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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of interpreting dreams as real or false, and the three categories of dreams that can be used to create hedging and false dreams. They stress the need for caution when sharing dreams with others, as it may lead to negative consequences. The speakers also discuss the importance of sharing dreams with others and avoiding giving false expectations.
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be recited sort of use of

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and so the use of is a very beautiful part of the plan a very beautiful chapter in the Quran. This sutra was actually revealed at the request of the companions, the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. They said O Messenger of Allah, we would like to hear a story.

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So that Allah subhanho wa Taala he revealed not only a story

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we will not reveal to you any story, we will reveal to you the best story. And the story of use buddy Salaam is such a beautiful story. It teaches us so many lessons, a young child at a young age has been given a glad tidings. And that's how all fairy tales start. A young child finds out that he has a bright future and you somebody Salaam he accidentally shares that information with the siblings. So now there's a rivalry between the siblings and about rivalry takes the worst of the scenario and use the body Sam has to leave his parents at a young age. And when he leaves his parents, not only does he leave his parents, but his his brothers are the ones who caused him to

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leave his parents and to leave him at the bottom of a well imagine what a young child must feel like sitting at the bottom of a wall. If we were to lock our kids inside the closet for a few minutes. They were start screaming and crying. And here, this young child is sitting at the bottom of the wall and there's no way you can get out for him. This is the end of it. No dad, no mother, No brother, no one he's sitting at the bottom of the wall. And this child who was a son of a prophet, his grandfather was a prophet. His great grandfather is a prophet is then pulled out of the wall and sold in the market of Egypt as a slave. Where it was yesterday and where it is today. When I think

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of use of an Instagram story, it reminds me of the story of the of the young kids in Palestine. He reminds me of the story of the young kids in Syria. It reminds me of a story of the young kids who were living in a lot of ston the young kids in Iraq, the young kids in Burma, the young kids in Somalia, across the road, wherever Muslims are facing difficulty, it reminds me of their story, because he was a young kid who had everything. He was from one of the most mobile families, the prophet said, and Kareem Abdul Kareem Abdul Karim, Allah, he was a prophet and honorable man, the son of an honorable man, the son of an honorable man, the son of the front of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala. And here, Yusuf Ali Salam is sold as a slave. So now a new chapter in his life. Then as he's growing, we learned the lesson of temptation. After that, he's put into prison wrongfully again, thrown into prison because of his innocence, not because of his guilt, due to his innocence. And now when he's put into the prison, again, he uses every scenario to his advantage. He uses every situation in life to his advantage. When he's in the prison, he becomes a sheriff of the prison. And now people are coming to him from pathology and questions. And he becomes such a valuable asset that they came outside of the prison has to come and ask us for advice on a particular issue. After that,

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use, the body becomes a treasure. And while he's a treasure, he has now become the person who has nothing, who was previously nothing and now he is the person who the entire kingdom is coming to, to collect their ration from and he's distributing and as he's distributing it, one day as a lion comes to an end, a group of people come forward when he sees their face, he feels a chill in his body. Because the people standing in front of him were the very same people who threw him down the well many years ago. And all these years without his father or because of these people, and the same brothers were standing in front of him. And he saw them and said, All of you are here, but one of

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your brothers is missing. They said, well, that brother is at home with us with our father Yahoo. It was an incident with one other one of our brothers. And since that brother was you know, that incident happened. Our father has not let his other son go. Another son's name was bieniemy English, we call them Benjamin Binyamin bieniemy and Yusuf Ali Salaam were were born from the same mother whose name was Rahim. They were born from the same mother. Okay, so he went on another Sunday, though. So he said next year, you guys can better bring him otherwise no ration for you. Next year, they come they bring another son. And he's somebody that I'm finally has someone close to him that

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he really loves. And he wants to bring him close. So I used to use a very interesting trap. And it seems as if he traps his brother, but the reason why he traps them, the brother can stay behind with him. It's a very long story, you know, but it brings so many different aspects, rivalry between brothers temptation, the trials, a young child has to go through the change in life, being thrown in prison responsibility as a treasure and then your connection reconnecting with your family again, and then after that, the father's side of the story where he is patient for all these years crying over his son because he remembers that his son was a special son. He was a prophet and he knew that

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The dream that his son saw the young age was a revelation. And he was hoping for that revelation to manifest itself and he's waiting that these sons are mine are not profits. It was that one. That was the profit for my kids, Where's he gone, and he's waiting for him and he's crying so much for his son won't be here, but I know

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that his eyes, they go dry, he's gone blind, a father's love for his child, his eyes, they go blind because he cried for his child so much. And then finally, Allah subhanaw taala allows the story to end in such a beautiful manner, that now the entire family comes in front of us.

