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Assalamu Aleikum greetings of peace, welcome to the D show. And we're gonna go ahead and bring on the mom from the Christ Church Masjid. This is where 52 innocent people were massacred, gunned down. And not just that 47 wounded. You have innocent men, women and children who were in a house of worship a house of God, praying the same way, Jesus prays to the one, and only created the heavens and earth. And then you had this terrorists, who we don't even call a Christian, even though he was a Christian, he wasn't acting according to the teachings of Christ, the Messiah, the messenger that God Almighty sent to guide humanity at that time, who was a brother to Muhammad, peace and blessings

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be upon all of them, who came with the same message of worship the Creator, not the creation, this is who we're going to be talking about.

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And also, we're going to be having a picture painted from the Imam who was actually there giving the hood but he was there giving to Hooda when he heard a crack in the door,

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and then the person that welcome this terrorist said, Peace be with you. Come on welcome, brother. And then he got got gunned down himself. So we have a lot to talk about, we can go ahead and hear this story. And for our brothers and sisters in humanity, the good people out there, they can go ahead and help to prevent something like this happening again, because hate breeds hate. And when we let this hate propaganda against Islam, and Muslims spread with the wrong information, the media helping to hide many of those fringe elements that might do something when you know, and I know that statistically, when you look into the facts, they know that you have more of a chance of getting

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killed by your furniture, or the lightning, then you do some Muslim radical extremists. It's all hype. And you're going to get to hear this story of the real terrorists who killed and gunned down these people in a house of worship with the mom from Christ Church, when we come back. Peace be with you. Salaam Alaikum.

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I'm very pleased to be with you in England.

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Thank you for the invitation. You welcome share you welcome Shay. So in our limited amount of time, I wanted to just spend some time with you talking about, you know, Christ Church, the community there, where you had gunned down you had is it 52 innocent human beings 47 wounded. And these were people who are in a house of God. These were people who are in a house of worship, who are coming far away, you know, from harming anybody. And then you had this criminal, this evil individual come down, and you were actually giving to Hooda on that day when this happened. Is that correct? Yeah, that's correct. handler

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I'll show her that are alive as Allah subhanaw taala promised that there'll be music

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there Do not think that the deed by that they actually truly

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live and was Allah Subhana Allah wa ask Allah Subhana Allah to put them in the hostage and now with an MBA understood the pain in the shoulder.

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Can you describe for us that day? So you wake up you probably do what every Muslim should be doing? Obviously, you know, you you woke up praying fudger You know, you're getting ready. Describe you had something to eat. Describe that day, the day leading up to this evil act that happened, please.

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Yeah, as you said, Brother, it's a it's a Friday. For me. I prepared my speeches Norman.

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I'm now 20 years Imam.

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So I prepared myself to be talking about I want to talk a lot. Well, I want someone with one that people should cooperate in doing good things as you're doing and with the brother from Japan. But I met and he enjoyed his

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and late into the mosque as Norman

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you know,

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I'm always

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talk frankly, in the freely with all the things I like to say and without hiding anything in my heart I what I want to say I say so as normal, you know, some Muslims are they always you know, fight, as you say about the leadership of the mosque and the staff in the in the office when I was printing my speech. They were you know, it was the election time for the organization and

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you have the right to stand and understand and the staff, you have to stoop down and all these things and I said to them, that they need to become an enabler.

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He wants to stand and it is his right. And they need to accept that. And the people need to decide who should be the president and the treasurer, and so on.

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unfortunately, as you can see, I don't want to talk about this, though this is a lesson for us that we should always you know, use the shoulder and accept each other. And it is a responsibility to be in charge of a mosque or any organization, it is not something that a person should be, you know, trying

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to put others down and try to, you know, so

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I lifted them and I give them advice, is they don't try to influence any political decision in the mosque, because this is not my job. And my job is just a spiritual advice.

