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Fill out another human humbler Hello bill Amin. Now the homeowner starting who want to start

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on Okinawa he wanna talk karate. One hour we live in jewelry I'm pushing our minister yeah Dr. Medina my yeah the healer who will be Lola Who am I you little fella. How do you ever want to show a Lai Lama Why do luxury condo and I shall never hamburger up the water so

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I was on a loudhailer when he was here on

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the Yanina Allah He was in Raja Manila for modificata Tada you know tabula Hakata tokachi

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Muslim makalah Guna Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as Nakula de Kitab Allah, bajo de la dia de Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam were shot on the Morimoto wakulla 13 visa akula without Ebola Allah, Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah FEMA, our NASA waste boom, le in Shakur tone la z, while in cover tominaga vilasa de Nakata masala la Hollywood Sallam

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la escuela Mullah Yesh Coronavirus

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la escuela Mullah, Yesh Coronavirus.

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o como con it is an Auto Center. My dear brothers and sisters.

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Somebody asked me why Islam. And I said to him, because Islam works.

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Why Islam, because Islam works. The world that we live in today is a world that is by and large, hostile to Islam.

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And this produces hesitation apology and doubt in our hearts. We do not feel confident about our faith, though we wish we may still be practicing it. For many, if not most, Muslims, Islam is a set of rituals related to worship and to to events in our lives, marriage and death.

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We know Juma. We know Ramadan, we know taraweeh. We know.

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And of course, with the limits, because you always hear complaints about how long the recitation was and why it couldn't, it can't be shorted. We know the tourists.

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We know it's our holiday shoes. But those also within limits. And people say don't make it too difficult as it

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naturally ritualistic, event based episodic following of our religion takes its toll. And we get increasingly more distanced from its purpose, which is to make us winners in this word, and the next. And so despite having the winning formula, we live in apprehension and do not have the confidence to practice what we have much less to convey to others. Let me give you a couple of examples of how Islam works, how it is totally and completely applicable and effective today in our modern 21st century world and 21st century rely

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on that among among the things that I teach in my corporate practice

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is customer service. We use two terms in customer service, customer satisfaction, and customer delight, customer satisfaction and customer delight. Customer satisfaction is self explanatory that is to give the customer what he or she expects, so that they are satisfied with the experience satisfied with what they got and dissatisfied with how you give it to the customer delight on the other hand, is to do the unexpected, which delights the customer, something which is so unusual, and good that the customer is very delightfully surprised.

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Now let's see how this is reflected in the teachings have also realized.

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I'm trying to show to show you and prove to you how Islam works. In today's world, in our daily life. I'm not talking about here worship, I'm talking about daily life,

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as well as SLM while reminding and admonishing people to give in full measure, also advise them to give a little more to give in full measure results in having satisfied customers to give a little more as the delight of the customer. Needless to say, this does not apply only to weights and measures, but to every interaction in life

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because everyone in life whether

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It is my spouse, whether it's my children with my parents, whether it's my teacher was my students, whether it's the shopkeeper whether it's the person who's driving in the lane next to mine, when I'm driving my car, whoever it might be, if I'm a ruler, whether by subjects if I if we are subjects the ruler, everybody is a customer to everybody else.

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And what is the

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advice of the of the Promised?

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He said not only should you give in full measure, but give a little more.

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In 2003, I was living in Jeddah and I was returning to India on one of my trips, and I wanted to take some perfume for my father, my father in law, he was alive at the time and he

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he loved perfume. So, I wanted to take some perfume so I went into the shop of this perfumer in Jeddah and I asked him if he had the perfume of the kiss while the cover the cover of the cup. So that actually is wild and he said, You know, there's not one perfume that's a combination of several perfumes and I don't have so I said, you know where I can get it? Is there anybody else in the market? He said, Nobody says that Nobody sells the perfume as a swab. The car was not a brand. It's not something which is available. So I said, Okay, then that is let me get something else. I browsed around the shop and I picked up two bottles because I was going also that evening I was going for

