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Habib Bobat
AI: Summary © The importance of contentment and thanking oneself for one's life is emphasized in a video and online message. The concept of "unturn" involves reciting a book or image to obtain a boon or reward. Forgiveness is emphasized as a way to respond to actions and promises made by individuals. The speaker also discusses the importance of fulfilling laws and asking for forgiveness in every situation. The potential for false promises and the need to practice is highlighted.
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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah he no matter who when a star no one has told Pharaoh when all the will I mean surely unforeseen. Amin say Dr. Medina Maya Hello Farah mubadala. Oh my god no further howdy Allah when a shadow ilaha illallah wa The hola Sheree Kala

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Mohammed Abdul Rasul Allah.

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Allah Al Quran in module four corner Hamid la mina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem la in Chicago to the azita Nicole

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on the honorable alima respected elders and brothers.

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If you look into the Quran and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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we find that Allah has made many promises.

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When Allah says if you do so, in so did, I will follow up with so and so promise of minds.

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If I ask you to carry out a certain task of mind, I will respond in a certain manner. So today I want to discuss a few of those promises of Allah subhanaw taala and specifically from the Quran.

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The very first promise that I want to discuss today is law in Chicago to zedan.

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If you are thankful

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for whatever I've given you in life, for whatever is you're allowed to share in life, I will increase you in my favors.

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So here is a promise of a law. And a promise is a two way commitment. We need to fulfill our side of the end and Allah will fulfill his side of the end. Allah is a you show me gratitude. You show me that you are thankful what I'm doing for you and I want to increase you. I will increase you in my favors, I will increase you in my bounties.

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So what does the person needs to be thankful for?

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First and foremost, is for the gift of Eman. Allah has made us Muslims.

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It is the deciding factor for a believer whether a person will go Jen now Johanna. It's the Kalamata decides. A person who decides his kalama with sincerity is automatically given enter into Jenna. That's the first gift of a lot that we need to be thankful for. And after that, this formula, the boundaries of a law, the bounty of being in the Ummah of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, the bounty of enjoying good health.

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A person needs to be thankful for that. A person needs to be thankful that has given him a roof over his head. Allah has given him shelter. Allah has given him a partner. Allah has given him children. A y has given him an income. He's got a stable job. All these are boundaries of a law. We're introducing er letter law, you know to sue her. If you were to enumerate. If you were to count law to sue her, you would never be able to encompass in all.

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So many bounties of Allah will fill unfussy rune, Allah says, Look at yourself, just your mere being your existence is a bounty of a law. You've got eyes to see. You've got hands to hold on. You've got legs to walk, you are independent. These are the boundaries of a law. There are so many people, they've got eyes but they cannot see. They've got ears but they cannot hear. They are dependent on others even for a glass of water. Alhamdulillah Allah has not made us dependent on anyone. That's a great bounty of a law. So if we show if we show gratitude for what Allah has given us, Allah will increase us in his favors. Our show us was more mercies was more Baraka was more provisions.

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If a person is thankful in his business, for what Allah has given him, Alhamdulillah is not food at the end of the day, allowing increasing

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the blessings of Allah will be there. But whether in Kaffir tomb in other Villa Shaheed if you are showing your in gratitude towards me, and if you are not thankful for what I'm doing, then Allah says I will also respond accordingly. Also.

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underlying message is to be thankful for whatever we have in our lives.

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Allah says in the insane a locker full movie in human being outright is ungrateful. Allah says he's openly showing his in gratitude towards me. I have given him so much in life and yet he asked

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What do I have in my life?

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So how do we develop gratitude brothers,

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we must be content with what we have in life. One neuro element junocam, freedonia, calm, look at those who are below you in terms of dunya will automatically develop contentment.

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If you feel you don't have a good house, a good home you're living in, take a drive to the informal settlements. And you'll see people living in such dire circumstances where they don't have electricity, they don't have running water, they don't have luxuries and amenities that you see in your house. And then perhaps it will ring a bell for you. That no I need to be thankful I still have a roof over my head. I've got a stable structure, whether it's raining or whether it's windy or whether it's stormy, I've got something to protect me. So when it comes to the methods of dunya when it comes to the matters of this world, look at those who are below you.

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And when it comes to the methods of Deen, look at those who are above you. So you will aspire to do better in life in terms of coming closer to Allah.

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Let it not be the other way around we chasing the world because you are not contained to what you have. So we need to develop contentment and allow will grant us more Imam Shafi refer to lolly city so beautifully Is that the right to call the author Selena for Cyril to be a via the hematoma sicko falada urine yada Bobby whenever you're on he became an HMI CO, co2 honey and Bella dyrham in a motor oil and nurse issue malu key he said it beautifully. He said you know what i was pondering and I was thinking in after a deep thought I came to realize then contentment forever whatever I have is actually the most expensive property a person can own contentment.