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And when they come around, he's no longer a young child. He's no longer a six, seven year old young kid now he's an adult. And he is the person who is responsible of the treasury of the Egyptian Empire. And his family is standing in front of them and his father stands there. His father and mother, they stand there together and they perform such them for them. And all of his siblings, they prostrate in front of him. And then Yusuf Ali Salaam says to his father, had we little aim in common. All my father, everyone when I was younger, I told you I saw dream, love fulfill the dream today. So my fantasy said that it took us about 40 years for his dream to come to how many years 40

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years you waited, and now his father, his mother and father are now on? What are

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you 100 everyone is now being celebrated, and his siblings and siblings are in such there in front of him. They're honoring him for the moment. And then now comes the test. How does Yusuf Ali Salaam deal with his criminals are in front of him? The people who abused him? What does he do to them? And this is one of the most beautiful part. You somebody said I'm sister them. latter three valuable young young.

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I forgive me.

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You know, what kind of heart does a man have to have to forgive someone who sent him to prison? What kind of heart does a person have to have to forgive someone who stole your childhood from you? Who stole your children from you? Who stole those happy moments of marriage from you, you spent your marriage years in prison and you're forgiving that person again.

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He's teaching us a story again, that this is how life should be and then at the end use about economics are very beautiful. It makes it a lot but

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now that his life is wrapping up, it makes it go on Oh Allah, you gave me kingdom, while Anthony means that we did our hobbies, and you taught me how to interpret dreams. Somehow it will all crater, the skies and the earth underbelly if

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you are my friend in the world, because even though my family wasn't there for me, Allah was always there for me. And

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just as you were there for me in the road, I know you're going to be for me that you're after that he makes one very beautiful law. And this is the law we should own. The law of finding a Muslim man what happened in the sun? Oh Allah. So far, life has been great, does Now give me death as a Muslim. And while you hit the nail on the head, enjoy me with the righteous in the hereafter. So the story of use of it tsunami is such a phenomenal story. It's beyond any drama beyond any movie beyond any thriller because this is a reality. And this is such a true story that Allah subhanaw taala relates it word by word, an entire pseudo one whole chapter of the Quran is dedicated just to the story of

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you somebody set up. Now what are the important things about Instagram story which I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about today is how Yusuf Ali Salaam saw this dream at a young age. as Muslims, we have to realize that dreams had meanings and the promise of a lot while he was selling before he received his profited. There was a phase in his life where every night he would see a dream. And he himself says that at night I would see a dream I would wake up in the morning, and exactly what I had seen was coming true in front of me. People see dreams that are real just two nights ago I saw a dream was it two nights away as two nights ago, I saw a dream and something very horrible happened

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to one of my friends. So I woke up right away. And I immediately messaged him saying that I saw you my dream. Read is of course every name will not protect you. You know today he texted us to be st shift. One of the most edgy things happened in my life that I never thought would happen. I need to come meet you right away. You know Allah subhanho wa Taala puts truth inside people's dreams, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he told his companions when they that

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Prophet revelation has come to an end in Qatar, why revelation has come to an end. However, Allah subhanahu wa tada will continue to bless you with glad tidings. And then once the hobby as the Prophet sallallahu it was sitting on messenger of Allah, what is the meaning of the iron and the human who should often hire to do

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that for them will be glad tidings in the world and that you're after. So the purpose of lohani was set up said

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that for them will be glad tidings and what that means is, they will be truthful dreams for them. So dreams are a reality, however, how to interpret dreams, the different categories of dreams, which dream is real, which dream is not real. That's something that needs to be understood. So the scholars say that dream

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falls into one of three categories. The first category is what we call very Asada. What is it? What is a truthful dream it's a dream that has a meaning. These are dreams that are generally saw before fighters a lot of time because the promise of long running stuff will be the most truthful of dreams is the one that thought at some times through time is right before, right before fudges when we have our fabulous hot, and when narration the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the one who is most truthful in his speech during the day will see the most truthful of dreams during the night. That's why the prophets dreams are always true, because they were very truthful people they never

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lied, the prophets of Allah while he was still almost known as being a solid, I mean, but truthful and trustworthy. The province of scholars they mentioned, a person who sleeps in the state of blue is in the company, this isn't actually a person that sleeps in the state of blue is in the company of the angels during the night. So that person is more likely to be inspired, with truthful the input pious dreams while that person is sleeping, we're going to come back to the interpretation later on. That's just that's one category. Now in this category, also falls the category of dreams in which the prophets of love it was sort of Messina, the prophets of aloha it was said I'm setting

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it, monitor it filmin and finish it on.

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Whoever has seen me in a dream he has truly seen because shavon cannot take my you cannot take my posture, you cannot take my form, friendship online.