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I went to the UN member, and we started on who bought it what it is, we started in summer, we started in at 130. And also another lesson for any imams or people out there. In the non Muslim environment, we have to out for us, we have to fix it a Friday Prayer not to wolf like this prayer has to be fixed so that people they can tell their, you know, employers that this that the Friday prayer is in this specific time. So it is 130 in summer and 1230 in

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in winter. So I started my speech in Arabic as normal, just introduction, given the core of my speech, what is it about an Arabic And then I started my English

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course after then. So we started at 130. And then probably two, three minutes, and then finished, and then I started 141 41. I hear that a crack in the corridor. I stand in an honor, while I'm standing on a member, I can see part of the corridor, and it is very long corridor leading out.

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So I thought that somebody from this factions, two groups, you know, is not happy about the election. So the election was due next Saturday. So it was one week before the election in the mosque. So I thought that somebody he started fireworks, because it is New Zealand, and there is a strong bond between the Muslim and all citizens of New Zealand. It's a very peaceful country, very beautiful. And I never expected that such hate crime could happen in New Zealand. Unfortunately, I was really,

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I could say the youth, I knew, I never thought that this could happen in New Zealand.

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I never also read about white supremacists and stuff. I never thought about all these things.

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As a Muslim, just a very

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peaceful place. peaceful religion, we practice it freely, and we share it with the community if anybody wants and our mosque was open almost like 24 hours, we didn't have lock to the mosque was open 24 hours, sometimes, you know, people in the street, they come and even sleep in the mosque, we come and visit the time we find people using the toilet. And

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so it was really, really, really peaceful place.

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So when I saw the crack and the lights, I thought that it's fireworks by a person who is not happy with the election and the candidates. So I kept looking at it and the people who are jumping, basically, you can imagine it brother, basically to the roof of the mosque, I can see people on top of each other to the roof of the mosque in the guru door.

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And behind them, I can see one person standing and they the lights is coming from that person

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a flashing lights and

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also, here's the crack. And then I kept looking at it for like four times and people were jumping in basically flying.

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And then one person on the right from Algeria. He said the shooting. I looked at him he broke the window and he

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off throw the window he went

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and then another person on my left is also shooting and he ran quickly.

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Everybody was still sitting and looking at the back because the the the the main gate or the main door of the mosque is from the back. So

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I felt like something went beside me like this, and looked somewhat at this. And then another another bullet down there, I don't remember I look, it looks like a flower in the in the carpet and looked like this and they looked again. And then I saw that killer, the terrorist, one of the

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I made the room

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opposite to me there with with a big sliding door, I saw the the foul arm, and I saw his heads.

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And then I wanted down.

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And they

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the whole mosque. Like people were flying from everywhere.

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And then it was horrible to hear this bullets, and the shelves falling on my head and other people who are were hiding as well. And

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we're and I hear that the music and the songs coming from somewhere. At that time, I didn't know that it was from this color, it was opening the speaker. And

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so people, some people say a lot,

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a lot and I can the bullets actually you can't imagine how high they are, and harmful to your ears. And in the

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event that you bought phones from the roof from the walls, in the smoke from the fire arms. I didn't know that it was one person, I thought that five people because the speakers are every word in every room in the mosque. And you can hear the echo from everywhere. I thought that probably 567 people and everyone in one room and live from all the sides of the mosque.

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They the member was shaking and the ground also was shaking. And I thought that

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something really big is happening is not what is it's a war.

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all of a sudden he stopped. And then they looked at that time I looked to see who is that person who was changing the magazine. And I saw a person in military uniform with the helmet and things on his elbow and around his neck and around his knees. And fully your army uniform. And then I thought that all the bonds that we have between us and in New Zealand is was not true. And I thought that this is the New Zealand army because the earth was moving, the ground was moving, the walls were moving as well. I thought that tanks have behind the mosque as well, because everything was moving. And then I thought that

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this is not only in clashes on all the mosques in New Zealand.

