Mirza Yawar Baig – How to deal with Iman fluctuation

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of finding creative ideas for future events is emphasized, along with the use of a "hams" factor to increase demand and reduce man activities. Pr practicing Islam, including reciting the Sun parable and avoiding sinful behavior, is key to achieving healthy health and well-being. Visiting the Quran and reciting the route to increase demand is key to building a habit of increasing engagement with events.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala sherfield Ambia Eva mursaleen Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Haile he was early he was have you send them does leave on cathedra and go here for my brother my brothers sisters, one of our brothers asked me a beautiful question and before I go to the question, let me encourage you, all of you to please ask questions suggest ideas for our future reminders are hungry

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so that they can continuously be improved and made more and more

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relevant to your needs.

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So, if you ask me questions or if you

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give ideas for further reminders, then it makes it easier for us to do them. So I encourage you to do that. Now

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the question that was asked to me was our EMR goes up and down

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what can we do to take care of that will sustain a high level of demand and to stop the man from decreasing instruct

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hamdulillah Mashallah. Very good question. It shows that the questioner is somebody who is

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concerned about his email and the law this is something which is you know, highly

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commendable inshallah

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it's very,

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the question of a beautiful because this is not something that is unique to us.

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There is a beautiful Hadith

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mentioned in the Sierra beautiful story in the Sierra. Where I think it is how they find the Nirvana villain, who are one of the greats I have a very close to a solar cell, who asked a solar cell a cell on this question. He said to me, also allah sallallahu Sallam when we are with you, our Yvonne is at the peak very, very high man.

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He said, When you speak to us about Jana and Jana, for us, it is like we are standing there and seeing Jana and Jana,

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there is no difference. You could be seeing it. That is how strong we are believers, and that's how real it is to us.

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And then he said, then we go home, and we are with our families, and you know, we are involved in our family matters, and so on. And our event, the strength and power of this event decreases.

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We are no longer feeling it that strongly. So what can we do? How can we combat this? How can we change this?

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As soon as salam smiled,

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and he said that

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if your iman remained constantly at the same level, as it is when you are with me, he said then the angels would shake your hand in the street as you walk.

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So we learn from this idea is that for the event to go up and down is natural and normal.

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Please note the sahabi is not talking about doing anything haram he's not talking about doing something wrong. He's talking about

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in the normal course of things. You know, my faith and belief is I IN sometimes it becomes weaker, what shall I do?

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So when he's saying I'm with my family, and so on, this is obviously being somebody who's good, commendable, obviously halal,

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yet, it is not the same as being in the company of a solar cell. Now, in our case, when we say company of the rasa is a lab,

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he is not with us physically, but being in his company would amount to studying Islam, read the Quran, reading the Hadith services, I love having,

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you know, discussions based on content connected with religion, discussions of how to practice Islam, for example, as well. So all kinds of reasons activities, we could clump them together and say this is something that amounts to being in the company of reservations.

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So even goes up and go look now. So that is an actual it's not something to be

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too worried about. But obviously, as the brother wants to see, how can we prevent definitely these fluctuations from happening too often, and maybe the man

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Need to do fluctuation shouldn't be too big.

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So what should I do

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the key to keep the Eman high is the thicker one was monitor

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I was right that I mentioned in zero to run file in normal mode we know now Lavina either to get Allah What do you like Gulabo were either too late array him I add to that homie man

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so Allah surround there is a very the believers of those who and Allah subhanaw taala name is mentioned before them their hearts React, React and respond to that. And they do that by the Shiva with the glory and majesty of Allah.

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So the fact that the heart is responding itself is a sign that hamdulillah your iman is good. And then Allah says we're either to the Atari via to Zarda Tomi manner, he said that when the Ayat of Allah subhanaw taala, are recited before them. And when these slaves of mines li see the whole route of Allah, the Ayat of Allah, the signs of Allah and the creation, then Eman increases. Now obviously if the bar is increasing, it means that the man was down. So the Quran is saying yes, your demand may go down. But how can I increase by man, truly, utterly him it by reciting the Ayat of Allah subhanaw taala the lower the Quran, number one way of increasing Ebar is to connect with Allah and

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the best way of connecting with Allah is through the Quran Al Karim. So we say the one of the best way to increase the man is to read the Quran. The more we read the Quran hamdulillah the better our state of our image

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the next step would be also Zico of Allah subhanaw taala in any shape or form. So

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thing things one hola Alhamdulillah La Ilaha illa Allah, Allahu Akbar and so on is a way of increasing Iman, one of the best and finest ways of increasing Eva and Nancy Eva is to recite the route and salam ala Rasulillah is or sir, so, there will be but I am here the best way of doing that, but also any other group try to do that as much as possible. So,

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I would suggest as a as a, you know, sort of

