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zilara Mother Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Ashrafi la mia even more Celine Mohammad Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam this leven because this year from Abbado, my brothers and sisters

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Hamdulillah we are

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right now either in the night of the 30th day of Ramadan, which if it happens will be a Juma and that will be the last demand or than what is better than having the last Juma and the five day of fasting and 30 days 100 Or it might be tomorrow is eight. And for that also 100. So, this is the beauty of this religion that either way we benefit, there's no loss, this will also benefit that we also handle a loss rather, the first and foremost thing that we should do I remind myself and you is to thank Allah subhanaw taala for Islam. Seriously, thank Allah subhanaw taala for Islam I come from a country where the majority of them 80% of them are washed again.

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And the kinds of things that people do thinking that they are pleasing God remember their intention is good their intention is they want to pray they want to please God but the things they do

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Unbelievable. I mean I don't want to spend your time telling you those stories but all kinds of things.

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But a hamdulillah Allah, Allah gave us this beautiful Deen where everything is so pure.

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We just finished up Russia and inshallah because we prayed rather Russia by Jehovah Allah subhanaw taala has returned for us the reward for praying half of the night spending half the night is Allah

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and inshallah was on tomorrow morning we will praise Allah provided by Gemma and Allah subhanaw taala will write the full night for us in Eva even though we spend maybe how much for another Isha maybe 10 minutes so the further away we terminate That's it 20 minutes worth and we got the reward inshallah we will get for the internet now. What will make us come tomorrow for further that's I want to talk about that.

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I want to present before you forwards

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data, information, knowledge and wisdom forwards.

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In our thinking we confuse things. These are four distinct different things, data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. Data is just random did

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clock chair door carpet? pulpit member? Microphone? Glasses VEDA

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right. Every single one is correct. This is these are glasses. That is a clock is correct. But doesn't make any sense.

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One will you do with this? If I tell you this clock chair, carpet member Mike glasses? What we'll do this? Can you do anything with this? Nothing.

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Although it's all correct.

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Then I put this I put I created some connection between this with my glasses, I can look at the clock and sitting on the chair talking to you through the mic I can give you the time of the day.

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So same stuff, but I have linked it's

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data is random data, names of things, information is when that data is organized in some form.

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what will you do with that information?

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That information you take and you will practice.

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experience that gives you what is called knowledge

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and that knowledge you take it now and practice it some more. It gives you wisdom. Now Allah subhanaw taala mentioned the idea that they will which I decided before you talking about Rasulullah sallallahu as an Yama he said four things, the love of the Quran that's your tarbiyah dalim and Amma which isn't yet Lola Heemeyer the user key him but you Ali Mohammed will keep our

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same four steps. Think about this. Allah subhanaw taala described this OMA he described the Muslims and he said

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Alladhina Umino Nabila right, these are the people who have EMA on the right.

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And later on, in the next day when that set of ayat ends Allah throughout the reservoir Bill akhira, whom you can own

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so Acuras, right. No.

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So Allah already mentioned they have Ebola

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but in the end is using a different word. Allah did not say will accurate Yom you will know Alexa will accurate yo you can own why?

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What is the difference between Eman and Yaqeen? Is there a difference?

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If there's no difference Allah would not have used two words is not Allah is not using what just because there is a word no, there is a reason for that.

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What is the difference? I'll tell you, let's say this

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say you are going for a walk in the one you are in a beach resort. There's a big beach and you are going to see on one side and there is a beach and you're walking on this beach. On the right side there are big villas, right big palaces, villas, wealthy people, big long big big tall gates. And on every gate there is a board which says Beware of Dog

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Beware of Dog now the sign is in English you understand English Beware of Dog means what? What are the mean? There's a dog inside. And beware means what we care for the dog might be dangerous, right. So as far as elm is concerned, as far as information is concerned, you have the information. Beware of Dog. Now you continue to work. Now as you're walking you come in front of one of the gates of these villas and you find that this gate is not completely shut the gate is partially open. And as soon as you come before that opening of the gate, you see that there is a huge Rottweiler. Massive Rottweiler and as soon as he sees you it stands up in Tassie

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right and he comes towards you to wick salaam to you and to make Busaba and maybe you know he wants to hug you or something right he's coming towards you. And you find there's no change nothing

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now tell me in terms of the information Beware of Dog has anything changed? Still a dog you're not a tiger is not a lion Oh, I did not know syndrome.

