Yasir Qadhi – Trials & Loss In Light of Khidrs Journey With Musa

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people in a village in China who were so weaknessy and thirsty, they were not given food and they were mocked and mocked. They were walking out to city hall and getting small pieces of water, but they were not given anything. The choice of death is in the hands of Allah, not in our hands, and the choice of death is in the hands of Allah, not in our hands. The choice of death is in the hands of Allah, not in our hands, and the choice of death is in the hands of Allah, not in our hands. The speakers also discuss the importance of generosity in saving lives and protecting children, and mention upcoming primaries in India.
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ilaha illa Allah hula hula Sherry Kela what a shadow under Mohamed Abu humara pseudo Yeah, you already know I'm an otaku la helper to RT y la Timo tune in to Muslim moon. All Muslims, Allah subhanahu wa Tada has reminded us in the Quran to be conscious of him, when he says oh you who believe fear Allah as he deserves to be feared and do not die except in a state of submission to Him, dermal slim, This month marks two years of when this COVID pandemic began. Two years have gone by. It was this very month and this very week where news began to spread and within a few days, our Masjid had to shut down. And in these last two years, every single one of us without exception has

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been affected. We have suffered various types of trauma. Some of us have lost loved ones, all of us have lost friends, financially, there has been suffering as well. And it is during times like this where our Eman is tested, and where we have to renew our commitment to the ideals of our faith. And one of the most beautiful stories of the Quran that reiterates the wisdoms of why there's so much difficulty in this world is the story that we should read every single Friday. That is mentioned in Surah Al Kahf. And in today's brief chutzpah, I'm going to remind myself and you have a story that we have probably heard many times, but especially in light of difficulty, in light of tragedy, in

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light of loss, this story takes on new meaning. And every single time I come back to this story and read it, I find something beneficial, or I'm reminded of something that I had lost track of simply because as Allah says, We're that cared for in the Vicara, tenfold more meaning keep on reminding, because reminding benefits the believers, and this is the story of Kidder and Musa alayhis salam, and the three incidents that took place, each one of which involves pain, and suffering and trauma and loss. And through navigating these stories, we find comfort, and we find relevancy in our in our own pains and tragedies. Allah tells us in the Quran, and in fact, the profitsystem give a very

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detailed Hadith that explains it, and it today's hold by I'll mix the two together, that once Musa alayhis salam stood up and he gave a horrible lecture. And it moved the people so much that one of the people have been thrown, Ill said, oh Musa, you are the most knowledgeable person on earth, right? There's nobody more knowledgeable than you. He was so impressed with the hotbar of Musa, the lecture of Musa that he said, You are the most knowledgeable rights and Musa alayhis salam, not knowing who could be more knowledgeable than him made an assumption. And he said, Yes, I am the most knowledgeable person on earth. And it was an assumption because he's a prophet. And he has, in his

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own mind the justification to make that assumption. Immediately Gibreel came down and said to Musa How could you say something without knowledge? Indeed there is somebody else on Earth that Allah has given knowledge that you do not have

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and you should not have said you're the most knowledgeable. Musa alayhis salaam immediately asked forgiveness and then asked Allah permission to go travel to study with this person of knowledge. This is what you call humility. Nobody on Earth is all knowledgeable of everything. Allah is an alim. Allah says well, fo a coolie the ilman alim. Every one of us who has knowledge there is somebody who has more knowledge than you. You might be an expert in one field, but you cannot be an expert in all fields, and even the prophets each one has knowledge the other does not have. So Musa alayhis salam asked permission that may go travel. And our scholars say this was the first time

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somebody traveled for

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For the sake of knowledge, knowledge is attained via traveling and studying knowledge is attained one on one, not just from the books, books are secondary with knowledge also comes Musleh hubba being with the teacher seeing the spiritual reality of the teacher, and so Musa alayhis salam Request permission, lets me go and study with this person. Yeah Allah. So Allah says, Okay, I give you permission. Musa says how will I find him? Allah says, go until where the rivers meet some say where the two streams of the Red Sea others have other interpretations where the two streams or the two seas meet and take with you a fish where that fish disappears, you will find that person so Musa

