Ramadan 2022 – The Manners of The Believers #27 Mutual Consultation

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So that was salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah he will behave woman who Allah Hammarberg. Today's Holika characteristic will be one that Allah azza wa jal commanded directly of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and through him to all of us. Allah says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where Shah with whom Phil armor before you take a decision, you're rasool Allah, consult with them, and then take that decision. So the hook of consultation, the believer does not act unilaterally. The believer asks for advice that is his custom and habit. The believer does not just make a decision and ignore everything else. On the contrary, Allah praises the righteous in the

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Quran, describing their Salah describing their charity. And then Allah says, What am rowhome Shu Rabina, whom the way they get to a decision is by Shura, the way they come to a conclusion is by asking others their advice. So the hook is mutual consultation. The believer is not a lone actor. The believer does not act like a dictator. The believer takes advice from family and friends, the believer listens to points of view and then undertakes a decision. And when Allah commanded the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where shall we home Phil Amber, take shooter from them Subhanallah the entire Sierra is nothing but an illustration of this. Look at every single major

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decision that our professors took the Battle of butter, he called the unsought on them waha judo and he said, What do you think we should do? The Battle of word in his masjid, he called all of the people. They said, What should we do? And there was a discussion and back and forth, then the majority said, we're gonna go and meet them on the plains of Oregon. And then what happened happened, by the way, and that's an important point. The Prophet system never went back and criticized because once the shura is done, you don't look back. That's what Allah says. You don't look back for either Assumpta fatawa QCL at Allah once the decision has been made, put your to what

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could in Allah but you take the shoot up in the Battle of brother the prisoners of war, he called Abu Bakr and Omar he called the close of the cyber. He said, What should we do with the prisoners of war? He is Rasulullah sallallahu. I sent him yet he's asking Shura in the Battle of the Trench the exact same thing he calls all of the Sahaba says you know the situation, what do you advise we do. Then Sandman and Pharisee gave that decision. Then he followed that decision. And this isn't just in major decisions. This is even in his private and his personal life. Subhanallah and it's really mind boggling. He is Rasul Allah, and yet he's asking advice because Allah told him do Shuara before you

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undertake any decision so for example, when Hafsa our mother once she became a widow, you know, for the first time the process and was thinking of marrying her before he sent the proposal. He asked Abu Bakr Silvia, he asked if man had been a fan, do you think it's a good idea? Is she a suitable person? Subhanallah he is Rasul allah sallallahu sallam, and yet he's asking his closest The same goes for his family life as well. When an incident happened that you know, I gave a brief story in the in the Sierra have a longer episode about the possibility of divorce taking place. He actually called Zaid and he called Ali and he asked her advice because they were the closest or the Allah

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Juana. They were the members of the household. They of course, grew up in the household of the process, and he grew up in the household of the process, and he called the two of them. He asked her advice, what do you think I should do? And he is again Rasulullah sallallahu. Either he was selling them and when the verses came down, have to he'd have to choosing between the Profit System and between wealth he gave I issued this choice and then he said to Asia or Asia before you make a decision, do Shura with your mother and father. He's teaching her don't undertake a rash decision. Of course, I should have said in this matter. Do I need to decide there is no choice other than

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being with you? But he was worried so I sent him pointers he taught her Don't just take a decision. Go

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Oh, and to shoot up so Subhanallah if Rasulullah sysm himself can do surer than How about the rest of us. And by the way, we see this whole look throughout the lives of the Sahaba themselves Abu Bakr to suit the multiple times. In fact, in one occasion, he stood up and he asked all of the Sahaba that's a certain cover up or an incident happened. He said, What do you think I should do? In this case? I'm gonna be the hot dog when the plague happened in Syria, and they will walk marching towards Syria, they were wondering, should we go into the play? Or should we go back? So he marched and he paused in the middle, he called all of the Sahaba and he said, What do you think we should do

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getting Shura from the people before undertaking a decision? Or if mine had been I found out the Allah Huang when the issue of the must haves and the Quran came, he gathered the sahaba. He said, What do you think we should do? And so one of them said, Let us unite on one must have and that is the Earth man he must have. So all of this goes back to the concept of consultation should up and by the way, our provinces and gave us some very clear guidelines, first and foremost Hadith ism was studied by Muhammad, the prophet system said, if somebody comes to you for Shura for advice, then you must give him the route, the best idea in your mind if you don't, if you deceive, the prophet

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system said, You have committed piano you have betrayed. In other words, when somebody comes to you for advice, you are obligated to be sincere to that person, Hadith isn't Timothy and others that the Prophet system commanded a nostril Licola Muslim to be sincere in your Naziha to every Muslim so when somebody comes to you, for sure, suggest something once an opinion. I'm about to start a business venture. I'm thinking of joining a partnership. I'm thinking of this and that Allah has obligated that you don't become selfish. Allah has obligated that you have the best interests of the person in mind. And if you don't, our Prophet system warned, this is Jana. Do you know what the IANA

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is? It is the height of betrayal it stabbing him in the back you will incur sin. If somebody trusts you for advice and you take advantage and you give something that you know will be bad for that person but maybe good for your business good for your pocket. This is piano so when come somebody comes to you for sure you must give good advice. Also our profit system said and accorded this hadith was a two weeks ago but somehow toward the end of the month now, the prophet system said memorize this hadith Al Mustafa shouto mo Teman, the one who asks you for advice, whatever he says to you it is an Amana almost Xiaolu motorman. Right. And I gave the example of the process of

