Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2016 – Save Yourself Series – 6

Mufti Menk
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy Hmm. We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his entire household, all his companions, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to bless them all and to bless every single one of us and to grant us goodness in this world and the next I mean, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, it is important for us to know that Allah has prepared gentlemen and paradise for us. Don't lose hope. It is not out of your reach by the will of Allah, by the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala we know we are human beings, we know that we have

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made mistakes, we know that we commit sin, but we also know that we seek forgiveness of Allah. We do not continue in our bad ways and habits, our lives to change. And this is why we have such a blessed month of Ramadan whereby we want to save ourselves from the fire every single night. There are so many people whom Allah subhanho wa Taala grants freedom from the fire of Johanna, so save yourselves by asking ALLAH, Oh Allah save us from the fire of Jana. And this is why we say if Allah subhanho wa Taala prepared Jana, and no one was supposed to be in it, then indeed we would become hopeless. But Allah says don't lose hope in my mercy. Don't worry, Gemini is for you. Just try. Let's listen to

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some of the qualities mentioned Intuit Allah, regarding those who will be going into Jenna, they are the ones verse number 16, Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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They are the ones who say,

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we have believed we have believed. So we want you to forgive our sins, Oh Allah, and we want you to save us from the punishment of the Fire. So Allah says, These people, they will learn gentlemen, their qualities continue in the next verse where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, US Fabi now saw the one on et now

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they are the ones who are patient, they have a lot of subtle and subtle, you know, is divided into three categories. The first is to bear patience for to utilize your energies to make yourself obey the instruction of Allah that is the first type of sub. The second is to restrain yourself from committing sin, that is the second type of suffering. And the third is to accept fate and decree when it comes in your direction. You need to know this. So when decree comes in my direction, as much as I have tried whatever I wanted to do in my life, ultimately, only what Allah wants will happen. So at the end of the day, I tried my best and hamdulillah sometimes I achieve. Sometimes I

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do better than expected, and sometimes it doesn't happen that way, something else happens. accepting that is sovereign, Allah says a sovereign, they are the ones of a subject in the truth. For those who are truthful, they speak the truth, they mix with those who are truthful, they stay away from falsehood and stay away from a company that engages in falsehood. They have nothing to do with falsehood, they are the ones also gentlemen is nearby for them.

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Then Allah says Allah carnitine those who are obedient, when we are obedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala life becomes amazing life becomes worth living. And in fact we know if we were to die right now.

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We would we go Subhana Allah, if we try to obey Allah, we try to bear patience. We try to seek forgiveness. Do you think that the Most Merciful will say I don't want to accept the good that you've done? I'm still going to cost you in hellfire. No, no, no, no, no allies before Rahim, Allah is most merciful. The month of mercy, the month of goodness and the mercy of Allah Allah is a form of Rahim even outside Ramadan. Imagine in the month of mercy, what type of mercy Do you think Allah will have brothers and sisters Don't lose hope but change your ways and habits. A time needs to come when you and I need to feel within ourselves enough is enough. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive

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us May he make a strong solely for his sake. Then Allah says one month

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some Allah has blessed them with wealth, you can use that wealth to earn your paradise. I recall at the time of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam there was a need and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam made an announcement whoever

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Spend X amount will have paradise whoever for example buys this well known as Luma will have gentlemen here comes

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humbly with utmost humility and he purchases the entire world and he makes his work for the muslimeen the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, This man will not be affected by anything he does after today.

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So Pamela it means he used his wealth

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in order to engender he was still obedient, it doesn't mean that after that you can now be disobedient I recall once I made mention of a cat, and I said that you know, there was a person who was gone to paradise because they were compassionate to a cat or a dog as well person achieved forgiveness because they were compassionate to a dog. So one youngster said, I no longer need Salah just got seven cats at home and I'm sure lol give me done.