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and his Fattah his his, his, not his son, but his servant, you should have known they started traveling and they went far and wide and they had that sign of the fish with them. Then one time they went to sleep and the fish miraculously disappeared. You shot FORGOT TO TELL Musa they continued onwards. Then Musa said give me my dinner. I'm very tired. I have we haven't found this guy. You will shot then said Remember when we stopped at that place? I forgot to tell you that the fish miraculously disappeared. That was the place for third da 30 Mount Kasasa they returned back all the way here our scholars say of the wisdoms is that Allah is testing Musa and his patience

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knowledge is never gained except via patience except via multiple paths and you have to cross those paths. So Allah is testing Musa and Musa did not get frustrated with Lucia said it's an honest mistake. They went back all the way to that place. And there they found a person that all around him was green. And this is why he is called hidden or holder. Our Prophet has told us this. The reason why he's called hudud it's a name not a it's a it's an adjective, not a proper name, his actual name we do not know but he is called a hoarder. Because wherever he would go, the Earth would become green with vegetation. And so his laptop or his title was Hodel or Heather, and they found this man

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sitting there. And Musa says to him assalamualaikum Hodder says how do you know Salam in this land where there are no other Muslims? Musa says I am Musa of the people of Bani Israel in her there says oh you are that Musa what are they called was salam. Notice how they knew of Musa he didn't recognize Musa and Musa did not know how that until Allah told them how there was automatically we see how there has some knowledge Musa does not have because how they're understood all you are Musa of the bunnies are ill, and he knew who he was, but he did not recognize him. This also shows us that how there was not an angel, or else you wouldn't recognize Musa this also shows us and we're

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going to learn as well that Khalid was a prophet of Allah. This is the correct opinion. Some say he was a righteous saint, but in reality he was a prophet, because how there says to Musa that I have knowledge that Allah has given me that he has not given you and you have knowledge that Allah has given you he has not given me 100 is saying I have knowledge that Allah has given me automatically this makes him a prophet when Allah gives you knowledge directly. I tell you now Hora Mata min nd now our alumna who mill dune Ilma This is a real mela Dhoni a real from Allah subhanho wa taala. So how are they saying, I have knowledge you do not have and you have knowledge I do not have this

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indicates that how there is indeed a prophet Musa says, Let me travel with you. Now again, the whole story is beyond the whole, the details, we can go over verse by verse, but the three main stories that we need to emphasize number one, the first story, of course, how the puts the condition. If you want to come with me, I have one condition, you cannot speak to me, You cannot ask me for explanation until I tell you you have to trust me and how the denies or negates that you won't be able to be patient Yeah, Musa, you wouldn't understand what I'm going to do. And this shows us by the way, one of the benefits of knowledge is tolerance Wallahi we see this fanaticism only comes

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when you don't have knowledge, hardcore opinions come in patients come when you don't have knowledge. So either who had some knowledge that Musa did not have the raw Heather says to Musa in occulta Sati Amaya sabara. Because when you don't have him, or you think you have him or for you or him is only just one perspective or one opinion, the minute you hear another opinion, you lose your patience. This is not true. It cannot be correct. But when you have him, you become more open minded. You understand you become more tolerant. So Heather says to Musa you're not going to be able to understand you're going to be impatient. You don't have the types of knowledge I do. And Musa

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says no, no, I want to learn, I'm going to learn and so three incidents happen each one of them Musa loses his patience. The first one as you're aware, they don't have any money. These are the prophets of Allah and they don't have money in their pockets, but they need to go on the ship. So when they're going on the ship, they ask who can take them and the one ship that is willing to take them is the poorest ship. They are the

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Most Generous, which is another irony, generally speaking, the poor are more generous than the rich in terms of their heart. Generally speaking, the more people have, the more stingy you become. And Allah says in the Quran, if you had the treasures of all the heavens and earth, you would become extremely miserly. This is what Allah is saying in the Quran. So the poor Messiah King gave them a free ride. None of the rich ships gave them a free ride the poor Masaki and said, y'all no problem come with us. We'll take you across the ocean. And so Musa and Heather went on their ship, when the fishermen are on top 100 comes, takes an axe or takes a metal rod and he cracks a hole in the