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That person that was for like 20 or less seconds. And then a person who was hiding here run. And then this person he quickly he opened the fire on him he was Egyptian. And he after we finished a fact I found him did by the entrance of the mosque.

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And then I hit off the this the unknown the person as we call him here in New Zealand. And then the person

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started to fire at the people who are already on the ground. The approach he came he went very close or a little bit and

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many bullets and then I heard the his footsteps going out of the mosque.

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But I saw that he was standing in front on the gate or he is entering the other rooms.

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But actually I found out later that he was outside because you can still hear that the bullets.

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And then one person from the garden room I call it from the left side of the mosque. He came from the back and he was walking I hear his footsteps. And because too many people are

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making very strange noise as you know, after they, you know the shooting, they were shot. So I couldn't hear exactly what he was saying. I thought that he was also a killer. And he moved from the garden room to the middle room and to the door where the killer was also shooting through before and due to the corridor. And I felt that he is standing in front of the office and the management. And then I thought that he was was also a kid

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and then all of a sudden from the front again

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He'll do that three shot.

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I thought it was this brother was brought up for sale from Egypt and Alexandria.

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And I came after the king of lift. I saw him did in front of the. And also I didn't know that he was not a killer, I saw that he was, you know, a killer. Otherwise it could have come out when the other people, but we're not sure if he was a killer. And because he was not talking he didn't. He was talking very slowly. And the other people also talking, we don't know what's really weird. It was horrible time. We didn't, we couldn't decide.

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And then when the Caleb came back, again, in the mosque, he was really

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angry from this, from what I can feel.

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So and he went to those people who were saying Shahada, or saying Allahu Akbar, and that that time was in the heat. So he was shooting them in the head. So he left, he left, came back, and then did his second round of killings. Yes, so and then we can also people outside when he was going outside. And when he went to his car, to get to change the firearms, he also went to the carpark from the site, he was from far away, and he killed basically one person from I measured it, probably more than 90 meter, far away from him, he killed him as a Syrian boy, he was actually talking to his mother telling her that there was a shooting, and my father is inside. And I got my brother and he

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shot. And then his mother here, the the shoot the shooting, and then he was killed. While his mother was talking to him on the phone.

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He came back, so and he was killing people in the heat at that time. And some people were actually killing him. I call it after this, that they were telling him that they're still alive. Some people pretend to did some people were not, you know, that was. So they keep saying a lot.

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A lot. So he would go to that head. And that's why it took a long time to actually identify those people. Because they their face and they've hit actually.

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yeah, they're not clear. So when the mother came from Jordan and the soul sister to see her son, when she saw him, she got half the tech and also she died, which just one week, before, three days, or four days after the attack when she saw her son.

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So it was really one thing. So now the killer.

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I, at that time, I was thinking of

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my children, and I am now in the best place in the best of time. And I'm giving called what I started to think about my sins and what is going to happen. And before that I had a series of football about the Day of Judgment. Now I was telling myself, you know, I used to talk about the judgment of Surat and me and Miss Anne and Alcantara and a local diner de la supernote eila. Dinner then I thought that, Neil now this time, this time, I'm going to see this in reality. It is not about speaking about them anymore. And then

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I saw my cell phone a Surat, within medica to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And so that that's good enough for me. And I will go to agenda and I was waiting for my turn any second inequality shoot, I thought that it is coming to my head. And it took like it was it was very surprised for me to know that was only 60 minutes, I thought that it was 40 or 140 minutes or one hour.

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Because of the how many bullets I hear. And I I hoped that he could have finished us because it was very hard to hear the bullets and my ear couldn't actually hear

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bill anymore to all these bullets.

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He finished, he left.

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And then one person he came to me and he said Ma'am, I know that you're there come out I wanted to start to stand up but I couldn't. Basically my head was between my between my knees like this. And I didn't know how did I do that in this way.

