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Dr. Molina

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quassia Wanda

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does any kind of white shadow number come and then on the law sudo so the last one he knew it he was telling me he was sending into steam and Kathy Rocco always begin with a phrase of a law we send our prayers of peace upon our whenever he will commence on the law, he was sending him with a supply with firmness and conviction that none is worthy of worship. But a lot that Mohammed is a lot he was sent him as his worshiping slave and final messenger. I continue to remind myself who you have no agenda and my prayer was from kinda who is to add up, inherits within myself and us spirits of consciousness of him of awareness of our dealings with others, where we seek out the love of allies

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that within and the fear of allies that within and have in it with the both of them the balance of hope, in the mercy of our maker, the Almighty Allah Subhana. Allah, it's always a pleasure and an honor to stand before my dear brothers and sisters in green going budget, and I asked him lots of cotton and Watada, an army of klaviyo, who was destined for us to meet for these few hours today, to make us from those who are virtuous and protected from those who are protected from the Phaeton that some of our own experience. And my dear brother doesn't love him. I'm also not happy that he proceeded by speaking about some of the loved ones, people to a model.

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And I say this with immaturity, not about the people of Yemen, but about the people existing today in Yemen, who are under test and trauma. And I want to begin by speaking about bottlecap

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Most of us assume Baba is ease. You know, we say Alice giving me so much

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hadn't been done. You know, we're comfortable. Our home is comfortable Society of computing. Here in the United Kingdom in Birmingham, in Birmingham City.

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Show up. Every time I visit. You know, All Hallows Eve in Australia says nothing when Birmingham can go into and backwards.

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There's so much ease, there's so much facility, just you know, the amount of places you can shop, the comfort you have walking in the street, all of these kinds of things.

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But I want you to understand it, and flip it

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on the other side of the coin. When you look in the line, and when you look in the tradition of the buffets a lot he was sending them. You see that power cat was not plentifulness it was scarcity. It wasn't greenery. It was barren, desolate pneus when you look in Nepal, and you see Baraka was the city that was raised and destroyed and raised and destroyed and raised and destroyed.

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What you find is Ibrahim Ali has said I'm

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walking into the valley of Mecca.

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A valley The law says in that area, it is a place of

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a loss of power to Allah commands Ibrahim to settle his family there in that vein near that sacred house, a place that is an bookcon It is a place that is Movado attested to by a lot. I want you to understand that Baraka is only from a loss of time to time. It doesn't reside in anything, anyone, any time any place, any locality any season, any object, unless it stems from a lot and it is made known to us by alone.

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And alone makes known to us that that valley that gap

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is a place of blessing. And yet the bridegroom when he sees it, he says

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My Lord.

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I've left my family

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in a place

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I've left my family in a place where no vegetation has a capability of growth. near your sacred health. Nothing grows or

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fetch either tamina Nancy tiempo de la he was up home in a lot

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Love, I can't imagine that they're gonna find any sustenance, any help any of mankind will come to this place. Oh Allah, you must send it to them.

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Oh, I love them from your rules.

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One of the prophets of Allah

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He entered into Jerusalem faith anonymous, after its destruction

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was destroyed.

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And he said, How can this city that used to be aligned with worship, a place of rebar into the land of the profits? after it's been raised and flattened, its buildings gone, everything destroyed in it?

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How can it be brought back to life? So I will not describe them for

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the amount that would love me.

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Along made him enter into a state of death for 100 years

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to my backpack,

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and going back to like a pilot.

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How long were you away for God? Maybe three element Obama maybe a day or two.

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Later on rather, it's been 100 years. One, look at that. Look at your donkey, look at its condition. Look at its bones. Look at how I will bring it back to life look at and then enter into that city. See what I have done with you. And go back and see how I brought it back. Because of the bulk of investing.

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Until now, the most contested city of human existence historically, has always been based on anonymous. It is a place about a lot tells you so we had a lady SRP Abdi middlemen see the power

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of sodomy. Let me backtrack now that I have put Baraka old surrounding it.

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The prophets I seldom would speak about the people of Syria and a sham

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I mean would say about them, that they are shaded under the the shade of the wings of the angels. It doesn't mean Mashallah that it rains and plentiful, nice and happy know, that the angels visit because they bring the mercy of a law after the hardship that is visited upon these people, time and time again through human history.

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And therefore, you find that it is our matchup, it is a place of gathering It is a place of hardship that humanity has faced.

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In our normal day to day life.

