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Adnan Rajeh
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ending for example, Jebel of Rama in Arafa reimagining Amalia Sato, so I'm standing on Capitol sofa in Mecca or imagining him, Alejo Salatu Salam on the on the hills of Mina.

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When you imagine a lot of your thoughts are standing there and speaking to the number of people he was speaking to her, you have to remember that he was stood on those same mountains 20 years before and spoke to three or four people in the in the end, they didn't listen to him. And he ended up having to leave his hometown Mecca, the same place, he's giving these footballs and to leave against his will yet he was displaced. He had to had to flee, he literally had to remember, you know, the hinge of a story, he had to find a way to get to Medina and without being killed, and a lot of the Sahaba had to do the same. So it's been a long time, it's been a long time coming, and a lot of

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struggles leading up to this moment, where now he's not only speaking safely and freely, he is speaking to all his to all those who identify as his followers, he has slept with them. And he knew he knew as he will, I will share with you the beginning of the introduction of the football. So the people who have the first who have the first paragraph will have also in the first paragraph, the introduction, you can you don't have to go through the introduction. I'll explain it to you. But you'll see from the introduction that he knew something out of useless um, so. So after you gather all of the iterations of his photo from the different sources,

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they all agree that the profile that you thought was slam, Hamid, Allah was now that Allah the Prophet of Islam stood there and he praised Allah. And he magnified Allah countdown and showed gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala. And then he said, Are you a nurse? Is my goalie, what do you do? For in Isla de la Lila combat, the army had behavioral multifeed

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which was introduction, he said, oh, people listen to me understand what I'm going to say clearly, because I don't know, I most likely will never meet you again, in a similar setting for the rest of my life ever again, this is the last time I'll ever speak to you. So we already he started the football by telling them well, we will probably never meet like this again. He started this evening before he explained anything. He said this is probably the last time I ever speak to you like this. And he had been doing that for a while. He had been doing that for a while you said a few weeks before you will Shikou Rogen and yadda yadda, hoorah. Boo, banal Bucha if you don't yet, we're going

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to look at how they behave for your hotel or rafiqul. Allah, there is a server that very soon is going to be given the choice between joining his Lord and staying with people. He's going to choose to join his Lord.

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The same thing

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when he was sending more either bingeable over to Yemen. He told him

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that I like in OTA and tomorrow the message God heard of poverty, most likely when you come back, you're going to come back to my Masjid in my grave. And why would sob the Prophet Allah your southern tip, get Don't, don't don't cry, don't cry in the old nicb Hakuna Mancha and y2k those who are the most attached to me are the Moto team, whoever they may be wherever they may be. It's not just my family. It's just those who are pious, they're the ones who are attached to me, those are part of me, so don't cry. You don't see me now. You'll see me in Shaolin the right time later on but he was he was saying this a lot he was saying I'm because he knew Whenever Whenever Whenever things

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come to the end, but wherever you peak, there's nowhere to go from the peak but but down right? And before this couple was given again, I'm just I'm just premising the foot before you so that you can go through he was that is it that was a low amount right I committed to welcome Dina what's mandatory commitment it was probably to like whom will Islam Medina today I have fulfilled or completed upon you my blessing and fulfilled my message and I've accepted and acknowledged Islam as the way of life for you. Oh Bucha would immediately began to cry and Ahmed would ask him what are you doing in money narration he told him you old man like he used to he used the term like you old

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man. What are you lost your man are you crying for hi and Isa Mandel come early in the noxa. Nothing after completion happens but but let's decrease. The only decree can go if this is the full amount you can only go you only start decreasing, meaning he he bought a house and now you are sued in law. This is the obituary of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. This is his is we're coming towards the end because it's done his job is done a commercial alum Deena your your dean, your dino is full is is fulfilled is complete. You don't need anything else. All the teachings, all the rulings, all of the fundamental principles have been shared with you. So his job is over on a hill salatu salam,

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which you'll see again, a theme throughout the whole clip of the Hajj. So that's how he started out with the hook man. He told people listen very carefully. I don't know if I'll ever meet you again and I probably won't. And then he shared eight ideas, eight paragraphs, eight ideas

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I think the importance of these ideas are understated, because the property is something extremely articulate. He's very intelligent. He's one of the best public speakers to ever live.

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And knowing that you'll never address, the number of people that he's addressing ever again, is the last time he had to choose his topics very wisely, you have to choose what he didn't talk about, very carefully, if you talk about specific things, for specific reasons. So he, his choices are to use AutoSum, to me are really important because why I'm giving you a paragraph, so look at, take a look at the paragraph and see if you can come up with the topic, the theme, the idea, the underlying idea, because he knows that what he's gonna say that day is not going to just stay with the people he's speaking to know this is going to live on till today, meaning someone like me will stand in

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this Masjid somewhere 1000s of kilometers away and talk about what he said that day, he knew that he slept with them. So he chose his topics, he chose this, he chose his themes. The hope was oh, by the way, if you want to read the whole thing for you, it's like seven and a half minutes. I'll do that at the end and show if you have time. So not that long. But because there's so many people every time Yeah, two gentlemen is on horseback. Every time he said a few words, they would gallop into the midst into the groups to repeat what he said. And then sometimes would be a response would be required. So they would wait for the response. And then they would come back. So he would say what

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he said out of your slot or something and stand there 1015 minutes, just to be in the computer waiting for for everyone to have heard what he said. So you can imagine that this is even much more, this is much more complicated. Now. He can't do what I'm doing where a lot of what I'm saying can be edited out and the speech was still being meaningful, right? There's no no, no, he said that they have a lot to say there's no filling words, no, no, he is choosing his words carefully. He is saying what he is saying he knows exactly what you're saying and why he's saying it. And he's making statements. And these statements, when you read them the first time may seem simple, I asked you to

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take time and read into them a bit. Some of the paragraphs if you're lucky, you'll get a paragraph that's really clear, long and clear. And, and some of them are short, requires a little bit of insight, try to understand what he's trying to say here, see if you can go beyond maybe just the actual words and understand maybe what he's trying to emphasize as a thought I will obviously help them show at the end when I talk about it. But that's, that's what this workshop is going to be about today. I mean, send me lecturing you for for an hour and 15 minutes, we're going to actually break out into groups, it's just your idea here with the you have the papers, you have the guts. So

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what I'm going to ask, I'm gonna need some help from the sister side, maybe a couple of older sisters, if you don't mind helping me to start making into small, small discussion groups. And for the brothers the same thing I want to make maybe based on what I'm seeing maybe five, I think five discussion groups should be should be should be, it should work out. So if you don't mind, just start circular, making small circles, which just with the people beside you, you don't have to get up and move. Just start making small discussion groups and then we'll come around and you'll pick out a

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paper, it'll have a number on it. And that will be your, your paragraph and then that

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will that will be the Do we have the thing with the numbers? But the numbers Yeah.

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Okay. Okay. Very good.

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All right.

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So this is paragraph number one, two.

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You can hold these

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three more

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so just find find a spot to sit with. With. Yeah, with perfect, so we just want to have those. Yeah, pretty good. Okay. All right. I'll take a little bit of time. So, make it okay, make a choice. Pick up, pick up, pick a number. What's the number

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seven, you have a seven with you.

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So whereas paragraph seven. Where's the Seven? Seven? No, no, he didn't give me seven or eight. Give me take

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the other brother you have seven. Okay, give give two or three papers. All right. Someone here make a choice. Just pick up anything. Anything? Yes. What was the number?

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Four, four. So I have it. I have four.

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So I'll just give you a couple of papers. It's the same paragraph. It's just an Arabic in English. Just so you can share it to use it to read.

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what's the number five? You have five? Okay, yeah, five.

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Give them a couple of papers so they can actually share it amongst them.

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Well, I'm gonna give it your

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six, six, I think is with you. Yeah. Six is with you. is all one group. Okay, good. Very good. Did they

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he'll give you in a moment. Let's come over here. I was if I make a choice don't take the whole hat. Just take a number

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two very good. I have to I believe I have to. I don't have to you have to as well. As Yeah, it's like we took everything we did. Let me nothing is to give me a few that the brothers over there get. This is my dog. Good. All right

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All righty. So yeah, so we're gonna He's gonna share the papers for you guys a group. Okay, good.

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Yeah, make a choice.

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Any number?

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You already have six try something else. Nine

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is a six. But

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also, you know what? I don't think I don't think anyone has gotten.

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I don't think anyone has gotten the first one here. Number one, give number one here

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because I think all the other groups got five or six, seven. I'll get I'll give you guys number. Give me Number One. One. Yeah. Yeah. Number one.

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All right. Can I just ask a quick question of every everyone here? Which groups have number one?

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Over here, okay. And over there. And number two, who was number two? Over here. There's guys that I need to have number two in the guys. Over here. And number three,

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three, and anyone here? Anyone here have moved number three. Number four.

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Target for anyone have a paragraph for you. Five. You guys are five and one five over here. Five and 666 over there and Seven.

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Seven. Anyone is very good. And eight. got perfect. Tell us just make sure that we've covered all the all the time. Okay. Yeah. What does he think guys? I don't think we have.

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So the goal is that you take some time you read it, you discuss it come up with two things for me come up with a theme like what the idea was what was the underlying message he was trying to send aside from and then maybe

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one or two, one or two comments or reflections on the actual material itself and make sure someone is a speaker for the group because I'm going to go around your microphone and ask for maybe three or four minutes of

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participation and then I'll make some comments myself inshallah you have. You have around 25 minutes or so to do this. Okay.

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Remember, we didn't have

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So again, the goal here is for there to be discussion on it.

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You're discussing the

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hopefully the theme and the points of the of the paragraph and then prepare someone to share a few words maybe two to three minutes on it once once you're done inshallah

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So I'm going to give another maybe five minutes five minutes make sure you have someone who's ready to talk about something and share it

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for five more minutes.

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So two more minutes you have two more minutes to have someone ready to say something inshallah.

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Yeah, yeah, so make sure that the two points that you come up with are the points that were shared by the people in your group. So make sure you, I would say, at this point, the person is going to speak should it should know what the two points that they're going to share from, from their, from their two or three points are going to share from their group so that we can start in Shaolin another minutes.

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All right, we're gonna begin inshallah Tyla. This is very,

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very well can fix my the is decided here, someone to fix the volume of this one's too low. So I'm going to ask everyone to quiet down.

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So that we can actually

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be able to do this.

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There's acapella here.

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I appreciate the participation, this was really nice. We're gonna start just because I want to make sure we can actually get through everybody. I don't want any groups to be left out, because most of the prayer, and I'll give me some time also to do the DUA at the end, you can do the draft together, and framework. So we'll start with the first paragraph.

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First paragraph and the sisters, who are they? Right, the first paragraph, okay, so the so sister nobody can give them. So again, the I'll let each group share a few words on the paragraph that they read. And then I will, then I'll make some comments myself, like, I'll make some comments on the paragraph itself. To give you context, I will read it out for you.

