Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya – I love the Messenger #20

Mirza Yawar Baig
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu lillah

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wa salatu salam ala Shafi lambier even more serene. Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salaam to Sleeman Kathira and Kathira mmabatho.

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My brothers and sisters

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and also relays that I send them the return from five, they mentioned to you

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in last in the last class,

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he listened he returned from dive and we know all that happened at the entire life

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anyone else in his place so Hala would have been so heartbroken so depressed, that you will not blame that person if he had given up the the,

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the mission given up his work, and

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you know, figuratively hung up his boots and said this is this is not the will of Allah, this cannot happen.

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Anyone would have done it except

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the Messenger of Allah except the Rasul of Allah Salah Mahalia.

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And this is yet again, one of the

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pieces of evidence which proclaim

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to anyone with any sense of justice, that Muhammad salallahu Alaihe Salam

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is the Messenger of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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It takes an incredibly amazing level of belief in your mission, in yourself, an incredible, absolute mountain of confidence.

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And truly, and truly a belief that can come only because he is marching to a different tune from what the world can hear.

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And that is the tune of the rhythm of the will and the pleasure of his master of his Creator now Creator, Allah Subhana hotellet Limited.

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And that is the confidence and that is the power that kept him on without any despair, any depression, any easing of the

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no tardiness, no laziness, not even taking any rest.

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The primary concern of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam at this point was to seek a place where he from which he could preach His message from which he could communicate what Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him

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in safety, and in an S in safety and consistently now

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it's quite amazing, I mean, this is something that really blows my mind, which is that

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one can understand if somebody has a message, which is intrinsically

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intrinsically bad, but something which is evil, something which is harmful,

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that this person is looking for a safe place to

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from wish to do his work.

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But why should somebody whose message is clearly beneficial? This is not a secret right? It's not something to say here is a curtain you join the secret society and then only you will be

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given the truth about what this cult is a This isn't. This is something which is absolutely open. Islam is the most open or the open things. There is nothing secret in Islam, everything is up in front of you. And everything is so clearly beneficial.

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all that Rasul Allah is our Santa was facing and all that anybody who ever did his message has ever faced is threat

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his people, you know, opposing them and in various ways.

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We've become progressively more toxic, progressively more harmful if they used to give a very sad situation. Because at the end of the at the end of the day, people who oppose those who speak the truth, they must think about this and reflect and say that, if I'm successful, I'm successful

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in what I do

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If you are successful in propagating falsehood, you are successful in propagating something which is harmful for society, you are successful in doing something, which cannot possibly have any benefit for anybody.

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And the thing which was,

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which was possible for you to really

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do something with and help people and help society is,

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is what you put down

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on a sidenote, see, for example, what happens today with those who

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who promote

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the importance and the criticality of fighting, global warming, right, and climate change, for example, do they get support,

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they don't need any support, these are these are, these people are really, you know, people, they ignore them, or they, I mean, they don't attack them, but they just ignore them and they do not allow them succeed. At the end of the day,

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who is going to be harmed by this

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in the fight against global warming is lost in the fight against climate change is lost, what really will be lost, the future of humanity on the face of the Earth would be lost,

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everybody will lose.

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after a point, it will become irreversible. I don't even know whether we have already gone past that point. But anyway,

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one lives in hope. So, let us say that that point has not arrived yet but it's it will arrive and it'll arrive very quickly.

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But this is the peculiar

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you know, suicidal tendency of human nature where we oppose things which are really beneficial for us and of course, the most beneficial thing is, is that which is good for us for ever and ever, that is good for us for the ACA for the year after, and that is Islam to worship our to worship our Creator and not anyone or anything else. And to follow the way that he showed for us because this is the best way

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this is the best way

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you know, they can there can be no argument about this because the very simple thing is

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for example, you will never argue that the manufacturer of a product

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knows what is best for that product.

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And anyone who doesn't want to deal in contraband and so on and stolen stuff, especially if you have a very valuable product

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that you will

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do for that product. What the manufacturer's manual tells you to do

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the maintenance of it and so on and so forth you will not find some you know for example if it's a

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Lamborghini what is beautiful car and you

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lubricant in it and so on and you want to put some oil in it, and you

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you will not say well, you know let me find the cheapest oil in the market is this thing, whatever is the oil that the manufacturer says should be put into the Lamborghini that's what I'm going to put it

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and so also for everything else.

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But when it comes to the human being, and there's nothing that is more valuable than human life

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product, no car, no aeroplane, no nothing. The human being is the number one valuable thing on the face of the earth. That is that's what we humans think, isn't it?

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So who is the what is the manufacturers manual for the human being? That manufacturers manual for the human being it's called the Quran because the manufacturer the human being is Allah Subhana Allah data and he said maintain this product in this way

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and this is the way to maintain the product.

