Mirza Yawar Baig – Reminders Wake Up To The Reality Part I

Mirza Yawar Baig
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While he was happy

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my neighbors, Allah Subhana, Allah in the Quran

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several blesses

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with respect to this life of this world, as well that is it in the world heritage dunya Illa moto.

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Allah said that the life of this world is

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imaginary, in lamotta overall is nothing but something which is imaginary.

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if you don't understand desire,

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how is this world imaginary when this world has some effect on us.

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And the way I like to describe it is like if you're sitting in a movie theater, in a cinema theater, and you're watching a movie,

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and the cinema is movie has various scenes, there are some tragic scenes, and you find that you're sitting and watching this movie. And if it's a well, well done, movie,

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good acting and so on. And good sound systems, then you will find that in the tragic scenes, you will cry.

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And actually your blood pressure is affected and you're the electrical impulses in your brain are affected. And there are there's actual research done in this matter that

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they put people in a situation they've attached machinery to them, and they are measured, what happens to the electrical impulses in the brain, what happens to the blood pressure, what have what physiological changes happen in the person, while he is watching the movie, and it's proven fact. And it's supported by statistical data, that physiological changes happen in the body, depending on what the person is watching.

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So he is seeing some very happy seasons, the person is very happy his internal systems change. If you see the tragic scene, he feels tragic, if you see somebody falling from a height, you know, suddenly, in his pit of his stomach, he actually feels as if he's falling himself and Swan is over. Now, the point is

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the person watching the movie, if you ask him, and they do think this is where What will he say?

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He knows this is not you know lacking some some tragedy or comedy Something is happening, that if you know it is not real, then why are you physically affected by something which is not real.

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But the fact is, you are affected? There is no no no doubt in this matter. Absolutely. No doubt if there is a fearful scene you feel fear.

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Although you know, you're sitting in a theater, that thing is happening on the screen, there's nothing real, but we feel fear, we will hatred, we will love we feel happiness, we will sadness, everything.

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So, therefore and also think about this. So first of all, the first lesson that I draw for myself is that

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even though we know cognitively and intellectually that this thing is unreal, it affects us.

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Number one, number two,

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while you are sitting and watching movies, supposing somebody is sitting next to you, he shakes you and said boss wake up, this is not real, why are you crying?

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We have to leave this theater we got to go outside. The real world is outside not inside this theater. What will you do to that film?

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If somebody when you are sitting in this movie, and you are engrossed in this movie and you are completely involved, and at that time somebody shakes you and says hello.

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Wake up. These are unreal.

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actors. And they are not even there. This is only a film, right?

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The real world is outside. What will you do to the right.

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You will give him one backhand around his face. Yes. It was a get out of here. Why I was biting my one. I am watching this movie. Right? I came to watch the movie. I didn't come to listen to your nonsense.

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You don't want to watch the movie Get out of here.

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Yes. May Allah protect us. I don't mean any disrespect to the Gambia. But this is exactly the work of the Gambia. This is what the Gambia came to do. And that is why the Gambia were always resisted.

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That is why the media people always fought Gambia why because the Gambia are trying to wake you up in the middle of your movie.

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You are in this movie you are engrossed watching what in this movie and you're grinding and you're laughing and as the NaVi is in there in Nevada to

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get up. This is all figment of your imagination. This is not because there is no success and failure. What you're seeing here, reflexes and VEDA is with Allah. A day will come when you're a woman overall mala ikkaku so far Leia Taka Llama Llama La la la hora.

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Am en la casa de La La Liga yo Monique

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Danny khazamula

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aloevera, radicchio Monique

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these yom is inside the movie

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what we are seeing imaginary you're seeing a shape of successes oh my god allarakha disperser how much oh well I met somebody recently in my in my trip very wealthy bars and all as I look at him you know see the house and his house is worth so many million and this and this and this

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and we find that in the boss's life there is a major tragedy which has happened

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so somebody says you know, here is a

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situation of success, would you like to have the situation

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would you like to have a situation where you become phenomenally wealthy

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but in one car crash, all your children die

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How many of you will do that

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I didn't need the money how whatever money you want you will get

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put a price on that which I'll put the result in front of a car at this one is worth so much.

