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It's not like where you have recently it's all over the media you had Will Smith and it was a JD picot. Is that his wife? Yeah. And we ride together. We got together bad marriage for life.

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And this is common where the husband and wife separate. And you know what happened from there? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I mean, this is not this is like they. So, I mean, what could you say we go back to Islam, we go back to the way that the creator told us to live. So this is not like jumping to another partner. And I'll go experiment here and there and then come back. And any of you have any idea how much infidelity is happening with practicing Muslims? I we're not even talking about Will Smith and JD This is actually the

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Muslim Smith, I'm talking about Muslim Smith.

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Practicing, I was talking to a family therapist. And the person was telling me that one of their clients or two people go to fudger. At the masjid. They pray fudger at the masjid. So they're practicing Muslims. They're both sleeping with different people.

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I mean, we are living in this generation. The reason why you and I don't hear about these things, is because we are not family therapists. We're not we don't decide to these things that come to us, right? We only know what we was within our bug bubble within our sphere of knowledge, right? So like, people publicly talk about this stuff. But if you're a family therapist, and you and you bring this up, they can tell you a whole different world of what they know from practice. Oh, you just in secular Muslims, we just Muslim by now by practicing Muslims, and how much infidelity there is. I just recently heard from something and just locally in my area. And it's like, what? Yeah, this

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person does this. And this girl does this. And like, what and the Oh, she went up with somebody because he slept with somebody and you know, I'm a practicing Muslims. But, like, to me, it's kind of like, there's a line you don't cross. Like, no matter how angry I get with my wife, there's, there's certain words I will never utter to her. But it's like people don't have that line. So if you don't have that line, then why are you surprised when we are falling into the same traps as non Muslims fall into?

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You know, if we don't have if we don't take our Deen, seriously, we don't care about Islam. And some of you Oh, I don't like all these rules. Okay, fine. Do whatever you want. But as soon as you have zero rules, and she has zero rules, and you have a big and the anger comes and disputes come and shake, tone comes and whispers you are now left open like everybody else. And all these other things start entering our Muslim community that was never there before and become normal. Unfortunately, in a Muslim community that wasn't there before. It was a very, I was going through a magazine yesterday.

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And I'm going to my old mag out, my kids were cleaning up the room. And I was going through this. They came across the box in a bubble you have a magazine. I think why we had this magazine for is Islamic magazine. Oh, I think half rd sponsored article or something there a while back where maybe help the magazine. So we kept a copy of that article just from memory. As I'm going through the thing, I came through one of the marriage things. One of these things about men and women. A couple that was very popular here where I live. Everybody wants to put them on commercials or put him on ads and for Islamic organizations. They were the couple that further left the sister got divorced

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for another man.

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Brandon brother, this is like one of the most popular brothers in our community. It's kind of like the stuff that's happening now is kind of like what what Well, what do you want? What do you guys want the system? No problem. You want to have men who no longer men and women who are men? No problem. Well, guess what? Now we have problems. Because no, when you open Pandora's box, everything goes we're not using crona soon anymore. We can just use your logic your desire, well, his desires another guy. What do you have children? May May God Almighty, the creator law guide says you mentioned Will Smith MJ to pick it and give them to the solutions Islamic solutions. May Allah help

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guide Muslim communities keep us all guided and help us to stick by the the guidance that he sent the Quran and the Sunnah. Thank you so much, my brother