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Worship no one other than Allah subhanaw taala eat and drink that which is good for you. Stay away from all dogs all toxic stuff in toxic guns, all kinds of

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things which

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you know play with your mind.

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Be kind to each other be compassionate

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Don't be greedy don't try to grab other people's stuff because you like it

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you know all these all these rules will do this for who?

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These are for Allah subhanaw taala or are they for you and me?

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These rules are

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For us, the manufacturers manual is for the benefit of the products

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and the manufacturer takes the trouble to give you this value, so that you can enjoy the product

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that we have destroyed ourselves we have destroyed our society and destroyed our world.

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And then we wonder why we are in the kind of mess that we are in.

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What is the wonder what you know, what surprises me the most is this sense of surprise

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what surprised me the most of this so called sense of surprise.

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So now when wrestlers are seldom returned to

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to Makkah from dive

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he was without any protection because his own family the courage were against him.

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The word the person, the chief in the family.

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Our daily

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been Abdulmutallab was his.

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Were giving him protection he had passed away.

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He went to dive in the hope that the monitor cave would give him protection but they did not and they treated him so shabbily and so badly.

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So when he came back to NACA,

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it has become just before he entered Mecca, he sent a message to write that

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message with regard to Aquinas Vinci like

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asking for protection, but he refused, because he was an ally of courage.

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So when Amber refused protection as he was from the AMA when while and said that they could not give protection to people of carbon, well, that was a sort of a sort of stripe. He then send a message to Madame Ben obey.

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Who agreed, and sola sola, sola salon spent the night in her in his house the next day or muthambi, no, they are we

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took his took seven of his sons

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who were in armor with the swords surrounding resources element then they washed over him while he thought I was young came and said, Are you giving him protection? Or are you following Him? Well, Tom said we are only giving him protection. So it wasn't bad said okay. Then we follow we accept your protection.

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In Amazonia Hunter Valley, the teacher of Imam Malik around the valley he was a good boy had this and he compiled is a Hadith during the time of Omar of Nakata, Omar Abdulaziz on how to rally

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the the Filippo Manomaya.

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He said that also as a Salam would visit, all the gaps are Hutch at the dental hygiene board Amina and he will present his fifth

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slough and he would ask for protection and support. But every one of them refused it.

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they felt that since his tribe did not accept him,

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they would not also accept it.

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For example, as soon as a Salah met the tribe of kin that give them the power, but they refused. Then he went to mono

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Abdullah but they also turned him down. Then he went to mono Hanifa but they rejected him very rudely and he's been Hanifa were the type of neutron they were the people from whom arose Mercedes Malka when they

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lead a very bad revolt against Sol Sol Salman. Anyway, eventually, Messiah was was killed and the revolt was pulled down but this was a big tribe

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in the Knights

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the one who I live in Sasa, their leader was by Hara been for us, he was very impressed with the resources and he said that I swear that if I could have this brave man operation, I would eat up the arrows with him.

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So he said if we follow your orders and if Allah give us gives us victory,

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we have power

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or will be about after you

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meaning that you

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Who will be up we will give you protection. And then we will fight the Arabs. And if we,

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if we are successful and we are, we prevail over them, then we want to kill the Arabs.

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As soon as there is an object, the earth belongs to Allah. And he gives it to whoever he wishes. So may Allah said, Avi to support you, and then we may see the power went to someone else.

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When they return to their homeland, they spoke to an old wise man who is to live with them and he said, Can your ACT be undone?

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Can you rectify this mistake? What happened to your judgment? Nobody among the Arabs has ever made this claim before

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that his claim must be true, this claim has to be true.

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So meaning that

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may have

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been virus, when he asked this question, that after after we become victorious, will we be the rulers? And can you guarantee that doesn't know he first of all we are it is not inviting them to war is not inviting them to conquer the atoms. He is inviting them to the truth of the deen of Allah Islam. And secondly, is it to them that as far as temporal power is concerned rule is concerned Allah subhanaw taala will give it to whoever he wants to give it to. It is not Allah is not compelled to give it to you or me.

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therefore, he said, that I cannot guarantee this do so by Herati. And, you know, he said, what's the point if we support you, and we are not the rulers.

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This also before we go there, to the next of it.

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This also shows that the importance of the class, the importance of the class, in everything we do the importance of sincerity in everything we do, especially in the case of Islam, but also everything else we do, which is that if you are genuinely interested in benefit, and you are interested in benefits, then you're not going to go and get sidetracked by temporal power, authority and money and this and that. This is what by hairdresser when they went back home, they told this old wise man who was to live with them, and that man said, What have you done?

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What have you done? He said, can you go back? And can you can you do this? Can you rectify this is a huge mistake you made right to do to deny help to this visor, just think about is no one ever made this claim before.

