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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim was Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah al Karim rubbish. Rahi sodbury were Sidley, MD. Wash Lola rock data melissani Yahoo Kali Allahumma. The Colby was said did listen he was roots of him at Appleby, Armenia roble alameen

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Alhamdulillah. We will begin the study of Sudoku puzzles today in sha Allah. pseudo cosas is the 28 surah of the Quran and it is called a puzzles which basically means story. Because in the surah inverse number 25 moosari is Salam. He will call Sarla He calls us he mentioned he narrated his story to the father of the two girls that he met. So this the surah is called apostles. Because of that, the surah has 88 verses and it is from the sutras of the Quran, which are known as the mean, meaning the sutras which have around 100 verses in them. And these sutras are from Surah Yunus to sort of fall played, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said about the mean sutras of the

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Quran, that I have been given in place of the zoo, the mean suris. And in these Sutras, as we can see there are on average about 100 verses, remember that there are four groups of surah of the Quran the first group of surah is the group of surah which is known as the three wild surahs meaning the sutras which are very long. And these are of course from the beginning. So the Baccarat is very long. It's the longest suit of the Quran, all the way to sort of to Toba. And then we have the mean sutras the mean, sutras are the sutras which have about 100 verses, on average. And these, as I mentioned, are from sort of Eunice to sort of athlete then you have the muthoni solos of the Quran,

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which are from sort of, yes, seem to her a lot and they're called muthoni because they're meant to be recited more frequently. And then finally, we have the more facile tours of the Quran Mufasa means those which are separated and what is meant is that when you are reciting this, this portion of the Quran, which is from sort of off all the way to sort of to NASS, your recitation is separated by by the bus mela, meaning because the sutras are so short. That's why your recitation is kind of separated by your by the bus Mullah. And also the sauce is a murky surah a murky surah which means that the surah was revealed before the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam migrated from Mecca to Medina. And it is important to keep that context in mind when we are reciting the surah when we are studying the meaning of the sutra, because remember that the Quran is not just a book of information. It is not just a book of laws. It's not just a book that tells us you know, do this and don't do this. The Quran is supposed to be a book of guidance which Allah subhanaw taala revealed over a long period of time.

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And if Allah Subhana Allah wanted, he could have revealed the entire Quran at once. But he revealed it to his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam over a period of 23 years. And one of the benefits of this as we as we learn in the Quran, is a loss paralysis Cavalli carlino sabita behavioral adeq we have separated the revelation or we have spread it out over a long period. Why in order that we may strengthen your heart thereby. And in this as a lesson for us that the Quran is supposed to be a source of strength and guidance for us. You know, something that that strengthens our heart. As we go through different challenges we go through, you know, we experience different things in our

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lives. Now, what was the situation in Makkah, it's well known, the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, faced extreme opposition and hostility, which only increased by the day, things only got more and more difficult. The people who had power the people, you know, of wealth, the people of influence in they increased in their opposition to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam by day, and this surah really illustrates that the power of people no matter what, what kind of power they have, is completely under Allah subhanaw taala has power. And what that means is that what that Allah Sopranos are, that Allah Subhana thought is the one who gives people the power they have, and

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he is the one who can take away their power whenever that he wants. And no matter how powerful people may be, Allah subhanaw taala is still above them. So there is no need to fear people. In fact, a person should always remain fearful of Allah subhanaw taala any a person's goal and concern should be to please Allah subhana wa tada and not to please people. When we look at total causes, we see, first of all, the story of fit our own and fit our own, of course, he had one, he had power, he had kingship. And on the other hand, towards the end of the surah, we have the story of Barun qarun had a lot of money, which he said he had because of his knowledge. So we see that generally people

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have, you know, the power of authority, where they have authority and status and control over people. And or they have the power of money. And it is because of these two that, you know, a lot of times people get fooled by, you know, by what they have. And they use that to oppress people. But we see how fit our own his kingship, his authority did not last forever. And qarun also his money did not last forever. In fact, we see that when these two people misused the power that Allah soprano thought I had given them, both of them sank into the earth, we see that qarun sank into the earth and fit our own, he sank into the water, and He neither of them remained on the surface of the

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earth. And then we see that between these two stories in total costs, the people of Makkah have been addressed. And there is a huge lesson in this, that it was basically their power and their wealth, that was leading them to deny the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so these two stories illustrate the reality of the power that people have. And remember that McKee Solas. In general, their theme is that they invite us to, to to head to the belief in the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala to realize the fact that Allah subhanaw taala is the greatest and he is the only one who deserves to be worshipped. So we should love him the most we should fear him the most and we should have you we

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should place our expectations in him as well. Because he is one and there is no one like him. He is the greatest the highest and no one is equal to him. So the sooner the stories and the sooner really show the the oneness, the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala So, let us begin with this background in mind. Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim ba seen me

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Delica is toolkit habil Mu been foreseen meme, these are the verses of the clear book how we see that Silikal castles begins with these letters Thor seen meme and these are roof Matata disjointed letters, which, you know, people have them have us you don't have given different opinions regarding them. And what we, you know, see in general, the, the, you know, the approaches that these letters basically show the miraculous nature of the Quran, you know, the fact that no one can imitate the Quran. And these letters are basically an evidence, you know, to the truthfulness of the Quran to the fact that the source of this book is not a human. This book has been revealed by Allah subhanaw

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taala. Now the letters lossy meme, remember that sort of the Sharla also begins with lossy meme and after sort of the Sharla is sort of the normal which begins with the letters ba seen. And here we have sort of two clusters and these three sutras are, you know, together in a row. And this sort of begins with flossing me and what is interesting is that all three sodas sort of Charla naml and puzzles, every single one of them mentions the story of Musa alayhis salaam,

