was the choice because people wanted somebody else should be the Prophet. They said, Why is Mohammed Salah wa sallam the Prophet, why not some other great men? Allah says, You don't have this choice, Allah decides Exalted is Allah and high above what they associate with him. And your Lord knows what their * conceal and what they declare because sometimes people say these kind of things. Why has this person been chosen? Right? And sometimes they don't align knows what we hide and what we reveal. Well, who Allahu La Ilaha Illa who and He is Allah, there is no deity except

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Him. lol handfield Allah will ask to him is do you all praise in the first life and the hereafter at the beginning and at the end? What a whole heck no, well Eli, you told your own and his is the final decision and to Him you will be returned.

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What do we learn over here, Allah deserves all praise. And indeed a loss of power. mozarella becomes happy when his surgeon praises him. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said mermen Shea in there is nothing that is more beloved to Allah than, than praise. There was a point he came to the prophet SAW the loss and I'm accepting Islam and he said Yasuda Allah, in my poetry, I used to say words of praise to Allah. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I'm in Nara, Baka you have been.

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Your Lord loves praise, he loves to be praised. Meaning when a servant praises Allah, then Allah loves that. And then we learn over here that why not praise Allah because that will help the film owner will after he begins praise at the beginning and at the end, meaning at the beginning when we start something, and at the end when we've completed it. At both times, Allah is the one deserving of praise, because could we do it without a less help? No. Could we reach the conclusion without Allah's help? Never. He added, he facilitated, he gave the opportunity. And in general, also people will glorify and praise Allah as easily as they breathe. Just as you breathe over here without even

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thinking, do you think about your breaths? You only think about them when you're exercising right? When you're when you have to consciously Take a deep breath, inhale, and then exhale, right? But generally, you don't think about your breaths. So in general, people will glorify and praise Allah as easily as naturally as they breathe. This will be when when the tongue is busy with the koala here also, when a person remembers and praises a lot in the morning, in the evening,

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doesn't it happen that when you're busy saying, panelist, panelist panel, then what happens? You realize after three, four minutes, you're still saying, You're like, Where was he? I wasn't even thinking about it, but you were saying it. Right? It becomes a habit.

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Item say have you considered if Allah should make for you the night continuous until the Day of Resurrection? Who are they at other than Allah could bring you light that will unite here? Say, have you considered if Allah should make for you the day continuous until the Day of Resurrection? What deity other than Allah could bring you a night in which you may rest, then will you not see when the days are extremely long, really makes you appreciate the short nights, isn't it? And when the nights are very long than you appreciate the short days. This is a blessing of Allah, woman Rama tea and out of his mercy he made for you the night and the day that you may rest there in and by day, seek

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from his bounty, and that perhaps you will be grateful. Perhaps you will be grateful Allah made the night and the day in this way. Why? So that you are grateful meaning you make something of your life you don't waste your life?

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How is it that we can be most productive we can make the most of our lives when we align our schedule to this natural schedule that Alice ponferrada has made for us, which is rest in the night and work in the day. And when we leave this then what happens next

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matter how much we try to work in the night, it won't have Baraka, it will not have Baraka. So how is it that we can be grateful? When we are most productive? How can we be most productive when we use the day for what it was made and we use the night for what the night was made. The Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said, beware of conversing after the night is still meaning don't do that. It's not good. When the night has become still, then go to sleep, or worship Allah at that time. This is why we learned that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he also valued the early morning. All right, he prayed, Oh Allah bless my people in their early mornings. Bless my people in their early

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mornings. So when you use your early morning, early morning doesn't mean nine o'clock. It means after the sun has risen, you will find Baraka in that time. You will find Baraka, we believe me just a personal experience. Preparing for this class at the beginning would take me all day I would go home and start studying right away, it would take me like four to six hours, four to six hours, I'd be working all day preparing, preparing, and still it would be undone. And now Alhamdulillah I start right after fudger after it's a hoot, basically, and then I after I'm done my budget, and then 100 Allah within a couple of hours. It's done because there is Baraka in this time. There is blessing in

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this time the prophets of Allah said and prayed for us, that Oh, Allah bless my oma in their early mornings. So when we sleep at that time,

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we waste our life, we can't be that productive anymore.