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But did anything change? You knew

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what changed? Do

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you start reciting? So Allah ilaha illallah wa Shawanda Muhammad was because you know you're going to die. So at least you know

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let me die with

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this is where the event changes to you again why why? What is the key thing here? The key thing here is you understand how does this apply to me?

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Beware of Dog until you saw the dog until you saw the door open until you saw that there is nothing between you and the dog. The dog did not stand up in Tassie the dog stood up because he's seeing food

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here is walking juicy beef steak right.

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So now what happened? Your EMA turned to your key and why because now you understand the real meaning of Beware of Dog. Because it relates to me now what is the sign of imminent turning to you again, action, action you will run you will scream you will do something to escape this or if you have to die you die with the climax.

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There is action.

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I asked myself I asked you do we really believe we are going to seriously ask this question to yourself. I'm not asking you to do it yourself. Do you think do I think that I will die?

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How many journals I have read in NSW

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every time I paid you know I'm thinking myself

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one day, if I die in this community,

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I will be there

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I will be there.

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And may Allah bless all of you. If you are there, you will pray for my mother.

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And then you will take me to the cemetery in Enfield will put me in a six foot hole

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you will dump Earth on me and you will go

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and then I am although

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none of you can help me. May Allah bless you this

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maya ethical IVR has been like the best holiday ever had in my life No. Beautiful, absolutely with

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all the love and affection and Kim Allah bless all of you so so I mean,

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if I say that this is better than home then with my wife versus Angela

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not a lot.

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But when I'm in my cover,

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you cannot do anything for

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now the knowledge that I will die I have the knowledge. I don't deny this of course, the knowledge that I will go into somewhere I have the knowledge of series of lectures of mine on death and hereafter. So all the stages I know all of that

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I have done many lectures on this, this whole series. Those of you are interested in watch the I think I'm totally about 12 hours or that

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but ECG again

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and if it is not clean it is no use.

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Because there is no preparation for it. There is no action for it.

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The biggest thing that we have done to ourselves is, we have misunderstood Islam. And we have therefore we do not teach Islam and we do not learn Islam like it should be taught.

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Why do I say that? Because Islam is the name of a practice. Islam is not the name of a theology. Islam is not the name of a philosopher not even not the name of philosophy. It's the name of a practice like Judo like karate. Like Aikido.

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Like boxing

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I can become a half is on the history of boxing

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completely I'm come total I know who was the first you won't be who box when did the matches start with the boxing ring I was every detail about boxing. I can no theoretical in my head. When I go on the street. somebody grabs me I'm flat on the floor.

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Right? Same thing for Judo zentiva euros mg Vokera descending.

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Because it's a practice. How do you learn Judo by falling 10,000 times on the tatami on the mat.

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What is the first thing that I learned Aikido? What is the first thing they teach you how to fall?

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Not how to throw somebody how to fall because if you learn how to fall then you will not hurt yourself when you fall.

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First thing 10,000 times not one or two. Bang bang bang bang bang until the fear of falling is gone for you. You can call any day nothing will happen. You know how to fall nothing will ever do.

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This was Islam

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Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam. What did he say? sallow Kamara gamma ray to Moon who said

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he didn't say pray as I taught you in the book road pray as you have seen me bring practical

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What did he say about salah How did you begin?

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Omar Hassan Al Salah Salem, what is it? And that was ALLAH haka and Naka Tala, for LM Takamura. For you know, your

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pray as if you are seeing Allah Jalla Delano.

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And if you're seeing Allah subhanaw taala.

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Pray as if you are see Allah Subhana Allah seriously, I mean, see where our focus is. The measure of Salah is also well as you know v Salah to him, harsh, your

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harsh truth isn't.

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala for this and asking us about it is them and saying that Yara you gave the Tofik to me to say this, you gave the worse

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is not from me. You gave me these words. You gave me the topic. You gave me the time and the ability you gave me the opportunity. Now accept this and make it true. Because you are the rub. And it is your silver to take something innocuous to a level of command and my daughter is that his the level of Gamal is to have it completed and for us to see it in sha Allah was that in general to for those were some of the AHA that will get him while early. He was happy with me but I have to go