Yasir Qadhi – Should We Consider The Ethical Treatment of Animals to Define Halal or Haram – Ask Shaykh YQ #150

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © A woman named Emma from Austria continues to ask why the Ethical Treatment of animals is not a heroine hella, as she writes a lengthy email and questions why the poor person is not treated humanely. She suggests that the farm is the prerogative of the farm and that the farm should not put the blame on the farm for the poor the farm should not just make the poor person feel the poor person is the poor person is the poor person is the poor person is the poor person is the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the
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We have next question sister Emma from Austria Mashallah Tabata kala, she emails and

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she says that she is confused that why do we not take into account the Ethical Treatment of Animals in declaring something to be heroine hella, she writes a lengthy email and then she says basically summarizing it that she doesn't understand why how ramen halal is only linked to the last two minutes of how the animal is slaughtered. And she is asking what if it was not treated humanely? You know, what if it was, you know, cramped and put in a cage and all of these things happen in a very negative way? Why can't we say that meat is how long? Why should we say it is halal? Just because it was slaughtered? properly?

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out of seven,

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poverty in regions? No, he him first.

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This is a very good question. And, again, this is the rapid q&a. So I have to ask you quickly, we're not doing the long one by have given a lengthier answer to the issue of halal meat By the way, you can listen to that. But to a simple response is that dear dear sister, I feel your your your email is very, you know, let's say passionate and I feel you have some legitimate points. And I understand Do you want to you want to make this meat How long? Because you want to raise the standard of how animals are treated. And you want the Muslims to basically have a higher bar. But you see, dear sister, we follow the shediac of Allah subhana wa tada it is a law who sets the bar is it is a law.

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So Jill, who defines how long and how long? It is a law who defines ethics and what is something that is discouraged, and what is something that is forbidden. And when it comes to animals, you see, dear sister, I understand your point. But you know, you have to also flip it around and see if you raise the bar so high that 90% of animals would not be allowed to eat for example, just giving an example here, it's not fair for the poor person who cannot afford you know the type of meat you're asking for the most ethical humane, you know, it would be impossible for the average person to then attain obtain meat and therefore what the shittier has done is absolutely amazing is beautiful. And

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that is listen to this carefully. The farmer is responsible to Allah for the treatment of the animals, and the one who purchases is responsible to Allah for the mechanism of slaughtering, so the two of them are put together will bring about an ethical treatment of the animal. However, we do not put the onus of purchase completely sorry, the onus of ethical treatment completely on the purchaser. Rather, the purchaser listen to the sister has the option, you have the prerogative, you have the right to say I'm not going to buy from that farm because it mistreats animals and I'm going to buy from that farm because it is humane treatment that is your prerogative. But to declare the

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meat out on on the rest of mankind is simply not fair, because you are raising your standards too high and not everybody can afford or be able to do that. Rather which you can say which is what the shitty I says that the farmer who mistreats the animal and acts in an inhumane manner is liable in front of Allah Subhana Allah Allah and if you are involved in the industry and you are an inspector or you have the option to complain or something, you and the government does not allow this you have every right to complain and take legitimate means to

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put punitive measures on the farmer but you cannot penalize the person who wants to buy that's not fair. You can penalize the farmer and in the eyes of Allah azza wa jal you know the the I'm saying farmer here obviously I mean livestock owner obviously right so you can in the light in the eyes of Allah subhana wa tada The one who is taking care of the animals. If he mistreats the animals, then he shall be accountable to Allah. We all know of the case of the lady who entered the fire of *, because she started her calf to debt, she starved her cat to death. And Allah azza wa jal caused her to enter the fire of * because of that one misdeed against an animal. So that person who keeps

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animals locked up who doesn't feed the animals properly, who might be cruel to the animals, that person is answerable to Allah, Allah azza wa jal might punish him or might forgiven depending on the person and what he has done and what not and that is between him and Allah subhanho wa Taala. But for us as the consumers, you have the right to demand, but you cannot forbid upon other people what you personally you know, what is basically the responsibility of

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The former so I hope that is shallow data that is clear that I'm not dismissing your concerns. But I'm saying the answer to this is not to penalize the average person who might be struggling to afford you know, the basic food items and meat and then say, Oh, no, because you will all we all understand your sister. Here's the point here, the type of meat that you want will cost double or triple that because you know why, why do they you know, cramp animals up like this? Why do they do is it's a vicious loop here, I'm not justifying, I'm simply telling it like it is it is the reality, right? So you can lobby for legislation, you can have the government get involved, you can, you

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know, monitor and do whatever. But in the end of the day, it's not fair to penalize the average consumer and say to him in the eyes of a law you're guilty for purchasing from a person or even to oblige the person to do more homework because again, the shitty is meant to be easy for everybody. The only thing you should be obliged to do is to ask is the meat Helen and was a slaughter properly I cannot eat pork. And if I eat a cow or

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a goat or something I have to ask her so hello chocolate is done. If it's cleared from a shop, then I'm assuming that you'd be fine here. So as long as it is halal animal and it has been slaughtered properly, that is the bare minimum and you cannot obligate more than what Allah has obligated. Indeed whatever Allah has made halal is halal. Whatever Allah has made, how long is how long we do not base halal and haram on our own whims and two desires and a lot so kind of went to Allah knows best

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