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I got seven cats at home. The point is yes, you might have a cat or to some kind of law, you will be compassionate but that does not negate the fact that you need to be obedient to Allah even in other things. You need to try your best be a wholesome person, a person who understands all the aspects that Allah subhanho wa Taala is asking of them. So Allah says one rooster very noble as *, after making mention of those who spend as those who are near to paradise, Allah says, also the ones who seek forgiveness in the early hours of the morning that is the most pleasant time before Salah till you get up quietly no one is watching. And what you do is you seek Allah's forgiveness, Oh ALLAH

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forgive me. What I've done was very bad. Oh Allah, I was young, I was youthful. I was energetic. I went here and I went there and I did this and I did that wrong things Oh life changed my life. Understand, Allah can never ever turn you away, never. Not once. If you are genuine, Allah says, I come to you faster than you can come to me Subhana Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us that hope that we need similarly, the other two hours that I may mention off towards the end of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about how the people make to us I'm mentioning this because they have in them saving ourselves from the punishment from panna

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Moana de una de Manny and

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be calm

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was number 193.

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Allah says, Oh Allah, meaning the drives me Oh, we heard a caller calling to believe in our so we believed in you owe alone banner.

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Banner, as a result we are asking you all love now that we believe now that we are trying to follow this messenger the caller who called or Allah forgive us We are trying, Oh Allah forgive us. What gets Ceylon as a teenager Tina, and delete for us or grant us expiation of our sins, what our

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grant is resurrection with the righteous May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us resurrection with those who are righteous. I mean, my brothers and sisters important to make these to us extremely important to make these to us.

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about how you will save yourself by following the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Do you know there is a growing number or there are a growing number of people who say I will follow the Quran. As for the summer there are too many arguments too many debates. I don't want to follow the Sunnah. Leave it on one side, I will only follow the Quran. Allah He you cannot call yourself a Muslim. You cannot call yourself a person who has true Eman. You have perhaps believed in La ilaha illa Allah, what was the point of saying Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if you don't want to take from him, it would be foolish because I could

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tell you the same column that you are saying follow it was brought by that same man Subhana Allah no argument about that he came with it so naturally he his instruction would be absolutely perfect. He would know how to explain that book. It's amazing. So if you don't accept that you are foolish, but still, if you want to accept only the Quran, Allah knows that you will exist so Allah in the Quran tells you to follow the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So if you are really and truly following test the Quran, it will lead you automatically to follow the Sunnah of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and if you don't follow that sooner of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, you have not followed the Quran.

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Listen to this beautiful verse number 31 of surah Allah

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Boone Allah Tabby oni, your beaver como la

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Boom, boom, boom

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Oh Mohammed salatu salam tell them if you love Allah then follow me. Which means if you love Allah follow Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Look, this is the first.

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Allah say if you love Allah, Who should you follow? Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, so those who say we don't want to follow his son, what are they talking about? Here is the face of the Quran. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, If you follow Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam as a result, Allah will love you, and He will forgive your sins. So let's try to follow Mohammed salatu salam and inshallah we will achieve the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He ends that verse also with Allah is most forgiving, Most Merciful once again.

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Thereafter, my brothers and sisters, some of us were young, and we hope and we pray that we have children, some people want more children, they have two or three children, and they say, I wish I could have had more Subhanallah and some people, they are just looking for a spouse, may Allah grant those who don't have spouses, spouses,

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and offspring. So remember, you have a dream of having children, but you need to start off by having a wife or a husband. Because without that, how are you going to fulfill that dream? Now Allah make it easy for you. I mean, thereafter you might get married and guess what? You want the children but Allah for some reason, holds them back. He knows I'm going to hold us back from this person, whatever his reasoning is, never ever question the degree of Allah, you are allowed to keep on asking, keep on hoping keep on, you know, trying, but you don't lose hope and you don't question the decree of Allah. Allah knows why things happen. Save yourself the stress by believing in Allah. If

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you don't believe in Allah, you cannot save yourself that stress, that feeling of loneliness, that feeling that what's happening to me, is Allah upset with me? Why don't I have children? Why this why then why are these people asking me a question? When are you going to start a family? But Don't they know? I'm trying for the last 10 years and I don't even this is so depressing to hear it. My brothers and sisters be considerate when you ask people who don't have children. When are you going to have children? They might burst out in tears because they can't have those children. Maybe they are not blessed with them. May Allah bless you all with children. And May those children not just be

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any old ordinary kids, may they be children who will be the coolness of your eyes, my brothers and sisters to save yourself that stress and that tension. You need to be like Zachary and a salon. You need to be a person who's happy happy with the degree if Allah chose for me children Alhamdulillah Allah chose for me only girls I'm very very happy. Allah chose for me only boys I'm excited. Allah chose for me no children. I know I will get in gentlemen.