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The things that you ask Baraka for are the things that are of the greatest test to you. No, no, if you only understood Mashallah, you see that beautiful couple on the day of their wedding. You see that Mashallah, that young man, young sister, they come together and you say fall out of love with me, I'm a coupon code for you. Blah, blah, blah, can I have a watch? I beg you, Allah put Baraka in you Baraka with you and hurt. May Allah join you together and happiness. Why? Because life is difficult From this day on.

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The brother, the mayor brothers laughing, they're like, oh, my goodness, if I knew the chef, you should have said this on my wedding man.

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That's your greatest test in life. Why do you think the prophets I send them all the time says,

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I give you what Sonia

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is supposed to be Nyssa. If I be careful with your women, be careful. It's going to be a true test for you. You need a lot of garbage and there's going to be so much it is only bollock and that will glue you together. It is only the blessing that descends from a law in your home. When Allah basically Allah says in total to whom it is a law who brings down vain akula

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and therefore the Prophet prays for you the very funny moments for that

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you've been given a newborn Mashallah

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somebody Mashallah, you've just gotten a new job. Everybody says, my broom barakallahu he made a lump of Baraka in this child for you how congrat it's not congratulation. I ask a lot of blessing in the channel because you have such a deep test in mind.

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I'm also kind of in the middle of learning

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In other verses me as logical from your spouse's from your children from your wealth, I do feel that to you, if your eyes are open, not the eyes of your head, but the eyes of your heart to determine absorb, when it comes down as we do, it's not the eyes that is enough, are unable to see but the heart that doesn't perceive what is the true is of the news.

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And therefore, Baba becomes a central theme in our team. When you greet me, you say a setup on equal work. A lot of you are

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unneeded if your remainder that you're asking Allah to send me what I can give to myself. Baraka has three essential meanings.

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And when we ask a lot about Okay, you're asking when you're asking a lot, a lot of them evatik linearity a smattering of what absorbed in our law grant me Baba came my hearing in my sight. People watching it my strength in my body, you might have children.

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And so a lot allow me to use the little I have, that it lasts longer than I presume.

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That what I underestimate you make it greater than I thought when I looked at it, and therefore the prophets I send them would teach us that the food of two is good enough for three.

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The food is three is for fine, the food of five is or a jamaa. There's no you can't restrict anyone if you have food, that's enough for five you can feed them as you

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can see, everyone can have something from it. There's Baba cat, in that gathering, the prophets I send him Look at his words, when he comes in, we're gathered for food soon to come to be done. He says that the Balkan descends in one rewind in the middle of the plate, don't eat from that don't don't don't reach across the plate. You see that nice hunk of meat on the on the other side, you're sitting on the rhic side. You don't get the rhic side

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by side on the wrong side.

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Maybe if I you know turn the tables or something like that. The problem is, is that perhaps that little one Mayor on the side that's nearest to you has more Baraka for you than that big piece.

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Profits a little mahadi was sending me said send me that say between la increases Monica don't need food in your plate, you don't know which morsel of the food Baraka descended upon.

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So Pamela, you may eat a massive meal and not feel satisfied and enjoyable. And other times you say Bismillah, and you've shared some of your smaller meals with another and you have felt it strength in your life.

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Some of us we've earned 100 pounds that lasts us what is equal to 1000 in the hands of another man

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that 100 pounds to you is like 1000 pounds for someone else.

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It's giving the barakhamba loss of power to Allah because it is scarce, it's something you know, some kind of loss only 100 you say some kind of but May Allah give me Baraka in mind because I'm going to share from it, I'm going to give from it. I'm going to make my date in half, that somebody else will have what I don't have, can share from what I share I can eat from what I eat.

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And this brings us to the theme of my discussion

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of changing in our in my life, in your life, what we find this finger to beauty.

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What is unmentionable in the presence of others publicly that we seek shame that we hide out of shame.

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It comes back to the very same theme of seeking

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I want you to know me on the blog, that in your life, even moments of seeing can become an opportunity above.

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A lot also kind of Allah tells us in sort of for fun, you bet the role models that you take in person and that there are those who there seems will be converted, reverted, changed for them from sinful accounts, to blessings by a loss of carnival.

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Sometimes you're heading down the wrong road but you're giving that one opening too good. That makes all the forward

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steps on foreign soil have seen in steps of righteousness that lead you towards gender terms

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that would allow, they would say,

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to look within yourself, and these are the words of superionic, Noreen and you would say to some of his students, he would say to that, you know if a law has favored you or not in these ways, the first is that if you're heading down a path,

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and you're not intending good, you're just it's just a normal day, you've got up got dressed going to work, but on your way without your intent.

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Without your intent. I see you have a

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10 minute sign.

