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The importance of shura consultation is discussed, as it is crucial to strengthen shura's identity and trust. Leaders must have a clear attitude and be open to suggestions and ideas to avoid wasting time and effort. Being clear about the goal and not giving too many general comments is also key. Consciously staying focused and active in meetings to avoid disagreements and damage relationships is advised. The importance of active listening and showing the benefits of Islam for everyone is emphasized.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam Allah should appeal On va will mousseline Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Holly he really he will save you seldom. The Steven Kaziranga Fira, my Babu, my dear brother and sisters, we continue with our series of hopup on Islam works titled Islam works. And we are looking at the issue of

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the Shura consultative decision making.

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Why Islam because Islam works. Last week, we spoke about the importance of sure of concentrated decision making, which is a practice advocated by Allah subhanaw taala himself and practiced by an authorized seller throughout his blessed life. Allah subhanaw taala considered Shura to be so important that he revealed Quran about it. Allah Subhana Allah said, well, the venustas Abu Dhabi him aka masala rowhome, Shu rabina home, me Morocco, nahoon sukoon, Allah, Allah said and those who answer the call of the rub challenge,

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meaning they accept Islam

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and they establish and Salah please notice Salah is the sign of having accepted Islam. If you say you are Muslim and you do not pray, there is no evidence that you are a Muslim.

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And then Allah said and who conduct their affairs by mutual consultation and who spend of what we have bestowed upon them. I always marveled at how Allah subhanaw taala mentions elements of conduct, along with the rather salah and zakat. This shows us that Islam is not merely a set of prayer rituals, but a complete way of life in which everything we say or do has the potential to benefit us in this life and earn rewards for us in the arcanum.

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Allah subhanaw taala defined us by how we conduct our affairs. He listed the characteristics of the believers and said that they are those who answer his call, which is they accept Islam. They establish Salah they conduct their affairs by mutual consultation, sure or buying a home and they spend in the bath of Allah from what Allah subhanaw taala has given them.

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This shows us how important Torah is and how blessed because it is something that Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered us to do and called it a characteristics of Muslims.

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Today I want to teach you how it is done.

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And two important tools to ensure that it happens effectively.

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Let me state again, that the primary purpose of Shura is twofold. One to keep the hearts together and strengthen team cohesiveness

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and to ensure that the best possible decision is taken, leveraging the diversity of competence and experience on the team.

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I want to reiterate that the Shura is not about the leader, whether he is capable or not. It is not about his or her or anyone else's ego. It is about ensuring that at the end of the process, everyone feels included, respected and acknowledged.

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So here's how it goes. First, who should be a member of the SRA? This is a fundamental question and perhaps the most important

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just getting a bunch of people together and calling them Shura, which is what happens most of the time is ridiculous. The shooter must have people with the skills and experience necessary to deliberate on the matter at hand.

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Selecting members of the Shura is therefore the first and most important matter decide on and to jasm is not a substitute for competence or skill or experience.

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People get appointed usually based on rank or age or gender or willingness. All are unsuitable criteria for appointment to the Shura

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competence and experience are the only two criteria that you should consider incompetent people will ensure that the SRA fails and with that will fail your trust in the entire process. NGOs most commonly have sras which fail because most people in their management bodies are elected because of popularity. Not necessarily competence. Wise be wise leaders in such a situation coopt people with the skills and experience into the show

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To help to take good decisions, get experts and listen to them, don't argue with them.

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Number two, selecting the leader, the shooter must have a leader. This can be the former head of the team or the family or the organization or it can be someone selected to lead that particular sre meeting.

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The latter might happen this may happen in a case where the selected person is the one who is most concerned with the outcome, as in the case of helping someone choose a career or a spouse

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or in the case of a decision relating to a subdivision of an organization for example, where that decision is to be implemented, the leader is usually called the amine or Feisal, but obviously, this is not a requirement that the leader must have this particular title, you will call the leader anything you want for the leader is required. Number two, or number three, the attitude of the leader everything begins with attitude. And with the wrong attitude, you will fail.