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Allah chose for me boys and girls. I know it's a responsibility. Look at it positively. Don't look at your problems negatively. Allah knows my brothers and sisters Save yourselves from that stress, that tension, the sickness, the physical maladies that come as a result of your brain, questioning the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah says verse number 38, of surah, Allah Emraan makes mention of the Tao of Zachary, Allah is Allah. He was old, and he didn't have male children. He didn't have progeny, you know, progeny offspring. And so, something inspired him he used to make dua to Allah but something inspired him even further. He saw money on malaria. salatu salam, she had

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fruit when she was in her place of worship. She had designated as a place of worship. When she was there, he noticed that she has food that is outside the season. You know seasonal fruit Mashallah winter you will have the oranges because Allah wants you to have vitamin C, did you ever know that? The seasonal fruit is something amazing. But out of season fruit is something miraculous.

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You might say just go to food lovers market and you will find everything they were talking about a time when there were no there was no transport from place to place, and so on. And he or she has fruit that was out of season. He looks he says Where did you get this from? She says this is from Allah.

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It's from Allah gives whosoever He wishes without any form of limit Allah gives. So he was inspired. He thought to himself, if Allah can give this Millennium Allah salaatu wa Salaam fruit outside of season, I'm a man outside of season you know, that means an old you know? I'm old. No one would expect me to have children now. They say May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless us all with children who will be the coolness of our eyes.

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So Subhana Allah, He says, Now that I'm old, I have seen something let me make a dua to Allah. Allah gave her this give me children give me offspring. So Allah says Puna Licata as I carry.

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at that juncture, Zakaria called out to

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call me have any

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Paiva in.

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He says, Oh my god, Grant me pious offspring. Oh my god me pious offspring. You are indeed the hero of mine. You can hear what I'm saying you know what I want? Allah says, Oh Zakaria, we've given it to you Subhana Allah, the conviction with which you've asked, you have waited for so long. We've given it to you. How many years later? We don't know exactly, but we know it was a long time late. Some people have children after 10 years, 20 years, sometimes more, sometimes less. Be patient, Allah knows. You know, the doctors will tell you this go on holiday Charlie will come back having conceived Allah subhanho wa Taala bless you. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us all offspring who

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will be the coolness of our eyes. So this is something that we learn from not to harm ourselves to save ourselves from this harm by accepting the degree of Allah continue to make your job that is your paradise. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the Prophet Jesus May peace be upon him. And I'm going to spend a bit of time on this because it's important for us to know we believe in the Prophet Jesus May peace be upon him, we call him Isa alayhi salatu salam, that's what we call him. And Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that Jesus peace be upon him, told his followers and his disciples to worship Allah to fear Allah, not once did he say worship Me, or consider me a God, or

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consider me a part of a trinity and so on. So save yourselves by worshiping the maker not worshipping the creation of that maker. So we say, Oh, you who made us and who made Jesus May peace be upon him, you are the only one we wish you will save yourself because Allah does not want us to associate any form of partnership with him. And this is why I have boy I'm going to be mentioned in verse number 50 of surah, Allah imraan where Allah subhanho wa Taala says he Salli salatu wa sallam told his people

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to tune in Allah, Allah be well, bukem fat boo had

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30 He says, Be conscious of Allah and follow me. Just like Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said, just like all the other messengers said, they said, worship Allah, but Follow me Follow what I have to say moments ago, I told you, we follow Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam But who do we worship? We worship Allah subhanho wa Taala Jesus May peace be upon him said the same thing. Worship Allah, the creator, the maker, but follow me I will guide you I will show you the path I will show you what that make a once and he continues verse number 51. He says, Indeed Allah is my maker mine arratia Manchuria, my sustainer my provider and yours in de la hora p, you know the timber boon includes all