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You give me this much you can take

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who will do this.

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Similarly, you find

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picture of a veteran villian. He or the person who's struggling who's doing something who's teaching in school or doing teaching and others are teaching them for under some students and so on. Nor is anxiety nobody gets two hoots about him

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even if you invite him to a party or something's a wedding or whatever, you're inviting him in your mind you're inviting him because you know we should feed the poor

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you're not inviting him because you think that he adds value to you No, no that is all easier. Now let us also give him some food

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so it's a

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scenario of failure.

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But what will be the real success and what will be the real failure

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is what happens

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when the movie is over,

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then the lights come off

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as it

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is very similar isn't that when the lights go on? The heroes are at we are in the data now what now we have to go out and when we go out then we know the reality then you know again

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that is the situation of this day there who is the who is intelligent but that's one of the intelligent one is the one who remembers his death most often.

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One day I have to die

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one day after day

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and that's why I always remind myself any situation that you are in anything that you are about to say or do stop for a second ask you ask yourself this question if I die now

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if I die now

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would I like to die in that situation?

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For example, Angela today is wanting

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all of us who are here. We had three choices. One choice was to play to grace another father in

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Angela, we are here.

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But we also had a choice to bridge a lot of other but not in the module, libretto.

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And at that guys we had was don't press a lot of other at all, what is the

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the three choices were available to all of us? Alhamdulillah we realized that Allah subhanaw taala gave us a week to come and brace for the budget in the budget.

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Now just think about it. Supposing we die right here in the insula in Sedona, like the region

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What more can you want? You have died in salatu salam, the treasure of whichever Salah in that the month is in a state of Alhamdulillah

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if you die in that state Angela

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even melas mother forgive us I'm not recommending that we should pray as Allah massage that for the Salah. So if you praise Allah at home that what you do is legit

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but even in that state for whatever reason, you could not go to the masjid one day you were praying at home and you died no problem inshallah

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but what if during the time of Salah your fastest leave your Mr Salah everything and then you die

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May Allah forgive us even in that state if we die May Allah forgive us anyway but I'm just saying that just think about that. What if we die when we are engaged in a haram transaction? What if we die if we are engaged and we are sitting in a place where the last disobedience is happening there is some you know dance party happening or there's some alcohol or whatever some club and then we die that can come anywhere.

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That can come anywhere and we know this savani common is not is not your story. We know so many stories, so and so right? Like this was the right like that sounds right like that.

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So always ask

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If I'm in this situation and I die,

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is that how I want to die

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and that is the meaning of remembering your death most often.

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And if we are in if we can live our life in such a way that is the meaning of Acquaviva life in such a way that at every situation in our life, if we are able to sell hunger Allah, if Allah called me now, in this state, it's a good state to go

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then inshallah our life is in a good place.

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And that's why any time there is any chance of going in a place or going to replace or being with some people where we violent and if I say, let me not die here. Let me not die here is a bad place. Then what is what should we do? Don't go there at all, because we don't know. We do not know when that will come. So don't go there at all, no matter who tells you what.

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No matter who tells you what you say, Sorry, I am not going.

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No, no, everyone is worrying and so on. And people will think that you are sticking no matter

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what people think and what people don't think I am not concerned about.

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I'm only concerned about what will my uptick?

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What will my optic

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that's the only concern that we have. Therefore when myself and you in Nepal had to do Nia Illa Mata Alberto, let us not get fooled by what we see in this world. All of this is a movie theater, cinema movie happening. Let us not get so engrossed in that movie that you forget the reality that one day the lights are going to come on then what

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that will be very clear about that inshallah We ask Allah Subhana Allah to keep us always on the clock, and to always enable us to do that which is pleasing to Him and to save us from that which is displeasing to him. And we ask Allah subhanho data to give us success with niniola cara, was Allah Allah Allah, Allah will Karim Allah Allah He was heavy is made to go

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