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The importance of Islam's subhanaw taala is highlighted, including the sale of do wedding answers and support for those who support others. The speaker emphasizes the benefits of support and building a relationship with others, including the negative impact of deceptive practices on people's lives and reputation. Islam's subhanaw taala is seen as helping people achieve their dreams, with supportive and supportive behavior identified as beneficial.

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In allama, Allah wa salatu wa salam, O Allah, Allah, Allah Allah He was happy Omen Allah. Allah subhanaw taala certain Surah Surah. Man, can you read to herself, Sarah Tina z level VRC Omen Karna you read Ohara cydonia no de minha mama who Phil, Hirata minasi,

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which means to him who desires a harvest in the life to come in the era, we will grant an increase in his harvest. Whereas to him who desires a harvest in this world, we may give him something there off, but he will have no share in the blessings of the life to come.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from making such kinds of choices. My brothers and sisters, I want to remind myself and you

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that there are two kinds of people,

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there are people who sell their dounia to buy the answer. As I mentioned, in the in several of my code buzz about this a habit is one of the main

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There are any number of stories where the Sahaba for example, the story of Buddha, or the Allahu the story of,

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of Sahaba, Romero delanco, and many others, are stories where the Sahaba consciously

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gave up

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whatever they had in his world, in order to get rid of Allah subhanaw taala in order to get the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. And then there are the stories of the other people. Like the other man in the story of Buddha, who refused from masala is Allah salam, the promise of

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a tree in general meaning the promise of gender, he refused the promise of gender. And he chose to get a garden of date palms in this world. So we have both kinds of stories. Today, we live in a world where

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Allah subhanaw taala in his Rama, this is a great mercy of Allah because if Allah put us into the, into the tests that he put the Sahaba in, then I have absolutely no doubt that people like me will fail miserably. But Allah subhanaw taala is very merciful, and therefore he does not put us into such tests.

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But today, Allah subhanaw taala does not test us at all. He just gives us opportunities. And the opportunity that he gives some people

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is that

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is to support someone else, simply by lip service, support someone else simply by lip service, when that someone else is doing some good work, right. So we have many instances of many people who have Alhamdulillah, who start some good works, be those good works to do with the establishment of massage aid or some establishment of some charitable works for the sake of Allah subhanaw, taala and so on. And we have the opportunity of supporting them, sometimes awarding them with some small donation, in other cases supporting them just by just by speaking well about them. And in other cases, simply by remaining silent by doing by not criticizing and by not unnecessarily creating

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problems for such people. Now, in sha Allah, we have the hope from Allah subhanaw taala that if anyone who supports another person who is doing good work will get an equal reward Allah subhanho wa Taala his treasures are not lessened by the reward that he gives to people. And so they will get enough they will get equal to what but what about those who not only do not support the good works, but because they foresee some benefit for themselves personally, they not only do not support the good work, but they actually oppose the good work, Muslims opposing the work of masajid Muslims opposing the work of Dean, Muslims opposing the work of charity and so on and so forth. What is to

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be said about them? What is to be said about a Muslim doing it? I mean, there has to be a lot and we seem to have lost all sense of shame. Because there is no there's no here and left anymore, because how can a Muslim oppose a work which is done purely for the sake of Allah? If a Muslim opposes a Masjid, I mean if a person is not a Muslim opposes a Masjid, then one can say something but if a Muslim opposes a Masjid, what do you say to that person? What on earth can you say to that person? I am not going to say this is what this is what the state of Islam or that is the state of azima let him decide for himself. And when he meets monocle mouth, he will realize the state of azima and for

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that for Why are Why do we oppose because we see some personal work.

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benefit before see some worldly benefit in not having a Masjid nearby in not having a work of Dean happening nearby. I mean, you might think I'm crazy, because you might say well you know, how can you say that not having a Masjid nearby is seen as a benefit by a Muslim. You might say this, but there are Muslims, there are Muslims or people with Muslim names, who feel that having a Masjid nearby is actually not beneficial for them, because it it they feel that it reduces the value of their property or they feel that it reduces the the likelihood of them getting tenants in their shops or in their houses or in their apartments, because they are looking for tenants irrespective

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of whether the tenant is a Muslim or not are not a Muslim. And so, they are looking for the for the benefit of this dunya irrespective However, if there is a Masjid nearby, they do not see the value of five times of Salah by Jamaat in that budget, they do not see the value of the Quran being recited 24 hours in that Masjid, they do not see the value of Malacca, the noozle of Malacca in that Masjid and therefore also in their houses which are never near that Masjid.

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So, therefore, what do they oppose the formation of a merger, they oppose the establishment of a budget, they try to put difficulties in the in the way of establishing their budget, they become the people who stop others from this appeal of Allah subhanaw taala and allows one other promise to destroy them. Allah subhanho wa Taala promised to remove such blocks if those blocks come, and I give some time. And one must not mistake this good time that is given as a weakness on the part of Allah subhanaw taala take the dig the instance. Now for example, in places like Leicester, in the places like nanogen, in places like Birmingham, and many other suburbs in the in the UK, similar

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suburbs in the United States, similar situations in South Africa and other places where Muslims have established masajid. And then consciously they have moved into those locations and bought properties all around that master many times at a huge premium. They paid far more for that property, that house or that apartment, or the townhouse than it was worth, they paid much more for it. And then they moved into those townhouses, even though in some, many of them, they moved from the suburbs. So they were living in a much bigger house in a suburb, but they moved into a city center, they moved into a locality, which was not such a good locality. And they bought a property which was of not

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really the value that they paid for it. But they paid a premium for that property. Because they see the value of being next to a machine, they see the value of what that machine will do, to their house, to their children, to their families, to their own homes, they see the value of having a Masjid, and right next door to them so that all their Salah can be performed by Java, they see the value of the loser of the of the rock of Allah subhanaw taala any number of such stories go and look in the world. We'll see you fill out the go and see Allah subhanaw taala said, see what what Allah has created in the world. So go and see in the world and you will find any number of stories and May

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Allah subhanaw taala Brest bless those brothers and sisters who take those decisions of going and living close to Amazon and paying a premium for it because they realize that that premium they're paying is with Allah subhanaw taala and they will get a million times that reward on the day of judgement, but long before that, in this dunya itself they will feel the higher of this budget. On the other hand, you have as I mentioned earlier, people who are Muslims who deliberately put hurdles in the path of establishment of masajid in the part of the work of the dean and of course they will also inshallah benefit from the wrath and the anger of Allah subhanaw taala We ask Allah subhanaw

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taala to save us and keep us away from such people. We asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to remove such people and remove such blocks that they try to put in the path that leads to his worship and in the path that leads to his pleasure. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to separate us from such people and to remove such people from our lives and from our myths. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to surround us with people who seek only the pleasure of Allah, who do not seek the the the the foolish and the money of this world. In exchange for the widow of Allah, Allah Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to change our hearts so that our hearts will be focused only on pleasing Him. And if we and if this

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does not happen, then beware, the day will come when molekule mode will come to visit. And that when that molecule Mark comes to visit, then such people will realize the value of whatever they did. If they did good, then they will see the value of that and if they did not do good and they will

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See the value also of that was Allah la hora de Ville Karim while he was iVh may be Rama ticker Muhammad Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen