Reminders Overcoming Spiritual Blocks Part Ii

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The history and success of Islam have been highlighted, including the implementation of Islam as a religion and the use of the clock in driving. The benefits of driving include saving from accidents and avoiding potential injuries, and the use of technology to improve the driving experience. The importance of bringing Islam into cars and not just what we do is emphasized, along with the benefits of targeting a higher level of success, such as helping people achieve their goals and helping them achieve their dreams.

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Without immunotherapy for forever I'd actually have an MBA and also Dino and it was heavy rain alright. Yesterday we saw the last diet of Saran Kabuto Les Brown said well as you know tjahaja, phenol and Vietnam Solana the rest of the add the last part of the IoT is we will see that reality monitor as it were in Allaha lamal masini

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Allah said

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or in which is

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very early and surely something where alleged monitor is emphasizing and then unless rather again use the alarm of targets or in Allaha lama almacenaje.

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So, Allah Subhana Allah is saying that he is with the people who do sir and he emphasized this twice

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in the same part of the

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So, what is

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the most beautiful and best description of my son is the description of mama Rasul of Allah in the Hadees, which is known as you were given a relay Salam asked the question, community and election era so a lot a lot is alum. Carlos Eliza left alone and that would allow her Kanaka Tara Friedlander Kumara novia

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wheresoever film said that Hassan Davila salon asked, please explain to us what do they say? Explain to me, what is the sun or inform me What is this and also realize Allah is Allah said, it is to worship Allah subhanaw taala as if you can see him

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and if you cannot see him to know that Allah subhanaw taala is seeing you

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know, as I have said before,

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so Allah is Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and the Sahaba used to mention worship before everything else.

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The reason for that is not because

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they have to look at worship alone by itself.

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But because of two things. One is because the worship of Allah subhanaw taala does come before everything else.

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And secondly, because worship is indicative of the rest of our life.

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As I mentioned before, in the words of our third modern humans, but allowed to lolly he used to say that Salah begins outside the budget

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is zero Salah begins when you leave the budget.

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What does it mean? It means that the way you have focused on the US dollar, the value of students Allah, concentrating on Allah subhanho wa Taala, seeking His pleasure trying to please Him, aware of the fact that a lot of our data is watching us, we have to convey and transport this feeling through the rest of our lives.

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So when I leave the masjid

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how I wear my shoes must be done to the level of a site.

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And then I get into my car and I'm driving home, how I drive on the street must be done to the level of as it was drive on the strip, knowing that Allah subhanaw taala is watching me live

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and that I am a representative of Islam.

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That if I drive like a maniac, then people are not going to say who is this idiot? They will say look at this Muslim.

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See how these Muslims live?

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And there's no sense in saying the Why do you bring Islam into it? What do you want him to bring into it?

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What do you want him to bring into it?

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Why should he not bring Islam into it? The thing which convinced people that Islam is the best religion was the clock of the Sahaba

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this hour did not go and give some big three and a half hour ban on the theology and theological principles of Islam or you know, on the on the minute Ducato flick

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they just live like Muslims

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and their life was so beautiful that people came to Islam because they saw how they behaved only when they were impressed with the behavior then they would have gone and said please tell me what is this behavior?

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How is it that you are a businessman like this when other people around you are not in the same way then this is it this is because I learned business from Mohammed also Allah sallallahu wasallam who is llamas? Allah Philip that that is how the conversation started.

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So as an in the Lucha

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myle Merci, Nene. Let's run that as it were in the Lucha Laval, Masha, Allah What is it and what is the benefit of the JSON? What is the benefit of driving your car, knowing that Allah Subhana Allah is watching unless rather said then I am with you.

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Then I am with you.

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People drive nowadays, you know, they put all sorts of things in the car, they put one old CD with either goes written on it, they hang it in the car, and they think this thing is going to save me from an accident. However, what I learned is that is a key that that issue

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a lot with zoom that you've read, rather than you make the effort. And you have the governance rather, and you drive your car, knowing that Allah is watching insha Allah Allah, Allah protect you not some piece of some CD or something you people put a little doubt is that they are Hindu, brothers and sisters, they put little Ganesha in the garden. And I've seen Muslims putting little models of the cover to line the car. What is the difference?

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What is the difference? Why Why do you do these things? Is that the

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central point is what is what does Islam teach Allah? I am with the one who is working to the level of esa SWAT you don't need a visa you need Allah and Allah to run a better day I am with you. In what in elimination.

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We go home how we enter the house, Allah subhanaw taala Allah is watching me What do I do? I say salam, I say Bismillah and enter my house.

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hamdulillah How do I speak to my wife? To my mother to my children? How do I speak to as well

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knowing that Allah subhanaw taala is watching. And if you make a mistake, we went away immediately.

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We're not gonna miss the immediate power to make mistakes. We're human. Nobody's perfect. We make you miss, but you may miss 100 Allah subhanaw taala kept the door open, choose it.

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We won't sit to eat or vote. How do we afford to the level of

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following this is all about diversity. I won't go into all the details as soon as you know this and inshallah we can you can learn what the Bible is saying everything we drink water, how do we drink water to the level of Allah is watching me.

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So I say visualize Alhamdulillah I drink it in according to the Sundar was one of them, I look into the glass, I think it in three sips or more and I sit down and drink and I do not stand and he does not mean it was done in degrees, I would not harm but this is the beauty of the son of them is analyzed.

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Every single act advisors view that Alexa is not only what we do in Salah, there is a lot going on give that example. Because that is the most important thing, the most important thing if you do then the expectation is that this will

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trickle down and this will cascade down into the rest of our lives.

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So we live our whole life to the level of a time.

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And then what is the what is the reward for this? Allah subhanaw taala that I am with you.

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I am with you Allah did not even use Allah did not even say I will help you I will reward you unless I am with you.

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Hey, if I would you Allah if Allah is with us,

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Lord, what you are doing?

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What do you what do you

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what do you know that is a with regard in the heart, when he rocks the land over in the desert Was there any I can see their feet? If they look down they will hear

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and what did he say? He said there hasn't been Allah ma

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He did not say he said do not fear don't have any sadness and loss of adult add to Allah will help us know. So Allah is with us.

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In Lucha man,

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help is assured help is why do you even talk about helper Allah is with you What else?

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You have reached a level where there is no upper level beyond this evil lies with us. This is all

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obviously everything you do you have to succeed there is no question about the

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law. In the law man If Allah insha Allah was that every single thing we touch will turn towards everything we do will succeed.

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And that will happen only when we are working with the consciousness that Allah subhanaw taala is watching. So obviously without saying

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you will never do something which is against the common law. And you will never do something which is against

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automatic living, what kind of shamelessness is that that you are conscious allies watching me and then you come and say

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how is it possible that means you align yourself if you are conscious that Allah is watching me there's no way that it will cover this doorway whatsoever.

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So I knew I knew and myself and others around that as it were in law

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Ludmila Marcin and therefore let us try to live our whole lives. To the level of ESA.

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The biggest benefit of this is Allah subhanaw taala inshallah will use us. And the other big benefit is if you are trying to reach a high goal, it can only take your efforts. No matter how high or how high you can really dig, even if you're going to inches, you're going to inches up, not down. So Alhamdulillah The good thing about aiming Bibles was Allah Allah will guide him while he was there.