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And Warren of the day, he will call them and say Where are my partners which we used to claim, and we will extract from every nation a witness and say produce your proof. And they will know that the truth belongs to Allah and lost from them is that which they used to invent, indeed, Barun was from the people of Musa Bertie tyrannized them, it is said that qarun was the cousin of mozzarella Santa, he was very wealthy, but as we will see, he wasn't good to people. Instead, he tyrannized them, he oppressed them, he turned against them. And we gave him of treasures whose keys would burden a band of strong men, there upon his people said to him, Do not exalt Indeed, Allah does not like the

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exultant when a person has something glittery, shiny, precious, valuable, expensive, what happens to him, he begins to feel very good about himself. So his people said to him, Do not exalt why Allah does not like such people. But seek through that which Allah has given you the home of the Hereafter, Allah has given you so much money, use it, to make the home of the hereafter. And yet do not forget your share of the world. Meaning don't give everything away, use it, enjoy it here also. And do good as Allah has done good to you highlight this sin, karma, arson Allahu LA, do good to others, as Allah has done good to you, whatever Allah has given you, you also give that to others,

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whether it is happiness, or it is some material blessing, or it is a some spiritual blessing. Whatever it may be, that Allah has given you share it with others, and desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like corrupters qarun said, I was only given it because of knowledge I have. Why do you say it's God given? I strove for it, I worked for it. Just like today when a person gets a good job, but agree, they talk about themselves. I worked so hard, I paid so much money to get this car. I've been working so long to get this house. I've been working so long on this project. They talk about their own efforts, and yes, those efforts are necessary. But can our

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efforts really bring the desired result if Allah does not allow that? Never, ever?

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Never. So whatever we achieve, remember, it's a last favor. Allah says, Did he not know that Allah had destroyed before him of generations, those who are greater than him in power and greater an accumulation of wealth, meaning they had more people before him? What does he think of himself? And likewise, no matter what we have, remember, people were given more than us if it's beauty remember, use of Edison was far more handsome, right? The prophets of Allah sent him. I mean, so many people have more beauty than us. So never be proud of your beauty. Likewise, if you have knowledge, never be proud of that because Allah gives some other people more knowledge than you. If money there are

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people who have been given more money than you, whatever it is, never think great about yourself because of what you have. Rather be grateful to Allah and stay humble and remember that it is from Allah.

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But the criminals about their sins will not be asked. Why? Because criminals never admit their sins. So they will not be asked. So he came out before his people in his adornment fully decked out, he came in front of his people, those that desired the worldly life said, Oh, what that we had, like what was given to qarun Indeed, he is what a great fortune when they saw around with all his riches, those who admired this dunya their desire for this dunya grew even more. And the fact is that a person who loves this dunya who loves the things of this world, the riches of this world, then he can never ever be satisfied. The profits or loss of them, said, Columbus, Shea Shaban other hobbiton

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attaining Herbalife, she, well Molly, the heart of an old person feels young for the love of two things, the love for long life and the love for wealth, meaning his body ages. But his heart doesn't age. It doesn't age, he still desires riches, he still desires long life.

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In another Hades, we learn that the son of Adam, if he had been given two valleys of money, what would he wish for a third, non can fill the belly of the son of Adam except for dirt, meaning when he will end up in the grave. So alladhina Yuri do not hire that dunia are we of those who desire the things of this life. Because this is a very dangerous desire. It's natural to like things to want things, it's fine. But they should not become our ultimate concern.

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That all the time, we're just looking at what other people have, the houses that they have, and the front yards that they have, and the cars that they have, and the number of garages that they have, and the clothes that they're wearing. No, don't keep looking at it. Because the more you look at it, the more your desire will grow. Because what the I admire is the heart desires. This is very natural. But those who have been given knowledge that water you, the reward of Allah is better for he who believes and does righteousness, and none are granted it except the patient. These are true owner.

