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Qur’an made easy’ delivered at EIC masjid.

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Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sallam in mind,

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this is a new part that we started in Sharla, on the side of the Quran of every Jews within or approximately about 10 minutes inshallah, and to the views out there, or what to say is that we want to try and as Muslims, we have to read the Arabic of the Quran, and that's where the real reward is. But apart from that, we need to also try and understand the meaning of what Allah has said to us. So because we live in a very fast life, and most of us haven't got the time to always, you know, sit with a bit of seed and read it throughout. That's why we're doing this very short series of 10 minutes approximately, to one Jews. And we get the meaning of what is being said, so that when we go

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for taraweeh in the night, every night, we can follow the seed before we get to the turabi so that our minds concentrate on something about the Imam or the party will be reciting for that particular night. Again, this does not suffice us

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from from from, you know, going through the seed of the Quran, I'm still going to encourage you to go through the pseudocode. And for that, I'm going to say to you that there's a few two series you can go through that are simple, one of them is by

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a llama should be osmani. And it's called the noble for an ace in three different parts. And it's a very nice concise to the point and also gives you some meat as well, like you need some sort of, you know, depths of the deceit, what we're going to do in the 10 minutes you you might feel at times that I'm just giving you the major parts of it, I'm not going in deep. And to be honest with you, the Quran is very deep, you can just go into one ayah and you can spend one hour if you want. So my point here is not to do that because I know the listeners out there, you haven't got much time and you want to just cover Jews at a time very quickly and get the gist of what Allah is saying to us in

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this rissalah in this message. So if you get the noble cause, the good if you want to go for you've got a bit more time than go for Nicosia, Ramallah history very, very well known Mecca theatre scene.

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And you will cover that the thing with Nicosia is to see Rahim Allah is that is it will be mainly to do with a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Whereas the Noble Quran by mala Shapiro's nanny will be one that will take in consideration a lot of different aspects. And if you've got more time to delve into the seed, there's a good eight sort of volume one or nine volume on which is by Mufti Shafi.

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And that also went on well known, it's named Marshall Hold on. So if you've got the time for that, then that's like you need some serious time to go through that and I'll go really in depth in a lot of aspects. But for most people, they need something short and sweet. So stick to the first one that I've said. And if anything, if you don't have time, whatever, then please listen to this series throughout the whole thing by listening to it for let's just say, five hours, you would have listened to the entire parentheses shala again, it's not going to cover cover every single ayah every single part of it but it'll give you a good inshallah, we hope without less permission

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understanding of the Quran throughout the series. So look forward to inshallah, the releases of this, this series, one by one and we will go through it