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Without your intent on the way too good. A lot open for you at door of booth. And you fall into it. So Pamela, you're on your way. Michelle, talk to the mystic for fetch, it's cold, and there's a brother standing there on the bus stop. He didn't know that brother is going to be there. You've never picked him up before you don't know he gets on that street. And as you're driving and instinct in, your heart pulls you over you say okay, are you going to come I'm going to demonstrate that brother was on his way to work. But you offer him a job to the medic to pray

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it's on my way I've saved time Okay, jumping, you've earned a reward, he earns a reward. None of it was planned. It is from the Baraka loss economy.

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That opportunities to do good that you did not plan enter upon you in your life. Number two, that your desire to commit sin is blocked by a law and not your own doing. So Pamela, you're calculating in your mind, I'm going to do this a lot, I got the money. I'm on my way and it's wrong. I'm gonna go for when I invest, I'm gonna buy. I'm gonna watch, I'm gonna eat, I'm gonna.

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And as you're on your way, I'm also kind of either detours you

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a flat tire.

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A brother turns a corner into a place you weren't supposed to go to. And out of your shame, you see him you turn back, and a law preventing you from what you calculated undoing with his mercy and Baja California.

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And third,

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from the way that a lot of kind of Thailand that you find assurance in your heart, is that you become a doorway for the good of others without the intended use. So

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perhaps I say something that matters to your life, your wife, your children, it's not mine don't know you. I don't know when you're home. But I'll put something on my tongue that strikes your heart you say some kind of law, the brothers talking to me today.

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And it's because of law has brought this to you and has brought me for you for this kind of love. This is from a loss of time.

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Then imagine he warned about the opposite.

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He said worried about the blessings of your life being taken away. When you're planning on doing good. Now listen, you're on your way to doing righteous, you're on your way to jumaane you're on your way to federal and germana you're on your way to giving charity you intended coming today I'm going to give 1000 pounds. You're about to do something, you you planned it, you came ready. You took the money out of the machine, you got your card ready.

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You're coming from US law, whatever it is, and you're about to do the good and almost obscene.

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You're on the door knocking on the door of righteousness, hoping that it will be open but a lot slanted. And a lot doesn't allow you that good.

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number two, you're walking on the road, not intending seen.

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not intending to harm not intending anything to displease Allah, but you fall into it. And you don't know how you ended up where you are. So common law how many times in counseling with others. A person will say to me, Well, I don't even know why I said this to her. Why did you say this talk or do one of the I don't even know what we were arguing.

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So private law Shambala. I don't know what happened. It's a shame finding the internet

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And third is finally,

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that people see you what leads them away from a bar. Instead of being a dad and a llama, you become undoubtly. Instead of downward to a lot, you are the antithesis of Darwin, you they see in your behavior in your mouth and your words in your attitude in your mom and your being that which turns them away from a loss of time and with the island. And had they not met you, perhaps they would have arrived at them. But because they saw you and met you and experienced you, it repulse them from a path to a law as elegant metal law protects us from built for us

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to change what is disfigured.

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And what I and you presumed,

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are things that we don't want to have in our life

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requires for us to search for what

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are you starting to set up and refer to himself and say, as a law coats him in the hole and watch it move out? Okay. nemacolin, Allah has made me a source of Baraka whenever I am, they might have just to see if they say this versus the sort of money that Allah has made me a source of a source of knowledge. Wherever I am, I can answer people's questions, I can lead them to a lot. And therefore from the things that will increase you in Melaka is your deal. You're in the filter of your deeds, knowing what you're up to say, which is still found to me. The wife of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, she sought after her prayer, in the same spot, didn't move the property settlement when

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came back. She's sitting there, she's making her leap. He left a lover and he came back again, hours later, and so come along with the alarm on how she's still sitting in the vicar of Allah. He said to her, you've been in the same place since that morning since that time.

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She said yes, almost interval love. He said, I said three words that equal everything you did three sentences.

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So because a lot more money, dad, while he was in the Dollar Tree, he won't be the Candyman. He said three times.

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Everything you said ignore the two there for those hours in those three sentences is equal to some a lot.

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Because it's not about only worshiping harder or longer, but worshipping smarter with the film of the evening, with the knowledge of the deep woods Baraka in your life.

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It changes the things you want to remove from your life.