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I think I need the you know, I don't need it. I don't need it. I'm fine. So I'll read out the first paragraph to you and then the sisters can can can share their story, the property is lost and began his football after the introduction that I shared with you. And he stood and he said, I said the owner a young woman had you know what data says? And they all kind of fussed a little bit because they weren't sure why he was asking. And then he said his answer wasn't the name of the day. He just said to him when Haram is a sacred day and then he asked him Do you know what month it is? So the first a little bit because they weren't sure what he was trying to do? And then he said sure, hold

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on, hold on. Then they start to get start to get get the hint of what he was doing that he asked us to do now Yeah, Bella didn't know what country this is or what land this is. And he said her that Bella haram and the word haram he doesn't mean forbidden, it means sacred. The word haram in Arabic is important to understand the difference if it's referring to an action that's that's forbidden if it's referring to something that's not an action is sanctity its holiness, so that he stood out to you slaughtered and he said Allah in

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in the following matter, the mount you can one rally come Alikum haram karma to me come here the officially come Harada theological MHADA indeed, the sanctity of your lives and your wealth amongst you is similar to the sanctity of this holy day in this holy month on this holy land. So all of this holiness together so he's saying I'll use AutoSum and they will continue to explain to the Muslim era the Muslim haram demo and Allah Who will do everything about the Muslim towards the other Muslim is sacred his wealth his life and his integrity. Allah agent Regina and Isla de mu don't Allah Lee no parents should oppress or take the right to have their children a child and no child should do

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that to their to their parent.

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I know help I love the tip I can be the message Allahumma fish or lobby my witness and that was the first paragraph of his whole body of thought was set up so I'm gonna offer the sisters a few minutes two minutes to give us a few comments and then we'll do it to the brothers I think the brothers Is there a group here was the first one as well okay to go next and also when I told him

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the layout of the overland

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said that the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah shoroma Chilean yo Martha washer massager, washer metal ballad Makayla mocha Rama Leah urinates ultimate roommates l Muslim Allah muslim allemaal were allowed well what could a little Muslim Muslim haram right Hello limiter in

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Malossi Allah

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Hey, what's up next segment was had from Allah Holly or Salaam and module D in Atlanta Oberliga the result and Allah azza wa jal Allahu Allah Allahu nefesh had

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sent me Valley will English

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Prophet Muhammad SAW so much opens this, his Farewell Sermon by reflecting and highlighting how important and holy the day of autosize as well as the month of Zul Hijjah, and the holy land on which he, he says his sermon, which is my cat,

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and then to explain, like the sacredness, he makes the comparison of comparing it to our lives in our wealth, because it's something that we find very valuable. And just to prove like how valuable and important this month is, this day is in this month in this holy land, and then again, just also discussing like the behavioral aspect as well. So how we should be respectful and kind to everyone and then also not take away wealth when it's not given to us directly. Thank you very much. Baraka love you. We can move on to the brothers group. Is that over there with the first one? Yes.

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Do we have a designated speaker in that group? Go ahead. I don't have anything in English.

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First, sure.

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Okay, Raccoon Konami, Makara fidelity our word Rasul Allah Salam if data has saltwater hope is slowly healing us at Audrina. Aom inhabitat Runa Ayesha Grenada at Madrona aiya Bella in hada who can cause the Rasulillah Salam Acade Allah hermit Leone when was the man What am I can? Well Bella delivey homefree Tobon Pharaoh Salah Salem Akkad Allah had the Himani

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hermit as the man Hermeticum McCann from motilium

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sama source virus

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WHAT THE * Nana Sharma DAML. Muslim we're Hurmati Atul de wahama teamily He, Allah and you know basically what Allah Well, what I do mostly Muslim in and your toddler Muslim.

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The female he

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had the kind of techie that this was a lawyer syndrome and I had the hill Manny was hotwater who is had no

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help a loved Allahumma fashiona Does

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anyone else want to share anything in English? They're

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good. The Prophet started off by saying what he called how important their sentences okay, it's very important that you hear out my words, okay. So he started one call, compare this day to our overall lives by saying what the how our call

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our blood and secret

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integrity sake are and what to call our wealth, wealth is sacred. And he ended it off where you will to our like our sensitivity of our lives as wealth amongst each other similar to the intensity of this holy day. Ottawa, and believers are what to call on brothers and sisters. That's nothing else besides that.

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And except, and we're not supposed to be taking anything off of them unless they give it to us, privately or anything else.

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So I think we can agree that the first, the first paragraph, the theme of it is the sanctity of the human life, the sanctity of the human Well, the sanctity of the human integrity, the sanctity of people. You see the body and soul, Sam was explained, explained to us, you said, you see all this holiness, so holy day, so holy month, so holy land, he himself out of your soul to sit me standing on the mountain, it's coming. These words are coming out from the Most Holy mouth that ever existed himself on easels and he's saying, Is he all this holiness, see all the sanctity? The sanctity of each and every one of you, is as valuable if not more. So the sanctity of my brother over here. The

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sanctity of his life, of his wealth, of his integrity, his well being is more sacred than the day of alpha in the month of the ledger on the land of Makkah. During hides with the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam. They just said, this is this is what he's trying to say. This guy here came to me, me, to him, the holiness of the importance of us, observing each other's integrity, observing each other, the sanctity of our lives, and our wealth is more important. Then imagine, in my mind, the only time

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Of all the times of his life on ace all the time I would love to go back to and witnesses this time. I just I can't I want to see his face out of your thoughts. I just I just want to look at him while he as he speaks and says he says these words. But then he says this I remember when I thought about this because I would love to attend that last sermon the last time he spoke. But then he said this, he said, you see how important this may seem to you me standing here, the day of alpha, the month that did head just in Makkah is during edge, you are more sacred to each other than this. So when you go ahead and you take something from someone else, or mistreat them, or you harm them, or you're

00:40:33 --> 00:40:39

Prestonwood transgressed against them, you're that's why I said at the end of it and I love that I convey the message

00:40:40 --> 00:40:46

and then the Gallop into the crowds and the crowds answer Allahu Manam and then they come makes it Allahumma Fisher well, I'll be my witness. I told them.

00:40:47 --> 00:41:18

Oh, Allah be my witness. I told them, I told them, they can't come say Yo, milk em, I didn't tell them. They can't kill each other and, and steal each other and rip each other off and mistreat each other. They come to you, I'm gonna pm and say, well, we didn't know, I told them, I told them that they're more sacred to each other than all of this sanctity that's happening right now, which is probably the most sacred hour of his life out of his slot to summon those who attended it, of course, knew that. And that's that's the point of that first piece, that first paragraph. It's very powerful. It's very meaningful. Because when we look at each other, we look at Muslim brothers and

00:41:18 --> 00:41:49

sisters, or as human beings remember that the sanctity of their lives and their wealth and their integrity is the most sacred thing that exists in the world. There's nothing more sacred to you. There's nothing that you should make sure you do not transgress against or oppress or mistreat or make a mistake and than anything else. So when we think oh my god, it's a Holy Land, you make a mistake there, you get a lot of sin, right, people will go to Hajj, say, oh, make sure you don't sin during Hajj, because how just sacred, right sacred, you get a lot of sin. harming another person is way worse.

00:41:50 --> 00:42:25

any random person harming any random person is way worse. If you transgress against their life, wealth or integrity, way worse than going there and making us in there. And that's what he tried to explain to us little Lohani slapped us syndrome. So that was the first paragraph. So we'll do the second paragraph who has a second paragraph from the lady side. Okay, perfect. Do we have the microphone over there? Good. So actually, what I'll do is I'll read I'll just read it out in Arabic for you. And then the sisters you can make some comment. So the product is on the second paragraph he said Anna, in Aquila Amarin Memorial Jaya Helia, Timo and data akademija attained in cola German

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Mindy Magnesia Helia Timo Werner Dahmen Alba dama Robbie. I didn't hurry up Abdullah McCollum, caramel Stella and Bunny lazing for Katella. To Goodale whoa whoa whatever. Johanna your T Mobile and Kulu whoa Well, Arabian Allah rebel Abbas Ibn Abdul Muttalib Moldova and Kulu LePen Rousseau unworldly Kamala terribly Munna toma moon, so over the sister to give her points and I'll explain Inshallah, right Santa Monica. la camisa muffle Photron Ooh, la to heavy metal Muslim Ito what are the him what I'm wearing him for the accident the views of alojado Salam Fahad in Patra and Nestle nope that's a hurry with the madness even when him well i laminata Okinawa laugh Fidessa and

00:43:09 --> 00:43:12

dementia Helia bidet but NBFC mean to me

00:43:13 --> 00:43:32

has not been motivic Well, I thought I don't Anmeldung Reba, but as admin early ribbon at best Nagano time for Kulu for Reba, where demand Muslimeen Maha Rama wasa Americana villager Helia be that a autonomy Neff SATA it's about who back and Muslim is like a lucky

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Subhan Allah Nabi SallAllahu Sallam represented in this

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last quote by as not just the leader of the Muslim ummah, as leader of humanity, and to elevate the humanity by why what he said was that if if you forgive forgiveness, because Arafah is the day of forgiveness, most of love is love to forgive, and how the forgiveness starts is that if human beings forgive each other, so, this is the theme for this fear that that

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forgiveness or life if somebody is murdered, and then and the second thing is the financial because Riba is, which is very common, especially nowadays is a common thing. It's a big lesson, which now is a lesson on practicality of Islam is not is not talking about theology. He's talking about what practical things you can do to make this world a better world. Because like a lot, thank you, Michael Levine and his brothers. We have a paragraph to go ahead. Yes, please.

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That I'm on a committee.

00:44:53 --> 00:44:59

So, our understanding of this paragraph is that the Prophet SAW Selim is

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00:45:02 --> 00:45:17

the main idea of this paragraph of this football was to abolish the negativity of the period of Jay Hillier, the period of ignorance. And the way that he sort of defined Jahai Lea in this paragraph is injustice,

00:45:18 --> 00:45:37

injustice of a couple of different types, there's quite a few different types of in justices that were occurring during that period. But the two main ones that he addressed here were the injustice of taking blood, and the injustice of taking somebody's wealth unjustly.

00:45:38 --> 00:45:45

And the reason why he mentioned these two was, they're the most heavy, they're also the most divisive.

00:45:47 --> 00:45:56

These were reasons why tribes would go to war with each other for generations upon generations upon generations to the point where they didn't even remember why it started in the first place.

00:45:58 --> 00:46:13

And it would divide tribes divide the OMA. And similarly, river is something that divides the Ummah on the basis of class rich against poor. And so he felt that these two needed to be abolished.

00:46:15 --> 00:46:20

But he also recognized that these were the two most difficult things to leave.

