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Bismillah Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah. Quite early, he was heavy on one on one.

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And lesson number eight, for success in our series of leadership lessons is to value your teachers who is a teacher? Anybody who teaches you anything,

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say than Oliver. Elon was famous quote, he said, Anyone who teaches me anything is my teacher. And I will honor Him lifelong. No matter how small the thing is, no matter how large so teachers, not just somebody who is formally contracted as in the teacher in your school or a consultant or somebody you go to learn this or that the other, anyone who teaches you anything. Now, if anyone who teaches you anything, as a teacher must be valued lifelong. What about those who you go to formally to learn from?

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I think about that. Today, we live in a world

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which is so far away from the other, from the respect and the culture of Islam, of learning, of respecting teachers, that I don't even know where to begin.

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We were taught

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how to start your healthy pecan subsidiary at finding fault with your teacher is the biggest fault.

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It doesn't mean that teachers are perfect doesn't mean that they are prophets doesn't mean they're gods, it just means that your respect for learning is such that if a teacher makes a mistake, you do not it is not your place to correct that teacher or to find fault with a teacher.

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Right? Let somebody else do that. It is very, very

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for us to understand that if you don't do that, you will not benefit.

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remember, when I first came to your G code mill, the corporate university in New York,

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I was met at JFK

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with a limousine uniform chauffeur who picked me up took me to Croton Ville.

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He for those days didn't have no cellphones. But he had a car phone. So he phoned

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the court will reception desk.

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This as we were driving in. So the and we it was it was quite late at night by the night we got there. But the receptionists, she met me at the bottom of the stairs to pay up, she had already filled in the entire check in form that everything else. She just said Please sign here, Mr. Wick, I signed it. And that was it. She took me to the room.

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big massive room, beautifully furnished.

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She showed me the refrigerator. And she said everything here is free. Please feel free to eat and drink whatever you like. And every morning it will be replenished. You don't have to ask anybody. And then she says to me, the stuff on here is a direct,

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independent international line. You are welcome to call anywhere in the world.

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And all of that is on the house.

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I was astounded. I was completely and totally astounded. So here is somebody telling me I can make international calls, how many calls using I made, I made one call to my wife and other about each other that I arrived safely. And

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the point is, in this whole way now this is what continued.

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Next morning, Carla Fisher was a dear friend of mine as well. She was a course anchor. So she met me she took me to the to the classroom. When I finished the first session, she took me from the classroom to the dining room. And then she took me back to the classroom and so on. Now as therefore, you know, I was I was auditing a course or teaching another course. So I was there for a week. Now after the second day I said to Canada, you don't need to come with me the whole time taking me back and forth and so on. I know the way is no problem. She said no. She said this is my duty. So I said why he said because we value people of knowledge. We value who those who teach us

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who provide us with knowledge.

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Now, we're not talking here about

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you know, ancient Indian culture or we're not talking about Islam because we're talking about America. The issue is that anyone who wants to benefit from learning and thinks that they can benefit by being arrogant to teachers by criticizing teachers by being disrespectful.

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A lot of teachers is I don't know what to say.

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they didn't have anything written down but that was the the norm. No shorts. No thongs

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no miniskirts?

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No, you know shoes without straps like slippers and so on. You came, we didn't wear suits, but we came dressed decorously.

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Men and women, long trousers.

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If you were wearing women wearing skirts, long skirts,

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you could wear a t shirt but a proper t shirt, without slogans on it without stuff, ignore it. And with a collar, a t shirt with a collar. Many of us what many of us wore IG course T shirts. If it wasn't a t shirt, you would wear anything else. But you did that or you wore a purple shirt. And of course you could wear a tie and so on but ties were not the norm usually see worship. Now all of this is to show respect for the teachers to show respect for learning.

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This is absolutely critical as far as learning is concerned. In Islam, we have the whole concept of Saba the Sahaba of Azusa Salam became Sahaba because of the Sabbath of Rasulullah Sasana they didn't become Sahaba by going to some university or Jami or the room. They went they became the Sahaba they became the best of creation after the BIA by the company or business and companies what it doesn't mean just hanging out hippies learning from the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam,

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formally and informally. One of the most beautiful stories that I have with Sierra

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is the story of Abdullah near buzzworthy. Alon Omar

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he narrates he said Rasul Allah is a solemn woke up for the hedge. I think about this.

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Abdullah Abbas was the cousin of a source masala he's the son of above the uncle ocean Salah and Abdullah has lived in the house of Rasul Allah, he's

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not because he was poor or because his father could support him above grab the hotel he was, was a very wealthy man. He was a big businessman.

