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Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © In this video series on how to deal with student burnout, the host discusses the importance of finding good company, finding positive people, and avoiding giving up. He also advises against giving up and advises against giving up to avoid negative consequences. The host also emphasizes the importance of avoiding burnout and finding the best company to help with the study.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. So, this is the fourth and final video in the series of videos on how to deal with student burnout. And we say that if you're studying Islamic studies by your second or third year, you sometimes feel like giving up and we're talking about ways in which we can deal with that and overcome that. In the first video, we spoke about having goals and ambition. In the second video, we spoke about the philosopher Nia having a sincere intention for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In the third video, we spoke about the importance of having a mentor. Right. So the next point regarding student burnout, and how to avoid it, is to surround

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yourself with good company. Surround yourself with positive people with people who are inspirational people who will motivate you to keep studying people who motivate you never to give up. Make sure that your friends circle of people who want you to complete your Islamic Studies, or make sure that your friends circle of people who want what's best for you in this world. And really, if you if you are hanging out with people who want you to give up, we don't want you to be religious, who don't like the idea of you becoming a scholar. Again, most likely, they're going to influence you negatively. And so when you feel like giving up, and they're going to tell you Yeah, give up, or

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they'll be happy to give up. Because it means you're not going to be lecturing them anymore, you're not going to be teaching about Islam anymore, right. And so you shouldn't be hanging out with people like that. You should be hanging out with people who push you to be your best, who won't let you give up even when you want to give up, you want to hang out with people who are going to tell you that you can do it, that you are going to benefit from this knowledge and you're going to benefit other people from this knowledge. So don't give up, they will tell you that you can see the positive change this knowledge is happening in your life. And so therefore you shouldn't give up. Because the

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more you learn, the more you're going to change for the better. These are the kinds of people who you should be hanging out with, these are the kinds of people who are going to help you to get through that phase of your life. Right. So that's point number four. Another point that I want to mention regarding the

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giveaway dealing with burnout is to seek protection from sheet one, right to be left in a shade warning regime, I seek protection, love from shavonda Richard one, because really the shape one who wants you to give up, the devil knows that a student of knowledge, who completes his or her study sincerely for the sake of Allah, that individual is going to be a huge problem for the devil. They're going to get in the way of his of his plot to lead mankind straight. They go into guiding people back to the straight path. And so the devil is going to do everything he can cheat on, he's going to do everything he can to make you give up. He's going to put these thoughts in your mind.

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He's going to try and lead you astray. He's going to tell you to simple he's going to tell you you're not good enough to be a scholar of Islam. Don't listen to him. And one of the most common things he's going to tell you is how can you study Islam? You are such a sinner? Who are you to study Islam, we should need this to the pious people. And if you listen to shaytaan, you going to give up and to deal with that specific thought. Let me tell you something. She says that to every single Dolly, every single scholar, every single person who studied Islam, she taught how the individual you are to sinful you should leave this to someone with more pious in what's the catch.

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The catch is he said this to everyone. because no one's too pious. Nobody's perfect. Nobody said us. The one of the reasons we study Islam is to help us avoid sin to help us overcome sin, to help us become better Muslims, right to keep us from going deeper into sin. So if you are involved in certain sense, now you're studying of Islam overtime may help you give it up or at least keep you away from because once you give up studying Islam, you're going to start on a downhill descent into even bigger sense. I definitely don't want you to go. So don't listen to him. Don't listen to these ideas that he puts into your mind that you're not good enough You're too simple, or you're too weak

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or too stupid. These are all clutter the devil to lead us astray. So if we really have high goals, we're doing this for the sake of Allah don't listen to shape art, focus on your studies. And the final thing I want to mention about avoiding burnout is to meet to meet your ally really to keep us steadfast keep us in care to help us complete our studies to do the best we can if we do this inshallah we will do well. You will complete our studies will become people of benefit to do so with this I end this short cheesiness videos on how to deal with burnout facetiming students. I hope that you benefited from this and inshallah I'll be making a few more short video series like this.

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In the future, dealing with other questions which I get often for my students just walk with that one and you come to the level of alameen wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

In this episode, we look at righteous company as a means to avoid student burnout.

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