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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shanna Philip Diego mousseline. Muhammad Rasul, Allah is Allah Allah Allah He went on he was able to send them this demon because he didn't consider for my

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other sisters.

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Listen benign, focus on contribution, not on consumption,

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focus on contribution not on consumption today, this is a great sickness that we have that whole focus our goals and our aims

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defined by consumption, consumption standards, I want to have this kind of car I want to have this house this kind of house all consumption language, not contribution.

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This is a baby big sickness,

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focus on contribution, not nonconsumption. Sometimes,

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if you want to see how powerful you are, you want to see how influential you are. Look for the number of people who benefited because

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influence comes with the territory. And that means that your influence is directly proportional to the number of people that you benefit. You cannot be more influential than your influences as much as many people as you benefit more people who benefit the more influential you become.

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And that you will know if you measure. So there's a loop of this back to the earlier point I made about discipline and structure, the importance of recording the importance of documentation. So how do I know how much I contributed by looking at the documentation, if I do not document I cannot measure measurement is absolutely critical to success. Because what you don't measure, you don't know what you don't know, you cannot control what you cannot control, you cannot improve.

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It's as simple as that. You want to improve a process, you must know what the process is. Exactly.

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And if you know what the process is, then you can improve the process. Otherwise, it's just a wish, oh, I wish I wish I can make this better meaning what when you don't even know how it is now, how can I make it better. So very important to measure to have metrics have metrics for everything, measure yourself, I have been voluntarily unemployed and employable from 1994 onwards.

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That's when I started my business as an entrepreneur as a business consultant as a leadership consultant and trainer 1994 in Bangalore.

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from 1994 There is nobody who writes an annual performance appraisal for me, but I do for myself.

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And every so many years, I also have I get a an agency from outside it's a

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company that is

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run by a friend of mine

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who does 360 degree appraisal. So,

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I asked him to set it up for me and

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what they do in a 360 in GE This is a standard process for all

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leadership positions.

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So, what they do for 360 is a an external agency sends out send out a questionnaire about you two 360 meaningful to all those people who are

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who influenced you or who you influence or touch you in any way.

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So, it will be your obviously your in organization in organizational setup, it will be your superiors, but it will also be your subordinates it will be your peers, your colleagues in your department, your colleagues or people at your level, in other in other departments. It will be

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for example

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consultants that you deal with, it will be suppliers, it will be

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you know people will do the company does business with it will be all people of different kinds, who interact with you and who you interact with. All of those people are part of your 360 it will also be they will ask you if you want that.

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It will also be random people from your community. From the place you live your society might even be your family. All of those people are

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part of your community and these people

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they are surveyed, the consultant sends out a survey to them

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concerning you. And then when the results come, they collate them. And they remove the names of the people wrote the comments, but they give you the comments and they give you a overall assessment of how you are doing in the view of all those people that you impact. That is a very important thing to do.

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As far as you're concerned with the

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in measuring your own

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capability and ability, and see if you're progressing or not progressing. This is something that I pay for and I get it done.

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Remember, from 1994 onwards, Nobody tells me what to do. Nobody can tell what rupees I'm self employed.

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can write my appraisal, I can go through life as I want. I nobody gives me promotions, I can probably a promotion means printing a different business card. As simple as that, you know, I call myself whatever I like, which shows the uselessness, uselessness of the work, you know what listeners have job titles. For example, if a promotion comes without a distinctive change of responsibility,

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then it has no meaning. Today, we have organizational structures we look at, they're like a bad joke. All kinds of job title, which are completely meaningless.

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Much people feel happy about it, the or they feel depressed about it. Anyway,

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that's an aside but to stay with the point, measure,

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measure to the last degree and then look at that measurement seriously. And don't try to justify it is very important. If the if the measurement looks negative, it is negative, do something about it change your ways, don't change the measurement.

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Don't lower the bar. They're the worst case scenario and commit we just did all about

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focus on contribution not and consumption and you will find that your influence will grow.

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And as in as an individual you will grow.

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In my family business consulting practice, sometimes.

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Some young fellows have trouble with their with the business founders, the father grandfathers, and once one of them came to me and said,

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Can you tell me I want to I want to go away. I said okay.

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Bye bye. He said, No, I want my father to give me my share. So can you tell my father, give me my share? Sure. I'll tell you.

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What is your share? He said 50%.

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I say 50% of what he said of the business.

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I said how did you go? How did you get there? How did you arrive at 50%?

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He has no answer. Right? No answer. I told him your share of the business is equal to your contribution and the business.

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Is business started before you were even born.

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Your father struggled. He sweated tears of he said a sweat and tears of blood

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and he built his business.

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Your bond you are in kindergarten you are in school, even in college. And finally you come

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and now your principal contribution seems to be to put over it on your hair and you know

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paco rabanne, aftershave and wear some nice clothes and drives a nice car and common pocket forgetting that your father paid for every single of those things.

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From your hair dye for your hair, hair, Brylcreem to the to the gas in your car into the car.

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And you want 50% of the business.

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Right? Completely insane in complete insanity. So I said to him, Look, instead of that I tell you what.

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I will ask your father to give you seed capital, you start a business, grow the business

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and make your father a shareholder in that business and grow the business so big that that business because bigger than just business. See, see if you can do that.

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That's something we're talking about. So I'm again giving business examples but it this applies across the world in any

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any any discipline that you do, which is focus on contribution.

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See how can I benefit people,

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the rest will follow. The rest will follow money is the natural outcome of excellent work.

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If you work for money, that's the worst reason to work, don't work for money,

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work for the love of the work, work for contribution work for doing work to do something which is which is worthwhile, money will follow.

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Focus on contribution

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and and you will become the most successful the most influential person in the world. And obviously that means that you will have enough to live a very good and happy and comfortable life

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was all about getting while it was so big and been able to get home