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then Allah subhanaw taala says tilka Aya toolkit, herbal mu bean, these are the verses of the clear book tilka tilaka This is a word that is used to point toward something so tilka meaning these, what is coming ahead, meaning the verses that you're just going to listen to these are verses of the clear book, any these are not words of a human, these are actually verses of the book which is clear the book which is from Allah subhanaw taala and remember that the word delkor as opposed to Heather Heather means this and tilka is used to point towards something that is far or to point towards something that is of really high status, that is, that should be respected. And that is enormous. So

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tilka idea tokita any these verses, which are truly great, which are you know, which are verses of Allah subhanaw taala verses which deserve your attention verses which deserve your, you know, reflection verses that deserve that you take them seriously that you believe in them, that you learn from them, that you follow them that you don't ignore them, these verses are off Al Kitab will Moby in the book which is clear, meaning the Quran Now the word moonbeam is used many times in the Quran to refer to you know, the Quran itself or the verses of the Quran and the word will be in generally is translated as clear, but the word will been when we look at it, it comes from the root by noon

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and by n it is you know that which is clear, okay. So, so mu bean is that which is clear in itself. And will bean is also something that clarifies another. So the Quran is called mu bean. Why because first of all, it is eloquent in itself. It expresses its message very, very clearly. It presents its truth in in an unapologetic way. It is very, very clear, obvious in its message, any, you don't really have to, you know put pieces together and really be extremely, you know, knowledgeable etc to be able to understand the message of the Quran. The message of the Quran is obvious, it is clear and the Quran clearly, you know, calls to the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala to the belief in the in

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the hereafter in the prophets, you know, clarifying to people, all truths that people need to know. So moving that which is clear in itself and also moving that which clarifies. So that which clarifies any the Quran clarifies everything that people are, are in need of knowing people need to know who their Lord is. And the Quran clarifies that people need to know what they owe their Lord. And the Quran clarifies that people need to know who the friends of Allah are and who the enemies are. And the Quran clarifies that people need to know what their purpose in life is. And the Quran clarifies that people

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need to know what is right and what is wrong what is you know, just and what is unjust. And the Quran clarifies that people need to know about, you know their history and the Quran again clarifies that the Quran tells us about who you know what our origin is, who the people of the past were. People need to know what the consequences of their deeds will be in the Quran again clarifies that the Quran clarifies what good deeds are from, you know, those deeds which are not good, and also the consequences of that. So the Quran is clear, and it clarifies. And part of the clarity of the Quran and the clarification of the Quran is how it clearly illustrates the story of Musa alayhis salaam.

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We see that the story of Musa alayhis salaam and the story of at our own, I mean, yes, it is mentioned in many places in the Quran, in some places very briefly, but here it is mentioned in great detail. And this is part of the clarity of the Quran. And we see that the story of most artists Anam any the only source other than the Quran is the Bible. And of course, when you you know, refer to the Bible, I mean there, you don't know what is, you know, what is original and what was changed by people. So the Quran clarifies what the real story of Musa alayhis salaam is another way of learning about the story of our own. And most artists Alam is to refer to Egyptology and

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again, you know, the Egyptology especially when it comes to studying history based on simple observation, any you can't know for sure what is what so the Quran really clarifies the truth of the story of Musa alayhis salaam and fit our own. So here in the next is lost pounds Allah says not lower la come in never emo sir with your own a bill help. net flow alayka we recite to you, to you meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because remember, he was the first recipient and he he was the one on whom the Quran was revealed. And the Quran was of course a source of guidance and strength for him first and foremost and then after him, all of us so not to our Laker men never he

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Moosa from the story of Masada has sat down with it our own and fit our own. How is the story mentioned to you over here? First of all, it is min number II Moosa, some of the story, not all of it. And secondly, it is mentioned bill Hulk in truth. For who live call me You may known for a people who believe

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so first of all, you know the word nut Louie, this is referring to Allah subhanaw taala. So remember that the Quran, II This is the speech of Allah, this is the word of Allah, this is not the word of a human being. And we should take every verse of the Quran you know,

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you know with respect with care with attention, knowing that this is the word of Allah subhanaw taala not to Aleykum in number a masa and then suddenly we see over here that some of the story of Moses on how and fit our own is mentioned over here.

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You know, that mozzarella Salaam is, is the Prophet of Allah which has mentioned most in the Quran, any when you open up Silikal Bukhara even there's so much mentioned in that surah about masala his Sunnah. And then later on also in many suitors of the Quran, the story of Mossad Islam is mentioned sometimes in a lot of detail sometimes in very little detail. In his his name comes up in the Quran over and over again. But here, the part of the story that is mentioned here is before he became a prophet, and not through Aleykum, another emotional warfare on the story of Musa and Fatone and it is mentioned here bill help me This is the true version. This is the real account. And why has a

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story of most unfit our own been mentioned in the Quran. Lee County you may known for people who believe the believers have been mentioned specifically. And if you think about it, anybody could listen to the story of, of you know Musan film.

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You know, which has mentioned Sudoku puzzles, any person could listen to it, but not everyone will necessarily benefit from it. Who will actually benefit from the story of masala Salaam that is mentioned in the surah it is the people who believe in a man is a precondition. So the believers will

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benefit from it. Why? Because they believe in it. They believe that this is true. They believe that this is from Allah subhanaw taala. And so when they will listen to it, they will reflect on it, and they will learn from it, they will take lesson from it, it will increase them in their email, it will increase them in their faith, it will increase them in their conviction, it will increase them in their good deeds, it will increase them in their repentance. It will, it will, you know, help them relate the story with their personal life so that they can also have hope, and they can also you know, increase in their faith in Allah subhanaw taala. So, lipo me you may know, Eman is a

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precondition interferon Allah fill up now what is the story of Musa alayhis salaam and for our own The story is that in the fifth owner, Allah filled up that indeed for our own exalted himself in the land.

