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Salam Unger here Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam, ala Viva mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was set up this evening because, because

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we continue with our lessons on Islamic matters from the beautiful book of chef of the Fatah odorata Malik, and this is the chapter on condolences, how to give condolences.

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And the sheriff says if you must give the other undesirable news of a tragic accident or the death of a close relative or a friend, break the news in a way that decreases its impact make it mild and gentle as possible, for example, the case of Odette USA, recently I heard that so and so I've been very sick. Unfortunately, her condition has worsened. And today I learned that she passed away May Allah's mercy be with her, or something like this? One should start by giving the name of the person in question Do not break the news of her death by asking, Do you know who died today? This unduly kind of manner frightens the listeners and prompts them to expect the worst, like the death of

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someone who's very close to them. So instead of that mentioned the name of the person before breaking the news, maybe somebody who's not related to something I'm saying, Do you know who did it? And immediately your thought will be what you know, why are you asking me that? Maybe somebody close to me like, why are you asking me who rightfully so instead of that, don't do it, do it. And then as well, so passed away today may Allah have mercy on them handler. So the idea is not to create more confusion and more stress than that is already there because of the person who passed away.

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Likewise, to convey the news of any tragedy, whichever whatever it is, in Soheila, in a, in a similar fashion, prepare the listener for the news, which which minimizes its affected mentioned the name of the affected person in a kind way, not a shocking way.

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Today's world we have enough of these kinds of news, may Allah have mercy on all those people, especially in Oslo, or wherever else they are.

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And one of the things that I say, and this is me, not the chef, is that where it is not necessary, don't mention those things because there's no real virtue in going on and on about does anybody know this, what they did, and this is what happens when we will have, we know this happening. So going on and on telling people about it, you only eat one or two, either your heart is so hard, it makes no difference, which is a bad thing. Or if your heart is alive, then you will really get depressed and you will get sad. What we need to do and should do is every single day, make the habit further on yourself, at least to pray two rakaat and make a lot of dua for especially people who are

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everywhere, wherever Muslims are, are interested make dua for them make this this is the real thing. There is not a it's not forwarding messages and getting upset and excited. No, the real if you're really concerned with that, if you're not praying that it means you're not really concerned is just competition. So don't do that make the charges for winners and make dua because the only they at the end of the day we know this the only one who can change the reality is almost 100 Is nobody else, right having one actually having open other than Allah Sheikh. So of course we don't have that when we when we say you know, right to the Senator this is that is all means hamdulillah but if somebody

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really thinks that that is why we are there is a bigger problem. So, but at the same time Hamdulillah we have faith in Allah subhanaw taala only Allah can louder or the whole day level. So make this into a duty on yourself. Right that is is nothing I'm not saying it is for make it further on yourself and say that inshallah at least I will pray and I will ask Allah Subhana Allah and inshallah we ask Allah to accept our salah, and to accept order. And to do that. Also, the Czech says Choose the appropriate time to convey such news it should not take place at a meal or before going to sleep or during an illness, compassion and tactfulness are the best qualities you need to

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add into the situation.

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In hell alone, he says Do not talk about debt when you have invited some people over for a meal if there are people who are eating don't talk about this. So they asked you why he said because one of two things either

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is the person heart is alive, then the person won't be able to eat after that because he's thinking of diagnosing you with DACA This is not how will how can you enjoy the food you can't enjoy the food he voted. So it makes no sense you call them for a meal then you talk about death and you know the whole atmosphere is gone. Or

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they will eat if their hearts are dead. And he said this is not a good thing for people to realize that these are people who have

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nothing that is like a stone. So he says don't do it. There are times and places for everything. On the opposite side for example if you are if you are at a cemetery you are

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Do you see people chit chatting? Is that including joking?

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Is that the right place to tell a joke when you're there to bury somebody and you're laughing forward?

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I mean, we see this all the time it may Allah have mercy on us. I mean, there's no sense of appropriateness, you know,

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even if it is not a joke, even chitchat, even what happened, this happened and how you came to bury somebody, think about this one day, somebody will bury me one day, this Gerasa will be me.