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I have pain here and I my neck all the time. And they don't know how, you know they there is no medical treatment for this. But he pulled me and I stood there. And that was the Hollywood thing I've seen in my life. And

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I think if they have taken me with my eyes closed, it could have been better for me

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to live my life as normal. But when I saw all what I have seen,

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when I saw those brothers, and the children lying there and part of bodies,

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it was the Hollywood thing in my life.

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I wanted to call 111. But I forgot that number of the police.

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I couldn't remember it. And somebody said that the person who helped me he said that many people call to the police, we just need to come out because too much smoke inside you can't you can to breathe because of the of the job board, you know, from the from the bullets and the shins. And also that the lead from the firearms.

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When I was ready to walk, I saw a person coming from under a big pile of brothers there with all the blood on his head and his body. And he was crawling with the bullets in his legs. And then I saw part of a hit of a browser on that brother's back with that also his brain on his back on his back. I felt like my brain is going to just something is going to happen to my head, I put my hands on my on my head like this. And we started to run outside.

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We would jump in people and the blood everywhere.

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In the

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I came by the front door, and I saw the fire one of the fire arms a lift with white words written on it.

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And then I realized that the police is standing by the fence and he was calling everybody in a speaker come outside if you ought to live come outside. So we went out there. And actually I stopped talking at that time. I couldn't talk. I wanted to talk but I couldn't. Because people were asking me about their family members. And I wanted to talk but I couldn't talk.

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Like 40 minutes or one hour I couldn't talk and people come to me and talk to me. I can understand. I can see them but I want to answer them but I couldn't answer

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when I saw this sister on the footpath with hair with it hip open, cut open Connect.

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And brother sitting beside here and he took off his jacket put it on her head

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that was the sister who the killer

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should have and then drive the car on her hip.

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And then I saw another sister she was on the driveway of our neighbors She was also shoot

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in the ambulance and the police mini police came and they asked us to walk to hospital will close through the hagley Park. And

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we also get there but they still got to actually got us to the hospital. I didn't have my shoes. My wife came running from you know the other side of the

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road to dinner Avenue. And we walked to hospital.

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It was really a horrible thing to talk about. It is the horrible thing to talk about in

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the world now have seen that the hate speech can turn into hate right? Absolutely. Yeah.

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That that is a that's something that Now, obviously, do you how do you feel when you see this beautiful way of life that you live being maligned and the double standards? Because when I was listening like many

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and watching the news reports, and then he actually filmed this live. And then many people didn't catch it. Because the song that he was playing it was a chetnik song and my family's from Bosnia. So we know that after World War Two, the greatest genocide that happened was in Bosnia. And you had again we don't like label because you had so many good Christians and you know, it's not about

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Dividing but you see a lot of times the the effects of the media that push this division in this hate radical Islam Islamic to submit your will to the credit to have as an orbit can't be radical but look how saving sensitive we are. We don't go because when I heard this song shear he was singing this curse this song that these these extreme Christians, Serbian Christian again I have Serbian friends I have you know many Christian friends this is that that that extreme group within like we have in every bunch of people. So now you also have him many people don't know, you know and you don't hear the media talk about it he went to he was a fan of Andrew brevik who also killed 77

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people. He he went to go get this blessings from these Templar Knights as a Christian organization on his gun. He had many of these Crusader dates. You had him also a fan of Radovan courage you notice a big war criminal? Again, we don't blame Christianity. So how do you feel when you see Islam, you know, as soon as they get any shot? Any any chance? Right? It could be someone who's totally doing opposite of Islam. And we know that it's a statistical fact that Muslims do not commit the most acts of terrorism domestically or globally. It's statistical you can research it, the data shows it. So it's clear. But when some fringe element someone, maybe his name is Ahmed, he don't

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even pray five times a day, he's in a strip club drinking alcohol, and they capitalize, but even here, it's clear he was a Christian. He's not he's not falling away a Jesus, he's not being a true Christian. But this is important because many Christians and others they think because of the media that Islam is promotes terrorism, Muslims are terrorists, etc, etc. And then they get bit by the hate bug. And then they end up doing violent crimes, terrorism, horrific acts like this.