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of that, and allies Europe, my rap in Europe, so worship Him alone. That is definitely the straight path. So my brothers and sisters, let's save ourselves from the punishment of hellfire. Let's save ourselves from the wrath of the Almighty, let's save ourselves from doing something wrong. Let's worship the maker and the maker alone. And let's offer absolute and utmost respect to all these messengers. But we won't run the acts of worship for them or to them. We will follow their path we will follow everything they have told us and we will try our best to be as close as possible to their path but we worship Allah the maker alone, he who made me He who made you may Allah subhanho

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wa Taala save us all. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention of the disciples of Jesus made peace be upon him verse number 53. And Allah says what they say they supplicated Allah Do you know what they said

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was una facto benatia Hedy, oh our up we have believed in what you have revealed, and we have followed the messenger. So writers from amongst those who have been witness, same to I mentioned moments ago, isn't it? Who said it someone else? The disciples of Jesus and how are you? They are known as the disciples of Jesus May peace be upon him, they to set our up we have believed in what you reveal, we funneled this messenger so write our names from amongst those who bear witness or who have borne witness to this May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a deep lesson from this, my brothers and sisters, it is a serious

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matter it is a matter of worshipping Allah alone. What a simple thing yet we complicate things where Allah subhanho wa Taala assist us in this regard. Allah subhanho wa Taala then speaks about an argument that happened.

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Sometimes we argue about things that are futile. Sometimes we argue about unnecessary things. Save yourselves that argument, don't argue, never argue with a fool like they say people may not know the difference. What you need to do is present your opinion and move on, present the evidence and move on. So it is reported and Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention of this in the Quran, verse number 65. Allah Amman were the people of the book made up of the Jews and the Christians they had the Torah and the Injeel, the Bible and the Torah, and they are arguing about the Prophet Abraham. Was he Jewish? Or was he Christian? big argument? Was the Prophet Abraham Jewish or was he Christian? So

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the Jews would say that he was Jewish and the Christians will say he was Christian. So Allah subhanho wa Taala responds in the Quran verse number 65, of salt Allah

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kita Bielema.

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June ZEG.

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Oh, people have the book. Why are you arguing? Why are you arguing about the Prophet Abraham being Jewish or Christian? yet? The Torah and the Bible were only revealed after him

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Imagine the Torah and the NGO were asked Abraham Ali salatu salam and you are arguing that he's a follower of the Torah or he's a follower of the Jew. Allah says, McKenna Ibrahim.

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from muslimah Wanaka Amina mushy ki, the prophet Abraham was neither Jewish nausea, Christian, obviously he was there before Christianity and Judaism. Allah says he was a submitter. He submitted to Allah. And he did not associate partners with Allah, he was not a machine. I'm sure you understand the meaning of the term machine. He wishes the law alone. So Allah is making it clear to say stop arguing over the man. Look at what he did and follow what he did. He worshipped one maker the maker alone. So follow that save yourself the stress, the aggro the argument, just follow what the man did. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a deep understanding.

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Then, sometimes, you know, a long time back. Some of us who are slightly elderly here even older than myself, I'm sure you would bear witness that there was a time when our fathers and our grandfathers when they did business, people believed them by their tongues. They would give them stock, they would allow them to trade, they would do so much. And they would say no problem. You can pay me whenever you want what was written nothing. It was wrong. But nevermind, they trusted them wrong. Meaning you shouldn't be writing things no matter who it is your brother or your father, you must write it down. We mentioned that a few days ago. You must the Quranic instruction. If you want

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to save yourself from problems in the future, whether you're alive or not write everything down your son, your father, your brother, whatever transactions they are, write them down and let people bear witness make sure. But anyway, there was a time when people didn't use to write because there was honesty.

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Then people started breaking that honesty that trust the pledge the covenant. And you know what happens today? Even if you go to the lawyers, and you strike an agreement, and you sign it, and the whole Junior has seen it and you put it on Facebook and Instagram, still the people can break them. And guess what they will find a legal loophole to break it. Now Allah forgive us, that's where the world has descended to.

