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The lecture delves on the next big battle that took place after Badr – the Battle of Uhud. Shaykh Yasir attempts to elucidate vividly on the battle .

The battle of Uhud was a war that was undertaken by the people of Mecca or the Quraysh to avenge Badr. the calamity and loss incurred by them ignited the battle of Uhud as a means of revenge. There were many reasons for this war which included religious, political, economic and social causes.

The Battle of Uhud took place in Shawwal, 3H. The Quraysh set out for Uhud on the 7th of Shawwal, 3 H and reached there in a meagre 7 days.The Quraysh boasted of an army of 3000 men, 200 horses, 700 armours for men (which they managed to gather due to the support of the two major tribes of the time – Kinana and Tihama).  Abu Sufyan was the chieftain and was flanked by his strengths -on the right was Khalid bin Waleed and on the left flank was Ikrimah ibn Abu Jahl.

With the timely help of Al Abbas, the Prophet ﷺ is informed of the news of the Battle and he immediately rushed to the leaders of the Ansar particularly Sa’d ibn Rabi’ah. The Prophet ﷺ began his preparations for the war by dividing his army into three main groups – The muhajiroun under Mus’ab ibn Umair, the Aws under Usail ibn Hudhay and the Khazraj under Al Hubab ibn Al Munthir.

The geography of the mountain of Uhud is explained which is that it is not just one mountain but a whole series of mountains stretching over a mile long situated in the north or northwest of Madinah. The Prophet ﷺ has said “Uhud is a mountain of Jannah”.

Why did the Prophet ﷺ go to Uhud? What was the military genius behind this decision? Shaykh Yasir unfolds the answers and we will be truly mesmerised by the reasoning.

Eventually 700 muslims reached Uhud and they set up their camps.

The Battle of Uhud is an excellent illustration of the trust and Iman one should have in Allah. Indeed when we have Allah on our side we can accomplish anything. In spite of being under armoured and lack of enough animals and everything against them, the Muslims under the able leadership of Prophet ﷺ displayed impeccable valour, strength, trust and Iman in Allah and they were rewarded generously as we shall see in the upcoming lectures.

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