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Do you see those double standard shift? Yeah, actually, if you can, you can watch my TEDx on crushershe as well, if you search my name, I talked about this when I my story, when I came to New Zealand, genuinely to Southern three was after September 11. And it took me four months to know, I was not able to go outside like this as a man when I came to New Zealand, because Muslims everywhere they were branded like to do lists and stuff. And I tell you, brother, add the

00:27:32--> 00:27:57

15th of March, I called it the line September live in the second. And because it after September 11, Muslims were used, you know, misused, and people used Islam and in the media, outlets and politicians also they contributed to the hate against Muslims as well. So

00:27:59--> 00:28:13

what happened in crushershe proved that Islam is a and the legacy that we introduced to the world, created to the world, the Muslim community, you did not see any even

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00:28:18--> 00:28:21

industry to any demonstration.

00:28:22--> 00:28:48

Because there is this came from Islam, the person who the first person who made this terrorist, he said, Hello, brother, welcome. So this is the legacy that this is their luck, the mo the ethics, these came from Islam. And this is the legacy that we created in New Zealand to show the world that what they you have been watching

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after September 11, and then September 11, it is not Islam 2% of those who claim that Muslims and they use Islam to for violence, and this is not the true Islam and they do not represent us. So

00:29:10--> 00:29:38

in the past century, also the brothers and the sisters from the Jewish community in Germany, they hate speech also killed them in Germany, and I visited Germany and visited the biggest synagogue in Berlin, and I give a speech, and the students in the synagogue and the the teachers there they also cried, because

00:29:40--> 00:29:59

this is discrimination. They discriminated against them in the past. And now there is discrimination against Muslim and who knows who is going to be discriminated against also in the future. So this is a cone to all the political leaders to think

00:30:00--> 00:30:56

about this, in the past, it happened against the Jews community. And now it is happening against the Muslim. And we should not wait until we see a big genocide against against Muslim. So now that's why last week I, I called for a new law in New Zealand and the Prime Minister was there. And I said that we need a new legislation to draw a clear line between freedom of speech and hate speech. So when someone burns their holy Koran, or burns the Bible or do anything against any religion, it is doesn't consider as a crime. But actually, this is hate crime. And we need to make distinction between the freedom of speech and hate speech. We want to protect freedom of speech, of course,

00:30:56--> 00:31:00

that's very important. But at the same time, we need to make

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the hit a speech very clear from the freedom of speech.

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Yeah, this is very, very important. Tell us we're almost out of time. Just a couple more questions. I mean, you mentioned it said, when you mentioned this, this tragic event 911, where you had Muslims also who were killed, and I have a new slogan, shake that *. I mean, because it's not just me on my own, you know, saying this, but you have, for example, a Christian Professor David Ray Griffin, who talks about quoted as saying all the all the evidence that America was attacked by Muslims on 911. When subject to critical scrutiny, critical scrutiny appears to have been fabricated. Now this is a academic, someone who's done the most research written the most books, not to talk about the

00:31:48--> 00:32:27

over 3000 plus architects and engineers, former presidential candidates and family members. So the new slogan based on this is never forget that Islam and Muslims had nothing to do with 911 and stop using us as the scapegoat. It has been 18 years since the terror attacks of 911. On that day, two towers fell in New York City, right? Well, actually, that's wrong. three towers fail. The North and South towers of the World Trade Center, also known as the Twin Towers, and the third building, World Trade Center building seven. In fact, here is video of building seven as it came crashing down that day. Six years ago, I went to New York to report on a campaign to raise awareness about building

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seven more to the point to raise awareness that over 3000 engineers say that building could not have fallen down the way that our government says it did. Well, now today, we're going to release to you the results of a $300,000 study conducted by scientists at the University of Alaska. Those PhDs have used computer technology to prove that the way the National Institute of Standards and Technology says that building seven came down was not only wrong, it's impossible. Furthermore, they can now say with absolute certainty that there is only one way that building could have come down. And that is for the entire core of support beams to fail at the same time. Remember, this is a building that

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on 911 was never never hit by a plane, it simply collapsed. What's more, Dr. Jose's conclusion does match a theory that has long been promoted by so called 911. True thurs that explosives were actually used to bring down building seven.

