How to convert every action into an act of Ibaadah

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Number 11 salatu salam ala should have an MBA early he was heavy human will avoid

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the purpose of our creation, which was well done, I said that he created us for no other purpose than for his brother.

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Omar said like, last month I said mathematical Genova Linser Ilya

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and so, I remind myself, I knew that

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if there is any instant in our lives, that is spent in doing anything other than the Ibadah of Allah subhanaw taala, the worship of Allah subhanaw taala then that instant is being spent in something which is not the purpose of our creation. Obviously, if we have been created for a purpose and we don't fulfill it, then we are questionable before Allah subhanaw taala.

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So how is it possible to convert every instant of our lives and every action of our lives into an action of Riba?

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Obviously, that's necessary, because if rather is restricted only to our worship, is it restricted only to Salah and recitation of Quran and fasting and so on. Then there will be huge parts of our lives, which are spent in necessary legitimate activities like earning a living or traveling from place to place or playing some sport or whatever it is studying.

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We which would not be considered if either if Ava is only these forms of worship.

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So how then can we explain this? Because if Allah subhanaw taala, one of the principles of the Sharia is that Allah subhanaw taala never gives an order that is impossible to obey. Because that would be unfair and unjust, that Allah subhanaw taala gives us an order

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that we are supposed to obey. And if we do not obey this order, then we are punishable. But the order is such that intrinsically, it can't be a bit, it's impossible to wait so this would be unfair. So obviously, Allah does not do that Allah is idle, Allah is fair and just so every Hong Kong of ALLAH, any order of Allah subhanaw taala, by definition is doable. And that's the reason why we are questionable on it if you don't do it, because it's something which is possible to do, but we choose not to do it. So if Allah subhanaw taala said, that I have created you for no purpose other than my worship, then it automatically follows that it is possible to live our entire life, every

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single instant of this life, every single moment of his life, in a state of worship. So how is that to be done? And for that Allah subhanaw taala sent His Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salatu salam, and specifically told us that the life of my Nabi SallAllahu Sallam is entire life, every aspect of his life is something that is worthy of emulation. And that is the best example for you to follow. When he said like a cannula comfy Rasulullah he also told hashanah he said the best example. A good example for you to follow is the example of the life of mine a bizarre asylum. How does this relate with the purpose of our existence, which is, the way it relates is that if we do everything

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in our lives, if we emulate the profits or asylum in every action of our lives, then that action becomes an action of a bad

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starting from, I don't like to use the word small and big or insignificant, insignificant because it is our Aveda that every action of a soloist or a seller is significant, that every action of the progress of the Salem there's no such thing as a small action but I mean small and big in terms of the complex of the complexity of the action. So whether it is something like how we eat our food, how we drink our water, we say salaam to each other, how we sleep, how we wake up, how we go to the toilet, how we come out of the toilet. And that is where we also see the hikma the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala causing every single action of Rasulullah Isola salaam to be preserved unless that

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Allah subhanaw taala caused every aspect of the Prophet SAW Selim from his person.

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The blabbers describes the Delano describes the

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soles of the feet of the prophets and he describes how the of the underside of the foot the soul of the foot of the Prophet SAW Selim, look like now imagine

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you would have heard you know descriptions of many people. But who's in whose description is the soul of the food described? But the problems are seldom even that people described how the soul of his foot

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was like,

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and this is the

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equivalent of Allah subhanaw taala, where Allah subhanaw taala caused every aspect of his NaVi to be mentioned, remembered, preserved, and passed on generation after generation. So we have in the life and we saw Selim

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an example for every single thing in our lives for all kinds of decisions that we might be that we might need to make. Like yesterday shahadah was asking us, what are the things that you look for in a spouse? You want to marry somebody in the man or the woman? What are the qualities that you need to look for in a spouse?

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What is the answer for that? The answer is look to what Ursula hazera Salam said, with regard to this matter. You might say, Well, what kind of employment should I seek? Look in the life of Rosa salaam, what did he say about employment?

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If Allah subhanaw taala gives you the power to rule a kingdom to rule a state, you say, Well, how must I rule as the President as the prime minister as the ruler of this country? Look in the life of the Salem witch, we'll give you an example of how a ruler must rule in a way which is just and which is compassionate as a householder, as a

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as a military officer, as you know, in business for example, right? Every single aspect if you look at the life process, from the least complex to the most complex, from the smallest to the largest, every action of the province or asylum is described and it is recorded. So therefore, it is possible if we lead our lives in this way according to the Sunnah of the of the enemy, Salah Salem, and with this intention that I'm doing this because it is the Sunnah. For example, Surah Surah salaam said when you put on your shoes, he said, Lift off the shoe, shake it out and put it on. Now you might say I'm wearing a pair of slippers. I can see what what's in it. Why was my Messiah do that? You're

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not doing it because you can see or you can't see you're doing it because Rasulillah Salam said do it. Somebody else is an ally when we talk about the Messiah on the socks. And he said my logic tells me that the Messiah should be on the underside because the underside comes into contact with the ground. But the prophets Allah Salim said do Messiah on the upper side, so I do miss on the opposite.