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So this is the background for our own exalted himself in the land. Now the word that is used for exalted here is Allah, and Allah yar Lu is to rise, okay, literally, it means to rise or to become high, to become elevated. And Allah Fie so for example, here it says, Allah, Phil altie, exalted in the land allow Phil McCann is to ascend a place, or its highest part. So fit our own, either fill out, meaning he ascended the highest position, the highest status in the land, which land the land that he lived in, which is the land of Egypt. So basically, he really exalted himself, magnified himself, so that he was basically above all people. And this fed This means that he could do

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anything. He was above any system, he was above any law, he was above anyone criticizing him, he was above any morality, and he could do whatever he wanted. Nobody could object, nobody could, you know, criticize him, nobody could question him, nobody could oppose him. And he was extremely powerful rnfl. So he had not only political or worldly power, but also religious power. And because of that, no one could oppose him or question him. So this is how he I level up. Secondly, I now feel old can also be understood as that he exalted himself in the land, meaning he behaved very proudly, and very arrogantly, and we learned this in the Quran about health at our own, even claimed to be God. And

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with that greatness in he was extremely arrogant towards the people. And he also became very abusive. And that is clarified in the next part of the IEA. What gyla Allah has sheoran. So for our own, first of all, he exalted himself in the land. So there was no one that was equal to him in power or greater than him in power, he was the most powerful, and he was extremely arrogant, and he was extremely abusive. And then we're Gianna ella hasharon. And he had made its people into factions. It's a whole meaning the inhabitants, the people who lived in Egypt, the entire population, basically, he had made it into sheoran into factions into different groups. So the

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people who lived in the land of Egypt had been divided by fear. And that is how he exalted himself by creating a social divide. And the word that has been used for groups over here is the word sheoran. And this is a very interesting word, she r n is the plural of the word Shira. And she are generally a uni it's understood as a group of people. Okay? We're not talking about the sect. We're talking about the linguistic meaning of the word Shira, it means a group of people. Now, this is a very interesting, you know, word. The Shira is actually derived from the word Shara and Shara is when a news or a story a piece of information spreads among people. So the news initially was known

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only to some people and then it Shah. When it Sha it means that it became public. It reached everybody and so everyone knows it now. In at the beginning, it was concentrated, you know

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Among some people, it was only known to some people but now that news is spread everywhere. And then Shay Yara is to call that you know, when a shepherd calls his camels. But he called us camels or his flock, when some of the animals have lagged behind. So imagine he's taking a whole you know herd and what happens a few of the camels or a few of the sheep, you know, they lag behind. So, what does the shepherd do? He calls them so that when camels see each other, they will follow one another. So, here in shehryar, you have the concept of some following others, okay. So, from this show, we are account is when a group of people have been collected, all right, or are being collected, and so

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they are following each other. You know, for example, when you are somewhere with a group of people, you see, two or three people walking towards a certain direction, and you know, that you are part of their group, so you also follow them. So, Shira is a distinct group of people who follow each other, who conform with one another, not, because they always agree with each other, but because they belong to the same group, they follow each other. So this is what fit our own had done to his people, that he had divided them into groups. So, first of all, they were not a unified nation, they were divided. And each group basically followed each other, they, you know, the members of each

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group conformed with one another. And they conformed with one another, in doing what fit our own, wanted them to do.

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So, he had created division among them, so they were basically enemies to one another. And as a result of that animosity, there was oppression. And then, you know, that the people of each group just followed one another. Yes, still there evil thought if a two men are pressing, yes, still very full plot, if a 10 men who are pressing a sector among them. Now, this means that one group of people that are own was oppressing. And the other group of people that are own was using to oppress the first. So you're still very fertile. If at a minimum, you're still very full is to oppress someone basically, the word is from the word Larry Larry is to be weak and his thug arpha is to

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consider someone weak. And when a person considers someone to be weak to be brief, then what do they do they belittle them or they behave arrogantly towards them, they can they know that they can, you know, Boss them around, they know that they can be harsh towards them. So that is how they behave because they believe that the other is not worth any respect. All right, so yes, still very full thought if at a minimum. Now, who was this group of people who was oppressed this was the bunny is brought in, and the bunny is ill. These were a people who Allah subhanaw taala had chosen above the worlds as we learn in total Bukhara were only for birth to come Allah, Allah, Allah mean, I have

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given you preference over the people of the worlds. So technically, the status of the bunny is slightly was actually greater than that of it our own, yet fit our own, oppress them, he should have actually been honoring them, treating them with respect, because they were after all children of the prophets of Allah. And they were the children of they were the descendants of use of Ernie his Salaam and his brothers. And who was use of art he said, I'm use of it as Sam had basically saved the nation of Egypt. We, we learn in sort of use of about how when the king of Egypt had a dream,

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Yusuf Ali Salaam, interpreted that and he offered his services that, you know, the next 15 years were basically going to be very crucial, because there was going to be famine, and they had to be very careful, they had to store the food, and then they have to, you know, use that carefully. And also, you know, sell it to, you know, the the neighboring people. This is what saved the Egyptian people. So fit our own should have actually been treating the bunny is slightly with great respect. Not just because the bunny is an eel were children of profits, but also because it was the efforts of use of artists Anam that had saved this entire nation.