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fisherman don't know what's happening. The boat is about to sink, they go back to the shore, before they can discover Khalid and Musa get off the boat and Musa loses his patience. These were poor people, they were generous, why would you destroy their ship? Why would you do that? Heather says I told you, you can't be patient. Musa says you're right, I forgot. I'm not going to do it again. Hardly has this conversation finished when they come across a whole um, a child playing on the beach, on the on the on the sand on the shore, and right then and there for Katella, who he executes. And this clearly shows this is not a Awali or a saint, this is a prophet of Allah, no one

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has the right to do this. Unless Allah commands them. No one has the right to do something like this. Unless it is a Nebby who has an explicit command from Allah and that's something you cannot make an ology or chaos on. So he does this deed Musa has not forgotten the contract the contract or the condition. But what has happened now is beyond you cannot remain quiet. He says, How dare you kill an innocent child? How could you do this? And Heather says, Look, I told you didn't I? I told you, you will not be patient. And Musa understood that, yes, this was another test. So now he put a condition on himself. And Musa says, okay, you know what, three strikes and I'm out one more time,

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and I'm not going to accompany you, we're going to part our ways you have one, I'm not going to able to be patient with you. Then they're traveling, they're hungry, again, no food, and they pass by the city. And as you're all aware, in those times, and in that civilizations, all civilizations, when you are hungry and thirsty, and you pass by your city, it is the Hulk or the right of humanity, that you give a glass of water, you give a small piece of bread, it's the hulk of humanity, all people do, this is the way of the world when a traveler goes into your city has nothing else you just give him just from the wild going get some water. However, in this particular city, in this particular

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village, they were so stingy, they didn't even give them that glass of water. They didn't even give them some water from the well still when they were expelled and they were mocked and they were made fun of and they're walking out to city hall the bills the part of the wall that was there and Musa is tired, frustrated, angry, hungry, he says the least you could have done they didn't give us food and water, get some money for your for your effort, so that we can buy some food and water and how that fulfills his condition that Musa put from now on, we're going to park our ways. And now let me explain. And in this explanation, brothers and sisters, in this explanation, every time a tragedy

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happens to one of us, we should read this surah again, every time a calamity, because the first calamity is the loss of money is the loss of possession or belonging. The second calamity is the loss of life is the loss of someone you love. The third calamity, it is the prolonging of suffering, you're in pain, you're in suffering and there's no end in sight. And every one of these calamities we face them regularly, the first calamity, the loss of something that you own your material possession. In this particular case, the foot caught off this ship this doubt this dingey It was owned by a multiple of people, not even one. They're so poor, they can't even afford one fishing

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boat. So five or 10 people have come together, pooled their resources and purchased a fishing boat. The rest of the city is wealthy. This is the poorest lot and how their says you don't know, Allah told me that a king is going to come and going to confiscate all of the ships for his navy, and this ship that it has a hole in it, that king doesn't have the patience to repair it. He's gonna leave that ship and take all the rest of the ships in the harbor such that when the king leaves, the only ship left in the entire village will be this fisherman's ship. So from being the poorest of the poor, they become literally multimillionaires because they have the only ship in the entire village.

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You don't know by putting this one hole. I save them from a much larger calamity. And I swear to you brothers and sisters, how many stories I have experienced and my close friends and colleagues and people that have told me that some tragedy happened and they're wondering why did this happen? It caused them inconvenience, only to discover that tragedy was Wallahi a blessing in disguise. In one particular case. There was a minor car accident where the tire was was broken the car had to move out of the way

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and people are frustrated and hygiene no matter what's going on, hours are delayed. Turns out that had they been on the road, there was actually a major oil spill and a much worse disaster that might even have cost their lives by saving the car. But with one tire flat, they were wasting an hour, their lives were saved, had they been on the road, Allah knows what would have happened if they had been going and that major accident took place. Allah saved them by just putting a tire puncture, save the entire car. And there are so many other stories that I have witnessed, and I have seen and no tragedy happens, except that we put our trust in Allah that what Allah has saved us from is more

