Abu Eesa Niamatullah – The Pleasure and Anger of Allah

Abu Eesa Niamatullah
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In this narration not only showing us how important the parents are, but how easy it is to understand how to please Allah subhanaw taala, and likewise how to anger him. And there's also a very important point of aqidah in his Hadees, because Allah subhanaw taala has described himself and you know, parts of the athlete of as soon as you will Jamal is that we do not attribute to Allah subhanaw taala anything from ourselves, we only describe him as the virgin with what he himself describes himself and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam describes him. And this is the position of Arizona. And this is very important, because the last part of delivering armor, and as we know

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the purpose of life, Salem has said that the pleasure of Allah is in the obeying and the pleasure of the parents, but the anger the socket, which is like Radha, which is the anger of Allah is likewise in angering the parents. So Allah, Allah has been described with a lot of anger and pleasure. Okay, yeah. And he his, his, his happiness almost, okay, his satisfaction, his pleasure with something. Now, these characteristics, in the early times of Islamic history, when the * started to develop in Islam and Islam started to split up into groups, and so on. Many of these groups did so based upon the understanding of these attributes, and the names and these are key the issues, all right.

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And this is very important for those who try to safeguard the athlete of Arizona today, because these sets have continued until today, understanding the attributes in a way that they understood it to be, and this flows and you and we can see, for example, the jamea, okay, a movement that was started by jahanzaib and stuff, one. Now, this is a movement that we're, that we're concerned, all right, and often these groups and these movements, they start off with people who are sincere in general about trying to preserve the aqidah Okay, or to try to protect their is of Allah subhanaw taala. So this group, led by this, by Les led by this person, just have it been stuff one,

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they, they almost try to propagate the idea. And when I say trying to propagate the idea, I mean, there was a time of stability in the Islamic thoughts when the self and the self referred refers to the Sahaba and those who followed them that have been and then those who follow them, the advance have been the first two 300 years effect only says 200 years was pretty solid and safe and stable word at the time of the Imams and the development of the key principles of Islamic flippin aplicada. But then, when Islam starts to spread out, and the borders started to increase, and the different indigenous people started to be introduced, and so on, and come in, we find that the in the

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introduction of such things such as Greek philosophy, and ideas of rationale and logic, once that started to take place and take shape in the minds of the Muslims, we found that they not only in their attempt to try and refute that and protect the aqeedah but at the same time, they took on some of these ideas, it you know, obviously colored their mind, just like today, just like Islam today, it is very much colored by our exposure to the society and the people and the academics and the scientific mind. And that's why sometimes when we look at the Quran and so on, if your argument is weak, we start to have these doubts about when we look at something it seems to be scientifically

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non true. And that's because we've been brought up in that kind of environment sorry, obviously effects and so one of the the effects that happened to the people like john Hammond and stuff one and the Jeremy a group is that they said that hold on, if you're going to say that a Lost Planet Allah has anger, then you're trying to say that Allah subhanaw taala is like some someone or something that has attributes that he has, that he is more accurate, that he is composed of a self self and and a body. And therefore if you're going to say that then you're going to attribute that to him. And you can't do that because that's making you are being an anthropomorphic you are trying

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to give a body to Allah you're trying to humanize him. This was their, their kind of rushing out and it was a it was a very deviant way of thinking and a great intention. Maybe, but it was something which only the the the people have rushed down

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deviance actually started to propagate, because there was no need for that to happen. What's the basis for this? By the way, Allah Subhana, Allah says, lays a committee he shaped well who was semi overseer, there is nothing unto unto like him, you there can be nothing that can be compared to Allah. But he is a Sameer Albacete, he is the old herring, he is the old saying, Okay, and so people trying to protect this, this principle, trying to maintain a lost pounds Island is purity, you would you know, be worried if someone is saying that Allah gets angry, hold on, are you trying to say this, Allah is trying to get angry, like, we get angry? Are you trying to say that a lot, pantalla

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gets happy, like, we get happy, you're humanizing him, you're making the mistake that the Christians that you're doing this, you see this kind of thought. And so with this, what did they do? They said, You can't do that. And so they denied the attributes that the United attributes totally and so they said, Allah, you cannot say that about anger. And you can't say that about happiness. So therefore, they would deny their narration. And this is the sooner Of course, this is the sooner Of course, authenticated from the professor lies element. So they would say this hadith is unacceptable. It goes against the principles of, of al Qaeda, okay. And then other groups did something similar such