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He said because of this quality of minds. People don't find me knocking on the door Give me something Give me something

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known as anybody see me suffering because of not having of this world. He said Sarah to honey and Bella Jeremy, I became a rich man without owning anything.

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Some people are so poor, all they have is money.

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Some people are so poor, all they have is money. Mr. Chavez said I became rich without owning a cent. A motor oil and nurses should be held mukhi. And I walk in people with my head high without being ashamed. And I walk like a king. Because I've got contentment in my heart. If a person is ungrateful, then no amount of bounties of a life sufficient for him, he always wants more and more and more, and his greed never comes to an end.

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So the first promise of a law is if you show gratitude, if you are thankful to Allah for whatever you have in your life, whether it's from the spiritual side, or whether it's from the monetary side of the world perspective, if you are thankful to Allah, Allah promise is that he says, I will increase you in my bounties, I will increase you in my favors, I will make sure that you get more from me, because of your attitude towards me, because of your outlook towards me, you are so thankful I will give you more.

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The second promise that I want to discuss is first guru Tony as guru calm.

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Remember me, and I will remember you.

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This is not the ordinary thing. When somebody sends you a gift, it tells you that they were thinking of you isn't I mean, he don't send a gift to anyone if you don't think of them. First of all, they thought has to cross your mind.

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And then you do something kind towards them. So when somebody sends us a gift, we say how fourth fool of you.

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Now, apply the same analogy to Allah subhanaw taala.

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When Allah remembers us,

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what gifts does this enforce

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What gift

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Allah sends a gift according to the need. At that moment. If we require health, that's the gift from Allah health comes down. If you are stuck in some problem, then debts the gift that Allah sends down, he sends down an opening for you. So Allah is saying, I make a promise with you I make a covenant with you. You remember me and I will remember you. And how does a lot of members for corny feasts of Gurukul is succumb remember me while you have good health, and I will remember you when you are ill.

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Allahu Akbar. You won't be left at the mercy of the doctor.

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Why in the care of a law?

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So if you spend

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your health in the obedience of a law remember in him Allah says, I will remember you when you are not well, first currently Phil WUSA, Guru coffee, do you remember me in your prosperity when things are going your way, and I will remember you in your adversities when things are not going your way. I will be by your side.

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First guru ni fi shadow, Guru coffee Hara MC. Remember me in your youth, and I will remember you when you reach your old age, when you require a lot of most.

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So Allah is saying, remember me, in your prime, and I will remember you when things are not going well. When you are getting old, when you are reaching the age of sin I, when you are frail, when you are weak, when you require assistance, I will be there. So how can we remember a law a famous for that and the decree

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established sooner? my remembrance, Salah is also victory. It's remembering Allah. Another form of remembrance of Allah is in nationalization the vicar when Nana would have a loo and recite My poor iron for my poor on is also remembrance. Remember me and I will remember you. Number three. Yeah, are you hella Dina manners Kuru law has electronica 00, you have brought the man remember a law excessively. Book curato Acela in the morning in the evening, read the relevant to us that's also a form of the to take the name of a law is the sweetest thing on the tongue. It's The Sweetest Thing on the tongue. It is the nourishment of the soul. So Allah is saying, remember me and I will

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remember you remember me through Salah. Remember me through the crew. Remember me through Quran, remember me through your obedience. And I promised your losses, I will remember you. And remember, when our remembers us. He deals with us, according to His Majesty. subhana wa ceva president was thinking of you, you can imagine what kind of gift he'll send you. And if this is the master of the universe, imagine what gift he'll send for you. So Panama.

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The third promise of a last panel Donna

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oder only a scheduler can

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call unto me and I will answer your prayers.

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beseech me and I will answer your prayers.

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implore me and I will answer your prayers. Allies making a promise put your own money, you lift your hands, you raise your hands, and you ask of your needs. And I make a promise that I will be there on your side.

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The question lies is a moron I've been making to her for so long, nothing has happened.

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A law responds according to the wisdom of the time. And according to the need of the time.

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If a youngster was five years of age comes to you and say, Daddy, give me the car keys I want to drive. No matter how much you love him. No matter how much he cries, no matter how much of tantrums he throws, you will never give the keys. He's asking you, Derek Give me the car keys. Because you know, if you give him the car keys, it's going to be destruction, we'll be left with nothing, no, no son and no car.

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So a person is making dua and is asking have a need and Allah understands it at this moment. This is not his need. But what it does is Allah substitutes his daughter with something else. And another bounty of a law comes in the person's life. Your hands that you raised never goes wasted.

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So Allah is saying you employ me you PCH me You make dua to me, and I promise you, I will be there.