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And no doubt

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that surety of terpenes in your mind. Number two,

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is that you put people first

00:23:09--> 00:23:23

there was one quality of our notice of the law when he was 11 that distinguished him and all of the profits of a lot is that they thought about other people's needs first and whenever any prophet of Allah any messenger of Allah forgot that a walker

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has said on he crosses the sea with many Asahi fear and is destroyed. Everything has been settled in his mind is his belief. He says to his brother ha, oh, no, look me the homie. You stay with me Mr. Boone, you're a prophet of Allah. I'm going to hurt you a lot. I'm going to run forward. I'm going to leave you a path you follow me to that mountain to truly say now. As soon as he climbs up the mountain Allah says, what my gender Can

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you send them? Why did you hate it and leave your people behind? Or their identity in a car we thought about instead of a law I think my marine I hurried to please you Oh Allah.

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He never then omega. I tested your people after you left them. The same people who I saved from phenomena worshipping are golden if you

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follow john who said

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he had to return to his people angry and upset.

00:24:31--> 00:24:40

He finally sets a day with the people of course they're going to hear from him a few words. The Chiefs have Bryce finally finally we'll give him minutes

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to address them.

00:24:47--> 00:24:51

And as he's sitting waiting for them, he's come early to give his presentation.

00:24:53--> 00:25:00

All of them sit in front of him. He hears the voice of a man who is ridiculed in his society.

00:25:00--> 00:25:07

On account of something he's not in power of something a lot less than women's blindness

00:25:10--> 00:25:32

in new Maktoum, the blind man, whenever he asked somebody show me where Mohammed is Salalah they were saying that they wouldn't take him because the profits a lot while he was selling them was undesirable for them. We're not going to show you you're going to believe in it. So he was forced to wander the streets of Mecca San Jamar had met bibliotheque Yamaha man Where are you telling me about your Lord?

00:25:34--> 00:25:39

And this is a property he's about to give me his data What do the people have for age the Chiefs

00:25:40--> 00:25:43

he comes by and says Yamaha Yamaha

00:25:45--> 00:25:48

so the profit doesn't frown with him.

00:25:49--> 00:25:58

The profit doesn't frown and demand as a I don't want you I don't need you. He frowns at what he knows that was a missed opportunity. He says but

00:26:00--> 00:26:14

you've made me an equal to this man. This street person wandering the street you want me to believe in you the way he wants you to believe in you Who do you think you are fun fun to build on up and the profits

00:26:17--> 00:26:18


00:26:20--> 00:26:26

had hills he wanted them to believe and a lot corrects the profit as he corrected us as he corrected others.

00:26:29--> 00:26:31

Allah says to the profits, a lot of money

00:26:32--> 00:26:36

and job in the aftermath. Well, now you believe that

00:26:38--> 00:26:58

the time is thrown out instead of 911. Yet as Edgar is saying he's gonna come to face so quick, that even the grammar of the Arabic shows the experience of him coming to faith. Why are you upset at the loss of these people? They'll never believe in you. Yeah. Mohammed salado, it was unless you had a man already there.

00:27:00--> 00:27:02

Don't overlook some of the law

00:27:04--> 00:27:07

and therefore be a utility of Hydra.

00:27:08--> 00:27:12

Any time any of the messages have a lot of lost sight

00:27:13--> 00:27:15

of putting the people first

00:27:16--> 00:27:51

they were corrected. And therefore with your increasing knowledge, it increases you in the healing and love for other service for others. The prophets I send them was a servant of the masses. He was the last to eat the first discern the first to put food in the plates of others. Some will not what he was sending in the first Academy the Greeks for his messaging, the first until they clear the land, the first to dig the Hummer, the first to carry one of his 13 swords in battle. So love it he was

00:27:52--> 00:28:11

he was a man who the Sahaba when they would hear the noise of war by the time they put on their armor and love their forts ready and put on their shields. And they go well to see what is this noise outside Medina the proselytizer is already on his way back, he's shirtless with his sword hanging from his from his neck somebody was

00:28:12--> 00:28:15

that a lot of Don't be scared on here, don't worry.

00:28:17--> 00:28:19

Male monkey with these two qualities a loving man in

00:28:20--> 00:28:22

a pursuit of power category.

00:28:23--> 00:29:06

And the pursuit of Baraka through the service of others among them, I mean, I pray them across some kind of data continues to favor your community. make you an example for others that surround you and abroad have you male also counting down that less of the administrators in the assistance, the volunteers, these wonderful young men and I'm sure sisters on the other side, helping with the food and male love, eat them all to a service of others. Now also kind of Allah inspired me to generosity today that you do something great for someone who is faceless and nameless to you, but who will find you on the day of judgment as your your poof, the prophets I send them send us some

00:29:08--> 00:29:22

sort of evidence is evidence to have preferred others or why you gave me rose but I gained from it to others may Allah make us evidence for others and others evidence for us on the Day of Judgment also didn't happen all of a sudden was equal.

00:29:25--> 00:29:27

So a lot of audio signal was sent out.