00:46:22 --> 00:47:04

When you have a family member that's been killed unjustly, you will have that urge to take revenge. And that was definitely amplified quite a bit in that sort of more tribal society back in the day. Similarly, if you know that, just by having wealth, you can make a lot more wealth through River, that's a very difficult thing to give up. And so the way that he did this was by leading by example and saying you need to forgive. And the first thing he did was forgive from his own family, forgive the murder from his own family and forgive all of the rebuff from his own family. So I think we thought that the these two main concepts of injustice was very good. So when he said that, as I

00:47:04 --> 00:47:41

said, Indeed, all matters of the pre Islamic ignorant area, which is how he defines Jaya Helia he said, are under my feet. What he said, I put them today under my feet is actually wording he used on a saucer and he gave examples isn't an all of the all of the blood that existed during Johannine all of the Blood Vengeance when people would, again, there's no political system, there's no there's no law. So if you kill someone that someone killed from your tribe, and you come from doctor and kept on going so and this Blood Vengeance is all now abolished, I'm putting it away, I'm getting rid of it. And the first blood I'm abolishing is my own meaning the blood the vengeance of my own cousin,

00:47:42 --> 00:48:15

his name was Robbia, the son of a herd of Ibn Abdul Muttalib has taught me the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is Uncle Robbie, I was a young kid, this kid was sent to be breastfed in a tribe called Blueleaf. Just like he was sent to bunny sides where Halima Saudia took care of him. But what happened to this young boy is that another tribe called who they raided the tribe, he was being taken care of in and got killed. And since then, I've been up there. I've had a Blood Vengeance with the with the tribe that did that to the Prophet Allah, you saw him said that is now abolished, we will never speak of that again. And they talked about whatever said all River and always abolished

00:48:15 --> 00:48:24

that existed in Jehovah. And the first step that I got rid of, is it about my uncle Ibis? Whatever he is owed in terms of the loan, he will get back exactly what he is owed nothing more.

00:48:26 --> 00:49:06

And he said, all the issues of Joe Healy are now abolished under my feet, because he can't move forward. If you continue to be preoccupied with your past. If your past was not great, if you can, consistently continuously, stay focused, caught up in the mentality of the past, you can never move forward. The provider you saw though Sam was announcing on that. On that mountain. He announced the beginning of a new era. He said, we're now different from this moment forward. This is the era of Islam, Jaya Helia is over. Everything to do with it is now over everything, you will not speak of it again. You will not claim Blood Vengeance, as you will not claim even usury, you will claim nothing.

00:49:06 --> 00:49:42

Jackie Lee has done everything, every value, every concept, every mistake, every sin, everything every injustice of Gehenna years now behind us. I put it under my feet. I stand on it today. He was saying that follows them. almost literally. He can't Caja Healy and he put it under his feet and he stood on it. And he said, We're done. We're moving forward now. That from this moment, you move forward, how we regressed back to some of those things. I don't understand. But but that's what happened. I think it's also at that moment, when he made that announcement. And he put that he put that strength in the hearts of the Muslims why he died. He passed away at least three months later.

00:49:42 --> 00:50:00

And then Islam reached all content, all everything that we know as the as the traditional world, because he actually put that momentum in people's minds. John Healy is over. We abolish it today. Today. We get rid of it. We're not that same. We're not those people anymore. We don't live like that we don't think like

00:50:00 --> 00:50:34

If that we don't act like that, we move forward differently. And that was really what this meant. because up till then, there was still some parts of Jamelia that kind of lingered around. There was one ninja Healey and hook manager Helia and Tibet Raja Helia. Right. There's all these mistakes of Jahangir that still existed. The Prophet Allah you saw some that they said, We're done. I enjoy Helia today. Today we start with Islam. And that was that breath of fresh air that everyone needed to take the next step and I find it to be very, very meaningful. So the concept of putting the past behind and moving forward was the second paragraph. So the third paragraph who has the third

00:50:34 --> 00:50:35

paragraph and the sisters

00:50:36 --> 00:50:39

Okay, good. You have the microphone. Excellent. Go ahead.

00:50:44 --> 00:51:05

So we thought the theme of the thing was RPS talked about being wary of sins and not only sins, but what leads to it. So we wrote that to be aware of the environment and possible instances that could lead to sinning and avoid devaluing sins and attempt to justify them very good just like a look at excellent very concise very quick brothers chapter a paragraph three

00:51:06 --> 00:51:07

we have a paragraph three

00:51:09 --> 00:51:11

no perfect Okay, good. So this is what he said out of your slot to

00:51:12 --> 00:51:30

you a nurse in a shavasana but yet Isa A nearby does the elderly come handy when I can know where all the females see you I barely can be alone. I mean, I'm early compact daruwalla dini come he said he said, oh, people in DJ PA has given up on ever being worshipped as a false god here ever again.

00:51:31 --> 00:51:39

She finally gave up for for Muslims or Arabs to ever go back and build a an idol made of rock and start worshipping and again,

00:51:40 --> 00:52:02

but he was content he's really saying is listen, but shaytaan is content with lesser sins that you perform with amongst your deeds that you don't care about too much that you don't pay attention to. He's happy with his content with that. So be cautious and be aware of him upon your religion. Is he a pawn knows our faith more than we do?

00:52:03 --> 00:52:07

He understands how things work. And he's quite smart.

00:52:08 --> 00:52:40

And he's like, okay, so sciatic is no longer on the table. You're not going to worship. Fine, fine, don't worry, because I'm not gonna fight you on this. You're not You're getting all upset about it. Fine. Hold on to it. I'm happy with other stuff. Let's see if I can get you to have a little of jealousy. Let's see if I can make sure that your intentions aren't sincere. Let's see if we can put up a bit of vanity a little of arrogance, a bit of a hatred, some indifference. Just Just tell me, let me see if I can take the intentions of your deeds and ruin them. Because he knows that Allah subhanho wa Taala when he looks at a deed that has no sincerity, and it has no good intentions

00:52:40 --> 00:53:11

behind is not being done appropriately. It's almost as useless as not doing it. It's almost as bad as not doing it because you get no you almost get nothing for it to illustrate on his content. Okay, fine. The biggest sin of all, should you guys beat me on that one? Fine, you won that one. Let's see if I can get you to do other stuff. Let's see if I can ruin your deen for you. Let's see if I can get you to have enough arrogance inside of your heart so that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when he says later to the agenda, mankind if you told me Miss COVID I'm in Kibera, no one with an ounce of arrogance in their heart will intergender you end up standing outside forever.

00:53:12 --> 00:53:50

You could never enter because he just got that piece. Okay, couldn't get shaken and get maybe that piece. And so be cautious of him. When he says ally installs and beware, beware. I got rid of he's saying, Look, I abolish ship for you. This insanity of worshipping things, of worshipping rocks and trees and moons and stars and people and all that I got rid of that for you. But it's not over the job's not done. You need there's more that you need to do. In order for you to make it on the Day of Judgment. Your hearts have to be in the right place. You have to watch out for sin. She Athan is happy for you to make a small sin for 15 years will lie the smallest sin, something you don't even

00:53:50 --> 00:53:54

care about. He'll leave you for 15 years. Don't just do that for 15 years.

00:53:55 --> 00:54:10

Very patient will come back 15 years later, you've normalized the sin doesn't bother you anymore. Don't think about it. You don't try it. You don't even fight it anymore. You just do it. Now you're ready maybe for a sec number to give you will push you another just give it a push forward. leave you for another 10 years.

00:54:12 --> 00:54:22

That's how patient he is 1510 25 years no worries, we'll get you there. We'll get you to the fascia at the end, we'll get you to the horrific Kabira IP and before you die.

00:54:25 --> 00:54:48

That's what he's doing. Either you're aware of it, and you are fighting it consciously and you're or you're not the Prophet it is so Saddam had a small paragraph in his Farewell Sermon to tell people beware. I took care of the ship piece for you. That was my job I came and I established the heat appropriately on this land. And now you have to do the rest. You have to make sure that you don't lay ship on find in other

00:54:49 --> 00:54:59

other ways to ruin your deeds for you. That's That's chapter number three, which is be mindfulness of sin, mindfulness of the centers that we sometimes take for granted. Okay, so let's move on.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:02

to chapter number four, who is for the sister side?

00:55:04 --> 00:55:07

Do you have for over there? We do. Okay, you guys ready? You have your microphone with you. Let me go ahead.

00:55:09 --> 00:55:21

Salam aleikum. So our group thought that the theme of paragraph four was behave very during the holy months. So did hija de la Kadam haram in Russia.

00:55:22 --> 00:55:43

And to add on to that, to solidify your reasoning for why you're acting good in those months, especially, so that even after the prophets of Allah no sudden dies, as it says here, oh, people do not return after I die enemies. So that like you're doing it for a loss so that even after he dies, your faith can prevail.

00:55:45 --> 00:55:50

But there's with the chapter before, good luck with aces. He has it over here.

00:55:53 --> 00:55:54

As salam Alaikum

00:55:55 --> 00:56:32

paragraph four we had the overall theme was also about actions and especially after sending them home sorry, I sent them to death, sending them home, as I said them, wanted the Muslims to not to go against one another, especially in beliefs and then the data is between one another. And even though there's conflicting sides and conflicting. And in viewpoints of the hadith of Sandra Hassan Salam, he did not want people to oppress one another. It's regarding those beliefs also, regarding the four months, the secret four months, so he said mountainside Selim outlawed

00:56:34 --> 00:57:18

oppression between others during these months and even defense killing. So and then also we also had another point. And in the first sentence, indeed, people time has returned to the way it was when Allah subhanaw taala created the cosmos and the earth. So we believe that it means that Muslims or humans are returning back so how they believed on Allah and had such a powerful Taqwa such as Adam and Eve and had even they prayed. They saw Allah subhanaw taala. But Muslims, they don't see a lot but they still act as if they can see him with their powerful Taqwa. And so that's excellent. So so they said they saw something in chapter four in paragraph four is but are you in those zemana? But

00:57:18 --> 00:57:21

he stood out like it Hiyama Holla Holla who some Allah do you want

00:57:23 --> 00:57:59

when they did the shahada and Allah he's now Shabbat shahada, outrebound minha Arbonne to minha. from Toronto to Medallia to unwatchable advantage America or Shaban but definitely movie Hidden full circle. When I told you everybody could fall on Yogi Babu coma and Applebaum, Allahu Allahu Allahu efficient to the valley sauce of you said, Indeed, time has rotated back to the way it was when Allah created the cosmos in the earth. And this is pointing out the originality, the authenticity, that what you believe in as a Muslim is going back to how Allah subhanaw taala meant things to be from the beginning. You're not making things up. Muhammad said Allah Allah Muhammad sallallahu

00:57:59 --> 00:58:11

alayhi wa sallam did not come and make things up. He came in actually returned us back to what it was supposed to be what it always was, what are them, it establishes a whole point of hedge what they brought him out. He said, I'm taught, that's what he did out of his Salatu was Salam.

00:58:15 --> 00:58:27

And he points out that this is how Allah Subhanallah designed it. And then at the end of it, he says, do not return after I pass away after I leave, you don't return back enemies, taking the sword to each other's necks again.

00:58:29 --> 00:59:08

The authenticity and the unity, the authenticity and the unity of this OMA is only as authentic as original. It goes back to what demonic Islam was taught to what Allah subhanaw taala meant to be from the beginning. And we are one we do don't don't regress, don't go back to what was happening before I came here. Don't put on a kofod He doesn't mean disbelievers by the way. Now tell us your magical thought on gefallen. He does not mean disbeliever go for the word cover is to cover it means to cover. That's why if you come from a village in the Middle East, your village there's a high percentage is called cuff or something and cover what it means when the earth covers the seeds. And

00:59:08 --> 00:59:29

cover also means when you cover yourself with armor, so that tells you everybody could fall on me don't go back after I die after I pass away and wear armor and take the sword to each other's necks and start fighting again and ruin your unity. I have brought you something authentic and I have brought you something that is united and don't ruin it. So Allah Holly's like you said them.