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And according to the need, I will respond.

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A person usually thinks

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that I can management, I can manage, I don't need a one my side. I've got a good income. I've got a job, I've got a shop but everything hamdulillah I don't need a law. People usually turn away from a law when things are going well. And it makes them arrogant and makes them believe that Allah is not needed in their life until some problems arises in his life, and until something goes wrong in his life.

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Then suddenly he's lifted in his hands. And amazing even at that time a lot on the surface a lot.

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masking as a human being if somebody comes to us only when they need us, or so now not not now because you need me. So

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imagine have a law applied the same principle. So we need to lift our hands

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in every condition of ours. In every condition of ours, we need to lift our hands and allies in our response. dwara signifies our humanity in front of a law. We are saying to allow we are not capable. You are the one that's capable of telling everything. Well, I'm putting my needs forward at the end of the day It is you that can make it happen.

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do ask signifies humility. To ask signifies the thrust upon them and hairs in our last panel. Johanna Taha is a weapon of a believer. And so we need to make dua excessively every day, when last Did I make to her? When last year is my hands?

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So Allah is saying oder odious digiplex boom,

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lift your hands, raise your hands and I will be there. And I will respond to your caller to call. And this is the promise of Allah subhanaw taala

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number four another promise I want to discuss while my turn alohomora diva whom Mr. Harun Allah says, I will not punish you,

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I will not punish you, so long as you seek forgiveness from me.

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allies not saying that I will abandon you and you disobeyed me a lie saying, I will be on your side, I will not punish you, so long as you submit in guilt and you say yes, the law, I have broken your command, forgive me, I will not punish you and law says irrespective irrespective of the of the level of the crime that you have committed, as long as it is not ascribing partners to Allah, everything below that, Allah says Allah forgive you, and I will not punish you. I will not punish you, so long as you raise your hands. So long as you raise your hands in forgiveness. Allah says I will forgive you. It's a promise of lies making.

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It's a promise of lies making.

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So we need to turn to a law and we need to ask him for forgiveness. And we need to excessively make is still far. Every night before our eyes closed. We need to ask for forgiveness. A lot. Definitely we've went wrong in the day. A person who sends

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and acknowledges his his wrongdoing is better than that person who does good and he's arrogant.

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The person who sends

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and acknowledges his shortfall at the end of the day is better than that person who does good and who's arrogant.

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So Allah loves this quality of submission. When we acknowledge our problems when we acknowledge the wrong in our life, shape and makes us justify our problems. And Renata Murray salat wa salam was made to live Jenna. What approach did he take? at Emory salatu salam said Robin avala and Susannah were in touch with her Hannah, an akuna nominal ha serene, Allah, we have wronged our souls. We have done wrong. And shaytaan on the other hand, said hello, Tony Minar wahala to maintain what what Why must I be Why must I feel wrong? I'm superior than the other. So the one approach is of the devil and the other approach is of other many salat wa salam. Our salvation lies in the approach of other

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money salatu salam, O Allah says Walmart Ghana Walmart depot Devo, Mr. Harun I will not punish you. I will not inflict my wrath upon you, so long as you are seeking forgiveness from me Subhana Allah

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so in essence, brothers, I've discussed four promises of a lot today. Number one, we discussed the in Chicago Toma as he then no calm, if you are thankful. Then Allah says I will increase you in my bounties. The second promise of a law that I discussed was further Rooney of Guru calm. Remember me and I will remember you. The third promise we discussed was who the only a Steve lokum remember me? By making supplicate and I will answer your prayers. And the first promise that I discussed today is that so long as you seek forgiveness from me, I will not punish you. And I want to end off on this note. You can doubt people's word

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they will deceive us has given us

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His word but maybe it'll deceive us that human nature. But can we ever doubt the words of a law? Can we ever doubt the promises of a law? Or Minister kobina? law, his pre law? Can they be anyone more truthful in his promises than a law? Is it possible? I'm asking is it possible that we fulfill our end and Allah deserts us is

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that the person reads salah and Allah does not be on his side? Is it possible? Is it possible that we remember Allah and Allah does not remember us? Is it possible that we are thankful to align a lot of increases in his bounties? Is it possible if we call unto a line a lot does not answer our prayers? Is it possible that we seek His forgiveness in Allah does not forgive us? Is it possible for others never. It is anyone that we can doubt is human being. But we can never ever doubt in the promises of a law. And that's the essence of today's talk, that the promises of a law are intact. But there's two ways to it. One is we need to fulfill our duty and Allah will fulfill his duty and

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there are many other promises also in the Quran and the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam I selected for to discuss Mel loss of panatela give us the understanding and maybe practice on what has been said on Marlena in little Bella

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