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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala should be even when Sally and her mother are sort of like Holly who I knew so seldom to see them because

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I'm about who my brothers and sisters love. If I asked you define for me the Ideal Muslim who is the Ideal Muslim, what would you say?

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Who is the Ideal Muslim define your Ideal Muslim short definition

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Salah Samuel as a name as a standard Ideal Muslim

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who wouldn't follow the right okay the okay

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Ideal Muslim who which Allah, Allah

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who can tell you by definition, not a very simple way, by definition is the Ideal Muslim man or woman is the one who obeys Allah and Allah accepts that

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you need the reciprocation

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the one who obeys Allah and Allah accept that, this is the idea was so everything comes together everything see, obviously somebody who lives their life according to the spirit and love of yourself. So, Ideal Muslim is the one who obeys Allah and Allah smart data access data.

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So, therefore, we have to

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read it, redefine some things. For example, and this is not a full list, the short list for example, we have to redefine the terms short term and long term.

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But what is short and what is long term?

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We have to redefine what is success what is failure.

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We have to redefine the meaning of happiness What is happiness?

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We must redefine good and evil.

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Redefine meaning from our current more modern day understanding.

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Because today we are living in a world which is completely the opposite of what Allah subhanaw taala intends for us to have.

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And that is why we have all these miseries. Though there is a reason why there is so much of unhappiness in the world there's so much misery in the world everybody's happy I mean, it's not it's not only the you know, the the Americans or the Philistines or the Indians or the Pakistanis, or only the black people or white people. Everybody in this world is unhappy at some level at something there's something on it

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why? Because we have taken a standard which Allah Subhana Allah created for our happiness

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if you take Islam What is Islam Islam is a way of life right we have lived for the benefit of whom

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was not concerned with this thing. He gave it to us he said our way of life so that we will be happy we take this we turn it upside down then we say we're very sorry Oh, I'm so unhappy. Of course what else do

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you take a boat it's supposed to float on the water in one shot in one way you turn it upside down what happens? It will sink

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then you say why I'm drowning my boat is not what by what is not working? What is working what is working? Why would you just go in the water usage turned upside down.

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Is you are You are the cause.

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For example, if you see happiness if you ask people today What is happiness? What will they say? The standard definition of happiness in the world rate I should be able to do whatever I want.

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No, I want to get drunk I should be if I want this I want the whatever I want but happiness means

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whatever I like to do I should be able to Islam does not Islam to happiness is what pleases Allah.

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And what is it that pleases Allah? That which is beneficial for you and others?

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Not only for your own because there are people in the world today who are very happy doing some extremely negative extremely harmful things.

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Sometimes we hear this oh no, as long as they're happy, it's okay. How can we return?

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How can we Okay?

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People are doing something which are extremely negative extremely horrible. They're very happy doing that. They're not losing any sleep. We say Oh How can you sleep easily very nicely. Believe me.

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People are doing a lot of evil and they sleeping very well.

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That does not make the fact that he can sleep well does he make these action Correct? No. No.

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So we have redefined what is happening happiness is that with please Allah. This is the definition of Docker. What is Docker? Docker is to be concerned about the pleasure of Allah

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It's not fear of Allah it's fear of displeasing the one I love the most

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hope of Allah Subhana Allah, the love of Allah Jalla Gerardo say the fear of displeasing the one I love the most, who is the one I love the most Allah.

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I fear to displease Him. Therefore I have Taqwa if I don't fear displease Allah, then I have no doctor if I'm saying I must live my life the way it suits me, then there is no duffer. He said no, we please Allah azza wa jal similarly success and failure What is today's standard definition of success means I must have money I must have everything that money can buy.

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Must have gold plated or golden toilets.

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I keep your positive energy costs dependable they sit on a golden pot or regular pot makes no difference

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what goes into the pot is the same stuff right? Just because you're on a golden pot doesn't make a different decision lies No.

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But there are people there are people who have

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So what is success success is I must have a big car I must have a fancy car I will have a big house.

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What Islam says success success is well if Allah is pleased with me

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for both Xia and Inari Whoa, the theologian is the one who has been freed from the hellfire and entered into Jannah only this person is successful, who is freed from the fire engine though no less pleased with the one who Allah is pleased with is free from the fire and into January ask Allah Svara for this for all of us inshallah.

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Someone Zuzia and Inari was good agenda Alamanda made fun of us only this was.

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So definition of happiness and of success and failure, definition of happiness, good and evil, what is good and evil.

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Again, that which pleases Allah is good that we does not please align evil.

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We live in a world today where we change laws that all of us except for Harris, we all lived in the world in the 60s. And we saw a time when smoking marijuana was a

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crime. How many people went to jail? Because they were smoking marijuana? Why was this well, you may wanna have fun, recreational use no matter what as you call it, recreational use

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then comes Obama a

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few years back, and he says recreational use of marijuana is now permitted.

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So, now they are selling cannabis to kids in jellies

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in Florida.

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So, what is good what is evil?

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So what about all those people who put in jail

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I mean, they lost their lives in the sense of you know, that period of time sitting in prison, they lost that that weird life event.

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So, what is good what is the law of Allah don't change what is good is good, what is evil is evil, whether it is today, whether it is 100 years from now or whether it is 10,000 years from now, good does not become evil, because time has passed

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good is good, evil is evil. Lying is never good. Cheating is never good.

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Substance abuse is never good.

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But the world

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similarly, short term long term, what is short term what is long term for us?

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Short term is right now, long term is for the next 10 years. For the next 15 years. He says no is that the short term is until your debts long term is after your debts.

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So don't do anything in the short term which will spoil your long term.

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Same logic even even the word realized similar except that the term the term of short term and long term is different.

