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Killer another 100 day

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MBA with serene Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi. Salam does even considering because

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we continue with the

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chapter on manners in a group social manners. I will Tao and Al Hakim rewarded and authentic Hadees that my own been a Bucha beam or the Lord recounted that beggar stopped by Rasul Allah has certain wife or mother agency called Ilana and she gave him a piece of dry bread at another time. well groomed man gave and asked him for food, she asked him to sit and she offered him a meal.

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then they asked her why did she do that? So she said, I was giving to the person according to their need, when needed what

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they concluded by citing a hadith reported by his Bukhari and Muslim in which summarize

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he said or the Law No, though I was a young child at the time of resources salaam, I used to listen to what he said and memorize it. Nothing prevents me from reading my knowledge except the presence of older people. So he and there are many other stories like this of, of young people have young children have memorized a lot of Quran just by resources and reciting and they were there and they listen to it carefully their memories you know, our know your hunting already concluded.

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In conclusion, the Sunnah of serving at a gathering

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is to

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start from according to the merits of age and knowledge and so on so forth, and complete on that basis.

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And then go from the rights of that person start from the person who was the most prominent, the oldest the scholar and so on, and then move from the right to that person

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going all the way down.

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In his book of Al Banna, the seal Imam I've noticed, he said as a rule of the status of those present is equal one should start on the right with every desirable act. But if there is a scholar or somebody or honor or an elder present, the Sunnah is to serve that person first and move to his right in a counterclockwise fashion.

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So Sarah was offered some milk mixed with water when a Bedouin was sitting on his right and to his left was sitting over Cynthia for the lotto. It was it was dry, drank some and hand it over to the value in saying from the right then to the right.

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Once yourself there was prominent person do not proceed your right in a clockwise fashion. Even if the people do it. You're right or higher status unless those are the right give up data.

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Soon as I said, I was sitting with elders on his left and a young man on his right he was given a drink. After drinking he asked the young man would you allow me to pass it to them? The young man said by Allah No, I would not favor anyone with my share of your drink. Soda doesn't

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put the willingly put the drink in the hands of the man, indicating that it was his rights. The Indian scholar Mobarak Puri rattler in his treatise on explaining generativity elaborated on this issue when commenting on the Hadees that hit by a bus or the llama, and he said the server should be the last one to drink at a bar coreset is indicates that the server should delay his drink until all the guests have been served. And the same applies to anything else that is the most notable should be served first and then on the right until everyone is served.

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It's a very

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interesting thing the detail to which we have been

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given directions about behavior and about manners

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Subhan Allah We ask Allah to make us

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worthy of this and to learn these things and to practice them inshallah.

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Then you go to the story of hice Ignacio Tamimi.

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To respect obey and give procedures to the elders is an old established Arab and Muslim tradition.

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The shelf says Here I would like to quote on

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In full the advice of the great companions a happy face evening, ASIMO Tanimura Delano. On his deathbed, he saw the alarm who advised his children to consider the elders as the leaders, from whom they will receive valuable advice and sound wisdom has been asked him well when Harry Itami was the chieftain of the tribe of the meme, famous for his eloquent speeches and wisdom, solos and so honored him with the title, master of the desert dwellers. He was a WISE and WISE and mild mannered person in the ninth year of hijra, he came to visit visit Rossano Salah in Medina, with the delegation of restripe

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Manasa Salam saw him he said, This is the master of the desert villas. He lived an honorable life spending his life last years in Barcelona, where he died in the year 20 Hijiri. He was known for patients a leniency Allah hath been case, a famous Arab. Sage was once asked quote or to patients and leniency and he surprised in US military. Once I saw him sitting in his courtyard talking to his guests and fellow tribesmen, a man tied up in ropes and our dead body were brought to him. He was told we caught your nephew after he killed your son has been asked to remain calm and completed his talk. Turning to his navy we said you have done the worst. You have sinned against Europe you have

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already and murdered your cousin. You killed yourself and weaken your tribe. He got another son and said to him, My son under yoke was setting free. Bury your brother and go to his mother and give her 100 camels to compensate her for the loss of her son.