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dinner, to another friend of mine was a director in the

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Islamic Development Bank, IDB. So I was going to his house. So I wanted to take some gifts. I took one bottle of perfume for him and I took one bottle of perfume of my father. And then when I came to pay at the camera till

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I paid for this two bottles, and then this man gives me a third bottle. He put these two in a packet then he gives me a third bottle. I said What is this? He said this is the perfume of the kiss of the car. I said eyes you send your you don't have it is I don't have it. I don't sell it. I made it for you. swaddler. You may from his Yeah. He said you said he told me. You said you you wanted for your father. So I made up the perfume for you. So I said okay, I'm really grateful to you, thank you so much. How much do I pay for this is a nod his head. He said this is a gift for you.

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you might set up to your father. Imagine this is the meaning of this, Hades always

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said, give something more.

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Because you're the man. He's giving me full satisfaction.

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He's giving me the perfume, which I paid for. And then he gives me something else. And even if he had charged me for that, I would have been happy to pay for it because I got something that is not available. But not only does he not charge me for it to give Not only does he make it upon me, but he gives it to me for free. Now imagine the story I've told, you know, now it's 18 years this has happened and I've told his story all over the world.

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This is the benefit.

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delighting customers, delighted customers, and loyal customers who make repeat purchases. And most importantly, they become our ambassadors, because the most powerful and reliable advertisement is the unsolicited referral of a delighted customer. All free upgrades, bonus points, and all that are very are based on this principle of giving more. Now, I'm not saying that they're doing it because they know the Harris, but they're doing it because this is how Islam works. What is

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advised for us in Islam are things which are beneficial for anyone, even if they don't know that they are practicing it because it is

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something which has benefited in Islam and other Islamic teaching.

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The importance of thanking people, Allah subhanaw taala said in the ad which I decided, so the Rahim waste as an Arab boom, the insha carto the agenda while I incur forum in Arabi Lucha de Allah subhanaw taala said, and remember when your Rabbi proclaimed, if you give tax, I will give you more I will increase my blessing. But if you are thankless, very my punishment is indeed severe. My brother sisters, sadly, our societies and cultures I'm talking about Muslim societies and cultures and to some extent also Eastern societies and cultures are character and bias I don't mean the forest The forest is very different. I'm talking about the Middle East and and extending on to the

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subcontinent Indian subcontinent, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh.

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This is character our culture is characterized by the absence of things. We do not thank people. Let me ask you, how many of you thank your wives for all that they do to make your life comfortable in every way

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Let me ask how many of the ladies who are listening to this call thank their husbands for working day and night in jobs, which they may not even like, but because they have the responsibility to provide for you and the family? Did you thank them for that? Let me ask how many children thank their parents for providing all the things that they like, even in many cases, at great cost to themselves, they don't even tell the children how much it costs them to get them that particular gadget that they wanted.

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Drew, even though Allah subhanho wa Taala, advised us and reminded us about being thankful to our parents, but are we do we say thank you very much.

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for all that you do for us? Did you go and say this to your father or your mother?

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Do we thank our service providers, taxi drivers, help in the home shopkeepers? Anyone? nurses doctors in today's day when you go forward to the hospital for various things,

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to thank them yet, we don't hesitate to criticize. But thanks and appreciation comes very reluctantly, if at all.

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we confuse genuine appreciation with flattery. And say that rahsaan privater us from showing appreciation and from praising something good. Believe me. This is a big mistake and a misunderstanding of the lessons from the Syrah. Not only did wrestler assassin praise people directly to their face and in public, but He even gave people beautiful, honorable titles that are mentioned with honor to this day. Let me give you the need for this. Let me give you evidence, who gave Khalid bin volley is the title of Saifullah, who gave Muhammad Sallallahu.