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But fit her own What was he doing? Yes, still very full thought if at the main home he was actually oppressing them now, he was being very tyrannical towards them. Now how exactly did he oppress them? First of all, we see that, you know, he, he presented them as a threat to his people. Okay. We learned about how he he presented them as a threat to his people. He said that they're, you know, the population of Bani Israel is increasing. There are too many. And, you know, one day they're going to turn against us and they're going to destroy us. And we see that you know, a lot of politicians of the past and even in the present, they use similar techniques to gain power and also

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to to villainize you know, certain people, that certain people are others, you know, they're not us, and they are too many, they are a burden on the economy. And, you know, they are the root cause of our trouble. So this is what it did. And then we see that he didn't just stop there, he oppressed the bunny is brought you by literally enslaving them. He made he turned them into slaves, he took their basic freedoms away, he forced them to do in a very difficult, hard work, labor. Why, so that he could build his country. Now in the Bible, in the book of Exodus, we learn, it says in verse eight, that then a new king, to whom Joseph meant nothing came to power in Egypt. Look, he said to

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his people, the Israelis have become far too numerous for us, come, we must deal shrewdly with them, or they will become even more numerous. And if war breaks out, they will join our enemies, and they will fight against us and leave the country. So they put slave masters over them, to oppress them with forced labor. And they built pithom and rameses as store cities for their own for Pharaoh. But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread. So the Egyptians came to dread the Israelis and worked them ruthlessly. They made their lives bitter with harsh labor in brick and mortar, and with all kinds of work in the fields, in all their harsh labor, the Egyptians worked

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them ruthlessly. So you're still very full, he was, he was oppressing them, by you know, scapegoating them, and then also, he was oppressing them by by enslaving them, by forcing them to do so much, you know, hard work.

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And then it has mentioned you that be whoever now a home were stuck in his or her home, you that be who abandon a home, he was slaughtering their sons were staying in his home and he was keeping their females their daughters alive. Now the word you that be who is from Liberty and liberty of course means to kill by slaughtering, whether it is to slay, you know, by slaughter, you know, slaughtering as in by slitting the throat or through through any other way. So you that be who you the behind the behind the bihu. This this is a verb that shows that the action is being done on many, meaning there is many objects. So it shows the great number of boys of children of babies that fit our own was

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killing. So this laying was not of, you know, a few babies, this was happening at a large scale, you that be who he was, he was slaying at a large scale. Who was he slaying of a home a banana is the plural of Ibn and even mean son. So it was the male children, the newborns that were being killed. Why is that he in his or her home and Fatone had ordered that the girls the females be kept alive, they're their lives should be spared. Now imagine if on the one hand people are, you know, stigmatized, and then a people are, you know, oppressed. They're forced into a hard, difficult labor, and then their children are being killed. Their children are being killed. Now imagine how

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fit our own was really trying to instill fear in the bunny is slightly ill. He was, you know, instilling weakness in them literally trying to break their spirits. Because, you know, if a person is forced to do something, yes you feel you know that people don't respect you, but if people

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attack your family meal loss panels how to protect his meal last panel tada

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you know, help the oppressed all over the world. So Pamela, any, when people are mistreated this way that their children are being killed, they're their own babies are being killed mercilessly not just one or two, but so many, this would literally break the spirit of that nation. So for the outfit, our own was not just physically oppressing them, he was also psychologically trying to oppress them. And you that be her have been at home. Why is that he in his home. This is again mentioned in the same book of Exodus in the Bible.

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Verse number 15, it says, the king of Egypt set to the Hebrew midwives. And their names are mentioned that when you are helping the Hebrew women during childbirth, on the delivery stool, if you see that the baby is a boy, kill him, but if it is a girl, let her live. And then later on, it says, then Pharaoh gave the this order to all his people. And what was that order? He said, Every Hebrew boy that is born, you must throw into the Nile, meaning the river Nile, but let every girl live. Now, some of us you don't quote, the, you know, certain reports, which are not in the Bible, they're they're considered a sort of Ilia meaning from, from the, you know, Jewish or Christian

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sources. But they're not in the Bible, perhaps, you know, they were known at that time. And from these narrations is that narration where, you know, it is said that for their own head a dream that a man from Bunny is thought you overthrew his kingdom. So he ordered that the boys of money is thought you'll be killed. But then his people said, who who will work for us? So he said, every alternate year, they should be killed, along with art on any what exactly the reason was, whatever the reason was, it doesn't matter. Because you can never ever justify the killing of, of of babies. You know, it genocide can never be justified. And even if, you know, for example, adults, they

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commit crime, so they should be killed. Okay, fine. There could be an argument for that. But babies, this can never ever be justified. And there's there's no good reason that is ever good enough for the killing of children. So the reason why that our own killed the children of Bunny is slightly ill doesn't matter. What matters is that he was so heartless. And he was so you know, Jabbar, he was so arrogant, so oppressive, that he did not mind killing children. And he, it wasn't just him, he had ordered his people. He had ordered his forces and his forces. They were from, you know, the original people who lived in Egypt before use of artists and I'm Kim. And they're known as the hippies. So he

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had ordered his, you know, his his people that clip the on to kill the children of Bani Israel. Now, how on earth did they obey Him in this matter, any person who has a heart, any person would know that killing an innocent person is wrong, and the killing of a baby of a newborn? And not just a one, but many, many This is this was a genocide, this was criminal. So how is it that people did this? How is it that not one but so many people of that time of that society became so hard hearted, so mindless, and you need so merciless that they went on killing children? Now, this was not the first and last time that there was a genocide on earth? There have been many since then. And there

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are many even now let's stop it Allah, any, how is it that people behave like this? Why? You see there are several studies on obedience and conformity in the field of social psychology that reveals shocking results.