00:59:31 --> 00:59:59

He's giving me at the simplest honestly the easiest thing to comprehend and to understand and this whole hotbar is are these two points. I brought you that which is authentic and original, and United you do not ruin these two things. Do not forget that you're authentic. They'll start letting others make you believe that what you're doing is somehow weird or unnatural or abnormal or know what you are doing evil

01:00:00 --> 01:00:28

It comes to the months of the year even it comes to those sacred months is exactly how Allah subhanaw taala designed it to begin with you are walking in the footsteps of the of your grant of Adam and Eve you are doing exactly what Allah subhanaw taala commanded, and you are united do not do not ruin that. Do not ruin your own unit unity and divide and that's and that's the fourth chapter of his Hulkbuster Oh, fourth paragraph of his full bust of Allah who is the focus on authenticity and unity? All right. paragraph number five

01:00:29 --> 01:00:34

brothers Yeah, brother doesn't say anything wild. You have anything in the brothers. Okay, we'll start with you. Then we'll go over to the sisters you.

01:00:39 --> 01:01:15

So, from from our discussion, we noticed that paragraph number five was separated into into two halves or two parts. The first part is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying things like finally Messiah Kumarakom Hapa welcome Allah Anissa Cunha indeed your wives have rights upon you and you have rights upon your wives and the prophets Allah Allahu Allah will send them tells us what what those rights are. So for example, the rights of a wife on her husband is that she's not to bring anyone into his house without his permission and the right of the of the husband on his wife is to provide them for food, clothing, shelter and the best of treatment and then we have the second

01:01:15 --> 01:01:33

part which is a piece of advice from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam which is What's also been nice a hierarchy that take from me the final request to treat your woman that the best that you can look at look very good barnacle Luffy and the sister side your paragraph number five on the sisters are sorry, go ahead yes please.

01:01:36 --> 01:01:37

Good. Um

01:01:39 --> 01:01:42

so, from our discussion, we took away that

01:01:45 --> 01:01:51

we have equal rights and there should be mutual respect, there should be mutual respect in a marriage.

01:01:52 --> 01:02:07

But as a husband, he has certain roles and responsibilities that a woman does not and a woman has certain roles and responsibilities that a man does not a man provides and a woman you know, supports shelter and stuff like that. Um,

01:02:09 --> 01:02:15

so Allah commanded the men to treat their woman that the best they can. And

01:02:17 --> 01:02:20

because the woman are the ones that support them, you know,

01:02:21 --> 01:02:22

a very good second look at anything else.

01:02:23 --> 01:03:00

Excellent. So this always has never failed to not just surprise me but to impress me. The fact that Ravalli assaults to them with in his final sermon took out a complete paragraph just to talk about the rights of of spouses and to focus specifically on talking about the rights of women within it that he left his and he said was total as I'll explain to you in a moment, which means I give you my final piece of advice that's why I give you as I lose eyes I move on. I leave you with this I leave you with this piece of advice. This is what I want you to do to make sure that this continues to move forward to this has already set out as AutoSum said I am a nurse

01:03:01 --> 01:03:04

but in the linear equimat A compact on whether Comala and

01:03:05 --> 01:03:44

further Comala hidden furusiyya Come ahead and tackle a while ago now they come and took Su and took sunnah want to pay Mohan Bill ma roof Are you a nurse it took Allah if and Nisa was still super nice. You fail on fit in the hood now one in the family Khun Liam liquidy. unfussy hinda che Roderick and another UI litem, Lecouvreur min Hoonah che and Naira Dalek Allah help a loved Allahumma fashion. We said Allah you saw this RAM is indeed you have rights upon your wives, your wives our rights upon you, your rights upon them is that they do not bring their loyalty they don't bring into your home, someone that that will ruin the sanctity of this marriage, and you owe it to

01:03:44 --> 01:03:46

them to shelter to feed to close.

01:03:48 --> 01:03:55

And then he said, Bill my roof and do that with excellence with the best of your behaviors. And then he said, Oh man, it duckula If and he said

01:03:56 --> 01:04:16

Be mindful of God with how you treat the women in your lives. And then he said was so super nice that you're all in the same paragraph. And I leave with you my final piece of advice. My final request from you is to only show your women hired fender who now and in Entercom they are with you they are there they stand by you. They take care of your homes, they take care of your children.

01:04:17 --> 01:04:49

You don't own them that Emily Kuhn and wondering why you don't don't really own anything of them. But Takala Vanessa, be mindful of Allah regarding a woman. And then he said Allah Hello, beloved, and this one he did not he didn't say every single paragraph, but this one he did it all have I conveyed the message they said Allahumma now let me see if I should I told them. So when they stopped doing this, when when it's supposed to stop understanding their roles, their rights and their obligations and what they're being asked to do towards their spouses. When men start mistreating their women or oppressing their women in their lives with their wives or their daughters

01:04:49 --> 01:04:59

or their sisters or their mothers or their aunts. Then they know that they're going against what he taught some Allah Hi Samuel said them. He took out a full paragraph in his final sermon to remind men to

01:05:00 --> 01:05:06

specifically, how to treat their women. Nowhere in this in this sermon, did he tell women what to do about their men?

01:05:07 --> 01:05:07

No, he didn't.

01:05:09 --> 01:05:41

He didn't, the majority of Muslim women will take care of their men, the majority, it's very rare. And Muslim women, when the majority of them will will focus on their household will focus on their children and their husbands. It's men that need the reminding. That's what he thought sort of like you said, you don't have to like me saying that you can dislike me for saying that. He said that. So if you have a problem, go talk to him. He said that Allah has sought to, he didn't tell the ladies on the DA Oh, and ladies be this tournament. He didn't. He didn't. It's not there. I got I'm gonna make it up and I didn't so that you feel it's not equal. And this hobo wasn't equal. He spoke to

01:05:41 --> 01:05:45

men, and he told them it took alive and he said he didn't say the opposite to women.

01:05:46 --> 01:06:15

Because you don't tell someone to do something they usually always do. You tell someone to do something that they most of the many times they don't, you don't command someone to do something that they're always doing it it's a it's actually offensive because they're always doing a wire telling you to do something that they're doing on a daily basis. Tell the person who's not doing it to do it. So he stood out he saw to a standard repeated fucked up Allah who was still super nice. And that's what he left us with all the his Salatu was Salam. Now I have a rant that's much longer than that. But let's keep out of Yanni the PGY, PG 13. And just to make everyone happy, I'll leave

01:06:15 --> 01:06:24

it at that inshallah. Tada. So paragraph number five, he talked out of your thoughts about the rights of spouses and women's specifically, and he gave a paragraph to it. Number six, who do you have a number six?

01:06:26 --> 01:06:34

Paragraph six? Yeah, go ahead. Do you have ladies and six or no? Okay, we do. Okay. Well, we'll start with the gentleman will come to you and show you

01:06:35 --> 01:07:01

how I come up. My name was slavery. So the main topic for paragraph number six was the rejection of racism and the the oneness of man, if you will. So that's understanding that every single one of us we have one mother and one father, and we recently categorically denounced racism categorically denounced any sort of like this you and your like,

01:07:02 --> 01:07:39

on the basis of like, any superficial characteristics, whether it's like your skin color, or what have you, and that the best of you are the ones with the most stuck with the ones who are most mindful. And one of the things we mentioned was a narration where a Buddha very radical and one of the earliest Muslims, he He insulted with Rhodiola And who here he made a very derogatory comment about him saying, Oh, son of a black woman in a very negative way and right then and there are so nice and um, he he denounced that, it's like that is unacceptable, we do not accept that one bit. And that, yeah, Buddha, you have an, you have characteristics of Jackie Lea inside of you. That's

01:07:39 --> 01:07:54

how severe and serious racism is. And that we know that also, like Sam said, Anyone with a characteristic of Jackie LEA has been barred from gender. And that was a whole topic of just like, thank you very much. Thank you. Excellent. Sisters.

01:07:56 --> 01:08:44

Okay, so we came up with the theme of racism as well, as well as arrogance and prejudice. And just to further on that, like, we all come from the same origin, and we unify. And in addition to inclusivity, and equality, we wanted to say that Dakhla elevates and differentiates from one person to another, and that is not based off of race or ethnicity at all. And when the Prophet saw that, I seldom said that Adam comes from you all come from Adam, and Adam comes from the soil of the Earth, we said that the soil was represented as something that's low, and we came from something low, and we all grow grew or to evolved to be who we are. And that had nothing to do with our race or

01:08:44 --> 01:09:24

ethnicity. We wanted to add that in modern times, we still need the reminder of the issues of racism, even though it's something that's so simple and something talked about so often. And that some people may think that because of the race that they were born in, or if they're Arab or not Arab, that they may be a better Muslim or may be better overall, but it is irrelevant in the end because it's based on just like a look at it. Thank you. This is my favorite pic paragraph of the hotbar and it's okay to have a fair favorite paragraph of a hotel because you're allowed to if you'd like to, it's my favorite I'm gonna share it talk about it tomorrow inshallah during the epoch,

01:09:24 --> 01:09:59

outside, but it just, it's mind blowing, how this is the moment he chose to say these words I used to love to Islam he waited. He taught, he taught equality. This is this is talking about human equality. As a human race. We're all the same. We are equal. We are equal. I don't belong to add them more than you do. I don't but you don't belong to eat more than I do. I maybe some of us may be descendants of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam so so you belong to him a bit more than I do. Or your photoshoot. So you belong to him a little bit more than I do. That's fine, but none of us belong to either more than the other. We are all equal. We all

01:10:00 --> 01:10:12

came from them for those two people. And the fact that he stood on that mountain on a saw to stand in front of all the largest number of Muslims and he shared these words. Are you a nurse Allah in Arabic and warhead were Abba como had called

01:10:13 --> 01:10:53

them to Rob and I felt Allah the Arabi and I Jim Egan with me and I'll begin with Ali Amara. I saw that when he asked about the elaborate Toccoa in Chroma come and Allah here at Stockholm, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Houma Fisher, the only so there's one Jamaat this hadith is don't join me and kill him a few words that that that literally, change can change not only a person's mentality, but a bit of a population's mentality. Your Lord is about one your father is but one you come from Adam, he comes from the soil of the Earth, there's nothing, there's nothing. There's no advantage for an Arab over a non Arab or the opposite. No advantage for white or black or black or white or red over

01:10:53 --> 01:11:28

doesn't matter the color. No one cares. All that matters is to Taqwa. And that is something unseen. I don't know how much stuff you have. I don't even know how much a non Muslims has if Taqwa. I don't know, I don't know how they end their lives. I don't know how God sees them. I don't know how much chocolate he sees in their hearts. I don't. I don't know how much tequila I have. You don't know my stuff, or you have, you don't know how much I have either. So there's no way for me to judge. There's no way there's zero. There's no way for us to ever say Phoolan is better than Poulin or this group is better than that group. There's no way we're equal. We're one. So amazing that he said this

01:11:28 --> 01:11:31

out of his thoughts where he said it when he said it, how he said it.