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Ever see the man the fish in the man's son died the murderer is there he didn't kill them already. Give him the

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hasn't busted out the law they will met him and studied under him relates that when he's been asked him or the law on an old dying, he called his here 33 children he called his 33 children and advise them he said oh my son's fear Allah. And remember what I will say for no one will give you more sincere advice.

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When I die make your seniors your leader do not make your juniors or leaders what if you promote your seniors you will maintain your father's legacy. Do not make your juniors your leaders for you to do so people will not only disrespect your seniors, but will look down at you do not wait after my deaths what I heard was concern for bade wailing look after your wealth for it enlightened is a generous and averse miserliness do not beg people for that is the worst way of becoming wealthy. Avoid bad traits. It may please you once but will display you many times.

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Guys then called for his quiver and asked his eldest son highly to take out a single arrow and break it and he did that. He asked him to break two arrows and indeed that he then Then he asked his son to bundle 30 arrows with the tie and break them all what is and could not isn't my son you will be strong if united and weak if separated. Then he compose the following poem is a glory is what the earnest father built and the children maintain glory, bravery and leniency are best adorned with challenged with chastity and generosity

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30 You are my son's in face of calamities and trouble. If you are like, you are like 30 arrows bundled with a strong tie. It will not be broken. But once separated, we can easily be broken. Your elders, your best manner should be your leaders. Your young should be protected and nurtured until your youngest matures.

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Then we come to visual validation which is

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to have those manners with parents and to share advisors he serves up full respect and reverence your father and mother for they're the most worthy of your consideration. Bukhari and Muslim reported that a man has his own messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam who is most who is most worthy of my of my best behavior. So let's say your mother, your mother, your mother, then your father, then the closer and closer among your relatives we will disclose to you because he artillery in other words, he said after Isaac in his son have reported that a sham will Ottawa recounted that his father told him that Abba Herrera Delano saw a man walking ahead of another he asked him Is this man

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related to the man said he's my father, a Buddha or the Alana told him Do not walk ahead of him Do not sit until he sits and do not call him by his name. According to him never have a student of Imam Malik named Imam Abdul Rahman Nakashima. dotati al Masri, he said, when Imam Malik Raul de la la was reading al Motta, to me Suddenly he stood up

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and left me for a long time. Then he came back and sat down. He was asked why he did that. He said my mother came down asking me something since she was traveling, I stood up, and when she went I sat down again. Likewise, the revered Tammy Davi thous when he sang, he said it is part of the Sinatra to respect for people, a scholar, an elder, a leader and a father.

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It is considered rude that a man called his father by his name moreso at the end of his book of Maliki al Caffee. Imam Malik has been

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burned him out.

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Even though Abdel bar he said kindness to the parents, is an obligatory duty, and by the grace of Allah, it is not so difficult. Kindness means to be humble with them to speak to them nicely to look at them with love and respect to speak in a mild tone that does not surpass their meaning meaning don't speak loudly, unless they are hard of hearing, to give them complete access to your own wealth and to offer them the best of your food and drink. Children should not walk ahead of their parents nor speak before them in matters that they know are their fathers matter. Children should wholeheartedly avoid upsetting their parents and should please them as much as possible. Making your

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parents life enjoyable is one of the most virtuous acts, children must hasten to respond to their parents call. If a child is performing voluntary Salah which is nothing. The prayer should be shortened, who respond properly. Children should not only say good words, children should only say good words to their parents in return. It is the parents duty to make it easier for the children by being kind and supportive of them. For only with Allah's help our people who were able to obey Him and He does commands, you may have to go out of your way to serve your mother and father but do not forget that their rights are beyond such difficulties. For us, Valterra said, in his ERISA, Your

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love has decreed that you worship none but Him. And then you'll be kind to your parents, whether one or both of them when one or both of them are dead old age in this life. Do not say a word of content don't say off even nor rebuffed them not address them except in terms of honor and out of kindness, lower than the wing of humility and say my rod best have mercy on them as they cherished me in my childhood.

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The promise of the Southern said no child will compensate a parent unless he finds him or her a slave and frees him or her. Keep in mind that it is human nature to like to be the best in status, prestige and popularity and to dislike that someone be better than yourself. Only your parents would wish that you become better than what they were. How should you treat those who prefer you to themselves and truly wish you the best or Solana Harada will tell you on it was