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What should be the leaders attitude, be open to suggestions and ideas, especially those that may be different from your own.

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never enter a shoe

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with your mind already made up.

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That is suicide. And it will destroy the trust that others have in you

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even can make out that you are not really interested in their opinions and your mind is already make up. And they will not participate when you ask for ideas because they know that you are wasting their time.

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Number three,

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the leader

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and his or her actions.

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What does the leader do in the Shura. Number one, state the goal clearly and concisely. Don't make a speech about the goal clearly and concisely, in not more than one simple sentence with four or five words. If you cannot express the goal in this way, it just means that you are yourself not clear about the goal. And if you are not clear about the goal, then how can anybody else be clear about the work? So go back to the Brian drawing board. Think rethink, reflect, create the wording, one sentence of four or five words, which clearly and concisely describes the goal.

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Spend time on this to ensure that you are clear about the goal and express it concisely and powerfully then describe the situation. Having said the wall and describe the situation to the Shura child, what what are the challenges, Strengths, Weaknesses constraints that must be dealt with and overcome in order to succeed in achieving the goal?

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speak openly and frankly,

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speak openly. And frankly, if you are secretive, and do not share all information you have, you cannot get good suggestions. And when people discover later, that you have not shared your knowledge, frankly, it will destroy their trust in you and damage your standing your authority and your relationship with them. Remember, the good old principle garbage in garbage out.

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Then, what does the leader do having stated the goal and describe the situation and circumstances seek suggestions. Once you have stated the goal, and shared all relevant information about challenges, constraints, resources and strengths, ask people for suggestions. It's a good idea to ask everyone, but you do not have to. If you are pressed for time, when I was choose, I always choose not to ask those who I trust the most.

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And with whom I have the closest relationship. Most leaders that I've spoken to have told me that they do the same. Not being asked for an opinion therefore, is often a sign of high trust. So don't get offended. Be sure to ask those who are likely to have critical information and those who have potential to cause discord later. If they are not asked. People with nuisance value must be dealt with. If you don't include them in the discussion. They can create a lot of noise in the system, which can disrupt smooth functioning.

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Now for the followers, what must you do? Number one, if your opinion is short, please give it don't say whatever you say or something like that. State your opinion. Number two, say what you know to be in the best interest of the group and best for the achievement of the goal. Not something that you

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Like are you find convenient. Think about the goal and the group, not about yourself. Number three, when you finish mega Stefan and ask Allah Allah Allah Allah to forgive you, and save you from the evil of what we suggested, because Allah knows and you and I do not know, this saves us from pride. And in case our opinion is not taken, not accepted, it saves us from feeling disappointed or resentful. Number four, if your opinion is not sought, thank Allah subhanaw taala from saving for saving you from having said something that may not have been beneficial.

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Number five, do not insist on speaking, make dua saying Yeah, Allah, if there is higher and benefit and Baraka, in what I have to say, in what I want to say, Please allow me to say it, if Allah subhanaw taala wants, he will put it in the heart of the Emir to ask you, if he asks you speak, if he still doesn't ask you, it means that there was no higher in what you wanted to say. And unless we heard that I saved you. So thank Allah.

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Number six, the only exception and listen carefully. The only exception is if you have information, data, not opinion information, which is critical to the issue, then speak up and share the data. Number seven, don't sit silently with critical data and allow a bad decision to be made on the excuse that you are not asked. The leader is not a mind reader. He does not know that you have info important information. And if you do not share it and things go wrong, you will be responsible before Allah subhanaw taala collective responsibility is about owning your own accountability.

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Now back to the leader, consider all suggestions and information and decide then make is the bar and ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for itself. repent to Allah.