01:11:32 --> 01:12:08

He just established something. This is 1400 years ago, he stood there and he said it said it to a bunch of Arab people, you are not better than none. Well, why? Why? Well, because very soon, Islam is going to be a multi cultural, multi Continental, the religion and faith and you need to remember this from me, there is no difference. He doesn't. He doesn't care. No one does. It's all about the Dakhla antiquus something that's, that's private and quite personal. Okay. So move on to I think we have two more. So we're doing all right, who has paragraph seven? Okay, we'll start with the sisters over there inshallah.

01:12:12 --> 01:12:51

So, our group, we felt the love of the Prophet, Allah, his philosophy towards us how much He cares for us, and He loves us. He's very eager and waiting for us on the Day of Judgment. And he's eager to see us in large numbers, and he doesn't want us to disappoint him. And the Prophet Allah has lots of time show so much love for us that he'll try to save us and intercede for us. But at the end of the day, it's basically if we want to save ourselves with following his path, following the orders of Allah subhanaw taala. So the responsibility lies with us. And as much as he will do everything in his life, and he will do everything and they have judgments to save us at the end of the day. It's

01:12:51 --> 01:12:55

our responsibility, because I can look good, excellent. Thank you very much. Okay.

01:12:57 --> 01:13:04

All righty. Let's hear. So, what we understood from this paragraph is that

01:13:06 --> 01:13:50

you should if you have a complete way of life, and the Prophet Muhammad SAW Lolos he left us with a complete way of life. And in that there's nothing unclear. So why are you going to disbelieve everything's right there and you might, you know, everybody knows it's right. But some people just choose to disbelieve because they say we want to enjoy something. It's like you when you if you have an an apple right in front of you and it's nice and fresh. And you have an apple at the other side of the room and it's rotten. So why would you go all the way to the rotten apple and cause trouble for yourself when you just have a nice fresh apple in front of you? It was like a look at thank you

01:13:50 --> 01:13:51

very much my show looks

01:13:53 --> 01:14:20

like it looks a little body so this way said I saw some in this paragraph. But in the for auto model held in the Mocha here on the como uma yo Malkia naughty fella do so we do what you he name was tempted on your multi multi millionaire owners. Almost done Python mini on us for a whole rugby also your hobby, also your hobby. But you're finally in Nicoletta the toolbar at the console

01:14:21 --> 01:14:57

says I saw some indeed I am waiting for you on my basin. That is our appointment. We will meet each other at the basin. People used to come to me they saw this I'm doing this live and say also Allah. Come over for Asha or for Godot. Let's go out and chill. Let's go and talk and you would tell them Fidel to come on on hold. We will do this at the basin. Meet me at the basin. I don't have time and dunya will meet there. Come to me there. Make sure you've done your make sure you've done your thing. Make sure you've lived your life the way you're supposed to live it don't come on a day of judgment and make me make me call for you and then they tell me that you deviated or you're telling

01:14:57 --> 01:14:59

me that you didn't listen or that you completely changed

01:15:00 --> 01:15:06

Everything. I want to come your milk piano and I want to be able to be proud of the numbers that are following me Don't make me look bad that day.

01:15:08 --> 01:15:31

They sought to Islam's love for us. And he sought to Islam's way of life that he left us the importance of following in his footsteps, the importance of holding on to what he left. You don't need to make anything up. We just hold on to what he left us on a good salatu salam it is in our hands and it's a beautiful, it's a very, very emotional piece of the football move on so that we can get through the final paragraph third, paragraph eight. Do we have sisters who at paragraph eight over there?

01:15:32 --> 01:15:35

Okay, go ahead. Now what will come to you and show them what yeah,

01:15:36 --> 01:16:20

you have two groups or paragraph eight. That's okay. We can do? Yeah, we'll do both, then we'll go over there. So I call my everyone. So they're three to four teams covered in the last paragraph. One of them is inheritance, Allah and the Prophet SAW Allah He was emphasized that we should take what we are entitled to in terms of in what we are to inherit. And not more than that not to be greedy. So it does not to avoid conflict. And the second theme was lineage that we should always be truthful about our lineage, our forefathers. One of the reasons is, I think, in terms of the first topic covered was inheritance so that we do not inherit what is not ours. And one of the most important

01:16:20 --> 01:16:45

things covered in this paragraph is the duty upon all of us here today that heard this quote above the prophets of Allah when he was Salam is to pass on the message to others, because it might open the door of Islam for others, and they might become the light bearers of the steam. Very good luck. Good luck. Thank you. Can you give it over to the sisters? But the brothers actually can go out with the brother go go first. And then we then we'll do the sisters over there. Go ahead.

01:16:47 --> 01:17:28

What do you guys do? Like in the moment? Yeah, good. We'll go here. First, I will come to you guys, he'll go in South Korea come. So in this paragraph, we saw two major points. One of them was the rights that people have the familial rights that people have over each other specifically with inheritance. And it's prophesy said, I made a point to say that we cannot go and take more than what is due to us. And then on top of that, he goes and says that, in terms of our familial our lineage, we're not allowed to lie about it for any worldly gains, to cheat in any inheritance all of it, we have to take exactly what is ours, and nothing more. And then the next major point was that we have

01:17:28 --> 01:17:47

to share this message with everyone who was not there because sometimes the people who come afterwards are more knowledgeable and understand more than the people who received the message initially. So it's that message is a religion that we have to keep spreading the message and telling everyone about it. And what we've learned is like a look at it. Excellent, thank you. Go ahead.

01:17:51 --> 01:17:51


01:17:56 --> 01:18:23

said I'm gonna come. So what we understand from the paragraph was that it was talking about how Allah subhanaw taala gives you a portion of inheritance, so you shouldn't take more than what he gave, he gave you or else you will get the damnation of Allah and His angels and all of the people and that the ones who have witnessed this behavior will understand better and have more knowledge that that person will carry the knowledge to someone who is going to become more knowledgeable.

01:18:26 --> 01:18:54

And then the prophet or ask people when you're gonna meet Allah you will be asked about if prophet has to build and conveyed the message and the followers said, Yes, you fulfilled the message. And the Prophet answers, Allah, Masha, Allah, Masha Allah, masha zakat. Very good, thank you. I think we have one more group up front. Hello, hello, Michelle. So we have one more group up front. They can go ahead. Yeah. So

01:18:55 --> 01:18:58

one of the this graphics

01:19:00 --> 01:19:01

Yeah, claims to be a

01:19:03 --> 01:19:05

different family than the damage.

01:19:07 --> 01:19:34

Or what we concluded from this is that many things can happen from this because things such as inheritance, confusion, inheritance might happen because somebody might end up claiming something that doesn't belong to them and other Islamic issues such as the real world then and so they might have a lot of confusion too because he identifies or claims to be a part of a completely different family.

01:19:37 --> 01:20:00

He's like a lucky I'm going to recite for you the last paragraph in Arabic and then we'll we'll conclude we'll make dua inshallah in the last 10 minutes before I'll do something together and then I'll leave you guys maybe five minutes to make her own dua inshallah before talking about that as well. So he said at the end, la Salam, Salam Allah in Allah, but equally worried in the FIBA who for the US who was so you had to leave everything well, I used to come in

01:20:00 --> 01:20:21

The photos that he said, min a DA IV Oh la la la miroir Lee Valley he learned to La he will get you a nurse yo Jermaine. I hope I loved that he said valuable live a shahid, mean como for ogba Mobile login our Lima, Paula Tieman, Samia Bahama and Ethiopian Illa men who have come in who

01:20:23 --> 01:20:40

when he's talking about that first, so he said, This is all about righteousness, be righteous, take only what is yours, Don't lie, don't cheat. Don't make things up so that you can get ahead in life. Just be truthful, don't be oppressive, be righteous, and Take what is yours when he's teaching out of his salatu salam.

01:20:41 --> 01:20:46

And then he said, you heard me, those of you this was supposed to be two paragraphs, by the way, but I made them in one just because for time,

01:20:47 --> 01:21:05

those of you who listened and heard what I said today, take what you heard and go give it to someone who was not here, but you better live a shall he don't mean, come on, go take this as someone who didn't hear, because many times, someone will be carrying a message, and the person receiving it will understand it more than the person who carried it.

01:21:07 --> 01:21:44

Sometimes the person with the fifth carries that filter to someone else, and that someone else ends up having more than the first person because they make sense of certain things that the first person couldn't. And that's the beauty of this Dean, it's always growing knowledge is not getting narrower. Knowledge is getting wider. It keeps on growing. It keeps on getting more, there's more and more every day we study about what he said he was studying what he said out of your sight to some we learn something new, we learn something we actually comprehend that part of that sixth paragraph, where he talked about the human equality, I understand that today, I'm sure more than people did

01:21:44 --> 01:22:18

back then. Not because I'm smarter, but because I've seen things because of the how the world works today. Oh, we we connect with that way more than people made back then did when you're standing 100,000 people, all of them are from basically the same background, versus going to heights today and looking to your left and looking to your right and seeing every ethnicity and every culture on the planet. Those words resonate with you more deeply. So he's telling you all that he's awesome continue to convey this message because people will understand it more and more as time goes on. And then he said at the end, we're in the conceptual power of back home, and indeed you're going to meet

01:22:18 --> 01:22:19

your Lord

01:22:20 --> 01:22:27

was Illumina Omni. You're going to be asked about me. Format and Tompa Elune. What are you going to say?

01:22:28 --> 01:23:07

You're going to be on the Day of Judgment. Allah is going to you're going to meet him. He's going to ask you, what did he do? How did he How did he do? Like did he actually do his job? I sent him with a specific job. Did he do it? So he asked him for mountain Tempah. What are you going to say? Sahaba when they first heard this, he weren't sure. Was he joking? Or was this and then he repeated again? Format and compile you don't? What are you going to say about me? So the Sahaba started seeing no guru, but love that Amana? We're a data reseller when our Sofitel OMA Lukashenko Allahu Beckenham was your head tefillah hackled jihad, we will say, you conveyed the message, you fulfilled your vow.

01:23:07 --> 01:23:15

You taught us everything we needed to know you strive to the last moment, and the Sahaba began to sob. We're going to be asked about you yellow suit Allah.

01:23:17 --> 01:23:19

You're gonna be asked about us.

01:23:20 --> 01:23:21

What are you going to say about us?