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So the just for that reason, this claim has to be true, because he said that, you know, this claim is so,

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so powerful. And the fact that this person is firm and steadfast on his claim, despite all of the difficulties that he's facing, it has to be true. But of course, it could not be undone that they had gone away.

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In another drive by which Eva, their leader had to bridge up to his just his neighbor's muffle, muffle me in our

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restaurant as a salon spoke to him, they he they invited him so he went there and he spoke to him and he said, I ask you to bear witness that there is nobody worthy of worship except Allah, that I am His messenger. I asked you to give me protection until I can complete my work.

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So as soon as as I've said this to him, then

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my frog

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being been

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asked him as a salami said

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recite something of what you have received.

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So as soon as I Selim recited some ayat of surah Al Anam, and then some Ayato solten ahead.

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Then Hani Ben Kobita one of them he said, we like what you said and your words are not the words of any man

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or we would have known them.

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However, this meeting has no introduction and no

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follow up.

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So we cannot accept your religion just now. We will have to go back and consult our people as we are only a delegation. So these are all excuses that people you know made the some rejected him solarized Salem, just outright, they couldn't be bothered even to

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even to be there.

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Tonight, some people who are more polite to this, this meeting is like, there's nothing, you know, you are a stranger to us. And there's no introduction of all of it.

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It's really nothing that we need to explain this.

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So despite the

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fact that,

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you know, he liked the words, and he seemed very clear, he said these words are revelation. These are not the words of a man. Or we would recognize them because these people were experts in language and this will be but

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then was an eye he said, I heard and liked what you said, but our answer should be as Honeyman Kavita has said, that is his companion.

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For us to leave our religion and follow you after only one meeting will be like taking up residence between two pools of stagnant water. Again, excuses as well as others have asked him

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what he meant. He said, it's being between the Arabs and also it also is the Iranian King. We will be reneging. Our pact we have with Oslo that we will not cause any incident or give refuse to any troublemaker. I imagine. The calling sources are troublemakers. What trouble is he making

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this this thing you said yes to us Islam and it's our it's something that kings dislike. I mean, that was that sense, I guess

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he was wise.

00:21:36 --> 00:21:40

He said the Arabs will accept excuses, but the Portuguese will not.

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If you want us to give you protection from the Arabs, we can but not from the Persians.

00:21:48 --> 00:21:49

So he's being

00:21:50 --> 00:21:55

I guess, very pragmatic in that sense. And he's saying that we are between these two people we have

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we have backed with the Persians and the atoms.

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And the atoms as well, they are, you know, they're dispersed and so on and so forth. We can protect you but to the Persian there's a big empire.

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He's a king's don't like what you're saying, because obviously, that's what his message is that Allah is superb, not any human being. And no King likes to hear that. And this is a this is true to this day. I mean, imagine this, the big problem with people have with Islam is not theological. It is something very important to understand the problem that people have with Islam and Islam for people and so on. It's not it has nothing to do with theology. It has everything to do with politics. It has to do with political power and authority. They don't want power and authority, temporal political power and authority to go from their hands. And the moment they accept Islam,

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their power and authority has gone on and they have to accept the power and authority of Rasulullah saw Salam, which comes to him from Allah subhanho wa taala. Right. So they if they have a law, which goes against the law of Islam, then there was removed this law and implement the law of Islam. Today, as far as I speak, there is not one single country, one single Muslim country in the whole world

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who applies the laws of Islam, even the ones who like to call themselves the, you know, the leaders of the Muslim saviors and whatnot. They do not apply the laws of Islam.

00:23:20 --> 00:23:26

They apply their own laws in so many ways, whether it's banking, whether it's alcohol, whether it's anything else, right?

00:23:28 --> 00:23:56

The legal buying and selling of drugs and cigarettes and tobacco and what all kinds of things, things that are gambling and racy racehorses, gambling and whatnot. I mean, people apply Muslim countries apply laws which are completely and totally there is no great mystery this is clearly against the laws of Islam yet Muslim countries follow those laws they apply those laws they do not remove those laws they do not apply the laws of Islam

00:23:58 --> 00:24:16

right they call themselves Islamic Republic and Islamic kingdom and Islamic this is this calling yourself a name does not cut any ice in Islam, it did something that Islamic or Islam means that you have we have to live by Islam, which means we have to spread kindness and goodness on the earth not violence and not

00:24:17 --> 00:24:19

all kinds of corruption. So,

00:24:22 --> 00:24:41

obviously, Keynes was so, this man said he would be very pragmatic, he said look, if we give you protection, then we are going to buy trouble with the person we can't find the person. So, we will not do that. Now, obviously in the philosophers asylum to have protection from one side and not from the other side made no sense. So as long as the Muslims are okay, if that is the

00:24:42 --> 00:24:44

that is the case that is the case.