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routine to build in this habit that every day. For example, the sources have said, anybody who recites Lila Hale Allahu wa had the WHO lash Erica Allahu La Holman koala, who will handle well who are actually Shane Cuddy, that we all know this vicar we all know these these words, if desired. So again, let me repeat that La ilaha illallah wa Haddow la sharika Allahu La Holman Cole who will handle will who are a coalition in Cali, La ilaha IL Allah there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. What are the whole he is alone in this lash illegal, there is no connect No, no one who is a partner with him who shares this, this quality of being

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worthy of worship with Allah subhanaw taala lower Buccola hold hand and for him is everything in creation. He is the owner of everything fish, why the whole hatchery Carlo the whole whole galanga wa ala coalition because it and he has cholera and he has control over every single thing. All his creation is His creation, which he controls. The source as Adam said the one who recites this who says this one other times in a day in 24 hours, Allah subhanaw taala will take care of all his needs. Allah subhanaw taala will become his coffee as well as he will see the beautiful beauty of this. Similarly,

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if we make this into a habit that every day I will decide this 100 times. Lila hill a lot 100 times SWAT Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, wa Allahu Akbar, all of these 100 times each, if we make this meal, and then even here that he will send drew than salovaara Sosa which is ruled by me or any other group, again, at least one or two times per day. And then finally, you still far do as much as far as possible, but at least 100 times a day. Let's talk for a while with him, we can see that

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we can also. So then secondly, we have the scar of the morning and the scar of the night. So make make,

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you know, memorize all of those. Again, more

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Star Wars will know all of this already just a matter of remembering it and doing it. Whatever you don't know, memorize it.

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You don't have to memorize it, you can read that excellent book. So a Muslim has all of these things and you can read it from history Muslim is no problem. But if memorize it is easier, but you can also read it. But go to that morning UScar and evening scan to make sure that you do all of these every single day. Final point is to read at least one use of Quran every day. If you can't manage one use then read less but don't read less with the intention of doing less, you're eating less in order to become used to reading more and eventually minimum requirements. One juice of Quran every single day, you must recite the usual the usual routine that I recommend is wake up for one hour

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before the time of Serato further comes in one hour before that we gotta

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pray to had and then read Quran until the time for five comes and then go to the budget and pray for the by Gemma. If you do this and then after further make the do the scar which I mentioned to you before

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Faysal scarred by the insha Allah to temperature so you get up and you make two kinds of Salah. We talked about what increases Eman.

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Now let's see what decreases it's

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the number one thing that decreases Iman is sin any kind of sin

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small or big

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beginning with leaving of Salah

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beginning with any kind of

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not fulfilling what Allah had made compulsory folds

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that decreases the bar.

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The second thing with degrees Yvonne also introduces fear into the heart is haram food.

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Haram earning and haram eating.

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These are detrimental these are very very harmful to the soul and it's again sucks out your energy your all the goodness in your in your life.

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Third thing is reflect so you may not be sitting you may also be earning and eating halal, but just heedlessness you know spending all the time just maybe watching some game or something and in the process also maybe neglecting Salah things like that. So it's just complete heedlessness there's no

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involvement Allah subhanaw taala in our daily conversation in our lives in our goal setting

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it's as if Allah has no place in any of this. And so we you know people will do we will have people who lead their lives like that which is without any consciousness of Allah subhanaw taala in their lives. The other The fourth thing and I'm not saying this in order of priority these are all equally important

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is deliberately leaving the Sunnah of Rasulullah assassin whatever it might be shaving your beard maybe not praying the Sunnah Salah after the first salah, maybe

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leaving his sunnah in any any way. One of the big things we forget is that Islam is the name of a practice. It's not theory, it's an area of practice and if you want in any kind of practice, whether it's Islam, whether it's the gym, whether it's food or anything, or work, it is only America's only action that produces results. Right without action, there's no result. So So also in Islam, so therefore the action in Islam is the Sunnah, anything you that refers to Islam, if you say well how should I do it? We do it in the way of Rasul Allah He Salah Salem, and if that becomes lacks if that becomes weak, or if that disappears altogether, then obviously Iman will decrease. So these four

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things I think and eating halal.

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So owning Halal eating Halal staying away from all kinds of sins, and fulfilling all the fire sincerely and

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following the Sunnah. So five things, this is very, very important to,

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to avoid.

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And so, you know, these are things to do, and avoid the wrong things in it so that we demand doesn't go down. That's very important to keep this in mind as far as this concern, as far as sins are concerned of very, very great importance are the sins which we do in private, hiding, so listening to, you know, wrong kind of stuff, watching * for example, or doing things like that which are hidden

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We don't do it in front of people out of some sense of shame. But we don't have the same sense of shame with respect to Allah subhanaw taala who's watching, so imagine how terrible it is that we are afraid of

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our elders or teachers or even even our good friends.

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We are afraid that they should find out what we do, but we have no problem with Allah subhanaw taala seeing what we are doing, this is a very, very sad thing. So this is something to be very carefully

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kept away from. Ask Allah subhanaw taala for His mercy and this

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was on Allah Allah Allah Allah Karim Allah Allah He was I remember how to get alright

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