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So what you need to know is that in the history of fully completed and standing skyscrapers, there has never been a high rise building that has collapsed from fire. And it never happened until NIS claimed that happened at World Trade Center seven. What you need to know is that it took Dr. Holstein his team more than four years to publish this study, which again use finite element computer simulations and high tech computer modeling. And what they found was that despite the claims made by NIST, fire could not have brought down World Trade Center seven. The only reason this came to that conclusion was because they used wrong information to create their hypothesis. So I

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hope we can run with that because I think anybody who really looks at it we know that Islam doesn't call for violence against innocent civilians, any Muslim who does or horrific act like that. Just like a Muslim who drinks alcohol is going against the Quran. And Muslim submissive drink alcohol and Muslim who goes and does Zina, I mean, promiscuity or sex outside of marriage, he's going against Islam. So you have to differentiate those Muslims who might do some things. Now out there, just like a Christian might do some things, but he's not following the true example of Prophet Muhammad or Jesus. And we have to call these things out. But in this case, never forget that that Islam and

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Muslims had nothing to do that. Tell us the reaction share the reaction of the people after his sentencing there, were you that you were there in the courtroom. This world was created with color.

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A peasant like you will never change

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the human race.

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Your wish is to make this world a racist cult of one color.

00:35:06--> 00:35:23

But you will never succeed. You failed miserably. We became more determined to hold tight to Islam. And our beloved ones are more thieves burying one did for it is heartbreaking. How about building a one of a kind,

00:35:24--> 00:35:33

one of a God that is my son, Otto, and 14, our beloved brothers and sisters in one group. That's right. And

00:35:34--> 00:35:45

in the courtroom, I was the first person to talk to the judge. And I actually directed, addressed the terrorist.

00:35:48--> 00:35:54

And I told him that he wanted to divide the community he wanted to

00:35:55--> 00:36:38

blend in hurt, but we planted peace, he throw us with bullets, and we throw him with flowers, and the community. This is from Islam, that I talked to him directly. And I thought I told him that he is the loser. And he will spend the rest of his life in prison. And we are free. And the whole world actually not only the people of New Zealand, they put their arms around us. And we are one community, one big family, whether in New Zealand or outside, we will continue our life against hate. And we'll continue to spread peace and love. And

00:36:40--> 00:36:41

there was suppression on my

00:36:43--> 00:37:32

impact statements. But many people also talk to him. And some people forgive him as well. And he, now the judge gave him their severest punishment, even that could happen in New Zealand, and he will without any parole and he will spend the rest of his life in prison. And now it is our choice, whether we name people by their religion, somebody a criminal, who commit a crime, we need to stop saying that a Muslim did this. And a Christian did they did that it says the criminal the criminal is criminal, regardless of religion, when a person you know crosses the red light, why no blaming the car,

00:37:34--> 00:38:20

they really have to change the car, be unwise. Because there's nothing wrong with the car, it is the person. And we have to actually come together and do things together, learn about each other and celebrate our differences. We don't want to eliminate differences, we want to celebrate our differences. People would be Muslim, many people will be Muslim will be people who will be non Muslim people to face and no face, we have to work together. And at the end of the day, we'll go back to God and God is the judge, we do not judge people. And we want to share Planet Earth together as one family learning about you know, the things we can do different, you know, I can

00:38:22--> 00:39:09

cook Egyptian vegetables, how you can cook your traditional place, dish, and we can share this together we can play football, soccer, we can in my locality here, I do community garden, and I am elected after 15th of March in the community board in the in the local council. And we started to be part of the decision makings and we are open and we want to live as anybody else, you know, in New Zealand and we I have so many friends I came to know many many people, even to up to their prime minister and I talked to them, you know, I on the daily basis. So we can do all these things together to make our life better and enjoy our life. And we don't we do not want people to live