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There was a study on on perceived power. And this is known as the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment, in which basically what they did is that they assigned random people to be guards and random people to be prisoners. And basically, you know, that it was going to be observed as to how the guards would behave, you know, towards the prisoners and how the prisoners would respond in return. And within six days, basically, that experiment had to be shut down. Why? Because

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It was becoming extremely dangerous in the bees were random people

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said to be college students, right. And, and they were supposed to act as guards and they became extremely abusive. And the prisoners, on the other hand kept on, you know, accepting the abuse because some walked away, but others just accepted the abuse. So after six days, the study had to be canceled, because it was no longer safe. And then, you know, there's other studies in which we see how people were willing to electrocute others, simply because they were told to do so. And then we have other studies in which because of social pressure, everybody's saying, you know, everybody's giving a certain answer. And even though you know, it is wrong, you will still give the wrong

00:40:51--> 00:41:39

answer, to conform to the rest of the group. And, you know, we can see this in our own personal lives also, where we try to fit in, we we try to do what others are doing. We don't want to be different. And even though in our mind and our heart, you know, we have that feeling that this is not right. This is not fair. This is not correct. Sometimes we are too shy to speak up. And this is extremely dangerous. We should never accept the status quo, any Allah subhanaw taala has placed a moral compass within us and we should listen to that voice. Do not silence that voice inside of you. When you see oppression, when you hear it. Sometimes in your own family, sometimes in your own

00:41:39--> 00:42:19

classroom. When you witness it, then what is it that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam instructed us to do that when you see something wrong? Stop it by hand. And if you cannot do that, stop it with your words. And if you cannot do that, then at least you should believe you should think in your heart that this that this is wrong. We are told in the Quran over and over again about the importance of commending what is right and forbidding What is wrong? Anyone you see that people are not doing what is right tell them to do what is right. When you see that people are doing something wrong, then stop them from doing what is wrong. Insert earlier moron I have 110 Allah subhanaw taala

00:42:20--> 00:43:07

praises the Muslim oma the quantum hydro omitted You are the best nation okay Jacqueline nurse, you have been produced for mankind meaning for the benefit of people to Moodle in a bill maher roof. What an honer Anil Mancha. You command what is right and you forbid What is wrong? insert earlier I'm Ron i a 104. Allah, Allah says Walter Coleman. Come on Martin. There must be a dedicated group of people among you, who are you the Runa in unhide, who are calling to what is good and the way it morona Bill Maher ruffian honer Anil Mancha, they should command what is right and they should forbid what is wrong. So when we see what is wrong, we shouldn't turn a blind eye to it. When we

00:43:07--> 00:43:51

witness any kind of corruption, injustice, oppression, even if it is at a very small scale, we need to speak up because if we don't speak up if we don't do something about it there and then it's going to spread. And the last panel Tata warned us against this in the Quran. That what the pool fitness can lead to sleep under larina Villa Moomin, comparsa that fear the fitna the trial that will not just affect those who are doing wrong among you. Any it's going to affect you as well. So when we see something wrong, when we see some kind of oppression, any we shouldn't just say to each their own. We can't we cannot say you know, this is their business. I don't want to interfere. No, we have

00:43:51--> 00:44:39

to step we have to step up. And then never ever side with the oppressors. Because sometimes we say you know what, I have no choice No, you always have a choice. And the Prophet sallallahu Urdu said, I'm taught us that if we cannot even use our tongue, then at least in our heart, we should believe that this is wrong. It is not right into the truth. I have 113 Allah subhanaw taala says what a total Kanu Elan, Latina Lola Moo. Do not even incline towards those who commit oppression. Don't side with them. Don't incline towards them. Because if you do that for Thomas succo Muna, then fire will touch you. The fire of hell will touch you. Well, Malcolm and Daniela human Alia and you will

00:44:39--> 00:44:59

have no helpers besides Allah, no allies besides Allah, sama, Latin sorrow and then you will not be helped meaning then you will be abandoned by Allah subhanaw taala and how could you ever succeed if Allah spawn tada has abandoned you? So the lesson we can take from this is that the people of our own, who were oppressing

00:45:00--> 00:45:49

Bani Israel killing their children, forcing them to labor. Any bees were average men and men and women, these were people of the of a society as a society that was very, you know, successful, economically very stable, but they, they were all equal in their guilt, and they just became blind followers to fit our own, just obeying Him. And, you know, without using their own reason, without, you know, listening to the voice of their heart. So, we should never become like this, in the Who can I mean, and move Sabine Indeed, he was of the corrupters, meaning that our own was off the move sitting, he was of the people who caused corruption in the earth, how was he causing corruption in

00:45:49--> 00:46:40

many ways, if you see the behavior of Iran, that is described in this verse itself, that first of all, fit our own, Exalted himself, above all, where he, you know, amassed so much power, that no one could criticize him, no one could stand up against him. And if a person, you know, becomes like that, you know, in an organization, even within a family, where they consider themselves to be free of fault to be perfect, and that no one should, you know, give them feedback, no one should, you know, question them, how dare people, you know, question my authority or criticize what I have decided, any, when a person behaves like this, this is this is going to result in corruption.

00:46:41--> 00:47:24

Sometimes we see that certain, you know, people when they become parents, that's how they behave, that I said this, so it must be done. Right? And how dare you speak up? and How dare you question me and how dare you give me feedback. Any home, a family home is not meant to be a dictatorship. Sometimes some men behave like this, that their that their wife cannot even say anything. She she's not allowed to speak, she's not allowed to make any decision. She's not allowed to even spend money, even her own money, a Stafford Allah. And he, what kind of around here is this, where even children have no freedom, no freedom to play when they want or no freedom to, you know, sometimes little

00:47:24--> 00:48:04

children don't have the choice to, you know, wear what they want to wear, okay? It's understandable, sometimes children don't make the best decisions. But some mothers SubhanAllah. And even when the child is grown up, they want to make sure that you wear blue and not green, right, you wear black and not, you know, some other color, hey, don't be so controlling. Because when you become so controlling, and authoritative, where things must be your way, or no other way, then this is something that's going to lead to facade, it's going to lead to corruption. This was the behavior fit our own. Secondly, we seen the behavior fit our own, that he created division among people. And

00:48:04--> 00:48:51

this is also from facade. This is also something that leads to corruption, where division is created between people how, by spreading gossip and lies and unnecessary information. And he no one hired you to be, you know, their new services that you convey their their news for them, you know, he said, she said, Did you know this? Did you know that creating division between people creating problems between people, this is also facade. Then thirdly, we see in the behavior of in our own, that he oppressed, the bunny is slightly he deprived them of their basic rights, he overworked them. And this is also a facade that when people are asked to work, you know, for example, too much that a

