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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding Islam and how it is not a forge Union, but rather a "has been forge" is a human deficiency. The speaker suggests that people should not be confused by their ethnicity and that they should not the "has been forge" meaning they have been born in the same the same way as their father.
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In terms of because in the urban areas, you have the Nation of Islam and they've done some good work, you know, I mean, help them get people off the street, you know, give them the bean pies and all that. But now what would you tell someone fair conference and he might be watching the deen show, right? If you had to sit down with him, you follow me? What? What would you say to the nation? You know, is this the Islam you're talking to? The thing is this.

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And I'm gonna give the people just understanding of what it is first and foremost, to be African American in this country.

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Hundreds of years of disenfranchisement.

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You know, seeing it continuously to the day, being demeaned, ostracized, be little, so on and so forth. We always needed a sense of belonging, you know, saying, a sense of unity, dignity, honor all the things that have been stripped.

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So what you find from my culture, that we will quickly incline ourselves to anything that we can forge that can give us that whether it be the Nation of Islam, Black Panthers, Crips, Bloods, GDS, whatever the case may be, we find ourselves by default, inclined to these forge Brotherhood's or unions, that give us a sense of belonging, a sense of dignity, a sense of honor, a sense of purpose.

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But there's nothing on this planet that does that for creation.

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Better than Islam.

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Unity cannot be established to nationalism has been tried.

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history tell us it doesn't work. For all tried it. He tried to distinguish a people in races own people. And Allah put that plot on that plan to seize Hitler, he tried it.

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This is nationalism doesn't work. Subhanallah it doesn't work. Because you can't alienate a mass majority of people and try to raise one particular group and say that disappeared.

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When Allah only mentions in the court and believers and non believers you don't put race on anything, is either you die believe or you die disbeliever there's no ethnicity. And no one owns this, um, the Adams happened to be the smallest population of Muslims.

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But they're the promotional vehicle for Islam. So people tend to believe, especially us as African Americans that that's an out of religion. Yeah, because the book was revealed in the Arabic language that the messenger was sent was added, but there's not a single message that was sent, there was an English speaking messenger. And they did not come in saying to us, particularly my culture, as a messenger, you know.

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So, the thing is this.

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I tell people all the time not to confuse Islam, Islam, the religion of Allah, the religion is for Allah

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knows and for the embedment of his creation in totality, not just one group. Yeah. Don't confuse that with the nation. So don't confuse that with more science. Don't confuse that with the Five Percenters don't get fooled that way nonetheless.

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Because instinctively, like I said, we want to gravitate to people who look like us, you know, saying, and this even resides, even amongst Islam, we're not free from it. Just because we appointed religion to Chief it doesn't necessarily mean that nationalism doesn't exist is a human deficiency. Islam is free from that. This is a human deficiency. Islam unites all walks of life. When you see the hide season when there's 5 million 6 million people making to walk around the Kaaba, you can find your people there somewhere I don't care where you're from. Indonesia Malaysia, Indonesia, largest population of Muslims in the world you never hear about this largest population of Muslims

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in the world the majority of Africa a lot of those countries are predominantly Muslim countries. So when you want to change your heritage, look back to the land that you know your people your ancestors came from you'll find that most likely today is a predominantly Muslim country inshallah we can we can encourage people like Farah Khan if they watch you know, because they've made some great steps forward you know what I mean? Taking you know certain things and incorporating them but now going to full extent like getting rid of certain things that totally you got this fraud Muhammad you know, to mean to make God Yeah, I mean that that that thing that this other what's his name?

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Elijah Muhammad was a messenger Yeah, the fight you know, these things insha Allah Most people who have come to true Islam, they seem to this but inshallah we can get some some more. Inshallah, you know, Allah guys, and I like what you said if you look into the Quran

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sooner and then the understanding of those best generation were living with Prophet Muhammad how they interpreted how they understood it, you can't go wrong. You can't lose. Yeah, you can't lose. That is the correct methodology of Islam, the Quran and Sunnah in the age murder set of the consensus of the sellers and what they agreed upon. No saint and the most virtuous generations that follow the prophesy setup. He said hi to NAS colony formula, Dina Yamuna, whom melody ninguno the best generation is my generation, and those that follow them and those that follow them. So it becomes clear we understand our religion, we don't have no problems with that I can look at you

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know, saying what is your ethnicity

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was your nationality

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and from Bosnia was two individuals sitting here as brothers in Islam, you from Bosnia, I've never been to Bosnia, I'm from Harlem, you know, saying, and I'm pretty sure we walk out the door we'll see someone else from somewhere else is Muslim, and so on and so forth. It's like you can't make this up. This is not a forge Union. This is not a for unity. This is not a for brotherhood. Allah says in the men movie network, only the believers are brothers. Only two believers are brothers, not only to Africans, not only to Hebrews, not only the only the believers are brothers. So as long as you believe in your Lord in the last day, you believe in His divine decree. You believe in

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everything that he created. You believe they created everything with purpose. You believe that he sent messages and concession to nation after nation at the nation. And finally after his mercy out his mercy sent the message to all mankind. If you believe that then you fall into this brotherhood that Allah establish, and the moment we known ekwa Only the believers have brothers

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