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hamdulillah Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala Zhang, Philomena mousseline

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our mother Rasulullah, sallAllahu, ala You honor us, I will say this even because he didn't consider formado real sisters, the next one. Number seven

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is learning.

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Learning is like breathing, or rather me say learning Put another way.

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Experience is like breathing.

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That's inevitable. As long as you are alive, you will have experiences. But learning is a choice.

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Experience is inevitable.

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But learning is a choice. And learning happens when you do two things. One is when you experience consciously, and you treat that experience, according to a system.

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let me use breathing itself as an example to illustrate this. The people of yoga, they have a system of breathing called prana. Where you,

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you hold your three fingers in a way in a particular way, and you close one nostril and you breathe in through one nostril and you hold your breath for a couple of seconds, and then you breathe out through another nostril.

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And you sit you do that sitting on the floor in the lotus position, or whichever you can do that. If you can't do that you sit on a chair or something but you sit there you shut your eyes, you concentrate. And you do this now.

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What are you doing breathing. So how many people do you know who don't breathe. But

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the people of yoga, they claim enormous benefits.

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Of course, they crave all kinds of benefits, you know, from hydrogen intelligence to memory to all kinds of powers. Leave that aside whether they want to believe that or not, the point is, that definitely, it is a very good system to concentrate, it's a very good system to benefit from deep breathing oxygenating your body through taking air into your lungs in this particular way.

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Same air, they're not using a gas, a oxygen cylinder to that same air which you breathe. But because you breathe that

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according to a system

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that systematically thoughtfully, consciously and according to a system gives you value added benefits. Take another one.

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You go to the gym, you lift weights.

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You know what's the most common reason for people to throw their back out for them to strain their backs and get into some very painful situations.

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Two things one is putting luggage, over a bag over it. bins, putting carry on baggage into carrying baggage is too heavy, putting it into or taking it out of your overhead bins. That that's one of the most common reasons. The second biggest common reason is

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further down the line, picking up a suitcase, which is probably ridiculous because that's the maximum you can carry from the luggage cruiser. Now

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you go to the gym. And they will find people who are lifting a lot more than ridiculous and they're not throwing their backs out. They're not you know, suffering pain or anything. Why? Because they are doing that according to a system. They're doing it consciously. They have warmed up their bodies before they test the weight. When they are pulling, picking up picking it up. They are thinking about the muscle groups that are working. They are their feet are in a particular way their knees are flexed in a particular way the back is bending over to get away the hold the weight in a particular way. All of those things are a system, a system that had been developed by experts from

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over many, many years. And they apply that system and they're doing it thoughtfully according to a system.

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The same thing applies to

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to learning of any kind. Experience will happen to you anywhere in the world it will but what you get out of the experience that is optional. There are people who go through the same experience and they learn nothing. And for others. The same experience is a life changing opportunity.

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The choice is ours. If you want to make it into a life changing opportunity, and I'm doing the if you want to just live life, like a cow or a buffalo, you wake up in the money, you go eat some grass, you come back home and in the evening, that's your choice.

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So very important to

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do things according to system now, I have practiced two things. One is, my father has always asked me, what did you learn?

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Simple question, what did you learn? Any book I read, he would say, what did you learn from the book? He's not asking me what is the author's say? Use some, some initially, I was maybe one time I tried to tell him this is what he said, No, no, I know what the author said. I've read the book before I gave the book to you after

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what did you learn?

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Also said whatever he had to say, what did you learn? So, it makes me concentrate on what is my learning what is my takeaway from the book, remember the takeaways can be what the author wants, the takeaways can be what you take away, the author may not even

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know about, you know, what you have learned? Because I mean author might be dead for all you know,

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but the point is,

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that if you do it properly, then you will get

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you will get gains far more

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than the author

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may have even

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expected right. So, very, very important

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to make to be clear, that Inshallah, you will be

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that you What did you get what you learnt? Now, one thing which I find sometimes people say, well, will I learn something all the time? No, you will not? Sometimes there is nothing planned, but if you make it a habit of asking this question, what do you learn,

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they will be far many more incidents in your life, which will become learning experiences highly beneficial for you than otherwise.

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So, first thing, what did you learn, second thing, document, write down, there is no, is nothing more valuable than writing now,

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I used to carry a pocket notebook for years,

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in which I used to jot down things, and nowadays I do that on Google Keep in my phone,

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you know, it's easier to just scribble the I have swipe. So I scribble, scribble by finger, and it puts it puts everything there are a voice recorded, and it and

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the reason I'm saying document is because no matter what you learn, no matter how good you think an hour is,

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think it may even be there in your mind, but you will not access it, it will not come to you when you want it. And as you grow older, this becomes a real, real problem. But if you write things down, then you have beaten the problem. As simple as that. It is as simple as that. Your memory is only as good as what you write down.

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No matter how good you think your memory is, you've ever is really only as good as what you write down. So number one, ask yourself what you gotta learn number two, write it down document that is whatever. Number three, look for application opportunities. Where can I apply this learning? Take this a podcast for example. I've learned many things in life.

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I note them down. In terms of application, it's many things I've applied and you know some of them for my business work in my consulting work and so on so forth. So some of them make money or whatnot. But that's not my my goal. My my call handle has never been with money. My goal always has been to try to help as many people as I can. My name is Eddie our means the one who helps. And Abdullah Why is the one the hub this level one well suited the last parameter. So yeah, what is the one who else

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and this podcast is one way where I'm sharing my life learnings with people who have never seen people I don't know. And most of them because this goes all over the world. hamdulillah most of them people, I will never know.

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I will never know who listen to this. I will never know

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how it helped them.

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I will never know anything, but it doesn't matter. Because hamdulillah

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as far as I'm concerned, I have shared my life and my learning. And if you have somebody Hamdulillah this beautiful, because I go back almost my whole life and I say that people who have helped me because the world has kept me because not because I could do anything for them.

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They help me

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So, pass on the good work. pass of the good work, right? So learning is critical as well, as I said you

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experience is inevitable learning is option. Final point, the issue of learning, learn for the nominee, learn for the love of money. I'm sitting here this in Bennington College, Mr. Barnes in the dorm

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at my age of 70, learning the Arabic language and having a difficult time with it, because Arabic grammar is May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from Arabic grammar.

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Very, very tough. At least for me, it is very difficult.

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But I'm doing it Hamdulillah I won't say I'm enjoying it, because I'm not enjoying it. But it's it is tough, but you know, it's like, the gym, it's painful, but I know it good for me. If nothing will grow more neurons in my head, my brain, which is very good, you know, as you grow older, and

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like our teachers, here tell us, they just keep at it. And you you won't even know how much you absorbed and then things will start falling into place and you know, you will be able to converse and I can see that I can already see because now I can already see the difference

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in the vocabulary and so on and so forth. My grammar still sucks, but you know, Inshallah, we'll get there. So learning for the sake of learning

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all the

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the ins and outs of learning, especially going back to school at an older age and so on. I have already talked about that in the other podcast, so listen to that one.

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But for this one, learning by

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consciously asking yourself, what did I learn for every situation in life every book you read, every film you watch, every encounter you have, everything you watch happening may not be an uncountable watch, you're watching it happening, while a human, animal bird, whatever. And the second one is documenting that writing it down.

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Another very valuable service member article Oh