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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This Mila he will hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, Allah, Allah, he was happy as mine,

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my beloved brothers and sisters, a lot is happening across the globe. More so the difficulty and hardship that people are facing as a result of the changing world, because of a pandemic that has overtaken the globe. And you and I know that many people have lost their loved ones. Many people have lost jobs, they've lost income.

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Many people do not know what might happen tomorrow. Because obviously, as a mock Minh, we do realize that everything is in the hands of Allah, we are believers. And we know that Allah can change things at any time, positive or negative. It's up to him for Lima, Yuri, he does what he wishes us and

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if we're whom use aloe, Allah will never be questioned about what he does. But they meaning you and I will be questioned, what you do what I do, we will be questioned, but what Allah does, no one can ever question Allah subhanho wa Taala. So as much as we know things are in the hands of Allah, some people struggle with anxiety, because they don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. And perhaps they need a boost of faith. My brothers, my sisters, I am here to tell you that nothing will harm you, except if Allah has written it against you. And no good will come in your direction, except if Allah has written it for you. So lay your trust in Allah, try your best, and be pleased with

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whatever the outcome is.

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You've lost a loved one, you're not the first person to lose a loved one. But it is difficult. It is very hard. We do know people may shed tears, their lives may change when the breadwinner is lost. And when they don't know how he used to earn, suddenly, things come crashing. And for this reason, I've come across many people who've lost income completely after the death of a breadwinner. Because that breadwinner did not inform the family or anyone how they were earning what they were earning what to do, if they died, they didn't expect to die. But death comes very unexpectedly in

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some way when the fixed time of Allah comes, it's not going to be delayed. So prepare for the day by letting some of your loved ones know if I die. This is how my business runs. If I die, this is how you will earn this is how you will live and so on if possible. May Allah make it easy for us.

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But that having been said, As believers, you need a ton of faith in Allah in order to go through difficulty and hardship. And that's why I've chosen today to speak about conviction that is required to overcome anything. If you don't have that faith in Allah, and you don't have that reliance on Allah. And if you don't trust Allah, you will be so sad. You will not be able to live a day.

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When I die, where am I going?

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I promise you I trust Allah and His mercy. And I trust that I'm going to a better place I have no option Subhana Allah. I tried a little bit here and there. I seek forgiveness from Allah on a daily basis. I know I'm not an angel, I've committed sin here. There we are human beings, but we seek the forgiveness of Allah we are relatively good people insha Allah, we hope that Allah will give us paradise, and we will die with that conviction and we will not let shapen temper with us to make us think that you are far from the mercy of Allah. When we have heard Allah His love for Rahim, the web afar, etc. Where do the most loving, most kind, most forgiving, most compassionate, I know those

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qualities of Allah? Why should I doubt Allah for what? If I go back to Allah one law he I'm going to a better place than I am right now. I'm not

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meaning I'm not shaking in my conviction at all. And this is what keeps a believer going otherwise, you become so depressed. you struggle with anxiety because you don't know what's going to come and you have no trust in Allah. That does not mean everyone who is struggling with anxiety has weak faith. No, but it does mean that faith would help you overcome anxiety. There's a difference between the two. You don't struggle with mental illness because your Eman is weak.

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But strong Eman will help you through your mental illness. There's a big difference between the two. We are human, we will go through challenges. But my brothers my sisters have faith in Allah, you lost a loved one have faith, you will be reunited with those loved ones by the will of Allah, you will sit again together and smile and laugh and talk about the days of the world if Allah wills, one levena man

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I'll help him to return home Allah says, those who believe and their families followed after them in belief and with belief, we will unite them thereafter with that faith in the hereafter. Allah will bring us together so you did not lose a loved one in totality. There was just a pause in communication between you for a while when you go you will be with them once again. And guess what when you go the others, you will wait for them to join you as well. Just like you waited for those who passed on from your family before you.

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They will wait Subhan Allah to join you may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness. So my brothers and sisters this conviction. We need it. It's called your kin. Eman needs to be strong. Your faith in Allah means to be unwavering. It needs to be shatterproof, it needs to be solid. That's when you will be able to overcome. You made a profit for so many years, you will make a loss for so many years. Try your best. Work hard, be a good person, don't harm and hurt others. Have a good relation with Allah and keep going. Those struggles are a blessing.