01:23:22 --> 01:24:00

We're going to be asked about you. And then they kept on going, the people on horseback would go into the crowds and repeat these words, and the same confusion. And then the same loud noises. And the same sobbing would occur time after time. Because they first heard the words like what we're going to be asked about you isn't the other way around? Aren't you going to be asked whether we were worthy of of having you amongst us? No, no, you're gonna be asked about me. What are you going to say? See, he was worried about it. He's salatu salam, he was worried how was he going to make it on the Day of Judgment? Did he do his job? did he fulfill the vow that he fulfilled the covenant that

01:24:00 --> 01:24:10

he that he made with God or not? And the Sahaba at the end of this, the All 100,000 All 100,000 were yelling out, beloved a man

01:24:11 --> 01:24:49

so after a data reset, everyone's calling you did every and the Prophet Allah you saw him stood on Mount out of with tears running down his face, seeing Allahumma fissured, oh, Allah be my witness. I did it. I did my piece. I did my part. I did my part. And now what's left is ours. And he passed away he sought to some knowing that he got from his followers. He got for the money. You saw to Islam, a testimony that he did his piece that he did everything he could. He did not sleep on the job. He didn't waste any time on the assault to restaurant because he was worried about how he was going to be questioned by Allah subhanaw taala the judgment and that is the Farewell Sermon. That's

01:24:49 --> 01:24:59

all eight or nine paragraphs. I hope you found that beneficial inshallah i i read this sermon multiple times every year, especially during the time of Hajj, sit and I just read it

01:25:00 --> 01:25:10

I just think about it because the concepts and the teachings and the ideas, the values and the principles, extremely profound, extremely meaningful. And I think these lessons are,

01:25:11 --> 01:25:51

are Timeless Lessons. These are timeless lesson you think of the themes you talked about, about the sanctity of human life, about moving forward and not, don't prefer to be preoccupied with up with a bad past. Don't hold on to parts of your past that are negative, get rid of the garbage of the cult move forward, move forward so you can achieve things. Do not underestimate the power of sin. Do not underestimate the danger of sin, even if it's small, don't underestimate that. Continue to remember that you're authentic and that you are united. Remember that the building brick of this OMA is a family spouses have to know their rights and men have to remember what the what their what their

01:25:51 --> 01:25:54

master told him. So Allah has said that regarding their lives

01:25:56 --> 01:25:59

that he's waiting for us, now that you saw to us

01:26:00 --> 01:26:35

and He wants us to be there. He wants us to be doing it well, and that we're all unite. We're all one we're all equal. Look around you. And there are Muslims right now in this room from all across the world. We're all the same. There's not one person who has advantage over the other because of anything. The only thing is stucco and that is concealed within God's knowledge himself. Take only your right take only your right continue to convey this message because people continue to learn and then what are you going to say about me so Allah Hi Sam Sen saying so we say about him Alia Sato. So that's what they said. We say the same. Yasuda Allah but love recyle our data and Amana when a

01:26:35 --> 01:26:54

factor oh my gosh of Allahu Alem Raja had to feel like God just like Allahu Anna Hey, Mr. Jones, Allah Sudha Anna and Almighty he whenever you and unfollow me he, I'm going to end with that. We're going to take the next 10 minutes you have 10 minutes for do I will make sure I'll make maybe four or five minutes and then I'll give you four or five minutes to make your own dog before mclubbe is the dawn of Day of alpha. So please, participate

01:26:57 --> 01:27:15

Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Allahu bene and I can handle handling because he you don't even move out or configure Hamden. UEFI in yarmulke Oh yes. kuruma Zita can read the file and it cannot allow Malacca handle. I can handle it or veto it I can handle by the rubber like Alhamdulillah who will occur Sukeroku who were elected on Roku who will

01:27:16 --> 01:27:27

enrich me in Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Where have you been watching Medina? Lee you're so happy here Jemaine Allahumma Salli ala he already you know, Suddenly.

01:27:28 --> 01:27:38

Suddenly I don't even remember. Dean, Allah homophobia he equally rocketing Hain Allahumma Salli ala he saw that and tobiko what are we what are behind they are behind? I mean, Allah

01:27:39 --> 01:27:41

is open Atiba. We're in Alba

01:27:42 --> 01:28:05

Tina, Allah hamaca if you had an accounting Lubao lucky he had the yo Mubarak the only Allah for Allah who judge Allah Giovanni Arafa. Around the tuba he became only Mala Iike Allah who may not but he's still not enough he has an icon of PA then the kind of play even lubricants endocrine double funeral and iconographer telephone when turbo cannot return home when times open Allah Who

01:28:07 --> 01:28:14

God imagine my era when it was open as a hobby because most of us and Allah Allah you early you also have to hear Jemaine Allah who might

01:28:16 --> 01:28:18

join him on his telephone level Hajj

01:28:19 --> 01:28:21

journey and on your own on our on your stomach.

01:28:22 --> 01:28:23

I mean Allahumma

01:28:24 --> 01:28:26

rgl hamara Haney

01:28:27 --> 01:28:41

Giorgio Rob But I mean older Elena and Ola and if you had the site in Morocco, Morocco mean Allahu Allah to Habibi come Mohammed Nielsen Allah ani he was in Hola Hola. Hola to Habibi, come Mohamed Salah Ali. He was sending them Hola Hola.

01:28:44 --> 01:28:47

Hola. Hola, Chicago. We're heading

01:28:50 --> 01:29:24

eco Edo de Nicola than Jamila to Ballina. Hola Hola engineer is going to be an auto button. But here we have called Benoit just said hola hola. abmdr The Illuminati and most genuine Sophie and oppa article neuter goofy female SCI. Fi even in my rule, Fiona haffi Anya and manga watching Makani Mattel. Muslimeen I don't have to ato hadiah or Bonide I mean, Allahu Akbar. There's no room out in the Muslim enough arena for John Nasri. Al Hamra. He mean, Allahu Allah at Shabaab and Germaine Aloha, Maddie Shabaab and our Shabbat you know, Yahama Rohini and

01:29:26 --> 01:29:34

Dena Amin, Allah homebirth a bit too minor de Nicaragua Sunni Sunni, Latina Vika Yamaga yada yada but the mean Allah who may

01:29:36 --> 01:29:38

have medical Yahama he mean

01:29:40 --> 01:30:00

the Chanukah in can, you know volley mean Allah will Naka Giovanna ad and eek Sapna will do an earache along with about Ratana Aika Fernando Denna ha ebma out of Allahu MFI How do you say it mobile like a vegan I'm not really beyond me i refer Allah home they are not a commodity but unhappy yet and money

01:30:00 --> 01:30:07

academe along them not to me, but Demna in a condo hold on after I took home you know not era behind me Allahumma John heard

01:30:08 --> 01:30:15

even Leonard enough you have article or medical where it's bigger than I mean and now you're laughing at GORGEOU Aziza, we have a firm Allah who may

01:30:17 --> 01:30:22

send you Han yarmulke liberal Kulu Kulu benna ILAHA TIG Yama Saturday

01:30:23 --> 01:30:28

Feb bits polu banana hepatic Tebbetts Kullu banana partic along them might

01:30:29 --> 01:30:44

become occluding in an era but I mean, Allahu Akbar the karate fina Hatton and Paco and Turabian. And they are below the mean. Allahu mela piatti Satyaki pay Farben. Allahu Magiclip Ah, no, no la magically Farben?

01:30:45 --> 01:30:57

You know Maha t now if one you know as well as you know, whether the Tina when Mussolini and I mean, I know you Jenna HIQA Aziz, we are far along without too familiar to multi material. Will Jannetty been a hobby been or hobby?

01:30:58 --> 01:31:03

I've been working here when I've been asking well, he would have been opening up in that era, but I mean, watch my

01:31:04 --> 01:31:24

Barbies and that in the email I showed you, the ICA Zuma, masha Allah who work with Janet ism, Ranjana Bella and I mean him at Habib, you know, most of us and Allah Almighty, you honor yourself to be here Jemaine alarm went off I don't feel it. I mean, when I would I want to put water in it, you know, the sort of kind of bigger opulence that you'll see when

01:31:25 --> 01:31:33

you and Hamdulillah I mean, a lot of a sudden he was sending robotic ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine

01:35:52 --> 01:35:57

All Oh

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said one

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in lolol

01:36:45 --> 01:36:53

showed you one more hum Madonna was sooner or

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Shireen Yan also on

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Patreon also

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along Long Cuba

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in all

01:38:08 --> 01:38:13

pray son insha Allah and then we'll make a comment right away so pray as soon as we can make a comment shows you can get your thought inshallah Tada

01:40:34 --> 01:41:02

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar shed one launcher do unknown Mohammad Rasool Allah hi hello Sonia T Hi Anna inferna For deformity Sona to Paducah Almighty Sana. Allahu Akbar long who I Cuba kebab Lucha Isla Ha Long long

01:41:03 --> 01:41:06

later he lost all stop anymore 32

01:41:28 --> 01:41:30


01:41:37 --> 01:41:59

hamdulillah here have been I mean a rush man you're walking man Nikki young me Dean a yak and our boudoir you're gonna start starting in a slit all stuffy mostly at all bollettino and I'm tardy him what email do behind him What else

01:42:01 --> 01:42:07

on me in mean

01:42:09 --> 01:42:12

will Doha lately either surge

01:42:13 --> 01:42:16

was the account or book called

01:42:18 --> 01:42:28

Auto hero came in early oh one so for your book as a total blah and me edgy decay it email

01:42:30 --> 01:42:34

Huawei Jedi kill all

01:42:36 --> 01:42:37

Huawei Jedi

01:42:43 --> 01:42:47

team effort to help or help what must

01:42:48 --> 01:42:51

in turn will

01:42:52 --> 01:42:57

be in your material being Kapha Hadith Allah

01:43:04 --> 01:43:07

tell me how long who Neiman Hamidah

01:43:10 --> 01:43:12

laws work about

01:43:19 --> 01:43:22

log or export

01:43:26 --> 01:43:28

log looks about

01:43:35 --> 01:43:37

log x about

01:43:39 --> 01:44:09

hamdulillah here have been me in a rush man you're watching Maliki young me Dean II Jarek and Abu iya Kana stallion if Dino slaw stuck me mostly off leadin and I'm Tara Lee him via email behind him on me in mean

01:44:11 --> 01:44:15

I'm national or local for the Iraq war. Well, Barton

01:44:16 --> 01:44:22

go is like a lady. Oh Gobo rock. We're on

01:44:23 --> 01:44:24

the clock for in

01:44:26 --> 01:44:27

the US run in

01:44:28 --> 01:44:38

New York City you saw that either federal federal saw that. We're in Baker for rural order, along about

01:44:47 --> 01:44:50

Samia Allah Who Lehmann Hamida

01:44:53 --> 01:44:55


01:45:03 --> 01:45:05

Logging Expo

01:45:10 --> 01:45:11


01:45:17 --> 01:45:20

log Expo actual

01:45:33 --> 01:45:35


01:45:56 --> 01:45:58

laws like Bob

01:46:04 --> 01:46:07

Mian law who Lehmann Hamidah

01:46:11 --> 01:46:12


01:46:19 --> 01:46:21

law workboat

01:46:27 --> 01:46:28

law who Expo

01:46:34 --> 01:46:35


01:47:05 --> 01:47:06

more or equal

01:47:07 --> 01:47:08


01:47:10 --> 01:47:16

more or equal to more along work

01:47:18 --> 01:47:18


01:47:20 --> 01:47:20


01:47:30 --> 01:47:31

about a one in

01:47:33 --> 01:47:35

a long walk

01:47:47 --> 01:47:47


01:47:49 --> 01:47:49


01:47:54 --> 01:47:55


01:47:57 --> 01:47:57


01:47:59 --> 01:47:59


01:48:03 --> 01:48:07

long long walk about

01:48:09 --> 01:48:12


01:48:16 --> 01:48:33

kilometers behind Aiden paddock just a small housekeeping if we can pray so not the brothers and sisters are actually serving the food on the tables so all the food will be on the table as you go outside but please pray some to give them like a couple of minutes to finish that just like a law here in Baraka.