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wanting to propose to have saw both Abu Bakr and Earthman were reached out by Omar and said Are you interested in my daughter? And they couldn't say anything. They could not say anything. And then they said the Prophet system expressed an interest and we would not break the secret of the Prophet system before he did. Almost a shout. Romo. Turman when somebody comes to you with a very, you know, important question. I'm thinking of this business. I'm thinking of this partnership, whatever they ask you, it is an Amana. You have no right to tell anybody else. Because imagine they want to open a business right? You're gonna go until the competitors what's going to happen Subhanallah You have

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betrayed your brother. So two things to remember when it comes to Assura. You must give sincere advice and Mr. shouto mortarman. That advice is an Amana the question will be an Amana. Now, the question arises, are you obligated to listen to other people's, you know, Shura to you and the responses? No, it's not watching the purpose of Shura, what is the wisdom of Shura? The wisdom of Shura is the cumulative experience of other people, brothers, nobody is an expert in every field, despite what you might think, okay, meaning of yourselves and myself. Nobody is an expert in every field. Okay. And Google does not give you all the answers. So sometimes you go to the experts in the

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field, okay, you're thinking of joining a partnership, you're thinking of opening a business, you go and speak to the business owners in that field. What are the pros and cons right? In your mind, you have an idea, when you bounce this idea off of experienced people, that idea will take shape. So the Shetty out wants you to be wise one of the characteristics of the believers wisdom, we said, one of the ways you acquire wisdom is you humble yourself to the expertise of other people. That's what yoga is about. But is it obligatory? Obviously it's not obligatory at the end of the day, the point is accumulative experience and then you listen you bounce ideas, you might not be aware of a

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particular you know, notion you might not be aware of a perk or a pro or a con and the people that are experts will tell you as well when you seek the advice of others. The broader picture is given those of experience one of the scholars said when you ask for Shura, you are borrowing the minds of people better than you that's what you're doing. You're getting

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You're minds and you're benefiting from it. So the concept of Shura is something that is we should start inculcating it and because we're talking about Sure, I should mention one other thing which is mentioned with it, even though it's not a mutual hook, but it is related to it and that is, is to Hara, Shura and istikhara because we're talking about decisions here is too hot as a personal matter. Shura is a mutual matter but they go hand in hand before we undertake any decision, any major decision. The believer does both Shura and istikhara. These are both should be a part of a routine shoot up with close family and friends. And by the way, you only do Shura with those whom

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you trust and love and are experienced. You only do Shura with those who are with Turkey Eman people, and those who are experienced in the matter. So you do Shura, and then you pray istikhara and it's the Hara is a whole different topic. I don't have time for this. But I want to mention one key point. After you've done Shura, and you've done is the Hora, whatever decision you took is the correct decision. I want you to understand this by either Assumpta fatawa QCL Allah Allah, somebody says, Yeah, sure. I did. Sure. You know, I did. istikhara ended up marrying the marriage ended up in divorce, what did I go wrong? We say, okay, or OT, just because the marriage ended in divorce

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doesn't mean it's the end of the world. That was for the head in the long run. Maybe you don't see it. Now. Maybe you don't understand. But if you did chew it up, and you pray this Tahara that was what Allah wanted. Just like the Battle of butter. They took the took the precautions, they did everything. And then what happened happened, the process of didn't go back and say, Oh, I listened to you guys. Why did know, we have to understand once we've done Shura, and we took the cumulative experience, and once we've prayed istikhara that's it, we move on. If something happens, we must accept other and we must realize Allah had decreed this for us. It's not a tragedy. It's not an

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Allah says that I suppose Sharia law, but who I don't think it's bad, it is good. Only if we didn't do Shura and didn't do is to Hara, then we have the right to say, well, I made a mistake in not doing sure that's the harder but if that is done, then Alhamdulillah and by the way, Sureau another thing that Shura does, it increases love and trust between people, you know, in the incident of her day via the prophecies and went to Ole Miss Halima, what should I do? They're not listening. Oh masala was the one that said you want you want them to follow your suit Allah go outside and shave your own hair, they're going to follow you. He went to his wife, and she gave him sure the love

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that's going to happen, the closeness that's going to happen when the battle of brother Imagine if he made a executive order all of you we have to fight together, they would have fought but imagine now when they willingly said we're all going to do this together. That sure a spirit that comes right, we're all in this together. So when you undertake sure you win the hearts of the people, you win the minds of the people, you win the loyalties of the people. And also when you go to people for sure you also win their trust and also formed their friendship. I'll never forget many years ago, you know, there was a brother were talking coming friends and whatnot. And then he came to me, we

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were not that close at the time. He came to me with a very sensitive question. And I knew it was very sensitive. And he said, I trust you, I need to ask you something. And he explained the whole scenario. Well, Allah He that conversation cemented our friendship and he remains one of my best friends to this day, because the fact that he came to me trusting me we were both students, you know, Medina, the fact he came trusting me, it puts me at a position Subhanallah if he trusts me, I can trust him back. So merely by choosing somebody to do Shuara with right you can cement the bonds of Jehovah you're showing I give you value and credit and I value your opinion and I value your

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friendship. Imagine if we changed our attitude from being selfish to being sure of getting advice of family and friends of loved ones. Then how different would the world be so of the of the movement? Well, I'm Rohan Shura the inner home and inshallah tomorrow we'll continue with perhaps our final hurrah can Shala after that we'll understand what these akmola

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