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And Lavina otolaryngol models were given knowledge. Who is the person who has really been given knowledge, the one who remembers that knowledge when he needs it, when he needs it. Not that it's just stored in the mind. No, it's also being used. So over here we see people who were truly given knowledge, they said, what Allah has is better. Why are you admiring what Calderon has? Because qarun was not a righteous person, right? So why would you admire what he has, because when you admire what he has, then you will adopt the same ways to get what he got. So we see that they did not get affected by his wealth. And we caused the earth to swallow qarun and his home, and there was

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for him, no company to aid him other than Allah. nor was he of those who could defend themselves, none could pull him out, and he could not come out himself either. And those who had wished for his position the previous day began to say, oh, how aleix tense provision to whom He wills of his servants and restricts it, this is a last decision. If not that Allah had conferred favor on us, he would have caused it to swallow us also. Because we want it to be like our own and a person will be with those whom he loves, or how the disbelievers do not succeed in the who wake up and who lay off the whole coffee room. The person who just believes he can never ever succeed, no matter how much

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wealth he can accumulate in this life. No matter how much beauty they can have, they can never be truly successful, delicate hero, that home of the Hereafter, Niger Aloo halen, Latina la you redo gnaraloo one film of the LFSR we assign it to those who do not desire exalted pneus upon the earth nor corruption, while our Aqua to del Mata cane, and the best outcome is for the righteous two qualities of the people have done are mentioned over here. What are they? That Firstly, they don't want greatness here in this life? Where is it that they want greatness in the next life? The seeker of the ohana wants to be known up in the skies? He doesn't want to become famous here. The Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam said I looked at the people of Paradise and saw that the majority of its residents were the poor.

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Who were they? The poor. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said on the Day of Judgment, when you will be gathered it will be said where are the poor and the needy of this oma? They will get up and then they will be asked, what kind of actions did you do? They will say Our Lord, we were put in hardship.

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And we were patient, and you gave wealth and power to people who are other than us, Allah who will say you have spoken the truth. So these four will enter Paradise before others, and the difficulties of hisab will be on those who are given wealth and authority.

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But what happens right now, when we don't have something that we want, we say, How can I live? I can't do without a house of my own. I can't do without a fancy car of my own. I need to have a lot of gold. I need to have expensive furniture even if I can't afford it. We are willing to sacrifice our Deen for the things of this world which are temporary. Allah offers us something better. But what do we say I want it now. I want it now. And how long are we going to enjoy it? What does Allah say? they'll cut down

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Niger aloha Lila rinella Yuri do not know one fill out the FAFSA will allow people to limit the pain. So the person who's content with less here, Allah will compensate him on the Day of Judgment. But there are very few people who will bear this patiently.

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Generally what happens people become angry, they become stressed out they become depressed, sad, greedy, always desiring for more unsatisfied with what they have, and looking for ways even if they may be held on to get the riches of this world. Whoever comes in the day of judgment with a good deed will have better than it this is what we need to focus on. This is what should be the goal of our lives. Not that I should have a certain amount of gold, or that I should have a house, you know in my name, or a car of my own manager, I will hazard it follow Hiram and

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he will have better than it and whoever comes with an evil deed than those who did evil deeds will not be recompensed except as much as what they used to do. Indeed, oh Prophet, he who imposed upon you the Koran will take you back to a place of return. Say, my lord is most knowing of who brings guidance and who was in clear air. And you were not expecting that the book would be conveyed to you. But it is a mercy from your Lord. So do not be an assistant to the disbelievers. I mean, this is so true many times in this life. You're not even expecting a blessing. Allah gives it because who is the giver? Allah is the giver. So rely upon him, place your hope your trust in Him and He will

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give you what you cannot even expect.

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And never let them avert you from the verses of Allah. After they have been revealed to you once the truth is clear to you. You know what is halal? You know what is haram? Don't let anyone convinced you to choose the harem option and invite people to your Lord and never be of those who associate others with Allah don't associate your desire with Allah. While at the rumor Allahu Allah Hanako and do not invoke with Allah another deity, there is no deity except Him. Everything will be destroyed except his face, his his the judgment and to Him you will be returned. So prepare for that return.

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