01:48:41 --> 01:49:07

Inshallah there'll be a there'll be a Kahoot after Iftar. So we'll we'll make an announcement for those of you who are prepared and actually listen to the playlist and are ready to actually compete, we'll let you know around maybe 1010 will be the Kahoot inside them. So those who want to compete, participate, take the phone of your parents or you come inside and you can participate in the Kahoot we'll have some architecture of how to run and then pm afterwards so pay your son and then proceed outside for 15 and Charlie's gonna look here

01:54:14 --> 01:54:18

So now I can just one more announcement I hope all can hear or the

01:54:19 --> 01:54:28

bit let the families sit first please. All the younger brothers will let the family sit first, and then we'll fill in the gaps the younger brothers

01:54:29 --> 01:54:35

that the families sit first inshallah and then the younger brothers will will take their places Zach Aloha

01:55:00 --> 01:55:22

one more announcement. There is food for eight on each table. There is food for eight people on each table. So if you're a family of six, please invite two others to come join you. We want to distribute the food fairly and equally. So each table has eight servings. And please fill the tables up. Thank you

02:01:04 --> 02:01:14

So once again, please fill the tables up. There are eight servings on each table. Just remember there are eight servings on each table. Please feel the tables up. She does come along

02:08:05 --> 02:08:07

Before I forget, I just want to

02:08:09 --> 02:08:18

first of all all the volunteers, Zach and law Hayden now, and all the people that donated for this this was completely free of charge.

02:08:20 --> 02:08:28

From generous donors, Zach located on the garbage if you can keep it on the table for now we'll be the volunteers coming with garbage bags soon to pick up the garbage. Zach Aloha

02:31:09 --> 02:31:17

Salam Alaikum in the Kahoot was set in five minutes in sha Allah so for all those interested please come to the main prayer hall size

02:31:24 --> 02:31:26

will be prizes as well for the Kahoot.

02:33:14 --> 02:33:14


02:34:42 --> 02:34:42


02:34:58 --> 02:34:58


02:35:00 --> 02:35:29

Two things you could help us with as you're leaning, leaving and cleaning up number one, any extra food on your table please feel free to take it home you would help us if you took the food home please take any extra food on your table home and secondly just check around your table please make sure there's no garbage there's no napkins and the Kahoot will be starting momentarily so anyone that's interested in joining the for children please join us inside just like a little huddle?

02:37:19 --> 02:37:22

Once again the Kahoot will be starting momentarily

02:37:23 --> 02:37:25

please join us inside

02:37:27 --> 02:37:29

the Kahoot we'll be starting moment?

02:39:05 --> 02:39:11

We are signing in for the Kahoot anyone outside that wants to win a prize please come in

02:39:14 --> 02:39:17

I don't want to wait. Okay, so

02:39:20 --> 02:39:20


02:39:25 --> 02:39:25

let me get a lot of

02:39:27 --> 02:39:29

Santa Monica everybody

02:39:31 --> 02:39:37

so the the game code is 5312389 inshallah

02:39:40 --> 02:39:43

if everyone could just quiet down a little bit that way you can hear me

02:39:44 --> 02:39:47

the game codes at the top of the screen. See it

02:40:08 --> 02:40:09

We'll get started very shortly

02:40:12 --> 02:40:18

these questions are based on chef Hartman's aij series that's on Facebook it was released

02:40:21 --> 02:40:24

and then there's gonna be a gift cards for presidents and Sharla.

02:40:50 --> 02:40:52

Word for that Microsoft Works

02:41:06 --> 02:41:06

it's fun

02:41:07 --> 02:41:10

we'll get started in one minute in sha Allah

02:41:23 --> 02:41:27

does anyone does anyone need more time to register for quick

02:41:32 --> 02:41:36

okay said I want to come the cohort will be starting very shortly

02:41:37 --> 02:41:38

in five minutes

02:42:09 --> 02:42:15

we're just gonna wait a little bit so that all the people who want to play who are outside or an extension can come inside inshallah.

02:42:56 --> 02:42:57


02:43:00 --> 02:43:01

Where do you go

02:43:03 --> 02:43:05

did you guys Does anyone need any more time

02:43:08 --> 02:43:11

does anyone need any more time to register or no decided

02:43:15 --> 02:43:17

raise your hand if you need more time.

02:43:18 --> 02:43:20

Quick quick quack quack

02:43:30 --> 02:43:33

okay, just quiet down a little bit guys please

02:43:35 --> 02:43:36

we're not going to start until

02:43:37 --> 02:43:39

we're at a six right now we're gonna bring it down to like a three.

02:44:33 --> 02:44:33


02:44:35 --> 02:44:41

when it hits 1020 inshallah we'll get started. So two more minutes, because there's a lot of people outside who want to play they're just getting cotton candy

02:44:50 --> 02:44:51

videos we got to watch

02:44:53 --> 02:44:54

funny candies by the way now.

02:44:58 --> 02:44:58


02:45:03 --> 02:45:05

One more minute inshallah one more minute

02:45:09 --> 02:45:10

one more minute

02:45:21 --> 02:45:23

okay, ready

02:45:24 --> 02:45:28

you just have to quiet down just a little bit and then we'll get started three

02:45:30 --> 02:45:30


02:45:31 --> 02:45:38

one quiet down quiet down quiet down a little bit okay Allah Belga Sosa

02:45:45 --> 02:45:48

already there's 37 questions we're gonna go through them quickly

02:45:52 --> 02:45:54

what is the significance of the Day of Arafah

02:45:58 --> 02:46:03

these are hard questions because you had to watch check ins I'd series

02:46:17 --> 02:46:22

Question two What did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say about the Blackstone and Dave judgment

02:46:25 --> 02:46:32

there's 37 videos in the series so there's one question from every video so if you watch all the videos you should know Charla?

02:46:50 --> 02:46:51

Question Three

02:46:52 --> 02:46:56

which two senses will the Blackstone possess on the Day of Judgment

02:47:01 --> 02:47:02

these are pretty hard questions am I gonna lie?

02:47:17 --> 02:47:21

Question four who narrated the Hadith regarding the Blackstone

02:47:24 --> 02:47:30

was whatever was Amata been a hot tub was Aisha or was it in an omnibus?

02:47:41 --> 02:47:42

Seminar bus

02:47:44 --> 02:47:49

question five What was the name of the prophets of Allah Allah salams barber This is from the video

02:47:56 --> 02:47:59

I didn't make these questions so you guys know I didn't make sense

02:48:08 --> 02:48:09

yes, right.

02:48:11 --> 02:48:18

Question Six What did the prophets Allah send them boo after delivering the Sermon on the day of Ramadan Aloha?

02:48:39 --> 02:48:41

he slaughtered a sheep That's correct.

02:48:43 --> 02:48:48

Let's look at the leaderboard real quick. Oh nevermind. Next question. Where are the Jamara located?

02:48:51 --> 02:48:55

Is it Ottawa Mina Mecca Medina which one's correct

02:49:04 --> 02:49:05

yes Mina

02:49:06 --> 02:49:08

great scoreboard real quick.

02:49:11 --> 02:49:17

Allows as a family medium Morocco the country of Morocco is in third place

02:49:20 --> 02:49:24

now along with the Prophets Allah said the mid after performing Amara.

02:49:41 --> 02:49:50

Yes, question nine this day have I perfected your religion for you completed my favor upon you and I've chosen for you was revealed on

02:49:52 --> 02:49:54

you guys should notice very easy

02:50:02 --> 02:50:05

is identified and fitted or the first day of Ramadan

02:50:08 --> 02:50:09


02:50:10 --> 02:50:13

majority of you guys got that correct Masha Allah Masha Allah

02:50:14 --> 02:50:16

why is hijo to Allah

02:50:32 --> 02:50:33


02:50:37 --> 02:50:41

11 Which of these provinces did not perform hij?

02:50:56 --> 02:50:59

Y'all know what's correct Ma sha Allah Masha Allah

02:51:01 --> 02:51:03

and Allah not a lot of you guys got that correct.

02:51:05 --> 02:51:14

The rewards of praying in mesh in another way is better than 100,000 prayers in any other mosques. Is that true or is that false

02:51:22 --> 02:51:23

it is false

02:51:28 --> 02:51:30

it's 1000 Think

02:51:32 --> 02:51:36

of the prophets Allah Salam respond to that man's question about his deceased sisters vow.

02:51:37 --> 02:51:39

And what did he advise him to do?

02:51:43 --> 02:51:45

This is a pretty pretty tough question Mangala.

02:51:58 --> 02:51:59

It's yellow,

02:52:01 --> 02:52:08

what's your 14 According to the narration of m&r bass, what did the man ask the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about his sister.

02:52:10 --> 02:52:13

And we're going to start doing 10 seconds per question just because we're running out of time

02:52:19 --> 02:52:24

so if you don't answer before 10 seconds pass, you will automatically get it wrong to try to answer as soon as you can. Okay.

02:52:26 --> 02:52:27


02:52:28 --> 02:52:32

Question 15 What is the meaning of beloved bake in the Tobia?

02:52:34 --> 02:52:35

See the circle right here

02:52:36 --> 02:52:40

what a hits 10 you've run out of time. So do quick.

02:52:51 --> 02:52:58

Question 16, who was present underneath mount Safa while the prophet muhammad sallallahu sallam was supplicating?

02:53:04 --> 02:53:08

Was it Quraysh and so on Maccha people or the Companions Sahabi

02:53:09 --> 02:53:11

Skipper Alton Skipper

02:53:13 --> 02:53:24

yes it was on side they'll look at the leaderboard real quick we have geneticin First, H L Gabby and second in Morocco stone third place mashallah skip

02:53:26 --> 02:53:30

What did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam raise his hands and supplicate after performing pull up

02:53:37 --> 02:53:39


02:53:51 --> 02:53:54

How many times the Prophet sallallahu Sallam repeat the phrase

02:53:56 --> 02:53:58

while setting on suffer?

02:54:11 --> 02:54:12


02:54:14 --> 02:54:16

got you all should have gotten that one.

02:54:17 --> 02:54:24

Why did the prophet Mohamed Salah Salem start his journey from heights from Mr. Safar. Now Ottawa,

02:54:25 --> 02:54:29

Ottawa none of the above? Which one?

02:54:32 --> 02:54:33

Yes, none of the above.

02:54:34 --> 02:54:35

Or sha Allah.

02:54:38 --> 02:54:40

Oh, change change the leaderboard.

02:54:42 --> 02:54:44

What does wealth mean?

02:55:04 --> 02:55:10

Question 21 According to narration What are rockin and matam compared to it

02:55:13 --> 02:55:15

so they're compared to something where they compare it to

02:55:25 --> 02:55:29

rubies from the jaws of paradise this is the correct answer masala

02:55:32 --> 02:55:36

What did Allah subhanaw taala do for the light of a rockin and matam?