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wasallam said every oma has a trustee. I mean, the trustee of my oma amin oma is I will obey the yBnL Dharma, or the law is called I mean oma, who gave him this title. Who said about

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that if Allah subhanaw taala had continued Prophethood after me, Omar would be the NaVi after me. Omar would have been the next newbie who said this Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam who call Hamza bin Abdulmutallab. Allah No, Assad Allah Assad also, who said about Ali Vitali,

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no one will love you except a believer, and no one will hate you. Except a monopoly except the hypocrite who said this. And who said I have repaid the favors of all those who did any favor to me, except that of aboubaker.

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Allah will repay Abubakar on my behalf or the law.

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All of these were sent directly to those people in their presence. And in public.

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There is a vast difference between expressing genuine appreciation, which is thanks. And true. And flattery, which is lies. What is prohibited is lying and flatly what is not prohibited, which is necessary. What is absolutely critical and essential to every relationship, no matter what the relationship is his appreciation, and thanks. As for criticism, did wrestlers wrestle and criticize anyone that to publicly? Well, you answer that question for me. But what do we do? Which do we do more appreciate? or criticize? Not to yourself?

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Sometimes people say, Why do I need to say it? Why was I saying to somebody, thank you very much. What is the need for that? doesn t know that. I'm thankful. My question to them is, doesn't Allah know that you are thankful? And why did Allah say in shocker to Madonna kumala in Cava tominaga.

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Allah doesn't know.

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The point is thanking is not about them, it is about us. It is not done because the other person doesn't know it must be done, because it is due to them. It is their right that they must be thanked. And if we do not thank them, then we will be denying them the right. Rosanna Salam was very specific about this. He said in the Addison tsunami and Obi

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Wan and in Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam akaal la escuela manda Yes, Guru ness ahora de la who reported them said whoever

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Does not thank people has not thanked Allah, Allah kumbhakarna li salatu salam and this is in sunan. Without many of us when we first travel or live in the West, we are struck by how much people thank each other. How many people thank everyone we enjoy? We enjoy being thanked. They let us ask, why don't we do the same to others? Please sorry and thank you are perhaps the most common terms used in Western societies.

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My sister worked in NYU Langone Hospital in an ICU patient care in Brooklyn, New York. During the first wave of COVID. In 2020. She said to me, we get hundreds of phone calls every day from relatives of COVID patients asking about the welfare of those of their relatives. But not one single call happens without the caller thanking us for what we are doing first, every single call

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in hundreds of calls and she is the one who received this card because she's in the center of that unit. He says every single call the person thanks us for what we are doing.

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She works nights. So I asked her if she takes a pack dinner to eat in the in the pantry in the hospital. She said I don't have to I don't need to take anything because people order food for us. So we said we have pizza and buys and an ice creams and cheese cakes and all kinds of stuff. This is a pantry fridge is full of food and we can just go and take and eat whatever we like.

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Number one, appreciation benefits the appreciator more than the appreciated it is the best of virtuous cycles, loyalty programs of airlines and hotels and shopping carts and so on. All of these are based on the benefit of thankfulness as a takeaway from this quote, but let us resolve to ensure that when we leave here today, we will tank at least one person

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and make sure that we tank at least one person every day and that we will always give more to them that is and then what is due to something more give full measure. And then a little more. ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with you and never to be displeased. ask Allah subhana wa Taala to help you to do that is that which is pleasing to Him? I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to save you from that which does not please him, ask Allah subhanaw taala to to protect all of us in this calamity in this COVID that is happening all over the world asking us to help our Palestinian brothers and sisters who are you know they're having a double problem, one with the with the COVID virus of

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Coronavirus and the other one of the virus of hatred, which is being unleashed on them by the Israelis and they are being killed out of hand and their homes are being demolished. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to save them and to help them rascals valterra to enable our leadership across the world to stand up for the truth and to stand up for justice and to stop

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to stop succumbing to I don't know what kinds of pressures but I asked Allah subhanaw taala to enable all of us to fear his punishment and to feel his displeasure before anything else in life or Santa's real career while he was on his way. Veronica Rahimi $100 bill army Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.