Omar Suleiman – Angels in Your Presence #26

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the Night ofams and the volatile night of operation for the Bible. They encourage people to recite the Bible and not discount the idea that only prayers are allowed to see the glory of God. The speaker also emphasizes the need for people to not feel like they are just being the profit-shica of the Bible and to not feel like they are just being the profit-shica of the Bible.
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The angels who love the recitation of the angels who love Toba, the angels who love charity, the angels who love supplication, the angels who love congregations, what night is going to be more beloved to the angels than the most beloved night of labor to kadesh? The Night of the Divine Decree? What night? Are you going to have more people all over the world, calling upon Allah subhanaw taala standing up at night and recitation of the Quran in prayer, fasting that day, because it's the month of Ramadan? What night could possibly be greater than that? And what nights do the angels look forward to more than that particular night?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he talked about how many angels actually come down that night and one of the signs of later the other is that the amount of the descent of angels on that night is that they would literally steal the rays of the sun, the amount of light that comes and one of the reasons why it's called Laila to the other. The night of constriction is because the angels fill up the heavens and there is so much of the traffic of the angels between the heavens and the earth that they filled it all up, carrying those praises to Allah subhana wa Tada. in Jannah. They enter upon you from every door saying Salaam Alaikum be masterbatch to peace, peace, peace. On that

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night. What are they doing? They're going around to all of the houses of the believers and all the massages saying Salaam Salaam salaam, salaam. There is nothing more heaven like than that night, when the people are standing up in admiration and praise and glory of their Lord and the melodica recognize that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that on that night, there are more angels that come to the earth man either than Heslop than rocks that are on the earth. If you were to take every single rock on the earth, every stone and counted, the angels outnumber them on that night of labor to our aid or the allot of time. And he also said that there are more angels that

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night than stars in the galaxy, that come down to this earth to say Salaam Salaam salaam, salaam, all those angels that are looking for help us all those angels that are looking for, and they're finding it on that night in particular, and amongst them to NASA Lumumba or ro hilfi. Amongst them is none other than Djibouti. And it is the one who brought the Quran to the prophets lie Selim on that night comes down every single night to commemorate it on that night. But instead of descending upon the Prophet sallallahu it was for them to reveal it to him. He's descending upon us as we recite it and I want you to think about that had the youth were Khadija all the love on her was in

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the home and Djibouti and it is Salaam told the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to give her my salon give her salon from her Lord, what a mini salon and give her salon for me. And to realize that while you can never be like the profit slice on and have the order and reveal to you but you could be one of those people who doesn't just have any Angel come to your home who doesn't just have a bunch of angels around your house and you're called on what if it's your home? What if it's your salon? What if it's your place that God at His salon comes to, to particularly convey to you Salaam the way that he conveyed Salaam Khadija or the allowing her through the prophets lie Selim except

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this time coming to you to convey Salam as Allah Subhana hota Allah sends him there. So don't just think about having any recitation of the Quran. Don't just think about having any doubt make it spectacular. And don't discount the idea that maybe just maybe God has salon would come to your house to convey salon, and if anything we know for sure, but Allah Subhana hearts out of the Lord of gibreel and the angels watches you on this great night as you recite the poor hand and mail us parents are accepted from us.

In this episode of the Angels series of Ramadhan 2020, Imam Omar Suleiman touches on the presence of the angels on the most special night of the year, the night of laylatul qadr.

The Prophet s.a.w talked about how many angels come down on that night. The angels would literally steal the rays of the sun and the angels fill up the heavens carrying the praises to Allah swt.  On that night they are going around all the houses of the believers and the masajids saying “Salaam, Salaam, Salaam”.

The prophet s.a.w said that on the night of laylatul qadr the angels outnumber the rocks on earth.

And amongst them is Jibri’il a.s. So ponder on this – You could be one of the those people whom Allah sends JIbri’il to visit his house to convey his salam.  Hence what would it require for Jibri’il to visit you? Please listen to this episode for enlightenment.


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