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than what this tragedy has cost us. There has to be a sense of Eman until what cool. It also shows us by the way, this story that the way to save yourselves from calamities is generosity. Why did Allah save the ship of these fishermen? Why did Allah choose this ship to save because they were the most generous, they were the ones who even though they didn't have money they were willing to give from their ship, allow the people to come on their boat for free. This shows us when you're good unto others, when you're kind unto others. When you're generous unto others, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will protect you don't be stingy from Allah's blessings, thinking that holding it in your hand is

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going to bring Allah's blessings. When you give to others, Allah azza wa jal will give you back much more. So we learned from this story that when a tragedy happens, one of the best ways to save yourself is you be of benefit to other people. And when that happens, console yourself that what Allah has saved me from is much more we might lose a job, we weren't losing income, we might be in some minor accident, whatever happens, put your toe couldn't trust that the bigger picture is something I don't understand. But Allah knows. And I don't know, as for the second, which is indeed a very traumatic story, and especially in light of the last two, three weeks where incidents around

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the globe of innocent children you know, having very difficult that's in Morocco and of understand other places, these types of things that happen and it's times like this where we all wonder why what's going on, people who don't have faith began to question the wisdom of God or even the existence of God. And we remind ourselves of this story, we remind ourselves of this story that Allah has the wisdom and indeed, nobody can understand the suffering of a parent who has lost a son or daughter except another parent. It is a tragedy that ask Allah to protect myself and yourself from there is no tragedy. It is said that is more painful than that tragedy. Allah Houma except one

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and that is you know, if a young child passes away, well Llahi it is a suffering and pain not meant to trivialize at all, but the memory of a beautiful child is going to be forever and inshallah you will be reunited with a child in Jannah. But worse than this is a child that grows up to be an obstinate young man who is rude and rejecting of his parents who will constantly cause tension who will constantly being distressed and grief and shame. That is a worse pain than the pain of an innocent child that is gone and whose memory remains pure. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, In the Surah, that Allah knew that this child would cause them pain, this child would give them grief

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throughout their lives. And because they were good, Allah wanted to give them a beautiful child. This was not the child that was right for them. So Allah bless them with 510 years of a beautiful child took the child away, remember his remain Jenna is there then Allah will substitute a better child for them. We learned from this so many things of them. Obviously the most simple one is that life and death is in the hands of Allah. It's not in our hands. When death occurs, we have to have an acceptance in the law he was in a layer on your own. We also accept that when death occurs, it was the best for that person. We don't know when death is best, we don't know. But Allah knows and

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Allah will choose the death that is the best for the righteous person, whether it's a child whether it's a 50 year old, whether it's a 90 year old, Allah knows best when is the best time to take that person soul so we accept Allah Scudder. Yes, we can be sad, yes, we can grieve, but deep down inside, there must be an acceptance that Allah knows the best time I'm not the one who knows the future. Allah knows the future. So we accept this as well. Another benefit we learned from this beautiful phrase here is that and we learned there's some of the Hadith as well. Never does Allah take something away from you, and you are patient, except that Allah will give you something better

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than what he has taken away. Never is some tragedy occurring to you never do you lose someone or something and you are patient, except that ALLAH will substitute something or someone that is better for you. Just be patient and you will find something in your life. It's not going to fill the empty hole of that lost loved one. That's a special place that's a special place in your heart. But Allah will give you other good and other blessings that will be

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Therefore you because you were patient. This is very explicit that Allah wanted to substitute and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, whoever leaves something for the sake of Allah, Allah will give him something better than what was taken away. Allah will give him something better than what was taken away. We learned from this as well. The third instance, we learned from the story is that there were, there were two orphans, their father had died. And their father was a righteous man. And he had left a treasure under this portion of his wall. He had a wall at the end of the city, poor man very end of the city is his house, and he has a treasure. He thought one day he tell

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his sons about it, but he dies before his sons are old. So the sons do not know. So they live a very difficult life a very a life of hardship. And look at these people of the city. They did not give Musa another a glass of water. What do you think they would have done? If they discovered a treasure for two little kids? What do you think they would have done? Would they have given it to the kids, they would have confiscated it? So Allah subhanho wa Taala delayed that discovery, despite the fact that the mother of these children put yourself in her situation, she must be wondering, my husband was a righteous man, where is that piety? Now? Where is all of the good that we were supposed to