00:48:51--> 00:49:33

person does not care about how hard they're working, or how many hours they're putting in. This is also something that's going to lead to facade. And then cutting, killing, you know, where for their own was killing the children of money is thought you had no respect for human life. This is also facade. So in the who Cana mean, I'll move Sydney and remember that Allah subhanaw taala does not like facade. We learn in the Quran, hula hula, you hibel facade. So what happened then? Allah Subhana Allah says when you redo an nimona, Allah ladina still very fulfilled out. And we wanted to confer favor upon those who are oppressed in the land. Wanna Gianna home? A mutton and we wanted to

00:49:33--> 00:49:59

make them leaders, one ajala homeowner where he seen and we wanted to make them inheritors of the land. Now, fit our own was trying to, you know, oppress the bunny is slightly but Allah subhanaw taala had a completely different plan. When would he do Allah subhanaw taala wanted something different and what was that? A nomina that we show a favor to the people who are oppressed.

00:50:00--> 00:50:31

Now the word no Muna man meme new noon is the route man is to bestow a huge favor upon someone from a position of strength or higher rank. So Allah subhanaw taala their Lord, their Creator, their rub, Allah subhanaw taala wanted to bestow a huge favor on the bunny is sobre el and what was that favor to free them from the oppression of their own?

00:50:32--> 00:51:21

Now, one thing I would like to mention over here is when we redo a nomina, Allah subhanaw taala intended to show favor to the bunny is slightly remember that when the word erotica or will is used for Allah subhanaw taala, that Allah subhanaw taala you know, you know, for example, we say, if Allah wills whenever Allah once right, then remember that almost penalties will or erode that is of two kinds. And this is important to understand. The first type of era is what is called mushiya. You see, as Muslims, we believe that everything happens by the will of Allah. And then sometimes we wonder, how can there is injustice, how could Allah allow? Or will injustice to happen? Right? And,

00:51:21--> 00:52:03

you know, we have such questions. So it's important to understand what era that is with with regards to Allah subhanaw taala. So, first of all, the first kind of era that is that which is called mushy and mushy is what is known as a rather konia meaning this is the will of Allah pertaining to the creation. Okay, so for example, Allah Subhana, Allah wills that someone should be born or that someone should die, or that someone should receive a certain sustenance or someone should fall ill or someone should, you know, be healed through a certain medicine, someone should lose something, someone should gain something and he every moment, something or the other is happening in this

00:52:03--> 00:52:47

universe. And all of that is what the rather konia Okay, this is a loss, meaning it happens by the will of Allah. Okay. And this is a further recovery, meaning it always happens if Allah subhanaw taala intends that someone should be born, there's no way of, you know, avoiding that child, if Allah subhanaw taala intends that someone should die, there is no way of saving their life, if unless parents are intense that someone should not die at a certain time, there is no way that they could be, you know, killed by people. So, this is other meaning it always happens there is no escape. And thirdly, this includes matters which Allah subhanaw taala likes and which allows puntata

00:52:47--> 00:53:37

does not like any, you know, people guy, people go through pain and affliction, but it doesn't mean that Allah subhanaw taala likes that to happen. Allah subhanaw taala has allowed that to happen, for reasons and wisdoms that, that that he is, you know, he has decided, but any, it doesn't mean that Allah subhanaw taala wants people to suffer, no, he, it also includes matters which Allah subhanaw taala likes and also matters which allows panthro does not like and then fourthly, remember that mushiya these are matters, you know, which happened by the will of Allah, and they happen to all kinds of people, regardless of their piety. We see for example, that the prophets of Allah, they

00:53:37--> 00:53:46

experienced great hardship and on the other hand, you know, we see people who committed great oppression, they lived lives of, you know, luxury and pleasure. So

00:53:47--> 00:54:31

everything happens by the will of Allah. All right, and when the last panel tada wills, that something should happen, there is no escape, and everything that Allah wills that it should happen It doesn't mean it doesn't necessarily mean that Allah subhanaw taala likes it a las puntata wants people to suffer meaning suffering is what Allah likes for his people. No. And then fourthly, it happens to all types of people regardless of you know, their piety or their or their you know, transgression. The second type of Yoda is that which is called muhabba Okay, this is what Allah subhanaw taala loves, this is what the last panel tada likes, okay. And this is what is called a

00:54:31--> 00:54:59

Radha sialorrhea. Meaning the will of Allah pertaining to what he wants his servants to do, what he has commanded His servants to do. So for example, Allah subhana wa tada wants us to pray. Right? He wants us to be grateful, right? This is something that Allah subhanaw taala likes for us. But these matters are not bloody meaning they don't always happen. For example, a last panel thought he wants his servants to believe

00:55:00--> 00:55:45

Right, he created them for his worship but not all servants believe or worship Allah. Because Allah Subhana Allah has given them a choice. And then, thirdly, this includes matters that Allah subhanaw taala loves meaning every single thing that allows parents Allah has commanded us to do up then remember that the last panel Tara loves those matters. And fourthly, these matters occur only for those who have Delphic from Allah, whom Allah subhanaw taala enables. So, keeping this in mind when you redo unknown Allah levina still very fulfilled out this is referring to the first type of irata All right, the machine, this is what Allah subhanaw taala wanted. Alright, and remember that when

00:55:45--> 00:56:34

Allah subhanaw taala wants something to happen, then it is ugly? Why did I give you this whole story because I want you to understand the significance of the word gnudi do if Allah subhanaw taala wants something to happen? It will certainly happen. There is no avoiding it. And no matter how much people dislike it, no matter how much people resist it or fight against it, try to avoid it there is no getting away. So Allah subhanaw taala wanted to show favor to the bunny is strong enough for our own did not want that at all fit our own wanted to oppress them and for their own was using all his mind and power and everything that he possibly could do to oppress the bunny is through was fit our