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Okay, now there's another discussion. If five people were to see the power of cinema, Hollywood cinema, their dream, and each of them wants to define what they describe what they have seen in their dream, it's very possible the sketch will come out different, you guys following me? So does that what does this actually mean? So that's why the scholars before they go forward and interpret they say that the first every person sees the process that a lot of why they will see them, but they may see certain added or deleted attributes based off what the what the dream is trying to tell them. You guys understand, there may be some added benefit in the pockets of a lot of audio, some

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description or something may have a little less, because that's actually the interpretation part of the dream. It is also possible possible for a person to see Allah subhanho wa Taala in their dream, you know, coming up with a lie, he said that I had seen Allah subhanaw taala my dream 99 times. And in 100 times I said, If I see allow one more time in my dream, I will ask the right question. And he said, I asked Allah subhanaw taala what is the one thing that I can do that will take me closest to you? And he said, I responded back by reading the Quran, read the Koran that will bring the closest to your master, your Lord have lots of how to work out. So these all fall in the category of

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righteous dreams. The second category of VMs are what we call love, of love one of our nightmares, okay, so for example, you see a thought in your dream, or you see something very horrific in your dream. And when you see something horrific in your dream, you're so frightened. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us the way to deal with this is to spit over your shoulder three times to read out loud

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and then turn over and sleep on the other side. These are the three things that are prescribed. The scholars also mentioned another thing that helps from seeing nightmares is to read it horsey before you go to sleep. Because when you read it go see before you go to sleep, if you sleep in the state of blue, the angels they surround you and they are there to protect you as there are many Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this regard. The third type of dream is will be called Hadith enough Hadees enough is that dream which a person sees as a result of what they were doing throughout the day. You guys understand? So let's say for example, someone is reading fun all day

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when I was in high school I used to memorize upon all day, you know, from nine to four, you should sit there read and read because you were memorizing. So in our dreams, what would you see? If you are reading the Quran? I mean, it doesn't mean that you're super pious. inshallah, that doesn't mean that but it's common for you to see yourself doing a surgery in your dream. If you do surgeries all day. It's very possible. You may my mother says to me, that bear does not make you with this automatically. Okay. Hartmann doesn't have a mechanical guardian.

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For so many years, I've been seeing a dream that I'm cooking food in my dream as a mom, because you could put all day there's no target for this at all. See what you're doing inshallah keep feeding people while giving reward. So not every dream has an interpretation. You guys follow what I'm saying? If you're playing basketball, I'll tell you one story. This is a funny story. I just remembered it right now. I was in one state. I'm not gonna say the state's name. I was on the east coast. I was on the east coast. Okay. And I there was it was an avant.

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And it was a lot of time and when Stanley invited me over to their house, so I went to their house, we were having a thought there was one kid who lived in the house. He was sleeping on the couch and a third time. So while he was sleeping, he got up.

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And he walked right up to me. It was a third time we were eating. He said shift I need to talk to you. His eyes were red, His hair was all over the place. I said What's wrong? I'm eating a thought. He said no, no shift. It's very important. So I said, Okay, so I went to the site. I sat down with him. I said, what's happening? He said, I just saw a dream. I was in London she had

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she was 13 years old. Again. He had this nice big chubby cheeks. He said, I just thought I was going to have an a minus sign. So what is the interpretation of this dream?

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So I said, Can you tell me what's interpretation of the dream? So he said to me, maybe it's my colleague.

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It's crazy, right?

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So then I told him at that time, actually, for those of you who remember, Black Ops was released a few months earlier, two months earlier. So that kid was playing too much Black Ops, right? He was playing Modern Warfare. He was even overdosed on modern warfare. And all he's doing is going around shooting people all day. So what are you seeing in his dream? shooting? He's seeing people shooting? You know what, when my mother first told me I see myself cooking food all day, I asked her Mom, are you playing Fruit Ninja these days, because all you do all day, what you're gonna see what you're going to see in your sleep Hadeeth enough's. So these are the three different types of dreams. Now,

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when you see a dream, it is important that you do not share it with people, especially if it's from the first category. If you see a dream, even the second category, the third category, it doesn't matter. So let's just generalize it and say when you see a dream, you shouldn't share with every person dreams are not things that are posted in the top people because what happens is, especially when people see dreams from the first category, it creates a little pride inside them, that I saw a dream that had a true meaning. Maybe I'm closer to Allah, I saw the purpose of aloha to set my dream, I saw this pious thing, I saw that price thing. And then these people that go to every

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gathering, when they tell people, it's as if they are superior, and the people in front of them are inferior, because I saw the dream and you don't see dreams. There was one sister in the community. She used to call me every morning with a dream.