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The Ayesha Siddiqa Golan has says that among the people the Sahaba she said the one who was closest to and who emulated a surah Salah Salem the most was Abdullah Omar Villanueva. Now Abdullah Omar El Dorado Milan, the alarm is going one day he is mounted on his gavel. He reaches a particular place he makes the camel do come to complete circles and then makes the camel kneel and he gets off and he prays to legato Salah somebody asked him as to why did you do that? You know why did you make your camel do two rounds and then sit down and then you got off and you pray to Ricardo Salah what Salah is this. He said the Salah is nothing. And the reason I did it was one day I was with him and Abu

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Salah Salem came here, and his camel made two circles and sat down and then the Prophet SAW Selim pray to regatta of Salah. Now, if you think about it, who knows why a camel does what it does. I mean, you know, there's no

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at least no logic to me of why the camel must have taken two turns and not wanted. But the the Sahabas way of looking at it was that every action of the Prophet sallallahu sallam was guided by Allah subhanaw taala geladeira law. So if he did something, there was a reason. Now we might, the reason might be apparent to us in some cases. In other cases, the reason may not be apparent, but we are not doing the action because we understand the reason always we do the action because it is the action of the prophets, Allah Salem, and that action makes it even harder for us. So if we look at our lives, and we try to say that every single incident of my life, every action of mine, every

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reaction of mine, every attitude of mine is according to the life of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam that inshallah every action of ours becomes an action rather. Now if we do this and as I said, two things are required one is the action itself. And secondly the near behind the action, which is that I'm doing it because it is a sudden, so having this near, if we do this that Allah subhanaw taala rewards and what's the what's the reward Allah subhanaw taala said we're in quantum the hipbone Allah factory only you Hobbico Allah work with local and local Allah for him. Allah said oh Mohammed Salah Salem say to these people who claim to love Allah subhanho wa Taala della della, to make my

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he did not say to obey me, he said tell them to make tell them make by a diva.

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Then what will happen? Allah subhanaw taala will love you.

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And then of course Allah Allah, Allah Allah, if Allah loves somebody that what

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traveled to his sins Allah subhanaw taala forgives the sins will allow for him and Allah subhanaw taala is the most forgiving and the Most Merciful. Now think about this. The word diba is different from the word it that is that is obedience obedience requires the Hohokam obedience requires an order which is to be obeyed, but it diba is something which is not obedience, it is emulation, it is imitating, now you emulate or imitate only for one reason, which is love. Nobody emulate someone you dislike people emulate those they love. And this emulation therefore is a sign of the love of Muhammad Salah Salem this we find signs of emulation in you know, in our society today, people

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emulate pop stars and emulate sports stars and various people because they love them. The concern sportstar doesn't even know that so and so, in the whole issue of fan clubs and fans is what people don't even know they exist. But they do it because they love that person. So what about the love of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, the one who loves the province of Salem amulets, the province, he is he doesn't even wait to say did they actually tell us to do that is this an order of the board, if it is an order of the province was set up, of course, it has to be obeyed anyway. But obedience for things which were not necessarily Africa was a service, not necessarily his, for example, that

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we saw SRM used to clip his nails in a certain way, he would start with the index finger of the right hand, and he would go across to this little finger and then he would go on the left hand from the little finger across to the thumb, and then he would clip the nails of a nail off his right thumb the last. Now there is a lesson of the best of my knowledge didn't say, when you click your heels do it like this. But the but people saw how he did it. They preserved his memory. And if we when we click our nails, if we do it in this way with the NIA that this is the Sunnah of divorce or asylum, then it means that then it amounts to it Tibba of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam makes

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the clipping of nails into an action or Ibadah and results in sha Allah in Allah subhanaw taala loving you and me. So this is the baraka of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam one, that it converts every action into an action of Riba and to that it results in the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala for the slave, and when that happens, of course, the sins of the slaves are forgiven. And Allah subhanaw taala is Most Forgiving and most Merciful. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enable us to lead our entire lives every action we do, every word we speak every intention we have every condition that we find ourselves in to do every one of these things in accordance with

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the beautiful sunnah of Rasulullah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to fill our lives with the baraka of that and to forgive our sins was Allah Allah Allah will carry Molly he was Savage, vain virological