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00:24:49 --> 00:24:53

so, he, he learned them, then

00:24:54 --> 00:24:59

gave the answer or what came to be known. The bunch of people who

00:25:00 --> 00:25:04

Given what came to be known as the answer, they gave the people from yesterday

00:25:09 --> 00:25:14

the ocean, the hotter edge, the Arab tribes of Medina, dear Chaldeans,

00:25:15 --> 00:25:16

when they became Muslims.

00:25:18 --> 00:26:06

And then anakata carta were two Arab leaders. And from them were two branches of Arabs, the McCanns were from Baghdad, and the house and others were from Carta. Also, as a seller went to the camp of the coverage, there were six people in it. And he asked them, Who are you this will be our husbands Surah Salam invited them to Islam. And they accepted these six people, they said, We have left our people, because we have all kinds of problems dissension and conflict among them. So we will go back to them, and we will invite them to your religion, any philosopher, hantera word to write us through you, then you will be the most Beloved to us. So we are tired of the fights we have, because they

00:26:06 --> 00:26:17

also were constantly at war with each other. And they wanted that when they said, they were constantly at war, they had killed off all their, you know, seasonal senior

00:26:18 --> 00:26:38

leaders and so on. And there was no end in sight. And this was just got to a point where both were exhausted, and they were tired of this, but they didn't know how to end it. So they said, Well, this looks like a good way Here is a man we respect here is a religion with respect. So they said we are going to go back and present your religion to the to our people and if they accepted, then

00:26:40 --> 00:26:49

we will come back to you. And if this is the reason because of you, if this conflict among us is resolved, then you will be the most Beloved to us.

00:26:52 --> 00:27:00

The atoms in Medina, they were neighbors with the Jews, the Jews lived in Medina. And so they were already introduced to mama to monotheism,

00:27:01 --> 00:27:09

the worship of one God of Allah alone, and they were also introduced to the idea that the messenger was coming.

00:27:11 --> 00:27:43

When they whenever they had a problem, a contract with the Jews, the Jews would say, they will threaten them and they will say that when the prophet comes, we will kill you, like the ad were killed, you know, we will completely wipe you out does to threaten them. When they had a when they had any country, then people will talk like this. But that the Jews said that because Jews knew that there was a messenger was coming, they knew they predicted, and this is in the Torah and the deal, though coming up Rasulullah Salem has been had already been announced

00:27:45 --> 00:27:58

a few years before the Hijra was was set up, there was a war between allows coverage, in which most as I mentioned, the most of the leaders of both sides got killed. So now they were leaderless. And they were looking for a leader leader.

00:28:00 --> 00:28:24

ISIS in the heart of the Lionheart, she said that this war was really a preparation for the Hijra of Salem and must have handled through something which is by itself negative when there is no such thing as a good war, or all wars are negative. And that is why Islam does not permit just fighting for the sake of fighting, you know, is campaigning for, for power and for

00:28:25 --> 00:28:28

campaigning for land. This is not permissible in Islam.

00:28:29 --> 00:28:40

Islam, in Islam, there is only one kind of war which is permitted, which is a war which is to remove the

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from the land, and only that is, therefore permitted in Islam.

00:28:50 --> 00:29:00

So this thing happened and the following year, these people the other day return to four hedge with six more people.

00:29:02 --> 00:29:11

This time they were this these people they were they were 10 from 100. And they were two from a house. They came

00:29:14 --> 00:29:16

and give the pledge to resources,

00:29:17 --> 00:29:32

which is called the buyer or Nisa. It's called the pledge of women, because it did not include anything to do with fighting. So it was only worship and so on, so forth. So that's why the it's called the bio reset.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:59

And this pledge was that we pledge to the Messenger of Allah at the first meeting and Atharva that we will not associate any other god with Allah, we will not steal, we will not find a gate we will not commit fornication and we will not kill our children because this is one of the urges to do there was female infanticide. We will not make false accusations, nor will we disobey Him in anything good. So they made this pledge. So

00:30:00 --> 00:30:33

Surah Surah Salam said if you keep this pledge to Allah subhanaw taala, he will give you Jana. But if you commit any of these things which you have promised not to commit, and are punished in the world, then it will atone for you. But if you are not punished in this world, then it will be for Allah to forgive you or punish you as He wills. So, this was the what is what came to be called as the bite on the pledge of women.

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And not because they were all given, but because the pledge was, it had no there was no fighting or anything else in it. And that was the name it was given that name that was given to it. And with this

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so they took this pledge and they went back

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as soon as

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appointed Mossad made me aware of the law and who to be his ambassador, and he sent them back in sent him back within with them.

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To Medina we talk about this in the next class inshallah was another another week Kareem, but I knew he was going to be as mean that I have to go

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