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Right? That is the property, you're going there to do that, to remind yourself Where is the time for talking politics or God was what we talked so very important for us to have a sense of time and place, so we do things which are appropriate. Then he says, expressing condolences is a courtesy and a duty parting among loved ones is the rule of Allah's manager in his creation, as hobbies or movie reported in the Hadees. Love whoever you will, for you will part this is one of the hardest Bucha it was one of the seller was told by the Minister of the Saudis. He said love whatever you want, because you will part and many of the things he said then he says, words have said we are but guests

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with our families staying a while and leaving them. Well then parents are but trusts inevitably, one day the trust will be recalled, the children of this life will be all part they will all part the children of this life will all part until they meet together again in the year after you ask a loss manager to bring us together with all our loved ones. In the in the era of tension.

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One poet listed eight stages that we will pass through and no one is spared. He says happiness and sorrow meeting and separation, suffering and ease, illness and well be another point said make enduros my friend and leave painful sorrow You are not alone. Everyone lost or will lose a loved one.

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And one that is so true. You know I was I gave you a 2019 and as a rule of thumb, the line makes dua by name of people who are close to me and so who passed away. Those names are increasing. Every year.

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I was telling my wife the other day I said you know there were so many names. Now I've got another one another one, the increase Hamdulillah.

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If a relative or a close friend or one of your relatives or friends dies, hasten to offer your condolences. Don't wait do go as early as possible. You have the moral obligation towards your relatives and friends of alleviating the suffering. If you can, you should attend the funeral and the janazah the burial at the cemetery. Aside from being a highly rewarded gesture of sympathy, it would be an effective and stern and management lesson to you, reminding you of the inevitability of debts. Your life taught me many lessons today your debts taught me the most important lesson because the law

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he reported the resources and I'm said the rights of a Muslim towards his brethren are five, one to return a greeting. If somebody says around Morocco it is your duty to save our Muslim. If you're not saying where it was around to somebody who says around you, this is Rob This is against the against their wishes in Hong Kong. The only time you do that is if the person is an enemy so you don't return the salah because this person you don't wish well for this person challenge not true for us for anyone who's liberals. So seriously if you have a prayer if you have sometimes you know some people do some stupid thing you get angry, no problem, settle that. Settle it, but always return

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syrups The first thing is to return the right of the Muslim five to return a greeting to visit them when they are sick to attend their funeral to answer the invitation. So it's a we invite you accept limitations. You cannot accept bigger make actions wherever you know don't just disappear or not turn up or something that does not good. And finally, to win the same and this needs is a Hamdulillah you say your uncle. So five things, Imam number Rajala report it. So as a result of that visit the sick and follow the procession of the Janaza funeral. You will remember the hereafter. The purpose of that is for us to condolences alleviate the sense of grieving that before the family of

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the disease. This is achieved by encouraging them to remain remain composed and to trust your loss manager is great reward and loss Rotella

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said is awful Bacara.

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The first year he said this in sort of the buffer at the end 155 on reserve and give glad tidings to those who are patiently and you're and who save and afflicted with a disaster. Truly to Allah we belong and to Him is our return. They are those on whom they send blessings and the mercy of the Arab and they are the guided ones is Assa masiva

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To kind of in a reliable manner I don't like either himself or to me Robbie Miranda or like homegirl moto. Allah Jalla condolence includes in In conclusion, gondolas includes praying for the help and pardon of the diseased as they will receive the benefit of such prayers. Condolences a sincere expression of one's sympathy and sorrow at these stressful moments, even imagine and biography reported, with a fair ranking the Hadith when Salah was reported to have said a Muslim who consoles other Muslims suffering from a calamity will be awarded a dress of dignity by Allah subhanho wa taala. On the Day of Judgment, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us to learn these beautiful

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manners of our deen and to practice them in our lives and to benefit from them was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was named after to go online