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seek forgiveness Allah subhanaw taala and ask him for itself. Praise the Hara for the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala and have torquil and reliance on Allah. Do not change your decision. unless some critical information comes up that you did not have at the time of making the decision. Don't simply change the decision because now you are have butterflies in your stomach. No

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decisiveness is a leadership quality and a hallmark of a good leader. Allah subhanaw taala advised or pseudo Sallam about the key qualities of the Emir. They are a combination of softness, forbearance, patience, and strong decisiveness. This shows that kindness and forgiveness are not signs of weakness, but actually signs of strength and emotional maturity which is so critical for strong leadership. Allah subhanaw taala said for the MA Fabi ma hottie min Allah He Linda La Quinta for one volleys, Al kalbi lon fondue mean Holic five one home was stuck Villa home wash our home field Amma for either as for our call of Allah, in Allah you have bull matawa Killeen Allah subhanaw

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taala said which means and by the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala you dealt with them gently and had you been severe and harsh hearted, they would have broken away from you and left you so pass over ignore their faults and ask Allah subhana wa tada has forgiven us for them and conserve them in the affairs. Then when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala certainly Allah Subhana Allah loves those who put their trust in Him. Allah subhanaw taala called the kindness of our souls a solemn a blessing for himself for his beloved messenger sallallahu Sallam emphasized its importance in team building. He advised us all as a seller, to be patient

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always, especially with those who may exceed the boundaries of propriety to forgive them and seek Allah subhanaw taala as forgiveness for them and to consult his companions, when taking decisions Shall we roam free will. Having done that, Allah subhanaw taala ordered also as a seller to decide and stay firm on his decision, placing his trust in Allah subhanaw taala alone. This is such a beautiful and concise description of Shura and the role of the MA that I want to emphasize it for all of us. And remind us to remember this is when we are conducting our affairs. Finally, and most importantly, whatever be the decision, the N di joura must support the image decision irrespective

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of whether their opinion had been sought or considered or not.

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This is the key, the make or break point of all decisions. Any decision is only as good as its implementation. And that will not happen without the wholehearted support of all concerned. The worst thing is for people to participate in assura and then to speak against the decision of the meat on the excuse that their opinion has not been sought or accepted.

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Trust Allah Serrano dalla and his guidance for the Amir in his decision making, which happens when decisions are taken using the method that Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered us use that is Shura. This is the Islamic way of consultative decision making. Now for the two tools that I promised to teach you. The first one is to remain goal focused. This is especially important if there are divergent opinions. And the discussion tends to get contentious. draw the attention of people back to the goal. Remind them that the meeting is not about proving who is who is the smartest, but about solving the problem. Using everybody, everyone's smartness. It is not about me versus you.

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But me, plus u plus u plus u plus u vs the problem, success is only and success only comes and happens when the problem is solved. Not when you make men you made your point, no matter how wisely and powerfully that may have been keep the focus on the goal all the time. The second tool is called active listening. This is not only an excellent tool to practice in JIRA meetings, but a powerful conflict resolution tool. I have used active listening in management union meetings with militant communist unions and in arbitrations that I presided over with tremendous results. Active listening forces people to seriously consider the perspective of the other party, leading to her to an

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amicable and quick resolution of the issue. For today, however, let me suffice to mention this communication told you, I will speak about it in detail next week. Sure is so critically important, because it is the adhesive which gives the oma together. It is a means of learning to keep our focus on what is good for everyone. And it saves us from destructive selfishness, sure keeps families together. It facilitates working through difficult decisions and results in healthy collaboration and teamwork. As in all things Islamic, we do this to please Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah and in obedience to Him.

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But the method is beneficial for to embrace beneficial for anyone who wants to practice it, whether he or she is a Muslim or not. The best form of Dawa is to show the world that Islam works for everyone.

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So you will find them all

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lumped up.

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Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah,

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along module

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Shan akula

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artina for dunya Hazara thermophila

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I mean, yeah, but I mean, what's Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was I was made by raha

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alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.