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When you are far from Allah, you have forgotten Allah and you are harming other creatures of Allah, then your hardship might be a punishment from Allah. But if you are a good person you are trying you help here and there. You've improved yourself. You're trying to obey Allah instruction. Those are the two main things you need to do on Earth. Coca Cola, Coca Cola, a body, my rights that I need to fulfill for Allah, which is my Salah, mazurka my soul, my Hajj, my father, even that which is compulsory that is for Allah subhanho wa Taala if you're doing that, and the second thing hoopoe a bad, I'm fulfilling the rights of the creatures of Allah, I'm kind, I removed jealousy, hatred in

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feeling from my heart. I try to help people, what more do you want? What what are we on earth for? We are on earth to fulfill all these things. If you've done that, have hope in Allah have hope in Allah. In the meantime, improve yourself every day. Then when a day comes that you are struggling because of a loss in terms of the dunya thank Allah Don't worry, thank Allah when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went through hardship, do you know what he said? He said, Oh Allah, if you are pleased with me, I don't mind what's going on here. If you are happy with me, nevermind what happened Subhana Allah look at the Kenyan conviction because he knows in the madonia of

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this dunya This world is going to come to an end Subhan Allah I sit and look at the trees sometimes and I tell myself man is so weak he will last 70 8090 years right? The tree is sitting there for 200 years solid Subhanallah imagine and you look at the tree and you think to yourself man is bigger and stronger and more. That tree is sitting in the cold in the heat in the rain in the drought, whatever it may be. And it's solid sitting there every season that when the season comes the flowers come out the fruit comes out you know that the leaves are there it's Mashallah in the wind it's moving man gets depressed man gets so weak because the conviction we have needs improvement.

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May Allah help us to go through our challenges, our hardship, May Allah help us to overcome the difficulties the loss of life may Allah grant the Mara hoomin and those who've passed on Jana to face those, all of you my brothers, my sisters, my dear viewers, all of you, you lost loved ones May Allah forgive them And grant them Jana. The best gift you can give your loved one is to ask Allah to forgive them And grant them Jana, Allah Hemanth below will hum who was a kin horfield Jana, you repeat that how many times you want today it's the best gift you can give a dead person. Oh Allah, have mercy on them, forgive them and give them Jana. Those three things you're asking ALLAH, you're

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making dua for the disease that do our will benefit the deceased. Definitely. So repeat it. Don't worry. Even if it's 1000 times a day, there is no fixed number.

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Some people get tired. No Isn't that too little

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Law says the most beneficial thing for that dead person is actually the easiest of the lot. It's just a movement of your lips and your mouth and an intention in your heart with a dua to Allah. And that's it. You're giving a gift to the deceased. And this is why, and I want to end on this note in your life,

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do something that will last longer than your life. What does that mean? It's called a sadder cartoon jharia sadaqa jariya means when I give a charity, the benefit of which lasts longer than my age, for example, you planted trees, you disseminated knowledge, you drill the borehole, you did a Masjid, for example, the benefit of that will fall out live your own life. If I die at the age of 50 6070, whatever Allah decides, and I have left behind something like that, that will continue. It's called sadaqa jariya. Did you know true Sadat Acharya is what you did yourself in your own life. That is the true sadaqa jariya when someone else does it on your behalf after your death, there is benefit

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but not as strong as when you did it yourself. When someone came to me and told me I want to drill a borehole for my late father. I told him Did you drill a borehole for yourself? He said no. I said start with yourself. Your father will automatically get the reward you are his son.

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But sometimes we think that the Phantom of the Quran must only be read for people who died. What about your own Phantom Subhan Allah, which is undisputed. So let's think of this it will help us build yaqeen and then have a good photo of Allah. Allah.

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Have a good thought of Allah always. What does that mean? Think of the mercy of Allah, the goodness of Allah, the forgiveness of Allah, the kindness of Allah, because Allah tells us and are in the Vanya dB. I'm going to treat my slaves according to how they thought I was. So when you know in your heart, Allah is going to forgive me grant me Jana. Allah is merciful Rahim. Then Allah says, I will treat you that way. But if you are despondent of the mercy of Allah, and you think Allah is going to punish you and only you know, throw you into Hellfire, what do you expect? Allah says, latter corner tomura Mattila? Don't you ever lose hope in the mercy of Allah and here you are losing hope in the

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mercy of Allah? What do you want? So don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah. This world is temporary, it will be full of challenges from the beginning, when you came on Earth, the first thing you did was you were crying. What does that mean? In fact, when you die, you will die smiling.

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When you came, you were crying, it already shows you this world is all about crying, you know, meaning things are going to go wrong. Allah kept a cavity in your belly, in order for you to fill. And when Allah kept that cavity, even shaytan knew that this man here is going to have to do things in order to keep that belly full on a daily basis. And for that reason, I will be able to influence him by making false promises to him. And Allah makes the true promise whose promise Are we going to follow?

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May Allah make it easy for all of us, those who are seeking deal? May Allah grant them Shiva and kill my brothers, my sisters, let's be responsible when it comes to this pandemic, a slight bit of responsibility and we are we have done our duty. But if we are irresponsible, what duty are we speaking about? At least try a little bit of responsibility and insha Allah the rest Allah will do for us? May Allah subhanho wa Taala alleviate the suffering of those who are struggling. May Allah eradicate this pandemic from across the globe. Indeed, it has lasted longer than we ever thought and one wonders how long it's going to last. No problem. We are still happy with the decree of Allah. We

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love whatever Allah does for us because we know he is our Lord. We are going to go back to Him and He will grant us ultimately gem metal for those no matter what happened on Earth. akula kolyada also Allahu wa sallam about a garland