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have? She might be making dua to Allah constantly for risk for sustenance. And she does not realize because again, we don't know. And Allah knows that if that sustenance, if that treasure were to be discovered today, which she wants, she doesn't want to delay 10 years. She wants it right here and now. But she doesn't know if she gets it now. She's not gonna see any of it. Plus one, do you really need wealth when the kids are two when they're 21? Do you really need wealth when the young men are able to take the money defended, invested, do something with it. So Allah subhana wa Tada protected the piety of the dead father, and this shows us another point brothers and sisters, you want to

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protect your children, you want to have your children to be righteous, you want to give them the best of the deen and the dunya. The way you do so is you start with yourself, what kind of a boo hoo ma saw they have, by the way, even in the second story, their parents were righteous. So Allah wanted to give them a righteous kid, who amongst us does not want to write your son or daughter, who amongst us does not want to a loving, caring, generous, good human being as a son and daughter, well, Allah who we all do, how do we get that? And how do we give our children the best? We begin with ourselves? We begin with ourselves, our own o'clock our own manners, our own worship and

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relationship of Allah, what can abou whom Allah saw they have their father was a good man. That's what Allah says. So the money of the children was given to them because their father was a good man, you want to take care of your kids, you begin with your own piety. You want to give them the best of this world, even before your job and career you begin with your own inner spirituality. That is step number one, what kind of a boo home outside of your home, the point being, in this case we learn. Sometimes you're afflicted with a tragedy, sometimes you're afflicted with a calamity, and you don't see the end in sight, but you don't understand it is there for a reason. And that delay even though

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you don't know it is actually for a reason that you will maybe see later on in all of these three stories, that one underlying current and theme is we must accept Allah as other and trust that it is the best for us. Because what Allah decides is always going to be what is best for us, whether we understand it or whether we do not understand it. And that is one of the biggest blessings of believing in Allah as other in the man of Allah's other which is one of the fundamentals of our faith. May Allah Subhana Allah bless me and you within who the Quran and may make us of those who is versus they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan ask Allah's forgiveness

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you as well ask him for his the whole food and the ramen.

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Alhamdulillah helwa headed I had a summit a lady Amelia William EULA while I'm your co loco foreign I had to do

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dear Muslims on the international scene as usual so much is going on. Where does one even begin? We see what is happening. Of course the long list of the past the Uighur situation, Muslims of Burma follow Steen, currently what is happening in India and now we see the invasions of Ukraine and whatnot.

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In today's brief half Hold on a second hold but I want to remind myself and all of you of one of the things I have been saying consistently, one of the one of the not the only and not number one, but one of the things that we should be cognizant and aware of, is the fact that Allah has blessed us to be living in this land. This is a land that has a lot of power. It is the land that is the number one superpower in the world. And Allah has blessed us to be citizens of this land. We have safety and security and we have the power to

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influence our local politics and politicians. I have said this many times. I don't believe this is the number one tactic, but it's also not something we should ignore. Yes, we begin with ourselves. Yes, taqwa and spirituality is number one. But one of the tools, one of the tactics, one of the means is to see who it is that is in power, and who it is that is in the best interests of humanity in the best interests of peace in the best interests of our own civic lives. Brothers and sisters, participating in the political process of this land is really something that is a no brainer, especially after the last 25 years have shown us what happens when we are apolitical, we cannot

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allow politicians who have nothing to do with us to dictate unto us how to live our lives, if you're not going to participate in the political process that in and of itself is a type of participation. And whether you like it or not, even if you don't participate, automatically, other people will be and your lack of participation will be its own influence. This is a part and parcel of the country that we live in. And we are currently seeing the the this is currently the week of voting and next week is going on, and especially epic and Hamdulillah, we're going to be having polling stations for the first time, this is the first time we're going to have polling stations in our own Masjid. Now,