00:56:34--> 00:57:24

own successful Not at all. In fact, you know, he only exhausted himself. So why would he do a no mana and Aladdin is still very fulfill of Allah subhanaw taala wanted to show favor to those who are oppressed in the land. When a Java home inmitten when a Java home will worry theme a loss panel Tata wanted to show favor, wanted to make them leaders and he wanted to make them heirs of the land. And this shows us another very important thing that Allah soprano tada did not create the world and its people and then you know, abandon it. No Allah subhanaw taala created the world created the people and Allah subhanaw taala knows what people are doing. Allah subhanaw taala has full power over what

00:57:24--> 00:58:15

people are doing. And people are not able to do anything without the will and permission of Allah and Allah subhanaw taala guards and protects the inhabitants of the earth you know, this idea that God doesn't care this is this is a false concept or this concept that you know God just created everything and left it this is a false concept. Allah subhanaw taala he wants certain things for different people you know different things for different people. So you cannot live your life pretending as if there is no god. Oh, Allah soprano tada You know, he has a Lada you know for different nations for different people. And we must acknowledge that So, three things are mentioned

00:58:15--> 00:59:04

in this ayah which Allah subhanaw taala wanted for the money is taught you first of all the favor of rescuing them from the oppression of their own. And this was truly a favor incircle Baccarat I have 49 Alice Python says what isn't a Jane Eyre come in early feed our owner your sumana come sue a lot of you that be hona up in a calm way as the union Isa are calm with the Vatican Bella oma Rob become our lane that recall recall that favor when we saved you from the people of at our own, who were afflicting a great you know at a very severe evil punishment on you where there were slaughtering your sons and keeping your women alive and in that was a great trial for you from your Lord. So when

00:59:04--> 00:59:50

Allah subhanaw taala saved you saved the bunny is not you this was a huge favor on them. The second thing that has mentioned this ayah which Allah subhanaw taala wanted for the money is thought you was that he wanted to make them an ima ima is the plural of email alerts panel Tata wanted to make them leaders, leaders, in what sense leaders for Dean in the matter of, of religion, and meaning that they should be able to, you know, live freely where they live by the laws that Allah subhanaw taala has given and they also guide people on that path. And that would not be possible, you know, with with the oppression that they were in, they were living under the oppression of our own and it

00:59:50--> 00:59:59

was not possible for them to freely practice the law themselves or even or guide other people.

01:00:00--> 01:00:46

So, Allah subhanaw taala wanted to make them leaders and then thirdly what is mentioned here is that the last panel thought I wanted to make them were the theme. Why the theme plural of the word why it is why this is an heir, meaning Allah subhanaw taala wanted them to have an ownership of land freedom in the land in total ambia i a 105. It is mentioned when Khattab Neff is abou remember the victory an autobiography. So hurry by the asylee held, that this is something that was written in this book, in the book, the book that was given to the old early seller, that the earth the land will be inherited by by my righteous servants, my righteous slaves, and the land this can refer to

01:00:46--> 01:01:34

the land of Paradise and it can also refer to the lead meaning of this earth. So Allah subhanaw taala wanted the bunny is for you to inherit the land, meaning to have power and authority in the land. So this shows us that Allah subhanaw taala is with be oppressed. And this means that sooner or later, the oppressors will be brought down. Any fit our own was constantly trying to oppress the bunny is not you, but Allah subhanaw taala wanted something else for the bunny is not you. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said beware of the supplication of the oppressed, because there is no barrier between it and Allah subhana wa Tada. Meaning when an oppressed person calls upon

01:01:34--> 01:02:23

Allah, then Allah subhanaw taala responds to him. Allah Panthera answers him in another Hadees we learn, beware of the supplication of the oppressed, because it ascends to Allah as if it were a flare. If you think about it, a flare, any a fire, a flame of it, and how quickly it rises up. This is how the dura of the oppressed rises up. So Allah subhanaw taala knows the abuse that is being committed on Earth. Allah subhanaw taala is fully aware of the oppression that people are committing on the earth, whether it is public news, or it is not, no matter how it is, it is portrayed almost punk artists fully aware of it. And Allah subhanaw taala is with the oppressed sooner or later Allah

01:02:23--> 01:03:13

subhanaw taala will bring them out of oppression. But there is a time that Allah soprano Tada, you know, has set for everything. And in that time is a trial for us. That when we are witnessing, you know, some form of oppression, then what do we do? Do we just stay busy in our lives and pretend like no oppression is happening in the world? How many times do we pray for the people who are being oppressed? How often do we try to raise awareness? What is it that we do? What kind of choices do we make? Are our choices, helping perpetuate that oppression? Or are our choices you know, creating more awareness about that, about that and about that oppression, so that that oppression and

01:03:13--> 01:03:30

injustice can be stopped? Any in this is a test a trial for us? Allah subhanaw taala is with those who are oppressed, he will bring them out of oppression and there is a time that he has fixed for everything. But for us who are watching there is a test.

01:03:32--> 01:04:22

And this also shows us that oppression and injustice can exist only temporarily because the last panel tada does not allow for sad and loyal to prevail. In total Baccarat I have 251 almost pantherella mentions biloela duffill nahi, NASA Baba whom be Berlin, left fossa that will have if Allah subhanaw taala would not cause some people to be repelled by others, the Earth would would be corrupted, the Earth would be ruined, meaning the power of some people is broken by by other people. Meaning when people commit oppression, they're not allowed to commit oppression and abuse forever. Allah subhanaw taala you know, gives rest bite and time to the oppressor. And then Allah subhanaw

01:04:22--> 01:04:23

taala seizes him.

