Habib Bobat – A Fascinating Story from the Time of Sulaiman (as)

Habib Bobat
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a story about two ladies who had two babies, and how the younger one would have given the younger one a ruling. The younger one would have given the younger one a ruling, but the older one would have given the younger one a ruling. The speaker notes that the story highlights the importance of the biological child and how intelligent the man is.
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Imam Muslim Rama Delilah in his book The Sahih Muslim brings a very fascinating story which involves Diodati salatu salam, and so they Manali salat wa salam. This is a story of two ladies.

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In my Muslim mentions that in the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam it is mentioned that by Nima imra attorney Maura, Houma even our Homer, there were two ladies who had the two babies with them.

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That will further her Barbie even near the Homer. Whilst they were out. A wolf came and devoured the baby of one of them for call it however, he saw Heba dia in Namitha be ebony que en de so the one of one of the ladies said to the other, the woof has devoured your child, your baby. What quality law in Nevada Bobby ethnic, and the other one responded? No, no, no, it's not my child. It's your child, the wolf devout.

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For the hacker matter in the world it is salat wa salam. So they went to say it in a download alayhi salatu salam, the Prophet of Allah. Now thou that is Salam

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looked at the matter for Qatar be healing cupola, and he decided that the child will be given to the older one from amongst the two.

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For Hana Jetta is when a man of no doubt would, as they were exiting, and they will leave in the presence of Dawood and extra to A salaam. They passed by today, Manali salat wa salam now, so the man is the son of the old alayhi salatu salam. So he stopped them. And he asked him, What's the matter? Why have you come? So they responded by saying, you know, a wolf devoured one of the babies. And we had a dispute to say which one it was. And that would have a salatu salam gave the following ruling that the elder one from amongst us will be the mother of the baby that survived, for Callie to be sick in a short call by nakoma. So the whole day salatu salam gave his ruling, so they might

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not so that was the law made a different opinion. He said in order, just hold on one minute. Bring a knife. Why don't you bring me a knife, and I will split this child into two.

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I'll give one to this lady. And I'll give one to the other lady.

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For quality sobre, la Himachal LA. So the younger one says it No, no, please don't do it. Please don't do it. Please don't split the child, rather give this entire child to the elder one.

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So for a couple of behaviors Solara. In the answer, Emmanuel is salatu salam said, no, no, this child actually belongs to the younger one, and not the elder one. Why? Because when he said let me split the child into two and split this children, this child between the two of you.

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The elder one had no reservations. She was ready to go ahead. But the younger one said no, no, no, no, no, as a mother, her motherly instinct kick in and she said no, I can't wait to see something like this. And naturally that indicates that this is the original or the biological child of this lady. And therefore, Solomon Elisa to salaam ordered that this child be given to the younger one and not the elderly.

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So it was a fascinating story recorded by Imam Muslim Rahmatullah in his compilation what this highlights the how genius or how intelligent so the man Elisa that was salam was when he was dealing with the matters of the people

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