00:39:09--> 00:39:59

their religion. And so it is up to them. We do not force them. We are if anybody wants to learn about Islam, I am ready to teach about Islam. If I can answer the questions, if not I refer people to more you know educational people than me. And we need to actually as Muslim also we need to actually learn the language. This is my advice to also my Muslim brothers and sisters especially the Imam is studied in New Zealand the College of Education primary teaching, and our learn the culture the people how they think, so that we can actually introduce Islam in a in a way that people actually understand. Sometimes we introduce Islam in a in a, in a in a bed in a way that

00:40:00--> 00:40:44

their wisdom the person cannot understand. So we have to understand the culture, we have the standard the language, speak the language, get a scholarship, also the mosques need to give Imams, you know some time probably is over an asset of time to pray in the university if he is studying there so that he can improve himself. And we can actually talk like the people as the brothers from Japan, while some of them are solium, 11, homi Bhabha, you know, so that I can speak the language and actually the way that people think, and put it in a very nice way, so that they the best manner the best way they understand, and Hamdulillah, we at New Zealand, Muslim community respond with

00:40:44--> 00:41:26

peace and love, and the whole world was watching us. This is the legacy that we created. And we want the Muslims also outside New Zealand, in America as well, I want Muslims to show this image, that Islam is not what ISIS and this people introduce slam is completely different. And also, we need to be open to the wider community and to be part of decision making, standing early in the election in the local election in the also national election, be participate, be part of the decision making and be caught up in the most need to be open and do things together with the

00:41:29--> 00:42:09

churches, universities, hospital, police, and work with the authorities so that you can keep your country safe, and that the part of the contribute as much as you can to the community that you live in and be part of your community. Yeah, we got two minutes left, I want to ask you now, since all this happened, we saw there was so much support from the community from the people out there have you had also people out of their own free will and choice because we know Islam is the house of peace when people are searching for purpose in life. And they want to go ahead and find out why they're here where they're going when they die and they came into the masjid the mosque and they

00:42:09--> 00:42:32

start to look at what is this Quran? What's this person doing in the mosque? He's putting his forehead on the ground and he's saying Glory be to my Lord the most high and people get to learn Islam. They're asking questions. We've we've seen that many people out of their own free choice men and women, is this true that they're actually accepting this beautiful way of life? Islam even more now? Is this correct? That's correct. When after after 15th of March now,

00:42:34--> 00:42:50

I came to know many people, I can I can I it will take hours to tell you our legacy here about our legacy. Actually, many people come to the mosque, the we run out of the of the books and the brochures, and we had to order

00:42:52--> 00:43:35

from Australia and overseas, you know, and it's until today, people come to the mosque with flowers, and talk to us, even if I go without a man uniform in the street. People can tell that it is me. And they come to me and they talk and I say sorry, we are with you. And we will not like that. We love people and we will we will compete with and stuff. So it's really actually I call it although it was a horrific, you know, massacre. But the good thing is that came out of it is actually much more better. That we we we never expected that this too much love will come to us I receive

00:43:36--> 00:44:00

from the top person in the world to this younger person in New Zealand Invercargill in Australia, Canada, all the ambassadors, the people from Canada, America, Europe, in the Middle East. I also went overseas and other brothers as well. They came to America when brother came to America. So all this shows that

00:44:01--> 00:44:10

Islam is not what you what people hear in the media. And I think that the media need to think about this as when they need to be part of

00:44:11--> 00:44:12


00:44:13--> 00:44:37

harmony in the society, rather than creating division and disunity. That's a beautiful one with that, instead of crazy creating division with misinformation, promoting hate contributing to the haters like that the evildoers use that media for something good to go ahead and to bring humanity together. Thank you. Thank you, mom for being with us here and the D show. Thank you.

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Peace be with you while he comes Salama.

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