Omar Suleiman – Taraweeh Reflections – What If Im Destined For Hell

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The seven long sorrows of the Bible are important in understanding the concept of decree and predestination, and the need for more knowledge about them is real. The spiritual control of the gods is discussed, and the speakers express their desire to end up doing things that are wrong. The importance of facing one's own actions and not letting fear control them is emphasized, as well as the power of Allah's deeds and deeds to use them to win. The speakers also discuss the power of Allah's deeds and deeds matter, as well as the deeds of people of Paradise and submit themselves to the Prophet's guidance.
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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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I was blessed to marry ministry volunteer miss when our human him did he live with our enemy or wandering around on a blog he would ask you but to subpoena Llamosa he was sitting robotic and antico silica Mohamed Salah by mine, he was a little while earlier he was he was seven to see him and he'll

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just kind of love we have exited out of the seven long sorrows, the suitors that we call the savannah thriller, the seven long suitors that the prophets is and I'm said, I have been given in the place of a Torah. Right, so Al Baqarah, all the way to an Arab off. And then now we are in an invalid Toba. So we officially exited those seven sorrows and we talked about the character of those sorrows being very similar to one another, and the things that come out of them. Now, some of you have been following the Ramadan series on Waimea divine decree and I kept on getting this question over and over again, which was about the ions sorted out often enough I thought I will come in Benny

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Adam in the Lodi him that he had to homage I don't know Marla emphysematous Toby rafiqul until the end of the I inserted out off Allah subhanaw taala says, and remember when your Lord extracted the Children of Adam from his back and Allah subhanaw taala caused them to bear witness Am I not your Lord? And they all bore witness to the Oneness of Allah subhanaw taala and to that responsibility that they have to the covenant with the last panel exam so a question came up multiple times sometimes even stopped me after salon so if Allah wrote us amongst the people of hellfire Allah created us for whole farm it was concept protect this alum me and if the light did not hit us in the

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beginning, how is that fair? What chance do I actually have? And I want to address it first and foremost from a Puranic perspective. And by the way, I'm just gonna say mashallah, we live in a day and age where there are lots of wonderful resources that break this stuff down the concepts of decree and predestination. If you go to pains website literally search the word Divine Decree predestination, we have papers we have a whole curriculum that we you can work through in sha Allah to Allah to properly understand this if you go to Sapiens Institute mashallah amazing works that they have on divine decree and predestination. If you go to the works of Shivamogga akattak Rahim

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Allah to Allah He has a book on Divine Decree, and predestination. This is all in the English language in the Arabic language, it's about it is an ocean and it will leave you not just satisfied, but invoking Inshallah, tada Allah for that next step in your journey, Tim. So I don't want to go down the deep philosophical parts of this I want to address it first and foremost from the Quran. And we said that these seven sorrows are grouped together and suited to the Bacara Allah talks about the original covenant without the mighty his setup, which is the first of the seven sorrows and sorted out off the covenant with the descendants of Adam it is setup in suits and Bacara one Allah

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azza wa jal appoints are the mighty his Salam, as if Khalifa on this earth and Allah azza wa jal gives him that authority, and mentions the Children of Adam that are to come the angels ask a question. What did they say, a touch Adolphe? How my UCOP how else we could demand but we know what's going to happen with that creation, a creation that has freewill, a creation that has choice is going to end up being intoxicated by its desires by its devices by its sense of power, and spread corruption and spill blood. Attention Adolphe hammer you'll see the POS we could demand why not? No, no, some people behind the camera no on the Sulak now the angel said and we glorify you, we declare

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your perfection We worship you, Oh Allah, and the angels are not restricted by the potential of desires that can pull them away. And what's Allah's answer? In the law mu? Mana attack number one, I know what you don't know. So Hanukkah, la Mulana, Ilana and Montana. We have no knowledge except what You know, oh, Allah. Were the angels questioning the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala absolutely not fact many of amorphous Iran as they elaborate on this verse very beautifully. First and foremost, they're talking about the outcome of this creation, not Allah's wisdom for the creation itself. Secondly, they are afraid that perhaps there's a deficiency in their worship of

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Allah subhanaw taala and I know most of you probably haven't ECOA neuropathy Sulak like, are we not doing enough? Oh Allah. And of course the angels know the glory of Allah subhanaw taala and they always feel deficient and the one who gets to know Allah subhanaw taala more, always looks at their own environment and feels like it isn't enough. And so the angels are not questioning Allah. They're questioning their own purpose, their own worship, or how they now worship Allah subhanaw taala more how they increase in their adoration of Allah subhanaw taala that's the angels questioning and what's their question people who

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Have their abilities, their will, their choices are going to steer away, and they're going to end up doing things that are wrong because we've seen this with the jinn already. So we glorify you, oh Allah. Now you come to sort that out off. Here's something very important. When the prophets lie some mentions this to the Companions, explains this verse that Allah subhanaw taala created from the back of Adam, it has set up those people of paradise and those people of hellfire. Did the Sahaba say, what's the point of God doing that? Why would Allah do that? That's not fair. Though, you know, did they question the divine scheme? Did they start to ask questions about Allah? subhanaw taala?

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No. Why? Because they have other with Allah subhanaw taala. They have a mannerism with Allah subhanaw taala etiquette with how they approach Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, La use Allama Irrfan well homeless at all. You don't ask Allah about what he does, you will be asked about what you do. And there is something very important about our humility with the question in the first place, representing our humility with Allah Himself, who will an evil Hakeem, He has full knowledge, he has full wisdom Odorheiu facility Kapha SUBMIT yourself to Allah subhanaw taala you don't get to start from the place of how you think the world should function and then try to mold a God that operates

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the world the way you think it should function.