02:55:56 --> 02:55:57


02:56:04 --> 02:56:10

I have a word for the dim light what would a rockin le matam do according to narration

02:56:11 --> 02:56:12

they are very tough questions

02:56:22 --> 02:56:24

Why are you telling them the answers?

02:56:27 --> 02:56:27


02:56:29 --> 02:56:30

Question 24

02:56:31 --> 02:56:36

word scholars reported the narration regarding rockin and matam

02:56:42 --> 02:56:43


02:56:51 --> 02:57:16

so just as a disclaimer for this for these questions, the design was supposed to be that you were supposed to listen to the co author of Hydra that I gave last year there was like 10 Hadith generated last year about hedge and that the goal was that you were supposed to listen to them gather the information and then come and try and get these questions right so if you didn't do that don't feel bad if you don't know these answers, I wouldn't expect you to if you didn't listen to the co author so these ones you could you can you could just try it if it doesn't work out no big deal

02:57:20 --> 02:57:26

Russia 25 Which headed to the prophets of Allah wa salam say the following refer to the picture?

02:57:51 --> 02:57:55

Question 26 What did the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu send them say about some of the water

02:57:58 --> 02:57:58


02:58:01 --> 02:58:06

Okay, after this question, I'm gonna pass it off so I'm good because I have to go so

02:58:21 --> 02:58:29

our leaderboard hasn't changed quite yet. Who knows what next question? What did the Prophet Muhammad say when What did he say when he saw out of her

02:58:34 --> 02:58:35

What is it

02:58:58 --> 02:59:00

all right, all right. samuda Boyd,

02:59:01 --> 02:59:02

perfect. I'm back. Oh, thank you.

02:59:05 --> 02:59:12

What did the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him do when the sun set Autofit all of that

02:59:27 --> 02:59:36

the Prophet respond to live Salam when a young woman from a firm asked if she could perform hijab on behalf of her old father

02:59:48 --> 02:59:52

Okay, since we don't have that much time, we're just going to skip Oh

02:59:56 --> 03:00:00

us. Okay. Finish check out that state.

03:00:00 --> 03:00:04

When the J Helia of Abdulmutallab prided themselves on

03:00:21 --> 03:00:24

if you get if you're shouting out answers you're gonna kick from the game

03:00:27 --> 03:00:33

what did the prophets of Allah wa salam advise the people during his Farewell Pilgrimage

03:00:35 --> 03:00:37

I think we just heard it before mostly bright.

03:00:38 --> 03:00:40

So you can if you use your memory

03:00:44 --> 03:00:46

don't shut out answers please

03:00:50 --> 03:00:54

you guys would love to help each other You're trying to win the lottery, you're not supposed to tell him the right answer.

03:00:57 --> 03:01:03

Who narrated the statement of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about not returning as disbelievers?

03:01:13 --> 03:01:13


03:01:23 --> 03:01:24

was yellow.

03:01:27 --> 03:01:37

More questions we have four more minutes so we're gonna go quick quick. What did the man ask the Prophet sallallahu Sallam regarding the best days? Then seconds when the clock hits 10 We're going to skip to the next question

03:01:42 --> 03:01:44

Yes, next question.

03:01:46 --> 03:01:52

Question 34 According to the narration which days are considered the best with Allah subhanaw taala

03:02:05 --> 03:02:06


03:02:09 --> 03:02:13

of the prophets Allah Salam begin the act of slaughtering a sheep

03:02:32 --> 03:02:36

What did the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam say after slaughtering the sheep

03:02:45 --> 03:02:46

this blue

03:02:48 --> 03:02:50

medium is known second Manav is in third

03:02:52 --> 03:02:55

H le GAVI the first place mashallah

03:02:56 --> 03:03:01

What did the prophets of Allah do send them tome Ahmad During their conversation

03:03:10 --> 03:03:11


03:03:14 --> 03:03:14

let's read

03:03:16 --> 03:03:17

two more minutes

03:03:21 --> 03:03:22

more minutes

03:03:46 --> 03:03:49

we're skipping to the last question just so we have time.

03:03:50 --> 03:03:55

When we try and click it, you just let him skip eyebrow

03:04:06 --> 03:04:11

Okay, two more questions before I then for Asha goes off.

03:04:12 --> 03:04:15

What did I ask the Prophet salallahu Salam regarding the construction of the Kaaba?

03:04:26 --> 03:04:48

Last question, when touching the Kaaba, what does wiping over two corners mentioned by Abu the Rockman signify to enhance the spiritual reward of the prayer was a remove sins and purify the individual. does it guarantee a direct entry into Jannah or allow for forgiveness of past mistakes and some blue

03:04:50 --> 03:04:50


03:04:51 --> 03:04:54

okay. Oh no, sorry, this is a lot. Oh,

03:04:55 --> 03:04:56

this is the last question.

03:05:03 --> 03:05:04

Is fetcher Wow

03:05:07 --> 03:05:11

yes it is. It's true. Okay, let's see the leaderboard

03:05:12 --> 03:05:13

number three

03:05:15 --> 03:05:20

two is man of Masha Allah demotic Allah number one first place

03:05:22 --> 03:05:36

H L Gabi Ma sha Allah Masha Allah here so if you guys one can come get your gift cards Zakho located for attending I hope you guys enjoyed we're gonna pray out shut those up okay I'm afterwards sha Allah okay so now they love it a character

03:05:53 --> 03:05:53

and law

03:05:54 --> 03:05:55


03:06:05 --> 03:06:05


03:06:17 --> 03:06:17

a shadow

03:06:26 --> 03:06:26

a shadow

03:06:35 --> 03:06:38

a shadow one murder was Sue

03:06:43 --> 03:06:44

she had one

03:06:46 --> 03:06:47

murder was soon

03:06:52 --> 03:06:54

I saw

03:06:59 --> 03:07:01

I saw that

03:07:05 --> 03:07:07

I learned you further

03:07:14 --> 03:07:14


03:07:19 --> 03:07:21

Allahu Akbar

03:07:29 --> 03:07:30


03:10:00 --> 03:10:07

Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar a shadow Enya law shadow and Mohammad Rasool Allah

03:10:09 --> 03:10:10


03:10:11 --> 03:10:11


03:10:12 --> 03:10:25

your comment in sought to record your call to sada Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar love Illa Allah

03:10:31 --> 03:10:32

stepping within

03:10:50 --> 03:10:51


03:10:52 --> 03:10:53

AR he

03:10:54 --> 03:11:12

Alhamdulillah you're learning a Walkman you're Rohini Maliki a woman D and you can you can study in Hindi No sir or study Nosferatu on the non

03:11:13 --> 03:11:13

white area

03:11:19 --> 03:11:21


03:11:27 --> 03:11:28


03:11:29 --> 03:11:30


03:11:37 --> 03:11:40

better be better the yearning

03:11:42 --> 03:11:43

to sleep oh man

03:11:45 --> 03:11:45

that was

03:11:48 --> 03:11:50

the one wireless

03:11:55 --> 03:11:57

Wi Fi Kathy

03:11:59 --> 03:12:10

to weather King Allah had better eco Imana was a Jana who will be our raw equaling record raw equals forward in full so

03:12:13 --> 03:12:13


03:12:14 --> 03:12:19

can she do help them in a law he

03:12:21 --> 03:12:24

will love it in hockey

03:12:26 --> 03:12:28

effect meaning in

03:12:31 --> 03:12:32

the in

03:12:36 --> 03:12:38

the FE

03:12:44 --> 03:12:44


03:12:46 --> 03:12:53

ideally we're opposed to in a law Haotian will not necessarily in in

03:12:54 --> 03:12:56

mean if we're too

03:12:57 --> 03:13:02

far away but also the Hubei enough all equal law

03:13:03 --> 03:13:03


03:13:07 --> 03:13:08

Allah Who

03:13:18 --> 03:13:20

sent me I love Lehmann I need a

03:13:26 --> 03:13:27


03:13:35 --> 03:13:36

long luck

03:13:41 --> 03:13:42


03:13:58 --> 03:14:15

Smilla Manuel or he in Honduras in Europe beloved me in a rock Maria Rohini Maliki de you cannot avoid what kind of stay I mean he did not say rah

03:14:17 --> 03:14:22

rah on an entirely him why he didn't know

03:14:25 --> 03:14:30

on me

03:14:36 --> 03:14:36


03:14:40 --> 03:14:41

yes horrible

03:14:43 --> 03:14:46

homie NASA a coup

03:14:48 --> 03:14:50

wala Aneesa

03:14:52 --> 03:14:52


03:14:53 --> 03:14:57

Inasa AE for you

03:14:58 --> 03:14:59


03:15:00 --> 03:15:02

While attending Israel

03:15:03 --> 03:15:04

for the second one

03:15:06 --> 03:15:13

all that being said this morning for so in one year to get

03:15:15 --> 03:15:17

in yeah

03:15:20 --> 03:15:29

manually turning Kathy on number one in number one he isn't there just says

03:15:30 --> 03:15:31


03:15:32 --> 03:15:32


03:15:34 --> 03:15:43

bah I could he may eat according to what law her in law her

03:15:45 --> 03:15:46


03:15:47 --> 03:15:48


03:15:51 --> 03:15:51


03:15:55 --> 03:15:59

watch out Jana wotja Anakin show Ruda

03:16:04 --> 03:16:06

in Corona

03:16:07 --> 03:16:18

the law he had bought in Milan Irene hobby a long

03:16:30 --> 03:16:32

Semi long email Shamika

03:16:37 --> 03:16:38

along who had

03:16:46 --> 03:16:47

a lot of work above

03:16:52 --> 03:16:54

more of what goes

03:17:01 --> 03:17:02


03:17:25 --> 03:17:27

Oh along what about

03:17:47 --> 03:17:48

Wal Mart

03:17:54 --> 03:17:57

sent me I'll log Lehman Hamidah

03:18:01 --> 03:18:02

along with Bob

03:18:09 --> 03:18:10


03:18:15 --> 03:18:17

along with Bob

03:18:25 --> 03:18:26


03:18:46 --> 03:18:47

along with

03:18:54 --> 03:18:56

me I love them demon Hamidah

03:19:01 --> 03:19:03

along with book

03:19:09 --> 03:19:10

log will echo

03:19:15 --> 03:19:16


03:19:24 --> 03:19:26

more apt to go

03:20:00 --> 03:20:00


03:20:02 --> 03:20:07

said I'm not too long. I said

03:20:10 --> 03:20:11


03:20:13 --> 03:20:14


03:20:19 --> 03:20:20

let's go left

03:20:23 --> 03:20:26

in law, law

03:20:33 --> 03:20:34

a lot of

03:20:35 --> 03:20:39

love to go to law

03:20:44 --> 03:20:46

law, law

03:20:53 --> 03:20:53


03:20:55 --> 03:20:55


03:20:57 --> 03:20:58


03:21:00 --> 03:21:01


03:21:05 --> 03:21:06


03:21:08 --> 03:21:08


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