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I was on the verge of blocking her. So the night before I blocked her. I said sister, you know what? I don't know how you see so many dreams, right? It's a very good thing Mashallah. something special about you. But not every genius should look this up. I don't know why my sister doesn't see dream. My mother and father don't see dreams. I see all the dreams. I said.

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Sometimes seekers, take your glasses off and then go to sleep and saw that you won't see anything. If you've got bad vision, you see poverty.

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So the first thing is that not every game is interpreted, but the dreams that you do see that are righteous and pious, you shouldn't share them with everyone. My mother in law leads to see a virtuous a pious dream is a glad tidings. But it does not give you superiority over any other person. A person who doesn't see dreams, maybe allow some kind of that I want them to enjoy sleep at nighttime. Maybe he's resting on us too. So you shouldn't feel that ego inside you. The other thing is that if you share your good dreams with other people, it is very possible they may end up being hatred, they may have jealousy as we learn from the story of

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Yusuf Ali Salaam lost his entire life because he made a mistake as a child. He shared his dreams with his brothers after his father says don't do it. That's why they say you do not share your

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dream except with a person who is either either he's intellectual, or that person is a good friend of yours, right hobby. And then the other word is lobby. Hobby Lobby lobby means someone has intellectual hobby been someone who loves you because that person won't be jealous, like you somebody shared with his father because he knew his father wouldn't be jealous of him, or he shared with someone intellectual so that they can interpret the dreams now to lie about our dream is a major sin. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam says quarterback remember hard enough,

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but anyone that claims they saw a dream, and they did not see that dream, they will not be allowed to enter into into paradise until a camel enters through the hole of a needle. Right until a camel enters the hole of the needle, that person will not be allowed to enter into paradise. So line of black tidings is also a brief thing. It's something very big that we should be careful of the last discussion I want to have for the night is regarding is too hot. Because this is something that's also from the center of the topic that a lot of money was sent and whenever we make a big decision in our lives, we should make vulnerable hate middle light data we should ask Allah subhana wa tada

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to bless that decision of ours with good the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to do is to harder for all of his big matters all of his small matters anything he was making a decision on he would make a staccato The idea behind is the horizon you're making a lot of a lot to bless it with sometimes after you do is too hot so Okay, let's take one step at a time. There are two types of economy there's a smaller staccato and then there's a greater as the hotter the smaller is the harder it is to read this very simple blog before any big decision you make or any small decision you make. What is it la Allahumma Sydney was read after me Allahumma clearly

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this is why you read it right before you make your decisions a lot of the greatest holidays where you pray to God after reading Twitter god there's a famous blog is the hotter you read it for those of you that are married you ought to remember it from your marriage days, right? For those of you who bought houses, you know from your from your house taste and those of you have been to college you know from your college days, you read that long line after read that long block, you go to sleep. Now the scholars say one a few things will happen either you may see a dream which will indicate you towards the right pathway. It's not necessary you'll see a dream. Everyone understand

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that. Or the second thing is that your heart will naturally be inclined for something or the third thing whatever decision you go with at the end alone will bless it with good now here's a question. Let's say for example, I asked my father advice that dad Should I marry someone so girl or I asked my father and my mother a few friends of my family members asked a bunch of them and they all say this is a good girl. You

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You're very short, you should get married for now I lose the hot on Mr. hodda says you shouldn't get married. For example, maybe I wake up with Friday in my heart where I see a dream. That's you know, that's very frightening. So what should I do? Should I marry that person or not?

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So happy with the lady he says. Shura takes precedence over it's the hot.

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Shura takes precedence over a staccato consultation takes precedence over years Hadaway is that he gives a very brief he gives a very brief explanation very brief explanation. He says the reason is because your istikhara the way you feel about trees Takata is due to an inclination or a dream. And that inclination or a dream could be affected by exterior factors maybe work due to the previous night, maybe something that someone said there could be a million reasons why you are affected, and the reason why you woke up with that mood or what you saw in your dream, it's not 100% that you saw that or felt that because it was a revelation. Nobody's including 100% on that. However, when it

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comes to shoot off, taking advice, consultation, this is something established in the Quran itself. And Allah subhanaw taala instructed the purpose of the law it was for them to make decisions based off of

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off of shoot off

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based on what shall we get on the radar as a worker Allah, Allah is instructing the Prophet, make your decisions based off your shoot off your consultation. So that's what have you heard says that you will give precedence to shoot off over his tunnel. In summary, gems are a very important part of the Muslims life. And we pray that Allah subhanaw that allows us all to see in our dreams that we love it profits or the loss or loss of power that allows us to see our place in genda in this world and our dreams, and Allah subhanaw taala saves us from seeing anything evil in our dreams and save us from the whispers of truth.