How do you deny Allah

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam right? I should have been MBA well mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa Dali was happy to sell them to Stephen Catherine cathedra

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from Abu

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Bakar Tada gave a talk for all Nabila

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are going to come watan here come Zumba you need to come Zumba you're here comes on melee you told your own

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Allah subhanaw taala as Elena

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gave Moonkin

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and dumb

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duck for own

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well Aslan

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near Nam well axon min Allah haidara

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La Younkin

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nano other the home

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balloon other balloon

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what call

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a quantum and what

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gente che yeah Allah you did che

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laser will God

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and what any any laser mode by the head

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will be there.

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laser head Yanni mode

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x higher Wallachian in fee will be there

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let's a module

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for Allah subhanaw taala Hua Hala panna

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no four here calm laser ma hired for hot any knifes the hurry?

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Here community ALLAH SubhanA wa jalla attina I'd hire whoo hoo. Idina Wahoo Razak, Dona Oahu Island Tana whoa we're attina Kulu Aisha was Bob.

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Please Rory Lee had dinner.

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Whereby others Alec who are under Elena

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Kitab Kalam who were ourselves Elena Rasulullah sallallahu Ali Riley us I was in Kullu Kulu home as an add in Elijah near Minilite that

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for sama you need to go

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Yanni had the hill hair laser that even

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Elia it will hire took Isla

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de la agile

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somebody would have added Alec some you hate

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some la he told Joe

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Hey caverta prove

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other soil with him.

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Were more him Lana and turkeys, Waterford core and so on.

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What are te

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l hygena?

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Allah sunnah T Rasulullah sallallahu risin

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are not rattle as this question in this idle Karima.

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Que Phatak for Runa Villa How do you deny Allah

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welcome tomb I'm worth a new word that

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you are not dead as in dying afterlife we did not exist

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sama you here go. He gave you life

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Samba you need to go and then he will take it away again.

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So you go again he will give you back life.

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So my later

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and then you will turn and return to me a

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When all of these Yamato of Allah subhanaw taala all

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Have these blessings of Allah subhanaw taala are with us.

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And as I said, when Allah Swatara said

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sama you hago he gave you life. It doesn't simply mean breathing.

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It means everything that we need for life. We need health and we need wealth and we need more than anything else. Hey there we need everything. All of that. You equal Miani.

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Kenosha, Lil hats.

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And on that Allah Subhan Allah Allah has sent for us his Gala, there is nothing superior than the kalam of Allah because the kalam of Allah is not a created thing, it is a supernova.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala sent a teacher a while limb to teach this color

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to teach the color

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all of these

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may now be lighter from the enamel of Allah.

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And Allah saying, after doing all of this, how do you deny a loss manager.

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So therefore I find myself and you very important for us to think about this. See, Allah

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gave us a call.

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For what?

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To know what?

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to reflect, to think, to understand.

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And so that this Acle will open the doors of our hearts

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towards the last round,

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this is the purpose if our brain is not doing that, then this brain is being misused.

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You're not using it.

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But today we live in a society and in the world globally, where we think life means to satisfy our desires, which it shall

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eat and drink and this and this and this

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but this is the life of animals

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such that is why this animal any animal will do that.

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So what is the difference? Ma

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for binary inside or whenever

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the river also will eat and drink and

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sleep and wake up and die.

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And if we do the same thing, then what is the difference?

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So I'm not ratha gave us a brain for us to

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today we use the brain for materials which is good.

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That is also used for that also. So for business for this that deserves development for reinvention for for making things so I'm allowed Makhachkala

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but what about the spirit? What about the room? What about the connection with Allah

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the look, buy in Allah when Allah

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this is the most important thing today if you look at it,

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in this life, the thing that gives you is the thing that takes you gives you the Rajat

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with Allah

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this is the dialogue with Allah.

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In Hadith, Deborah hill

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when the surah Selim was asked,

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man asagna Rasul Allah, so Allah says

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hello Hall and Dawood Allah Nagato for Ilam taekwondo Rafa in

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my mind I

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have a laser tarrif I'm

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Heather tarrif.

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Aloka by Nala Winelands.

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When we are standing before Allah subhanaw taala.

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This statement is not a definition of a physical action of Salah is not his definition of Rocco and to do that so this is a definition of the connection between a lioness and

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so when the app is standing before Allah subhanaw taala it is as if you can see Allah

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I did not say

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he did not describe the Salah in any material terms

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he described as Allah in a spiritual sense that as if you can see Allah and if you do not see a lie of course we don't know that Allah is watching you meaning that sense of awareness

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that I'm not just standing somewhere I'm standing in front of the whole of ALLAH SubhanA wa

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so, I remind myself when you let us think and let us reflect

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and let us use the intelligence the vehicle that Allah has given us to get close to another router

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because this is the only thing which matters only thing

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everything else is there behind

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these two months that I was aware

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in my Benetton in

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four or five people who I know and two of them were very close and dear friends of mine, one was related to me. Five people died

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just this two months, one after the other

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and I can tell you, nobody took anything with them.

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Except that

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we ask Allah to forgive them and give them Jana

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nobody else just yesterday our dear friend bum, brother, who's

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your neighbor

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he passed away in Ottawa, in Canada

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you must have our Mussolini's is to come here regularly and all that

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nobody takes anything, I will not take it you will not take anything.

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The only thing we will take is our our our actions.

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And so it is very important for us to reflect on this and say, Where are my actions? What are they showing? Where are they taking me

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and stop living our lives in a mechanical way like

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quite literally, I don't feel nice but saying literally like animals. We wake up in the morning we eat some food, we go to sleep, this is our life.

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This is not like this is not a human life.

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Human life is more than this. And it's up to us. Allah has given us like give us like he was direction or give us the teachings of crossovers are seldom

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it's up to us to use it.

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It's like somebody who has a beautiful car, but he never uses the car he walks

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it's jarring they're coming throwing lifts for you have a car you

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We ask Allah Subhana Allah Jalla Jalla who to help us to reflect and to think and to draw us closer to him was Masada will carry him while he was having eyebrows