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Somebody asked me this question they said is wearing a gold colored chain haram for men

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wearing gold is haram. Right? But gold colored j is not it's not gold. It's gold colored. Is this haram. So my answer was, firstly, justice

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should be done and should also appear to be done. This is very important that you shouldn't be done and justice should be should appear to be done. We have the famous story of Rosa Salem. He was standing outside marches and it was sheriff. It was dusk it was not

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completely dark by to almost dark and his wife was with him

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when it's a hobby

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walked past now imagine this is machine in our way.

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In the seventh century, we're not talking about AI 91 kind of road no eight lanes, we're talking about sprawl.

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Today we call it a pathway not even a road property right? So the man was walking bass was was not going past like you know 50 feet close by what did he do? He called me

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he said this is my wife

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he's not introducing his wife. He's showing why

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the salvage yards Allah Allah is one of the eyes in the thought will not even go into I will will not even occur to me that you are doing something wrong that you are talking to some non Mara mama I wouldn't even say no, you will not think but shatta and runs in the blood

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in the veins like blood.

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Why is it clarify?

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What is the need to clarify? First of all, what is the need to clarify because use the analogy CERAM if even if there are so like speaking to a non Muharram woman for the Rasul the woman is a daughter in Islam

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is a woman wants to ask a question where she would go she has to go to the Prophet.

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So she has the right to do that.

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Despite that, now he's done a service called even why because the appearance of something wrong it should not even be there that it should not even appear to be wrong. They should not even be a thought in the mind of somebody he's talking to. So no. So I said wearing a gold chain whether it's whether it is good or not good if a Muslim white man wears a gold chain, people are not going to come and say excuse me, is that real gold or is it only a kilometer this oh, this man is wearing so maybe it's right who knows?

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No, she's voting for example, you know that they say for example, this Imam they share he is wearing a mama he's got he's got his beard and he's everything. He's you see him coming out of a bar.

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I will see him coming out to MGM. What will you say?

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Now, if you go and speak to the man, it's an honor I went there because there were some Muslims there I went there to give them the hour I went there to tell them don't come maybe but the fact that you look like this and you are coming out of there, the people on the street who are passing by there, nobody's going to stop there and ask you all these questions and clarify and so on, so on. So if you want to give dower don't go and give it in the bar, go to the man's house, go go somewhere else, talk to the people you know who the people are going meters don't go into the bar because somebody will looks like you're coming out of the bar gives a completely wrong impression about

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Islam and the Muslims. So justice must be done but justice must appear to be done not just only done. So these are the definitions that we need to

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change in our lives, which will inshallah bring us back to the issue of Allah subhanaw taala

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and the pleasure of Allah Samantha, final point I want to end with which is

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if I asked you a question I say tell me what are the greatest dangers in life

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that has believer regular daily life? What are you afraid of? Or what do you what are you care for the work? You might say if I were driving a car I'm afraid of you know, bad road conditions. Now it's winter. Supposing there is a icy patch or something my car might skate I might have an accident. Or you might say well you know if I'm going somewhere maybe there are bears I'm afraid of some bears or I'm afraid of getting mugged if I'm in a rough place and so in doubt, you know somebody might might hold me up or bug me or something. So all of these

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in the in COVID days you know you walk around walking around with a mask you interview the breathing but I don't know how to have a bigger I should be careful. No nothing wrong with that. What is our protection against sin?

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Mass yet

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we have seatbelts to protect us against accidents we have this and we have that and we have so on and so forth the insurance and water, what is our protection against massive what is our protection against it?

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Do we have any protection or

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why do we Why do you wear a mask because you are afraid of COVID So I might get quick. Okay good. Nothing wrong with that. But what about sin?

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Do I am I conscious though I must guard my eyes I must not look at wrong things I must not listen wrongly. I must not be in the company of wrong people. You will not do you will not even visit see the Hadees of visiting the sick

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That 70,000 Angels will pray for you will make dua for you this Hadees does it apply also to people who have COVID?

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Yes or no? applies.

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So how come you don't visit anybody who has COVID You don't want the Irrawaddy dwarves or the 1000 Angels

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thank God about this nobody will go and no one will go near this person. I mean nowadays we have become a bit alike but in you know, in the few days, you know a couple of one year ago or two Oh, that person has to die alone. Even if they are dying even their own children their own their own, you know, closest relatives they will not go near them they will let them die by themselves in Nigeria when because you're so frightened.

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We talk about all the great blessings of giving a hotel to somebody who passed away when somebody dies when he dies of COVID You won't even touch the body no I'm not getting any closer but you put it in a plastic bag and

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in the grave

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to what happened to all this has on earth. You don't want them anymore

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because of this fear of that. So my point is if someone dies of COVID design Shahid

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so inshallah he is good with Allah subhanaw taala he does with the man with COVID inshallah che but

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if someone dies of committing a major sin without making it so far into the he's told me that was one of

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the what is our protection against sin.

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And the reason we don't have that is because that fear of sin is not there

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to protect ourselves, and it's COVID because they're afraid of COVID But we're not afraid of sin. It's okay. So you have a TV in the house and you are watching, listening, listening to all kinds of garbage and lists and seeing all kinds of garbage is going up and down and no problem.

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So the Ideal Muslim is the one who pleases Allah, and whose dua Allah accepts,

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who lives to be the Messiah.

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And which means that therefore we have to we must guard against anything we just be salasar all mercy, you ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect ourselves from all evil from all since we ask Allah to help us to protect ourselves we ask Allah subhanaw taala to forgive us if we do anything wrong. By mistake we ask Allah Subhana Allah to guide us and to be with us and to be our valley and Nasir masala Hara will carry Marathi. He was named