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In the US,

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that's why the head has been laying on Canada he handed

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him Maliki on Monday.

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La serata began with his name,

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and glorified himself

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and spoke about his glory and majesty, and about his

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and about the fact that he is the Owner of the Day of Judgment.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala

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taught us how to make the

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sort of the Father itself is the law.

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And it teaches us the way of making dua,

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where we begin within our last $100 bill glorify His Majesty and grace.

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And then we affirm our faith on the head.

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There we say he can or will do, we are going to stay

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begins with that, before you ask for anything. The verifier doesn't handle data and we reaffirm our faith onto what

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he can do we are gonna stay

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for Allah.

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I worship only

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and I asked for help only from you.

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And then

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in the head is the hood see which is related with certified at the regional level, whatever the Allahu

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Allah said, I have divided the Salah between myself and my slave.

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And in the Saudis, the meaning of Salah is for the Father.

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less violent, Allah said when my slave says al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Allah subhanaw taala replies in response

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and said Hamdani Abdi, myself has praised me and when the player says Allah Rahim, Allah subhanaw taala as as much as any update

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and then when when this live says we are gonna we are gonna stay in Allah says, Now it is between me and my slave and whatever he asked me I will get it.

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And then Allah Subhana Allah teaches us what to ask

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in a certain way,

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Allah did not teach us at that point to ask for anything other than the guidance systems. Instead often stuffing Allah guide us to the path of is to come to the bat which is straight to the path which leads to a loss of an old Allah, which leads to the nice Serato Mr. P.

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And then they are the eyes after that rather levina nam dilating while mobile Berlin, Berlin is a explanation of Serato mustafi What is it because of him, the park Serra de la Vina Nam Delhi, the path on which those people walked

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those on home.

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Game your blessings, those people who guided those people who lift and am daily load balancing emerging Cobra

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and then further clarification, why is an overwhelming one of Bali, not the path of those who attracted your anger and who misguided, misguided lead?

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So it does rotten was to him. That's the draw the eye after that is the explanation of what is the mystery.

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remind myself I knew that therefore,

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the key condition of the acceptance of that is that the person making the law must be on top of it. That the person must worship only Allah subhanaw taala.

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And the worst person must free himself from the worship of anything and anyone other than us.

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And I remind myself I knew that worship consists of a brother

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and worship in terms of other actually developed consists of the Salah, the God and so on.

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And it also consists of obeying Allah subhanaw taala in all aspects of life.

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The Salah is not only the worship of Allah, but the reminder about how the rest of life is to be spent.

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And inshallah we'll see that in detail later on, but just rewind that.

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abaza Islam is not like what the others have done with worship.

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It was even worship the wrong things. But I'm just saying that most people they think that worship means you go to the church or you go to the temple or something and you finish that is over. After that my life is mine, I will live my life whichever way I think is correct. This is not Islam, Islam. Worship is all of life. 24 hours, eating is worship, sleeping is worship. Everything was business's worship. And how does a bigger worship become worship? Because it is done according to the Sharia of Islam.

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How does it become worship, you can't say am I eating is watching just like other people, there

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is a my work and worship, work is worship, provided, it is being done according to the Sharia of Islam. The work itself has to be valid, it has to be done in a halal manner. And you have to protect yourself, and so on and so forth during that work, inshallah. And then while you are engaged in the work, you also engaged in Vicar of Allah subhanaw taala, you don't lose sight of that. And you do not take any decisions which are

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contrary to what Allah subhanaw taala starts with, then, of course, gela work his work is about the work is not about us, because we are doing what doesn't make develop No. So similarly, for all other things in our silicon was the game

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is the life is the road of life is the entire life of the human being from the time he was born to the time he dies. It is the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah that Allah did not make us,

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you know, buckle up. And it didn't make us responsible for our actions from the day you were born

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up to a certain age, you are given freedom

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and then the clock starts. And then after that, after some time also it stops. So that period where we have the law, where we are accountable, we take stock of that and we say is my life on this?

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What is that there was a rather lengthy nantahala in

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that experience and also given very clearly is another one so he was not whatever I may think, no, rather Levine and Anjali. So if I'm choosing a path of action,

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and if I want to know is this path of actions rather mystery, then I must see is this path of action. Similar to what Neville Allah hollywell is observes, I loved it.

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At 11am dalla him is the following of the sadhana.

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What is it? Siddhartha Levine and Anjali? The part of those are no Allah made ihram who are the underlay? Allahu Allah even and abena was he didn't know. So they will say he has an overlay that of the people on whom I love Iran as a ravine into the vein and Shahada was laid out in a way it was the number one.

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So the the sort of idea itself shows the importance of the valuing of some

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people deny the borders of Santa the Navy bought the foils. Just

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now people have no sense no understanding Zora Fatiha itself Allah subhanho wa Taala de la Nam de la him is talking about desert navassa we'll talk about that later on tomorrow and so on therefore, but but I'm making here is that we must be very clear in our minds that our life is based on certain was the theme our life is successful is it has been led on Serato must have nothing to do with wealth and money and is enough

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on German terrain, whatever, not be the handler.

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And what is that Mr. game? We have project is it according to the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, the Sharia was sadhana are the guidance of Islam? If it is there hamdulillah you ask Allah Subhana Allah, to guide us on the seraphim to keep us under the outermost of him and to take us to him when we are on the ceramista team so that our life and our death is in keeping with his happiness in which is a that was a llama Highlander been very well and he was happy as mine, Veronica