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as the more I tend to say that the rationalists Okay, they will do something very similar, they would look and compare the ideas that are being propagated or even only told to them in Hades, and they would think about it, they would end your cut them up Carla knuckle, the uncle would come before the knuckle they would use their intellect before the text, they look at the text and they say Allah gets angry, how can that be anger is something which is so

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imperfect, so limited, you know, and, and so therefore, they would say that that can't be the case. And so they, some of them would deny, and some of them would make that wheel, that wheel minister reinterpreted and say, actually, his anger is not like this, actually, it's his intention to become angry, and not the actual real anger itself. And it started to get really mixed up with playing around with the ciphers, the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala. And this was also then propagated by the the the ash era, who then also started to make that we'll have certain attributes, and then some of them such make tough we'll tough weird is to say that actually, this has no meaning to who

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it means to relegate something. So they would relegate the mean to Allah, they say that the professor lies at him that he says that he has anger he has so hot, then only God knows what that means. Literally, we have no idea what that means. We cannot understand what Suffolk means. Because how are you able to interpret anger? How do you understand anger? In relation to God? Let's, let's not deny it, okay? It's, you know, there were a lot there were a lot closer to it sooner. They'd say, No, we can't deny it, because it's there. And how do you prove authenticated, the head east is definitely a statement of the purpose of life and limb, but we don't understand that, you know, and

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let's leave the meaning to Allah. So, therefore, what's the problem of that they're making the anger, like the same as mercy, like the same as love, like the same as his punishment, they're not giving it a meaning, that is saying, it has no meaning we cannot possibly think of anything. So then, as soon as I said, So, what was the point of Allah subhanaw taala, then describing himself in this way, why then did the progress of lies lm, then compare the anger, and say that the anger of your Lord is in the anger of the parents, there has to be a meaning to it. And so the now you can come closer to as soon as position and that person I say to the rest of the *, and they said from

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the beginning, and they say it now, let's stick to the right the Sahaba don't put your your head between a rock and a hard place for nothing, why causing yourself such such problems for but the progress in life silom said this, unless accepted, you know, whatever that means, I know what that means. You know what socket means? I know what socket means. Let's not go into it and try to understand the kaypea and the exact nature of that we understand what anger is, but we are not able to appreciate the exact nature of Allah's anger, but we know that he has anger and we know that he is pleased. And we know and then and this continues, this is just the two characteristics from this

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headies we know that he is astonished as the professor Lysa Lim explained some headings and we know that sometimes he acts out on shyness. Now we can't understand this shyness compared to our understanding of shyness, later commitment he shade What was your elbow See, there is nothing untrue like him and he is a semi as boss here. So you have to remember this, this principle overriding the the the the understanding of the sooner we don't want to apply our understanding our imperfection of the ideas of anger and attributes upon Allah subhanho wa Taala. You can see that the ashara they were saying, they were saying for example, hold on how can you attribute the principles of anger and

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what is anger, anger is rage and your blood starts to boil and so on and so on. How can you say that Allah is Allah, his blood boils and so on and so on. And as soon as said, Why are you attributing our

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understanding of the consequences of anger to Allah?

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This is a logical and has no basis and there's no need for you to do that. Because we are

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the shadow we're told they are effectively putting their understanding of the consequences of human anger upon Allah subhanaw taala. So you can see I you can alternatively this the area of Akita is very delicate, very sensitive. And that's why I asuna followed a very, very beautiful way, a very safe way. They said that the way, Akita should be the way of the setup, ie the way of the Sahaba and that have been at bats have been, who didn't delve into the kefir who didn't delve into the exact workings of these smells, the fact these names of Allah and His attributes, but rather they affirm them, we affirm them. If the purpose of Lyceum says that a las panatela is like this, then we say

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Alhamdulillah we accept it like that. And the last pastor describes himself like so in the Quran, and then that is the way of a hispana while Gemma

Ustadh Abu Eesa describes the creed of Ahl’l-Sunnah wal-Jamā’ah with respect to Allāh ‘azza wa jall’s Names & Attributes. This video is taken from the al-Adab al-Mufrad Season I Boxset.

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