00:26:18 --> 00:26:58

by the way, when we have a polling station in our own vicinity, and masjid, politicians can monitor and track the votes, they're not going to see your name or whatnot. But they'll see that this community predominantly voted in this manner predominantly voted for that candidate. What this shows is that they will see that we have a block vote, they will see that our own community is not a community that can be ignored in the cities that we're in. And in the districts that we're in, there are 10s of 1000s of people like us 10s of 1000s, we have the potential to influence at the electoral level, we have the potential to influence and this week is the week of the primaries, this is even

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more important that we get involved. Why because the primaries is when the candidates are selected. And for whatever reason in this country primaries, hardly anybody goes to 10% of the will go to so if large groups go to the primaries, you can actually influence more than later on. So this is the week of the primaries, I cannot tell you who to vote for, that's not something we're allowed to do. That's your job, choose the lesser of the two evils, choose the one who will look at what is going on in the world choose the one who will at least give statements against the wiggers against what is happening in India, because in reality, let us not underestimate the PR that those countries want.

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You do not know if a Senator for Congressman releases a statement, it might affect policy at the national level. And not just this, our politics isn't just foreign. We're also concerned about what's going on here, our jobs, our health care, our education, it's our job to be educated, who is running for our districts, who are the people that are going to be ruling over us, whether you like it or not your taxes and mine are their salary. These are our representatives. So the least that we should do is to do our homework to do our research. And there are organizations, Muslim and otherwise, that are doing this work for you. If you don't know, ask around, but the least we should

00:28:10 --> 00:28:48

be do is to be aware and then make a conscious decision, even if you choose not to. And I'm not saying you must, even if you choose not to do so based upon knowledge based upon your understanding that all of these people in your opinion, are not worth your support. That's your decision. That's up to you. But at the very least be aware and influence and petition and call. And you know what brothers and sisters, as our numbers and quantities increase, and as our political participation increases, it's only a matter of time before the very people that are supposed to rule over us are going to get our feedback. There are communities just as small as ours, but they are politically

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powerful. No person runs for office, except that they meet with those communities. They get the approval from those communities, they see what is what is this community's interested in for whatever reason, we Muslims of America haven't gotten to that level yet. Even though we have the numbers and we have the wealth, Wallah. Here we have the numbers and we have the wealth. But because we are apolitical by and large, and because we're recent groups of immigrants, this is going to take a while but the change has to be from now we can influence our local politics, our foreign politics, our domestic politics, but in order to do so, we need to be actively involved. So my ask of you is

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very simple. Do your research, do your homework, know who's running and what are their stances if you don't know give them a call give them a Your shout out if you agree or your disagreement make sure they know who you are and slowly but surely every one of us can make a difference. I ask Allah subhana wa Tada PhotoFiltre Nicholas and hedaya Allah how many Danka amino Allah Muhammad atta if you had to meet them, but ILAHA Fatah, wa ala Hammond Illa for a while then Illa Kobita while they're married on Illa, feta, whether I see it on Illa sorta Allah ma Filipina with the one in LED Saba una Eman

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What are Dr Phil KHUDOBIN? Hillel Alladhina amanu Robina in Cairo for Rahim, Allah Houma is Islam over Muslimeen Allah Houma la Jana overall Islam and Muslim Ebisu in Faisal lumen FC, which acted mute on feeted BT here. Kuya Aziz Rivas Allah in Allah Tala Amara can be embedded ABB enough see within the maniacally who to say whether that's a become a you know mean Genie we're insane for all the Iseman calling it map in Allah Hamanako saloon other Nebby you are letting Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with us NEMA Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Abdo silica Muhammad Ali he was like a big marine about Allah in Allah to Allah yeah motorable Adley what exactly what is the orba wayang

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fascia it will Moon carry Well basically the document Allah come to the Quran or the Quran, Allah and Allah ma the Quran which guru he has come what are the Quwata time is Salah.

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and jelly either

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me, Mr. Heaton Dawsey any wanna tell

00:31:11 --> 00:31:13

me what to feed

00:31:16 --> 00:31:17

at what

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feels cool Ruby mimma. Janita Anza down to Isla.

00:31:29 --> 00:31:31

De down

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