01:04:24--> 01:05:00

One woman keen Allah home filled out and we wanted to establish them in the land who Allah subhanaw taala wanted to establish the bunny is Surah Al in the land. Now new makina home McKenna is to strengthen someone establish them and McKenna Lee McKenna, as it says over here, no makina Allah home. This is to give authority to someone in the lead to give them power to empower them to enable them so that they're able to do what they want. So Allah subhanaw taala wanted to make them leaders last panel Tara wanted to make

01:05:00--> 01:05:45

them owners of the land and a loss pantano wanted them to have freedom to have power in order to do what they wanted to do when a makina home filled or when Ria fit our own our hermana would you know the Homer, and at the same time, a last parameter I wanted to show we're Nordea and we show fit our own will hi man and Harmon. What do you know the Hummer and their forces men home from them? From who from the people that they were oppressing the bunny is slightly more can we had our own that which they had feared? Now? Yeah, their own head is to be very cautious of something when you're cautious of something you're trying to avoid it or you're trying to avoid a you know, a certain

01:05:45--> 01:06:34

danger, what you perceive as a threat. Now fit our own perceive the bunny is slightly ill as a threat and you wanted to preserve his kingdom. And he was trying to build his nation by oppressing the money is so ill, and he was afraid that they might, you know, take over. So out of that fear, he was further oppressing when he is ill and he was killing their children. Right. But Allah subhanaw taala was going to show for their own and her man exactly what they feared. Meaning the the the the freedom of Bani Israel for their own was going to see that now within our own someone else has mentioned over here because we are always not acting alone right. He had his supporters and who were

01:06:34--> 01:06:57

they first of all, Harmon now Hi man who is this person? Hi my name is mentioned several times in the salon. Now there is a hammer that is mentioned in the Bible and remember that is different from this hammer. This Hamon we learn not a we learn about in the Quran. And this hair man. We can also see

01:06:58--> 01:07:13

we can also learn more about from Egyptology Alo our alum. It seems as though there were there were you know, priests, okay, and of course priests of different positions. So

01:07:15--> 01:08:09

high priest of Armen a MUN Okay. It is said that perhaps this was Hama because Harmon and Arman sounds very similar. And this high priest of aman was through from Egyptology, we learned that he was given commands by the pharaoh which he carried out, and he was put in charge of construction projects. And we learned in the Quran about how fit our own told her man to build a structure for him so that he could climb up, he could go up and speak to the God of Musa and he said this out of mockery, but he said to her man that you build a solid structure for me. So from Egyptology, we learned that this high priest of Armin was put in charge of construction projects. And he also held

01:08:09--> 01:09:01

a very high position. And we see that in the Quran, Harmon is mentioned with Fidel, even in Hades we see that Hammond has mentioned within our which again shows that hammer did have a very high position in that society, Alo Rnm whoever this man was, from the verses in the Quran, it's very obvious that he was he was very close to Iran. And he he did whatever fit our own told him to do and he was he also held a very senior position. So Allah pantherella says over here when udia fit our own our home I know what do you know the Homer after high man? What do you know the Houma geonode their forces their forces basically you know this used for army for soldiers and this was you know

01:09:01--> 01:09:25

the people the people Yun the people off of Egypt the locals and again a person you know cannot work on their own you you need helpers you need supporters especially when it comes to the people of power. They cannot work independently they need their you know, you know people who will obey them people who will carry out their orders

01:09:27--> 01:09:54

so it was their forces also that were equally guilty and whatever they feared from the bunny is slot you almost panel data showed them that exactly that how the bunny is slot you not only left Egypt, the bunny is slot you survived and it was the people of our own who were ruined. So just in the introduction to the story of Musa alayhis salaam. There are so many lessons that we can learn.

01:09:55--> 01:10:00

First of all, we see how we should never ever lose. Hope in

01:10:00--> 01:10:52

Allah subhanaw taala no matter how dark a situation seems, how difficult it seems and how, you know, a person might even feel despair that how are we ever supposed to recover from this? How are we ever supposed to come out of this? How is our you know, situation ever meant to improve? Remember that you are not alone. Remember that Allah subhanaw taala helps his servants, those who put their trust in Him, those who obey Him those who seek His help Allah subhanaw taala helps them and look at how Allah subhanaw taala rescued the entire nation of Bani Israel. And if Allah subhanaw taala could rescue them, almost pantherella can also rescue us from our individual trials and difficulties. So

01:10:52--> 01:11:39

never ever lose hope. Another thing we see over here is that the days of the law limb of the oppressor are numbered, they are few, they are limited, people cannot go on, you know, committing oppression forever and for always, Allah subhanaw taala will stop them and Allah, Allah does stop them. So in this is a warning for us that if we are committing any kind of oppression, whether it is on you know people that work with us, or our own families, then remember that Allah subhanaw taala gives rest bite to the oppressor. But when he takes over him meeting when Allah subhanaw taala stops the lolling any he does not release him. When Allah seizes the oppressor, then then the oppressor is

01:11:39--> 01:12:32

not free ever. And the Prophet sallallahu artesan and warned us that a beware of oppression because it will be darkness on the Day of Judgment. In this world also there are consequences and there are far more severe consequences in the hereafter. We learned that one of the scholars said that Allah subhanaw taala will support adjust state, any people a nation, Allah subhanaw taala will let it live, even if they don't believe but Allah will not support the oppressive state, even if it is led by people who believe any when there's oppression in the earth and Allah subhanaw taala will limit it. There's you know, it's there's a time when that oppression will come to an end. And we should be

01:12:32--> 01:12:53

afraid of this and this should also you know, give us hope that we should not despair in the mercy of Allah in the relief that comes from Allah subhanaw taala inshallah, we will conclude over here subchronic Allahumma will be handed a shadow Allah ilaha illa Anta stuffie Luca, what a tubal in a call center modicon Rahmatullahi wa barakato