Is Suicide Under any Circumstances Justified in Islam

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Salam Alaikum while it was Solomon tubercle, is suicide under any circumstances justified in Islam? Because the question that is suicide under any circumstances justified in Islam? My counter question What do you mean by suicide?

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Suicide me, the person who wants to end his life.

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And most of the cases who said per se, is a person who is fed up of life. He has got so many problems, you know, he doesn't have money, I've gone in loss of business, whatever. And then he ends is that just a haram in Islam, ending your life

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purposefully, because of troubles in this world is haram. But on the other hand, you say that I want to fight for that. My mama salatu salam, the enemy referred, again, the prophet, and we say I'm going, we know that we are a small number, we are 300, the 1003 10 The chances are, we're surviving very little,

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in normal terminology, because suicide, so that they find out to fight for the hug. And while doing that, I'm ready to die. That's a different question. So you've become a master. The question of suicide, per se, you should define what does it mean? And I know that your reference may be in context to suicide bombing, correct? Suicide bombing? Oh, no. Going for a particular thing. You know, the question didn't say that, but I'm in the field. You know, so, more suicide bombers are different British suicide bombing and company suicide, suicide, per se is haram. But if you ask me suicide bombing, as I said, individual case, you have to analyze what the individual case say.

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Everyone individually takes a decision and they're totally harmless now.

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And under normal circumstances, Allah says in the Quran surah chapter five was tied to that if you kill any human being, unless it be for murder, or for killing mischief, and then land it as they have killed all of humanity, and if you save any one human being into that they have saved the whole of nation. So killing any human being unless it before murder, or killing mischief, it is haram.

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But now under circumstances, if you analyze at the name of the Sahaba, what they did, if you call it modern terminology, it is called as suicide. So what we have to realize that individual person taking the disease totally, the scholars are divided. Some group of scholars say that under any circumstances, suicide bombing is haram.

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Nasha Nasional Bonnie shared with me. She had been masked, all the three grade standards were expired recently. All of them say that suicide bombing, suicide killing under any circumstance is haram. But there are other scholars like Sheikh Salman Alda. MashAllah one of the great scholars of this time, he says that if under normal circumstances, It's haram, but if the situation demands like in Palestine, every there have been killed and 1000s have been killed throughout the year. So it is rather that they have to fight in self defense. And if they know that the US in attack in with the chance of dying are there. And if they nearly caused the damage to the opponent as a last resort,

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with guidance from a scholar who has not the 100% gets up in the night and says okay, fine, I'll go out. So with guidance of the Quran and Sunnah as a last resort, it can be used. And they give examples. They give examples from Hadith giving their own logical argument, you analyze that there was one when the foot was being taken up with enemies, and the sahaba. They said, you throw me over, and then I will go on to the spirits for chance of dying was there yet the event he didn't die, and you open the door. So there are exceptions to the rules, scholars differ. One group of scholars says totally haram on any circumstances. Some scholars say as a last resort, if you're done with

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guidance, there's no other alternative. Because the person doesn't want to end his life. He wants to fight for the cause of Huck for throat and while doing that the chances of his dying is very high.

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I know that one person will agree with me a lot. One of the person Monday, you don't want any circumstances haram. So I asked him a question. There suppose there is someone who comes to attack the Prophet hypothetical, and if you are present in between, and you come in between, in during the crossfire

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he firing? You do that if we jump in with you, I'm gonna die. But why don't you save the province to jump? Of course, but that suicide?

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Was haram. For the Prophet, I'll do it. But nowadays suicide is haram. How can we go in between? And the various options? No, but then he changed he said no, you know, the people who are good in arguing the change, no, but there the trigger wasn't pulled when trigger was pulled by somebody has what I'm telling if the trigger is pulled by the person himself, then

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you're the trigger is pulled by the enemy. Suppose the person who's very good, hefty etc. He's the multicolor prophet, and you come in between and you got your hand. And now what happens that the gun is turned and to kill him, you have to kill yourself also. And if pull the trigger, you will die and the person will die and the profitable Save, then what will you do? Will you pull the trigger or not? Or the third person who doesn't love Allah and the Prophet more than himself, his wife and his family? He's got a moment. When you pull the trigger, you said yes, suicide.

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Imagine and it's a situation which happens.

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It can happen not that it is vague. You are there and if you pull the trigger, you will die and then and you're pulling the trigger. You're killing yourself and killing him.

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And a profit will be saved. So, I do agree with shaycarl MANOVA as a last resort, if under certain circumstances, you know that the loss that is there is less and again is more

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following all the rules of the Sharia fall in the Quran and Hadith as a last resort under guidance. Now they get up in the morning and take a decision on you when it's totally haram, killing and human haram. In that context. As a last resort, it can be used and I do agree with Sheikh Salman ODA, for them to question