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What was the question of the companions? Not Why did Allah do that? And I'm having trouble with the belief in God than if this is how you're saying God creates? No, you know what they said? You have to sort of luck. What do we do them? Can I mean, do our alma mater then do our deeds matter then? And the prophets like Sam said, Eric Moto, couldn't we assume coulomb Yasuni Maphorisa, Kala, everyone will be facilitated to what they were created for Act, do your deeds, your deeds are your deeds and that that's what's going to facilitate you to your destination. That's what's going to be confronting you on the Day of Judgment of good or bad, the Sahaba asked about themselves in the

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divine scheme, not Allah subhanaw taala himself and how he created it.

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Because you've got to submit yourself to it. And that's why when you talk about countering Eman and the pillars of faith, the articles of faith it starts with Allah His names, his attributes, if you know Allah subhanaw taala everything else falls in.

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If you don't know Allah subhanaw taala and you logically try to construct everything and then try to fit Allah subhanaw taala into that you will inevitably fail and be left unsatisfied. instead. Allah has headin Allah is hacking. Allah is all knowing Allah is all wise. You know, subhanAllah someone as I was working through this narration with with a young brother before, he said, Okay, you know, so I understand, you know, Allah created us and He gave us choices.

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Couldn't that happen after we make those choices?

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Why do you wait for the outcome? Because you want to know what the outcome is. You're once again trying to impose on Allah subhanaw taala time place, what has happened versus what will happen and to allow dream and hacking. It's all the same.

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But here's the thing. Subhan Allah, Allah calls us in the Quran, for man shall have a human woman, China filioque for whoever wants to believe believe. And whoever wants to disbelieve disbelief. It starts off in the Quran Simon Tabea who Daya fella who for

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those that follow my guidance, have no fear, have no grief? Allah is calling you it Rooney Esther Tibidabo. Call upon me, I will answer you is still Filoni. Seek my forgiveness of he will not come I will forgive you. And nothing is forced upon you. To the point by the way, subhanAllah that if you were to sleep through a prayer,

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just because of something completely out of your control. You're not accountable for what you slept through, you're accountable for how you act when you woke up.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala does not punish you even in the Shetty out for things that are out of your control. Now you can be phala on if some Illa Wasana Allah subhanaw taala does not burden a soul beyond that scope. So then how can you then turn around and say yeah, Allah, this is not fair because the decree is already over me and I have absolutely nothing to do with it. If Allah subhana wa Tada excuses you for what you do out of compulsion, how is it that you can then turn around and say to Allah subhanaw taala that you predetermined something based upon your knowledge? That is unfair, and therefore, I'm going to simply play my role and act and on the Day of Judgment? I'm just

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like anyone else, right I simply

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played the role that Allah subhanaw taala gave to me it doesn't work that way. It's your deeds. And Allah azza wa jal says that He created us, Leah, beluga. com, au axon. Amira, Allah the Halacha moto will hire the One who created death and life to test you who will be the best in their deeds. This is not some experiment that you have nothing to do with. It is fully up to you. But you will never be able to overcome the power of Allah subhanaw taala The choice is yours the choice is mine. And you think about how the prophets lie some flips this on its head, could it omit to the phone and a janitor in love and other? It's the complete opposite. The prophets lie some says everyone goes to

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Jannah except for the one who refuses. Everyone goes to paradise for my own man except for the one who refuses you refuse paradise. Because Allah azza wa jal opens up that door to he opens up that possibility. But Allah is knowledge is perfect. He doesn't need to wait for the outcome to know what's going to happen.

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And Allah's creation is based upon his knowledge and his wisdom subhanho to Adam, and we are part of that creation. And we are grateful to Allah subhanho to Allah, that Allah azza wa jal has given us a chance to turn back to him to seek his forgiveness to believe in Him and Allah subhanaw taala has made Jana so clear to us what it is how to get there, the path forward given us the tools given us incentives. And so you ask yourself, not did Allah subhana wa write me to go to hellfire anyway, and I'm in trouble and there's no way I can get out of it. You ask yourself, why would I choose Hellfire over Oklahoma? Why would I choose to send myself by acting the deeds that facilitate a person to

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hellfire rather than tying myself to a rock mama Rahim Allah will do the one who calls me back to him subhanho to Allah, the One who accepts the repentance of anyone who turns back to him Subhana Allah to Allah, and so do your brothers and sisters. All I say here and conclusion inshallah to Allah. I just want you to focus on the edip with Allah subhanaw taala What's your mannerism? What's your etiquette with Allah again, the works of divine decree and predestination are many to understand this a little bit deeper inshallah time. What is your other with Allah? What is your mannerism with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, yeah, Allah, how can I do more, to be in your favor, because

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you have not made your pleasure impossible to attain? You have made it possible, and you've given us the Prophet sallallahu some to show us that way. And that's what I'm going to bound myself to ensure that I don't deviate from feminine tibia Houda. A hopeful, gnarly human at home. Yeah, has anyone and if I file follow that guidance, then I will not fear normal. I agree. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to claim to his right to seek guidance to cling to the way of the prophets lie some and not not be amongst those who refuse paradise but to be amongst those who respond to the revelation. When Allah subhanaw taala says the study will ally with a lawsuit either directly by you, you can respond

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to the call of Allah and the messenger when they call you to that which gives you life may Allah subhanaw taala give us life through this revelation May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who submit themselves fully, who find peace and tranquility in that submission, who are written amongst the people of Paradise, and who put in their book of deeds, the deeds of the people of paradise and may Allah azza wa jal forgive us for our inevitable shortcomings. May Allah subhanaw taala overlook those deeds may Allah pardon those sins may Allah subhanaw taala write us down amongst the inhabitants of infidels and Erina with our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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Allah who I mean does that Homer Fado said I want to call himself a councilman

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