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We should be people who never break our promises. Allah says those who break their promises, and they buy against their pledge to Allah something cheap, which means you're ready to sell your faith for wealth or for something material for power or for opposition or for something material. Allah says they will be severely punished. So save yourselves from the punishment by being honest and upright by prioritizing. That's what you need to do. Let's prioritize in the most correct way. Allah subhana wa Jalla says in verse number 77, of surah Allah Imran

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Hawaii My name Samana, Paulina, those who

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Purchase with their pledge to Allah and with the oath that they take a meager amount for a meager amount. They have purchased something in India of this pledge that they have made. So they've taken an oath. And the pledge to Allah is the pledge of the deen the faith, the religion, you ready to sell it for something minor, small, you know what Allah says?

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You can cry if you hear

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those people they have no portion in the Athena. Allah doesn't want to give them anything in the hereafter. Or or you can move to LA and a lot doesn't want to talk to them. He won't talk to them while I owe him and Allah will not even look at him

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on key minima will not grant him purification or

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any and they will have a painful punishment.

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It's not worth it. Let's save ourselves from all of this by being honest, upright people who prioritize who who know I'm a Muslim, I'm honest, I'm not supposed to cheat. I cannot swear an oath when I am telling a lie. I'm sure you know. Sometimes people say well ma he will lie he okay there are two three types of Allah. Some is when you say what law he just while you are speaking, you don't really need to take an oath, but it's part of your speech. That's called a level of a monocle, something that is in your speech and you don't mean to actually swear an oath. Someone says what's the time say? Well, it's two o'clock, which means my brother is two o'clock you're not really

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meaning to take an oath. But I promise you I have noticed and I'm sure you have when people say that will lie with a lot of Daydream a lot of the times they've got something to hide. They say well, you

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I'm telling you and you know the man is telling us is by actually

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gonna try again. Maybe the tax deed was not proper.

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Mashallah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala make us from those who are honest, really we can save ourselves from a lot of discomfort from a lot of punishment of Allah. By being honest and upright. When you are honest, you don't even need to swear an oath. The manager says you know what, brother This is what it is, they will believe you they know this man Don't lie. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a deep understanding. The last point I want to make mention of this evening and inshallah we will continue we are moving slowly but surely, and I'm moving through the passages of the Quran. Allah says, If you want righteousness, righteousness, you know, the piety, the closeness to Allah,

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you need to understand the limits of your link with this world.

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If you don't understand the limits, you will get sucked into it. You know, it's not wrong to have the best car and the best house but when that comes in the way of your obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala you have a major disaster. That's what it is. This is why Allah says when your heart is attached to something material, spend it you will achieve righteousness give it

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You love your role so much that you know what anything happens to it. That's it. You can murder someone if they scratched it, give it away. Why don't want your character your conduct your attachment here, you're going to die when you die. They're not going to say Hang on, hang on Rolex, Rolex. Make sure it's there. No way. Not at all. Never.

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Forgive us. So my brothers and sisters that attachment remember, Allah says invest number 92 of solid Allah imraan.

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To him, boo, you will never achieve righteousness until you spend from that which you love. Spend it. Then you see what you get. You will have no attachment to materialistic items and you know what will happen at that stage? Allah will throw the dounia to your feet. Allah throw things at your feet and you're like Subhan Allah, I'm just giving this away. I get more. You give that away you get more. Okay, I'm going home and getting my Rolex away by tomorrow. I better get another to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us all my brothers and sisters What a beautiful lesson we learn. Allah says Amen.

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Know long heavy ID remember what ever you spend a lot knows about it. Unless watching my life except our fasting mail except our charities mail except our good deeds, and more than anything now let's change our hearts to become pure and good. And may Allah help us change our bad ways and habits are sallallahu wasallam obata karlen Amina Mohammed sapan alodia Hamdi satanic along with the shadow Allah

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Ramadan 1437H 2016 from Bosmont Masjid in Johannesburg, South Africa, Talk 6

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