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Abdullah Abdullah Abbas live with Elijah Salam because he loved the Prophet. Some of us are either de la Sol lysosome. So he lived with him. Now he says Russell Russell Russell woke up

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what I do, Abdullah the most of that time is maybe

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1111 12 years old, right?

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Now think about this. He did not say so as Arsalan woke up for that you then woke me up. Now. He said Rasul Allah as a result of Boca for that dude. And I saw him wake up and I ran to get water for Gulu, I brought the water. I poured the water for him. He made guru and then he put his blessed hand on my chest. And he said, Oh Allah, give this boy and understanding of your color.

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If this boy an understanding of your color, that is the value of the dua of the Teach. Abdullah Neva Delano is the first first series The first x

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XSplit explainer of the Quran

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is the greatest enforcer of the Quran very, he's the first of them is the great so have you ever source

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and all of that because of the respect for his teacher? I think about this as soon as our Salah is his cousin. Right. Abdullah who say well, you know after is my elder brother, okay. He is also the kind of social beings he's never going to say anything to me. If I sleep, he will make me a father. He won't even make them for that job. That is after law field. He will he will make me for father Sure. But you know, he will never criticize me he will never beat me or nothing. Because this was well known individuals have never even founded anybody will

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know, he treated that opportunity that he had of being in the company of the Roswell salon with such respect that Allah subhanaw taala gave him the benefit of the door of the lawsuit I set up.

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And then the last one that I put the knowledge of the Quran in his heart.

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Second story of Abdullah Nimbus in terms of the alarm in terms of respecting teachers with which I want to end this podcast

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many years later, Abdullah buzzworthy Alonso was obviously much older and he was a wealthy man himself was a businessman.

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One day, he wanted to meet somebody, one of the others I have seen I've seen him a person.

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He heard that he that this hobby had a hottie service versus Salem, witch Abdullah number. So the landlord wanted to hear from him. So he sat out from his house. When he got out of the house and he went towards the house of the other person, he realized that this was the middle of the afternoon, a

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very hot day to siesta time. So Abdullah numbers of gelato went, and he spread his cloak on the sand outside the door of the other Sahabi in the shade of the wall, and he simply said there was back to the wall. He said that about the afternoon, at the time of salata Lhasa, the other man from inside the house, he came out to go to the masjid for saliva, who does he find sitting on the on the ground outside is up down there, but he was flabbergasted. He's a swan Allah is it? Yeah.

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Yeah, yeah. We, hey, my dear brother, my dear beloved brother, why sitting here? He said, I came to ask you all the service. He said, Why did you knock on the door? He said, because this was leaving time. And I didn't know what to distribute. He said it's one of the you are the

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oil of you are the weight of the Ross Valley Center. You are the family of Ross Ross.

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You are, there is no comparison between your level and my level, your rank and my life. You waited to knock on the door? He said no. He said there is no question of any rank or anything. There's no question of superiority, inferiority. I came to learn from you. I am your student, you are my teacher. And it is my job to respect you.

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Because we're mighty, that savvy. He took his hand he kissed his hand and he said it is my job to love and respect the family of Rosa Rosa.

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This is our way.

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We do not resent criticism from teachers, we love it. You go to the teacher to be criticized, you go to the teacher to be corrected, you go to the teacher to learn from the teacher, you go to the teacher so that the teacher can then tell you what you did wrong and how to make it right. If you resent critical feedback from the teacher, believe me, then you resent learning, then my question is, then why do you go to the teacher?

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If should remain ignorant, nobody says you live your life. Right? So respecting teachers, and taking from them, believe me. I'm gonna I've had many teachers throughout my life.

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I may not have been their best tutor, but I can assure you I have the law. And you can check this over there. No teacher of mine ever complained that I was ever late. I was always in time. For before time before the teacher I was in the class. I would always be in the class that is my discipline for myself. No teacher would ever complain that I didn't take notes notice I would never complain that I treated the class without regard and without

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you know, just lackadaisically somehow No. And I said I may not be the smartest and the brightest but definitely I was and have always been

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student wish the teacher

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appreciated and those teachers made dua for me and I got far more from the learning than I would have got if it was something else. Take the door of the teachers you know the the end of the day, it is a dua that any disabled thank God for your for your well being when you were like giving good health. I'm not I'm talking about the DUA like there was also the main Yeah, like even the the Quran use the understanding of the Quran. That kind of the dua for L dua for knowledge. That's how knowledge transfer happens because of the dualities. Make sure you get the Java teacher let the teacher pray for you behave in a way where the teacher will prefer masala will carry Murali he was

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me they belong together.